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Updated transcripts

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    I filed 2/12 with TaxAct. GMP still showing processing but transcripts updated this morning with a DDD of 2/22. I filed the 8915-E form as well.

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    @Amy, I’m unable to see my transcripts because I don’t have the same phone number as last year, but I filed on the 14th as well and it was accepted at 11:42pm, I’m hoping that I’m in the batch with you with a ddd of 2/23/2021, I normally get my taxes a week after filing.

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    can everyone posting a 846 please include you cycle code? thx

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    Updated transcript this morning.
    Filed 2/12
    Accepted on WMR with 1 bar morning of 2/14.

    Account transcript showing 846 code with DDD of 2/23/2021 as of today.
    WMR still showing 1 bar.

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    Filed TT 1/25
    Accepted 2/11
    1 bar on WMR (duh).
    N/A on the transcripts that count
    Nothing but stimulus showing on the Account Transcript (of course).

    A bit frustrating, but a bit encouraging seeing folks who were accepted after the start of the season already seeing transcripts, DDD, and in some cases their DD. Trying to hang in there!

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    I think those with turbo tax and fees being taken out from SBTG will not see it hit till the day off. Seems like SBTG holds till the day before if I remember right.

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    the top 2 areas that have N/A is where you want to look…when the 2020 pops up…they are working on your return. Mine popped up the 2020 around 1am and then the account transcript on bottom left reflected a 846 issue date around 6am.

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    Accessed my transcripts, and the 2 bottom options both show 2020, and the two top options say N/A.

    Is this normal? Does the fact the two bottom options have 2020 clickable links mean anything?

    I filed 2/11 and was accepted 2/12. Filed with TaxSlayer. I’ve always got my refund pretty quickly, just wanted to see if this is normal for the transcripts?

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    My transcript updated this morning!

    Pather filed 2/12
    DD 2/23!

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    DDD of 2/18 and hit my BBVA bank by 5 am on that date. Not sure of exact time
    Hope this helps some..

    WMR still shows 1 bar. Transcripts > WMR… Period

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    This is the first year that I was accepted on the 12th and did shows the 22nd. Very fast turn around. Will see once deposit hits. WMR is not updated as of yet, still on one bar.

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    My refund hit my serve card at 7:09 pm

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    No update for me but I’m always a weekly. Filed 2/10 accepted 2/12. 1 bar, 152. No PATH. Still hopeful I’ll get my refund before my birthday as usual which is the 27th. 🙏

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    Anyone get a ddd 2/24

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    I filed 1/30 was accepted late on 2/11. Transcript shows DDD 2/22. The IRS has been working hard to get these out this year. This is the fastest I’ve ever received a refund.

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    Dang it a ddd of 2/19/21?? Sorry

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    Has anyone gotten a red of 2/19/21? I have eitc and 4 kids. And my transcripts say that date.

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    Flied 1/26
    Resubmitted on 2/6

    Accepted 2/11

    Wmr showed file 2/12

    No transcript update . I normally update Friday/Saturday

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    I was finally able to pull my transcripts. I got 2/22

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    I have a DD of tomorrow… we shall see.

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    Filed 2/4 (H&R Block software)
    Accepted 2/13

    I was getting error messages all afternoon, but I was finally able to view my transcripts about 20 minutes ago. It looks like my refund should post on 2/22.

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    Filed 1/24 accepted 2/12 early morning… transcripts available this morning with 2/22 ddd… payment is pending in my account with post date of 2/22 truliant federal credit union

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    Wow awesome

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    @King627909 congrats! When were you accepted?

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    Payment is pending in my account!!!!!!

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    I can see my 2020 transcripts for the first time. They updated sometime today. As of late last night it still said n/a. I’m usually a weekly so was a very pleasant surprise to see the update. I can’t load my ftranscripts. The site keeps timing out, but at least it doesn’t say n/a anymore.

    I was accepted on 2/11 Used Tax Slayer

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    Mindy Marrero

    Anyone here that has a DDD use the look back credit?

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    Amanda…Mine are N/A as well. Go figure :/

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    I was able to get in….. Still have N/A for my 2020 transcripts. booooo

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    Also go the 2/22 deposit date, should be expect that to be the actual DD date or could it possibly be this week? Don’t have Chime.

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    cant wait for them to finally load and be disappointed that they havent updated yet!

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    I cant get in either. Maybe its just overloaded with people trying to access.

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    Tasha L

    Yep same here. Told me it had trouble loading my info to please try later….

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    I think the transcripts are being updated now. I cannot get to the page.

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    Thank you! Everyone hang in there!!!

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    Congrats bro

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    Updated transcripts!!!

    Filed 1/24 TT
    Paid fee upfront
    Accepted 2/11

    Transcripts says refund issued 2/22/21
    Cycle 20210703 date 3/8/21

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    In previous years updating transcripts throughout the day meant wmr updated overnight to reflect what you all are seeing….congrats to you all..the wait is nearing an end.

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    I filed on 1/29, accepted 2/11. Transcripts updated this morning with DDD os 2/22 as well.

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    Congratulations!! 🥳

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