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Walmart money card second stimulus

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    Has anyone with the WM money card gotten their second stimulus yet?

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    still nothing in nc

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    Well with the 1st payment i got it afyer 1130 where my paycheck goes on usually around 4am…5am…so still have a lot of hours left in today especially if alot of people have today as the dd day…so fingers crossed we will start seeing it in a couple hours

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    wal mart money card if your watching i just want to let you know that over the years your service sucks more and more its depreciating as its time in business in growing .upgrade your customer interactions too

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    So what ive found out about the date being listed as the 18th in transcripts. The IRS always lists a date 14 days out from when they send a payment as the “received by” date. They say they “send” the money on the posting date, but if you haven’t gotten the money by the “received by” date to then contact them.

    My in law got hers this AM…but she has the direct express card and it has showed as pending for her since 12/31. Showed pending for 1/4 just like everyone else.

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    .I have not gotten mine either

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    Transcripts aren’t found under the Get My Payment part of the irs website. I don’t remember the web address off the top of my head, but if you google irs account transcript it should pop right up.

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    Anytime I try to use the irs site it says “getmypayment” is unavailable at this time.

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    I was able to creat an account on the irs website and look at my transcripts. I don’t see my stimulus. I don’t even see the first one even though I received it. Maybe I’m not looking in the right spot? I’m curious about this orange website as well.

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    Spell check not orange I meant irs website

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    Last time i got a notice it was pending..which was strange for me…but this time I haven’t got that email…anyone else get it with the 1st but not this 1..and still wanna know what this orange website is…

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    What is the orange website? How do you check transcripts?

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    Mine shows a deposit of the 4th but also list the 18th as well. Still nothing in mine

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    What is the orange website

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    I checked my transcripts on the orange website and it says issue date 01-04-2021 but it also has 01-18-2021. I’m not going by the date of 01-18-2021 because the last one the sent out had an issue date of 04-15-2020 and a post date for 04-29-2020 but I check my deposits from the last stimulus and I got it on the issue date 04-15-2020 so I’m still thinking it’s gonna come today. I think the last time mines deposited after 12pm so I’m going to keep checking

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    This is bs. Has anyone talked to the people over the wmmc?

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    So the irs sit is working today

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    Woke up to nothing at 5 am silver Wal-Mart card… Usually it’s on there by now…. A bit disappointed in this. Unable to check transcripts.

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    Have to set up an IRS online account, then you can view your transcripts. It will show when your refund / stimulus payment is coming.

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    How are y’all seeing the deposit information

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    How do I look at my transcripts for wmmc

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    Our pay check wasnt late last week actually early..we usually get it Thursday it that wednesday before new years eve…now only if our stim 2 check would be early.

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    Not yet for me.

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    Yep I just looked at my transcripts and it looks like it won’t happen until the 18th. That really pisses me off I need this money!

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    Have wmmc and in Iowa….nothing yet. So bummed truly thought today we’d get it.

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    My husband’s check was late too. He usually gets paid Friday, but got paid on Thursday due to the holiday. His check didn’t show up until after 11 am central time on Thursday. Hopefully the stimulus shows up soon.

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    Nothing here in michigan im so worried 😥

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    On your transcripts did it show a posting date? I saw someone in another thread say their transcripts said it was sent 1/4/21 but also showed a posting date of 1/18.

    Idk what thats about. We cant even check our transcripts because we can’t even set up the account. Tells us all our security answers are wrong.

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    I looked at my transcripts and it shows that today I received the $600 refund but the Walmart card’s not showing me anything yet!!!

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    I have a Walmart money card and still nothing even my direct deposit from work was late last week. I usually get paid a day before and I didn’t get it till Friday at 12 pm. Not sure what is going on.

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    Yea I bet wmmc will be last dd to arrive I know people who have bank of America and got theirs on 2nd and I know they ain’t struggling

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    Same with me. Received it quickly back in April. Still nothing this morning at 6:30 EST…. unable to check transcripts.

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    While I am glad to see that it isnt just us, this sucks for all of us. Ive seen on another thread that Turbo Tax Card users got theirs this morning, Green Dot got theirs this morning, but nothing for us Walmart Moneycard folks…even though all 3 cards are Green Dot cards…

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    Still nothing here in fl

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    Nothing yet here in FL.

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    Nothing yet in MN.

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    Nothing yet in Va

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    Me either.. i have this horrible feeling im not going to get mine for some reason

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    Nothing as of yet.

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    Has anyone else gotten their stimulus yet?

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    Normally on Walmart money card I get my deposits around 4:00 a.m. Central Time so 3:00 a.m. Atlanta 5:00 a.m. Denver 6:00 a.m. los angeles

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    im up waiting on my wmmc in nc nothing yet

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    12:22 AM – Nothing yet. Word of mouth is that it will be after 3:00 AM. Have not checked IRS. Just waiting. C-)

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    No norhing yet in Ohio. A lot of people has gotten theirs but no me..

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    Walmart moneycard always post the day of for some reason they say it’s illegal to post before the actual date listed on check. But how does everyone post early? No idea that’s what my friend in cust service for the moneycard always tells me

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    I received my $600 on Dec 31 to my WM MoneyCard.
    Same account the original $1,200 was sent to last spring.

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    I heard be on 4th

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    Nothing on mine. I looked at my transcripts and it has an issue date for tomorrow and a credit to account date of January 18th. Hopefully we don’t have to wait that long though.

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    Unfortunately not Shawn . I got my first one April 15th and I’m in Ohio still waiting for the second one and I have Walmart money card . Hoping for tomorrow

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    Anyone got their stimulus on the Walmart card yet?

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    Derek Lee

    Nothing yet. Derek from fargo zND

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    I haven’t either

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    I haven’t received one and I have Walmart money card . The first round I got my on April 15th , very fast . Seems like the ones who got it first last time – might be getting screwed this time . Hope I’m wrong . Could really use the money

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    SC, still nothing

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    Tulsa ok with wm money card and still nothing as of today

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    wm money card here still nothing smh im in nc

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    Has any one gotten there money yet my boyfriend got his. We have same bank I’m confused

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    I have not received mine yet; is there an official timetable for deposits or is it random?

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    Anyone got theirs yet I don’t
    Have mine yet

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    Not yet, I’m hoping it just hurrys up!

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    Not yet last round ingot mine the 15th at 7or8 🕖🕗am and my paychecks used to always come that time my mom got her stimulus check the day before I did and she got hers today so hopefully we will all wake up with some well needed and appreciated 💵💵💵💵💰💰💰

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    I was wondering the same thing

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