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    Anyone else here file and get accepted yesterday? I can’t be the only one. No DDD as of yet, but I’m hoping for one soon. I have one bar on WMR, and Topic 152 immediately popped up, so my fingers are crossed. Any thoughts as to when you guys think we’ll get ours?

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    Filed 1/29, accepted right away. Was able to view by transcripts last week sometime, but with all 000s and “no taxes filed”. No movement since. Got a letter in the mail today stating that I am under review and it can take 60 days. Ugh!



    so i called irs yesterday and the guy said that they did not have a return on file then today i called cause i was worried and the lady that i talked to said that they have my tax return but just not processed it yet said looks like it has gotten stuck in a glitch in there system uggh they wont do anything about it till the 21 days



    Ya know… I wouldn’t even mind if my refund was after 2/18 (which is the 21 day mark) as long as I knew when to expect my refund.



    @amers. We are in the exact sane situation in the exact same state. I wish I knew what was happening.



    Also, when I try to request transcripts it tells me to call the identity protection blah blah blah



    Filed via Turbo Tax on 1/28 at 2:30PM
    Received message from TT on 1/28 at 3:44PM that it was accepted
    Went to WMR and got that it was also accepted 1/28
    When I checked it on Monday 2/9 the WMR bar was gone and it just said “Your tax return is being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” which it still says today.

    I received my state refund (Oregon) on 2/5

    I have never had my refund take more than 10 days from when I filed. Nothing really different this year over last year except more interest paid on our mortgage since it was a full year vs just a few months.

    Has any more 1/28er’s gotten their refund or in the same boat as I am?

    I am considering increasing my allowances so as to not loan the IRS any more of my money interest free every year


    Jessie Ohio

    Well got my refund date of 02/16 Just wanted to say I’m so mad at Account Now! I went thru them only because they said they would give me my refund 2 days early and now they will NOT! They also lied and said that they have fee free ATMs near me and that’s also a lie! They also said the card was free and no monthly charges of I use DD. and I got my paycheck on it and they charged me 19.95 member fee and 5.00 for the card and then when I went to take 100$ out they charged me $6 more! I’m beyond mad!



    What the What?

    I filled at around 11:30am EST, accepted around 12:15 that afternoon…used TT to file so no submission ID, one bar on WMR, seen my transcripts once and have had issues verifying since then to see them again.








    What the What?

    Filed on 1/28 at 10pm accepted 10:15pm. 1 bar only income transcripts avaiable Tax topic tip 152. I’m curious what time of day the 1/28’ers that received refunds were accepted? Thanks


    What the What?

    Filed on 1/28 at 10pm accepted 10:15pm. 1 bar only income transcripts avaiable Tax topic tip 152. I’m curious what time of day the 1/28’ers that received refunds were accepted? Thanks


    Jess ohio

    Wheeeeeeeew heeeeeeeeeew finally says it will be in the bank by February 13th! So maybe today because my bank always gives funds a couple of days sooner!



    CANDY I filed turbo tax free no fees taken out . i had it deposited to a netspend card that turbo tax offered..No third party..Simple return 1 dependent HOH no itemizing or deductions



    Nc guy ur refund go to a bank? were fees taken out by third party



    filed 1/28 TT accepted 15 mins later just got refund at 530.. it took a total of 14 days..only had one bar on wmr for the entire 14 days.. i still have 1 bar and i have my refund WMR DID NOT UPDATE AND I GOT MY REFUND TODAY.. Hope this helps






    Filed and accepted 1/28 with TT. WMR has 1 bar still. 152 topic still there. Transcripts for account and wage appear but are blank. Just want to know what’s going on. I’m not hurting for the money, just kind of frustrated that I can’t get an idea of what my situation is. I have the easiest of return as well. Just me and my one job. Any ideas or numbers I should use to at least get some sort of update?

    Thank you guys. Its has sure helped pass time following everyone on here. Great group of people here.


    Jess Ohio

    Finally was able to get some good news using hrblock. Due to WMR saying absolutely nothing now! HRBlock said the IRS is now getting my refund together. With that being said; does anyone know approximately how long it will be until my refund will be deposited? I’m getting anxious my sons birthday is on the 16th this month and would love to throw him a nice party!
    I couldn’t have made it with out everyone sharing their stories!
    Good luck y’all



    Can anyone tell me how to pull transcripts other than online? I have tried and I get to the point where it asks for my email, enter the code, then more info (address, etc…) and then nothing! It just says the system cannot verify the info I provided??



    I filed on 1/28 as of today still processing . I can’t get transcripts according to the irs till my taxes are done being processed. How are people viewing there transcripts while it’s still being processed ???



    Was FINALLY able to see my transcripts this morning with cycle code 20150602. Is that a DD of Friday?


    Jess Ohio

    Well my transcripts are now all available and they say 846: Refund issued. Which really excited me BUT WMR still at 1 bar! Anyone else having this problem? Good god the irs has had my hard earned money long enough!!! Good luck fellow waiters


    Gene Taxpayer

    Mine did that as well. First it updated at 3am then a few hours later it updated the remaining transcripts. Its a matter of the system catching up with your status. It may already be finished.



    Help please all four transcripts are finally showing… BUT the account still says no tax retuned filed?????? Does the cycle code on return or account matter??
    No update to WMR OR HRBLOCK YET

    On account I have a cycle code of 20150602.. That would be Friday?

    Am I seeing progress or no.

    This sucks every bill in my name is due.



    Jen J it sucks…I spoke with 3 different people today and the last person of course told me that I had to wait out the 21 days before they could tell me anything. AFTER I had already spoken with someone who told me that I had a fraudulent issue and not to expect my return for up to another 7 weeks. This ish sucks. I am beyond pissed and just trying to pray and keep the faith that my return comes within the next two weeks, I have a grip planned to DR the first week of March and it was based on my receiving my tax return. My flight is already paid for. I feel sick everytime I think about it



    I will check the WMR in the morning i sure hope something has changed with a DDD but i am losing hope i filed on 1/28 stuck at 1 bar topic 152.



    Jen that sounds bad i hope you get your refund soon. I am still siting at 1 bar. filed on the 28th.


    Jen J

    Filed 1/26 Accepted 1/28. Bars went away a couple days later and have not returned. My WMR says “Your return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” As far as transcripts go, 2014 is still showing unavailable. However, when I try electronically, I keep getting the Identity Fraud screen with the 1800 to call. So early as I posted I called and was told my return has been randomly selected for review and it could be 6-8 weeks before I get my refund. I decided after stewing for 20 minutes and not finding much help online regarding the issue or anyone else in this situation, to call back for more information. The guy on the phone this time was different but provided me with more information. He said that I was randomly selected in order to test for Identity Theft. They are not reviewing my tax return in any official capacity regarding the numbers, but they are making sure that I am who I say I am and that my return was filed by me and not someone else. This is why I got the Identity Fraud screen because that is where my return currently is sitting. Basically the purpose of this random review to to check for identity theft and that nobody is filing false returns in another’s name. What aggravates me is that I was told I would have to wait an additional 6 weeks………..Really? I am so aggravated with this right now.

    I have seen a lot of people online with the same issues that I have been having. (file date, accept date, no progress, no transcript, bars missing). I figured I’d give you all a heads up in case this is happening to you. If you are having the same issues that I am having then I suggest you call the ID Fraud number that is posted on the error message to the ID Fraud Unit. This is absolutely horrible. I worked for my money all year and made sure that I filed ASAP and early. I deserve my refund.

    I’m really hoping that this review is short and sweet and I will have my money by the end of the week. One can only hope, but at this rate, my expectations are very low that I will actually get my money in a timely manner. Again, I just wanted to put this information out there for anyone else that is in my position with WMR and transcript errors.


    Jen J

    Filed 1/26, Accepted 1/28 officially. No updates in WMR and status bars went away over a week ago. Still cannot access transcripts and still getting the error message about ID Fraud. Now I just got some bad news. I called the same 1800 number that I called last week. It looks like my return is now “in review”. I asked the guy why and he said it looks like mine was randomly selected and it could be 6-8 weeks before I see any money. WTF. He said they have not sent a letter to me yet, but it was put under review on 2/5/15. I may or may not have to provide more information but he made it sound like those who filed in and around the same date I did are being randomly selected. THis makes sense now since I have seen so many people who filed the same day as I did and are not getting any updates. I’m livid right now. I was counting on that money for so many things.

    In previous years has anyone else be randomly selected to be “under review”? What happened? Can anyone give me any insight?


    Jen J

    O Wow! That is horrible. I would be livid. When I spoke to someone last week, they verified my information and I asked her to double check that there were not any issues. She did so and did double and triple check. I didn’t have any holds or issues of that nature like you do.

    Good luck on your end. They should have told you last May when they realized it!



    Hello all I spoke with a somewhat helpful lady. no mention of my DDD but she told me my transcripts will not be ready until the 15th & from what I noticed DDD normally follow a day later with DD two days following that! So I’m assuming I won’t have a deposit until next week!!
    Sorry if that’s bad news it sure is for me. Filed on 1/28 accepted minutes later hrblock. transcripts showing no taxes filed. I hope she was incorrect!



    Okay so I finally spoke with someone and what i just learned made my stomach turn. Apparently in 2011 someone filed a fraudulent return using my name and social. The return never actually went thru so a refund was never sent however it was just noticed May 2014. So instead of sending me something in May to allow me to clear it up then they waited until I filed my return NOW and basically held it until they spoke with me. Now that Ive spoken with not 1 but 2 people I have to wait up to another 7 weeks for my return to be sent to some department to be looked over and released. FML I really don’t need this ish now. I feel absolutely sick about this. Hope you guys have better luck then me. I’m going to call back to see if maybe i can speak with someone else who can do something else. this makes absolutely no sense. I’m the victim and yet I’m getting screwed over!!



    Jen J thank you…I have been calling that same number and even waited one time for 40 min and no one ever came. Ive been on hold now for approx 25:55 and counting…. did she say about how long it would take to receive your transcripts or even if she saw a DDD date for your refund? This is a total crock of ish!!! I am sooo frustrated with this whole process.


    Jen J

    Yep, It was the number that was listed on the Transcript Error screen regarding ID Fraud. I told the women on the phone that this was ridiculous and no fraud had occurred. She gave me some lame excuse that sometimes the computers think that people are trying to hack in. I told her, yes but not on my first log in attempt when I answered every Credit Score Question correctly. I am a software programmer for a living with 2 degrees in I.T. I couldn’t believe this excuse she was giving me. She didn’t even offer to reset my account so that I could log in. All she could offer was to mail me copies in the mail.

    Anyway….that number was 1-800-908-4490.

    I’m just fed up with the IRS. They take my hard earned money in a second but when it comes to giving back what is rightfully mine, they take their grand old time!



    Jen J do you still have the number that you called to speak with someone.


    Jen J

    I filed the 26th and received an email stating that I was accepted 45 minutes later. I am still at 1 bar, without any updates and still cannot access my transcripts. I called last week when I was concerned and I was told that I was actually not accepted until the 28th….so I thought ok, fine I’ll give it another couple days. However, I am really starting to get upset. It is been 14 days and still no progress. I know people that got theirs within 10 days that filed AFTER I DID!



    I am in the same boat filed on Jan 28 still only one bar what is the holdup? If anyone finds out please let me know.



    I filed 1/28 got accepted within minutes still have nothing. WMR at one point at least had one bar showing that my refund has been accepted. Now it has NO BARS.. I tried to access my transcripts on line but got flagged for identity theft ( i probably answered some of the questions to verify my identity wrong). People that filed AFTER me received their money last week. I am about to lose it. The only thing that changed from last year was how much i paid for my sons daycare. Last year I received my refund on the 19th. Even if i had a DDD for then I would be able to rest easy. i am currently on hold with the identity theft people to try to obtain my transcripts. Has anyone gotten thru to the IRS yet? I feel so helpless and hopeless and like no one else understands except for those in the same predicament.



    Filed 1/28 with TT. Accepted 1/2 hour later. STILL at 1 bar and transcripts not available, with account transcript showing No Return Filed. People I know who filed the same day already have their money. Beyond frustrated. On hold with IRS now, will update once I get a live person if they have anything helpful to say.



    Still nothing for me either! And when I checked the website it said I had to wait 24 hours after my acceptance email before checking. OK well its been almost 2 weeks since I got that email. Hubby called IRS and all they would say was it should be here before the 21 days. This is such be! We used tax slayer and I will never use it again! I’m praying we get it this week at some point.



    I’m in the same boat. Filed and accepted 1/28 through TT and still nothing. I’m getting pretty frustrated. I am never using Turbo Tax again. Anyone see any changes as of today?



    I’m a 1/28’r too and still waiting. I really wish they would stop fkn with me too. llim keeping my fingers crossed it will still come this week!



    Filed 1/28 and still F’N Waiting. One bar, no changes whatsoever. I’m trying to keep my cool but I’m so sick of this happening to me every year. It always seems like the IRS waits till the very last minute to process my return. I guess I should be used to it by now. Any 1/28ers still waiting with 1 bar?



    Well filed 1/28/15 Accepted same day. WMR still at 1 bar. I got curious and checked my transcripts but they are saying no refund accepted. It’s begi to become frustrating I talked to my tax preparer and she said that I’m the only person that has not received mine. As of Friday she saw people get them in just a couple of days. urg I always receive my refund so fast but noooooope not this year.



    Still waiting filed on Jan 28th why is it taking so long just one bar?



    I’m a 1/27 accepted 1/27 but 6:00 pm pst so probably a 1/28. WMR updated on 1/28 to one bar and on 1/31 no bars. I have had nothing since then. No change, no letters, nothing. Our state was processed and returned already. Married joint return. Primary has no bars, secondary has one so I know the bars don’t be overloaded system because I check them in immediate succession. I hope I get a refund soon.



    I filed with TT on 1/28 and was accepted nearly 20 minutes after. I went through a divorce this year and am filing HOH with one dependent. Did have the tax care credit which my wife and I took up front to cover monthly costs. Still sitting at accepted. When i view my account transcript it says no returned filed and $0.00, but that I am filing married jointly…which i’m not sure if I should be concerned about, i’m assuming it just means they received my return and its assumed I would be filing under those terms so they started it off with that. Anyone have any knowledge on this?

    Would be cool to get that refund soon, ready to go help boost that local economy!



    WMR UPDATE THIS MORNING DDD 2/11, offset number says offset been paid and tells the amount paid



    Got a DDD of 2/11 thank God Good luck my fellow 1/28’er

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