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    Hey guys! Was accepted this Morning and I’m a weekly. Let’s keep in touch and help eachother with updates and questions!! Last year I lived on this forum😭. I had to walk the PATH but Yall got me through. Hope to see some familiar names again

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      So the account transcript part now says 2022, instead of N/A , but… WHEN YOU OPEN IT …It just says as of 02/13/2023 and my name and everything else is blank, no codes, nothing and then it says no return on record. What in tarnation? Maybe it is in the process of updating? Sam said he got the same thing in the other Post.. I’ll keep ya posted.

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        What does the as of date mean?

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          Everything updated over night now I’m just waiting for an 846 code, my refund is almost 600$ less though. not sure why.

          THE CTC changed from 3k to 2500. This may be the difference.

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            update to wmr
            According to the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, the IRS cannot issue refunds before mid-February for tax returns that claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. This applies to the entire refund, even the portion not associated with these credits.
            Check Where’s My Refund in mid- to late February for your personalized refund status. It’s updated once a day and remains the best way to check the status of your refund.

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              My transcripts usually don’t refresh until a Friday morning each year, so it may have been too early to check if you’re the same. I’m a weekly. I checked mine about 1:00 this morning and no change, but I checked again at 7:15, and my transcripts had updated with a DDD of 2/1!

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                I had n/a for my 2022 transcripts last night. I just checked and I’m showing my transcripts, I looked at them but it says nothing on it? It is blank and says I haven’t filed? I was accepted 1/23/23. Does anyone know what that means? Was I not really accepted?

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                  I just checked my transcripts and it’s showing the 806 , 766, and 768 codes which is good ao far with a as of date of 2-15. So far so good my fellow PATHers

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                    What does this mean?

                    CYCLE DATE
                    150 Tax return filed
                    20230404 02-13-2023
                    Credit to your account
                    Credit to your account
                    Earned income credit

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                      Everything updated over night now I’m just waiting for an 846 code, my refund is almost 600$ less though. not sure why.

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                        @QueenBinKC look at your transcripts and the last 2 digits of your cycle code. If your cycle code ends in 01,02,03,04 you are a daily. If your cycle code ends in 05 you are a weekly. I looked at my last years cycle code and I am a weekly.

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                          Filed 1/11/23
                          Accepted 1/19/23

                          Guessing I was part of a test batch. WMR is 1 Bar

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                            I filed 1/23 received instantly and accepted an hour later.
                            Pather, first time claiming a child.

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                            Biggie Bee

                              Hi – I e-filed today 1/23. Still not seeing movement on WMR and the FTB websites though.. Lets keep each other posted!

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                                I filed on 1/18 accepted, showing one bar. I’m also weekly, my state refund has already been approved(SC). But that federal is showing TT 150🙄, I already know I’ll be here for awhile again this year.

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                                  How do you know if you are daily or weekly?

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                                    I filed state and Fed today and was accepted on both. I owe for Fed but am due a refund for state. Stay in touch…. (I am in MA)

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                                      Just updated and got RAL!

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                                      Brit Brat

                                        It does state the IRS received it – no update though.

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                                        Brit Brat

                                          Apryl, wow – Very frustrating for the most part. I am just waiting for the text or email.

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                                            Brit brat same here!

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                                              Brit brat same here!

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                                              Brit Brat

                                                Oh, and I did taxes thru Turbo.

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                                                Brit Brat

                                                  I believe I am weekly as well. Not sure what’s happening. It never takes this long for my return to be accepted.

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                                                  Brit Brat

                                                    Super worried. I have this issue with my “bd” every other year and he is in contempt and unable to file. Now, every year, I have to beat him to the punch. Submitted last night at 8pm and still not accepted. Just hoping he hasn’t beat me to the punch. When I look at Efile, it says the IRS received it this morning at 11:45am; however, still says “pending”..

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                                                      I filed late yesterday (Sun 1/22) and was accepted this morning (1/23). Fingers crossed for speedy processing!

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                                                        Super frustrated and worried. I filed 1/19 but no received notification. Still says pending!!

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                                                          @heyitsme when it shows one bar on WMR does that mean it’s accepted or does 2 bars and approved actually mean accepted? Also did you get your RAL as well?

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                                                            Interesting….I filed on 1/17 was test batch but rejected. Refiled 1/21 still not accepted….

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                                                              I’m also guessing/assuming we can start checking our transcripts etc as of tomorrow (24hrs)??👀
                                                              Then again I’m a weekly so wouldn’t update for me till friday/Saturday right?
                                                              Trying not to become OBSESSED like last year..

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                                                                Hey APRIL, I filed on the 18th got approved for 8,775, and did a tax advance same day for only 2k. My preparer sent it off this morning and it was accepted immediately. I never send it until The 1st day of filing (23rd) because I’m always scared to send it off early (test batch) cuz I hear ppl get super delayed if u dnt happen to get selected for test batch.

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                                                                  Hi Yall! I just got accepted on 1/23/23 and I filed on 1/22/23 around 8pm Central time with HNR Block. I jumped for joy when I got a email saying accepted. It didnt take long for me to get accepted. Im excited and I hope well all have smooth returns this year.

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                                                                    Just got accepted this morning. I filed the evening of 1/20. I am also a weekly.

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                                                                      When did you file?

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