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Stimulus refund dated 01-18-2021

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    Code 846 – Refund Issued 01-04-2021 (*never received*)

    Code 766 – Tax Relief Credit 01-18-2021

    Code 766 – Credit to your account 01-18-2021

    IRS GMP “Payment Status #2 Not Available”

    First stimulus was received on 04/15/2020 Direct Deposit

    I wonder if 01-18-2021 is the official refund deposit date ?

    Keep an eye on mail letters as reports have confirmed some of us are getting Checks or Debit Cards. Good luck to all.

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    my transcript updated on 2/5 to refund cancelled. there is no dd date or that a check has been sent out. i guess i’m one of the people that will have to just file my taxes and get the credit. i just don’t get it.

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    Sorry typo. Good luck to all in receiving stimulus. ❤️

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    DD received! Gmp and transcript said 2/3 and they finally kept their word. Okay now I can sleep and if we get this third stimulus Im sure I’ll be back here venting again 🤣 Good video bed to all who haven’t yet received 🙏

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    Soooo originally gmp said it was deposited on January 4 and it wasn’t checked my transcript it said credited 18 tj and it wasn’t then the other day checked gmp it said my check was being mailed out February 2 well today is Feb 1 and I got my stimulus in the mail NOT COMPLAINING AT ALL but y’all beware it’s not very accurate!!! Hope this helps

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    Checked my transcript it says 2/3 deposit. And just now checked where’s my payment and it says pending for 2/3 !

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    Get my payment updated 2/5

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    Direct Deposit Received‼️

    GMP still shows Unavailable SMH

    Transcripts Updated and shows DD date

    Good luck, I hope you all get it asap

    Long Island, NY

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    I have been stimulated DD just posted.. changed the day from 1/18 to 2/3 just posted in account now card used taxslayer long island N.Y.
    Seriously thankful for this thread.. praying everyone got theres tonight or tomorrow..

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    DD posted Chime suppose to be 2/3!

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    GMP JUST UPDATED FOR ME 2/3 I’m in south Florida

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    @ Decarlo Mealing

    I have also received an update on tax transcript

    Refund cancelled 1/18/2021
    Refund issued 2/5/2021

    GET MY PAYMENT: Status Unavailable

    It does mean I will get a check but I hope they go ahead and send them out.

    . Keep me posted cause when you get yours mine has to be right behind you!!!

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    You know that scene close to the end of Jerry McGuire when Rod cries “i love you all!!!” after he gets his million dollar contract? Yeah that’s me today to all of you. Thanks for giving me hope and info! Let’s keep in touch for real!

    Updated transcript this morning at 7:18 am California New refund date is 2/03. Cancel date was 1/18

    Happy dance at 7:18:05 am

    Write you guys 7:24 am (happy dance took longer than I thought ) 😂

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    Same here. Updated to 2/3. GMP not updated. Original dates were 1/4 and 1/18.

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    Finally transcript updated to 2/ 3 for refund guess I am a weekly updater. GMP not available.

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    Ive been reading the comments on this for the last 2 weeks like everyone else and I’m glad to say im in the “transcript updated club” this morning!! It updated from 1-18 to 2-3 so 🤞🤞we get our money then!!

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    Decarlo Mealing

    I got a question my refund was sent to a closed account . On my transcript said refund cancelled on 1/18/2021 and refund issued 02/05/2021 so does this time mean they mailing me a check please helpm

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    Ali T.

    I have the same DD of 2/3 this morning on my updated transcript. I hope they send it directly to my bank account this time instead of TT.

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    I have the same update. I am a weekly cycle updater and in the same batch. My transcripts updated overnight with a date of DD 2/3. GMP is still not updated. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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    Hello, Finally got my funds this morning. Direct deposit to my bank of America acct this morning. Check your accounts this morning.

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    Hello beautiful people! Finally some hope! My transcripts updated. The people that were saying they had weekly updates seemed to be correct or I was in a different batch. It finally gave me a date of 2/3!! I feel like Tax transcripts are the quickest way to get an update. GMP still has not updated, not too sure when they normally do. Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that you shouldn’t give up! It’s coming! I will do my best to help anyone w transcript questions.

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    Transcript updated to 2/3 this morning.. still shows unavailable. Hoping for DD by tomorrow or Monday fingers crossed location: Long Island NY

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    Transcript updated new DD 2/3!

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    DD finally in account. Original DD 1-4-21 cancelled 1-18-21 with deposit date 1-29-21

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    @Sherbear @WaitingCheckingRepeat

    It’s nice too see that I’m not alone! I hope this works out for us all in the end.

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    Same here starting to lose hope. Tmw might be the make or break because irs might update but who knows at this point. Last two of cycle is 02 and no updates to transcripts or GMP either

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    @ Jana
    I’m in the same boat as you as means everyone else I know who was also just like me, all have pending deposits for tomorrow and have updated except me. I’ve lost hope at this point. I really needed the money for bills and I have 4 children.

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    Still nothing on Irs my payment. Still saying information not available. Crazy

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    I don’t understand how my cycle code ends in 02 and still no update to my transcript! GMP still says NOTHING EITHER! I’m glad too see everyone making progress but I’m just starting to lose hope at this point smh… & I’m a single mom with 2 children and really need this😞

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    Ali T.


    Same here.

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    No updates to transcript or get my payment. Congrats to those make progress. This is sooooo frustrating.

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    🇯🇴 Jordan

    IRS GMP updated to deposit date 1/29 yesterday Wells Fargo bank nothing pending as of yet

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    *Update*. I called my bank (Suntrust) today and they said it is pending in my account for tomorrow 1/29, like my get payment tool finally said yesterday. I am so relieved. I really hope everything works out for everyone else on here as well I know we all need it bad. I am so grateful to everyone on here, knowing my family wasn’t alone in this has been so helpful. 💖

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    CONGRATS to those who got a Deposit Update today

    IRS Get my payment Updated today

    Refund date 01-29-21 Code 846

    TD Bank Deposit Pending right now

    Good luck, Share your stories…

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    Finally got a update they are mailing my checkkkkkkkk

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    Still nothing and I have a deposit of 1/18.. This is so upsetting at this point. I will check again just to see if something has changed..🤯🤯😒😒

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    Ali T.

    No Update. Transcripts still the same. WMR still not available. Called the bank for wishful thinking and nothing pending. Location- Georgia

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    I finally got an update today on the “Where’s my Payment?”.
    It says “We are scheduled to mail your payment on February 2nd”. My transcript changed yesterday and had the canceled refund 01/18/2021 and then the reissued refund on 02/02/2021
    But I’m glad that it finally updated on the “Where’s my Payment?” and that both websites say the same thing now.

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    *Update* I just checked my get payment tool and it now says deposit date 1/29 and doesn’t say not available. I really hope this is the case for everyone else here as well 🤞🏼 I know we all need this 🤞🏼

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    same shitte different day 😩 dates on transcripts still the same 1/41/ 1/18. First cycle was the 20201505. This cycle says 20205302. I’m not checking tmw. I’ll check Friday morning. I can’t take it anymore 😂

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    Still nothing… no transcript update either… this is very frustrating

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    No update here. Transcript still has 1/4 and 1/18

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    Contacted my (TD Bank) just now and they said they have my Direct Deposit Pending and Ready for Deposit this Friday 01-29-21

    If you need answers contact your Bank directly…

    Location; NY

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    Same refund canceled now refund re issue new day 1/29/2021 hopefully we get our money

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    NO Direct Deposit or Mail for me today

    Still waiting, hopefully before this Friday

    Location; NY

    GMP still unavailable

    IRS Transcripts Updated to 01-29-21 Refund Date.

    Good luck to all…

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    Mine says on transcript refubd canceled 1/25 and refund issues 1/29 – there is hope – fingers crossed

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    Thank you all for the support this past weeks! Good luck!

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    There is hope! Ours never said anything but was deposited into our account this afternoon!

    #4449718 Reply

    Fingers crossed we all get our STIMULUS friday!!!

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    @alabamagirl I will post any updates as well. I received my first stimulus direct deposit no problem so I’m not sure what happened with the second time around. I file my own taxes through TaxAct same way every year so who knows but fingers crossed we have it by Friday! I’m tired of the waiting and game. We all are!

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    Mine said the same and mine was deposted into my account 2 weeks ago. Also, this feed is for tax returns…not stimulus

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    Thank you. I’m a weekly too. I will continue to post any changes that comes. My 1st stimulus was sent to tax preparer office and I was called in to pick up. I never set up direct deposit so I was told by my preparer that my check was rejected by his bank and sent back to the irs. I’m certain we should have our money by the weekend. It’s our money, it’s got to come eventually 🤷🏽‍♀️

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    **the waiting

    #4449708 Reply

    @awesomecows02 I agree! Tired of it he waiting. This has been stressful!

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    Yeah. I have a traditional bank too, and I can call them to see if there are deposits on the back end, but wont typically show up until the day before the deposit posts. It generally happens like this with my refund too. It’s in my account before I see an update.
    I just hope for everyone’s sake that all this bs is over soon and everyone has their money.

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    @alabamagirl the 05 cycle code is correct for weekly updaters.

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    @awesomecows02 I am a weekly too. In the Republic Bank fiasco too. I bank with Bank of America which does not show pending deposits so they way our luck will work out is that we will be like most who had the DD date of 1/29 which ironically would deposit in the middle of the night Thursday going into Friday around the same time our transcripts update lol. We’d find out one way or the other. Fingers crossed!

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    Do you know the last 2 numbers of the weekly cycles? If I remember correctly it was 05?

    #4449700 Reply


    Sounds good we all waiting

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    If your transcripts updated today, you may be on a daily update cycle with the irs. If it did not, you may be on the Weekly update cycle. We will know late thursday evening, friday morning, for we weekly people.

    This is just a guess as to why, but I’m a weekly and did not update today.
    I also have Not Available on GMP.
    Was supposed to have dd on 1/4.
    In the Republic Bank boat.

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    Here is the link for getting your irs tax transcripts

    Good luck.

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    Transcript still saying 1/4 1/18. Still No available status on GMP. Bank account last four numbers for 1st stimulus Is Correct actually and the first stimulus DD no problem. Didn’t use turbo or hr and paid for my return through DD bank efiler So here I wait check and repeat. Glad you guys have some changed results though ! Hope!

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    Let’s see what happens this week at least some movement happened today.

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    @alpo you should have it in your account sometime this week .

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    Code 846 * Refund issued 01-04-21 *

    Code 841 Refund ** Cancelled 01-18-21 **

    *** Code 846 Refund issued 01-29-21 ***

    Check, Debit Card or Direct Deposit ? @iRS

    01-29-21 New and Updated Refund date on transcripts

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    I just check my account and my payment is pending .

    #4449516 Reply

    My refund cancelled 1-18-21 and now refund issue date 1/29. I hope it’s actually deposited this time. Informed delivery showing my husband’s check arriving today. Houston(Rosenberg), TX.

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    My transcript has also changed. Cancelled the 1/18 payment now says refund 1/29 🤞🏼 I hope this date is actually correct for everyone, I know we all ready need this.

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    No update here still has 1/4 and 1/18

    #4449490 Reply

    Same here IRS Tax transcript updated to 841 refund canceled now 846 1/29. lets see.

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    Ali T.

    Georgia here and transcript did not update. :(

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    As of today Tuesday 01-26-2021 my IRS Tax transcripts have now been Updated to Refund Date 01-29-2021 Code 846.

    GMP still unavailable

    Location; NY

    Let’s see if IRS makes something happens for us on that date.

    Share your stimulus outcomes…

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    Chicago here. So I hear a lot of people saying that their transcript updated and now says 1/29. My initial issue date was 1/4 and I’m not sure why my transcript hasn’t updated yet. Anyone from Chicago received their check yet? Still waiting….

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    Hey my transcript updated to a refund date of the 29th hope we all get our money soon.

    #4449442 Reply

    Anyone transcripts updated?

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