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Stimulus check to be nailed 3/26

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    Filed on 3/01.

    Gmp updated 3/26 mail check

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    I live In missouri got my check today. Online says will be mailed march 26 but already got it today

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    I checked the payment tool. Even though I have Direct Deposit through Direct Express, it says they will be mailing me a check on the 26th. i don’t know why it is not direct deposited on my Direct Express card.

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    My GMP says my stimulus payment will go out on March 26th, but just received my stimulus check in the mail today

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    People who are on ssi or ssd im hearing are not getting their direct deposit until towards the end round of deposits for some reason. Before they got them at the same time but this 3rd they separated everyone into diff catagories.

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    I got it Feb 1st (was dated for Feb 2nd) and it had gotten rejected January 2nd(you’re able to log into closed cashapp accounts and see the rejected deposits and past transactions) and I was FREAKING out then my GMP updated a few weeks later and everything was fine.

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    @Sherica where did you see this information?

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    So everyone who has to have their stuff re routed and made into a paper check don’t worry, just try to relax, I had to deal with it for the second one.

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    Bigpapo what you’re saying is WRONG because I’ve already dealt with this first hand, last stimulus they sent to a closed cashapp account, I sure as heck didn’t have to wait 4 weeks then 90 days and whatever the heck your message said. I had it early February, so it honestly only took about 4 weeks for it ALL to get figured out and sent to my mailbox. As in I had it in my wallet before the 4 week mark.

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    kathy monk

    The first check my husband and I got one check together in the mailbox even though we are on Social Security and we thought it went direct deposit the second time I got my check in the mail my husband never got one at all I had to file income tax even though we are retired and don’t require to file income tax it was the only way my husband could get his stimulus check but this
    third check it but mine and my husbands together on one deposit direct deposit

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    Its Just My

    Anyone that has received their stimulus check dated for march 26th are able to deposit it into your financial institution at least ONE DAY IN ADVANCE. I work for a financial institution in Michigan and by Law we are allowed to accept stimulus, SSI, SSDI, etc (government issued checks) ONE DAY in advance. I hope this help some of you that have received your checks early.

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    It says that the checks got mailed on the 15th and the eip cards got mailed on the 22

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    My Mother is on Social Security. Because of this she doesn’t need to do her taxes and hasn’t since being on S.S. Her 1st and 2nd Stimulus were direct deposited into her account. Now with the 3rd stimulus it still says payment status not available. Anybody know why? If the 1st two were deposited with no issue why isn’t this 1??

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    My Stimulus says check to be mailed 03/26/2021. I received it today though. Its post dated for the 26th. So I can’t cash it until this Friday the 26th. I live in St. Louis Missouri. Strange…

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    From an article that I read just a day ago or so said that payments mailed after March 23rd are going to be in the Forum of a EIP card most likely and not a check. Not saying that just because yours is mailed after the 23rd you’re getting a d i p but the source said that is at least a 70% chance of an EIP card and not a check.

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    if u messed up your dd info u will have to wait 4 weeks then have them to a trace which takes up to 90 days as I’m still waiting for stimulus 2. I called aweek before the 3rd was approved and made them take my old acct info and delete it and made them make notes saying to mail anything to my address. Now it’s saying on gmp site stimulus scheduled to be mailed March 26.

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    We scheduled your payment to be mailed on March 26, 2021 to the address we have on file for you.

    We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment… anyone knows what the last paragraph means?

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    Mine says a payment not a check?

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    @ EranC even though you received it today, is it still dated for Friday?

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    @ EranC. May I ask, what state/city do u live in? I’m waiting for mine. I live in Venice Florida

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    I had a date of March 26. I received my check in the mail today

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    Here’s an article to help….

    It may explain why so many of us have had our direct deposits converted to payments

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    It’s because we made less than 150k in 2019 and between 150-160k in 2020. Since we filed in Feb they used out 2020 income. If we would have waited we would have gotten 5600 instead of 1900 partial payment.

    Not complaining too much but doesn’t seem like a good way to do that. People who didn’t file w same exact income get the entire payment and will never have to pay it back regardless of their 2020 income.

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    Mine was not available and a couple days ago like did not think there’s something it said that I would get it the 26th so let’s just sit back and wait I looked on the every possible side of the IRS and could not find a way to put my information in to get it direct deposit on one of my cards and less I got Social Security disability? Just pray and Hope what is this I’m hearing about 1/4 stimulus check? Let me know something guys

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    I checked on the where’s my payment and it’s said scheduled to be mailed on March 26 2021 how long will it actually take I’m hearing Monday or Tuesday

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    I have direct express and had last 2 checks put on my card but says March 26 it will b mailed
    Why is it not going to my card ?

    Maybe so I have to cash it and can’t put on a card to pay bills a way to force us to put outr money into system not to catch up?)

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    I messed up my DD infoon my 2019 leaving out a number. So I received my 1 and second stimulus by mail.
    Now the 3rd stimulus said DD march 17 then changed to DD march 24th.
    I have been receiving SS retirement since Dec 2020. Could that where they got the right DD info

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    @Bg what happened for them not to five u the 3K ?

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    Received check today dated 3/26.

    Got screwed out of about 3k simply because I filed early. If I would have waited I would have gotten full amount

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    What city are you in?

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    SC here mail date 3/26..we’ll see how long

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    @Rayne, I checked with USPS and they said stimulus check will forward to the new address.As long as USPS says anything noted in the cover “DO NOT FORWARD”, they will send all it seems.

    I filed tax returns with new address on 2020 yesterday and it was showing received in the IRS site. So when they start sending the stimulus cheque on 3/26, will the new address be on the file or will they send to my old address?


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    @Omayra. What state do u live in?

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    First 2 checks were DD. NOTHINGS CHANGED. Same bank and account numbers. Turbotax information is 100% correct yet the IRS is mailing my check on March 26th?!? Oh, and you can’t call them. How convenient.

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    Mine stated mailed the 26th of march. Furst said direct deposit now mailed for the 26th. Got in the mail yesterday. But check is posy dated for 26th so cant deposit till friday or cash it till friday. But trust its coming and might be in mail already

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    @Ashley … it was not. It was the letter everyone is getting about the second stimulus.

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    Dennis Haynes

    Need more info

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    Omg this is very messy

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    Does it mean they are starting to mail them out on the 26th or they will arrive the 26th? I’m still waiting for my tax return to be processed after 6 weeks I called and they had no specifics just said to give them up to 15 weeks and call back if it hadn’t been processed. Lol why? So they can again give me no info. Our government is a joke. You

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    Jennifer was it your stimulus?

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    Has this happen to anyone?

    My husband and I both got the first two stimulus payment with no issues via direct deposit.

    Now for this one when we both checked our status it said we both are elegible and it will be deposit once they have a payment date and now when we checked Saturday. My status changes to being mailed on the 26 and for my husband it says payment status not available….

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    Everyone has a set date on 3/26 mines as well was to be direct deposit but looking back on tax return documents I somehow left out a number so now instead of it being direct deposit the bank will reject it back to the irs. & both tax refund & stimulus will have to be mailed

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    For anyone that got there “mailed payment” was it a check or eip/debit card?

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    @Jr. What state do u live in?

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    So today my stimulus status was “scheduled to be mailed out on 3/26 to the address that they have on file.” Which is great but i don’t live at that address anymore I’m about to contact my old landlord to see if anything has come yet… Will keep yall posted…

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    Because yes everyone has that, you’re getting your payment, you have the date, and they will mail you a letter within 10 days of them sending the payment with more info on it and why you received what you received and what not.

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    It literally tells you what the letter is about, it tells you it has more information about your payment in it?????

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    Status says will be sent out 3/26 with an additional letter. What is this letter? Does it say that for everyone who’s receiving a check by mail??

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    Got my payment today. GMP said march 26 but got it in today’s mail

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    To be mailed out on 3/26 will update if change

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    My first was DD second was mailed with date on check 1/6th and received it 1/6th very odd and strange. I have date of 3/26th so lets see if I receive this on on the 26th or after. Will keep you all on this thread updated.

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    Checked today and the mail out date is 3/26. My first one was direct deposit. My second one was a check, and I suppose it’s because we owed. That check had a mail date of 1/6 and we didn’t get it until the end of January. This last check should come sometime mid to late April.

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    Hi Team,

    I have a question. My first and Second stimulus check’s are DD. My third stimulus check says on 3/26, it will be mailed to the address on file. I moved to a different address recently and i have initiated address forwarding through USPS. Will USPS forward IRS Stimulus checks to the new forwarding address? By The Way i filed my 2020 taxes with my new address today.

    kindly help to understand.


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    David O

    The GMP tool told me I would receive 3rd stimulus March 17th, 2021 to an account number I don’t recognize. It just updated today to say

    “Payment Status
    We scheduled your payment to be mailed on March 26, 2021 to the address we have on file for you.
    We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment.”

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    If it says status not available you more than likely typed in the wrong info somewhere in the submit form. Try it again slowly and see if it fixes the issue.

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    I think the reason the 2nd Stimulus came so late is because that’s when the Capitol was invaded and that threw everything off because once that was settled all checks came in mail I have seen where some are seeing their informed delivery and looks like checks are in the mail w mail date 3/26 which we all have

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    My first one was a direct deposit. Nothing changed and my second one was a check. I would not worry if you went from direct deposit to check. I just stinks that it takes longer that way. My third one is also to be a check according to the GMP. March 26.

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    Mine said payment status not available for the longest. It finally updated to payment being mailed 3/26 my second payment took 3 weeks to get to me and it says payment mailed 1/06 I didn’t get it until 1/25 smh….. let’s see what the wait is for this one

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    In Chicago has an schedule to be mailed March 26 2021. My 2nd stimulus had an schedule to be mailed January 6 2021 didn’t receive until February 2 2021. Will update if changed

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    Heyyy y’all…!!! Has anyone actually received their check yet??? Mine says it’ll be mailed on the 26th, but I’m wondering if anyone got the third check before the “mailed date”???

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    I have something in my informed delivery today from the treasury. I wonder if it’s the check (not sure why they sent a check instead of DD) or a letter explaining the stimulus. I had a mail date of 3/26. Any ideas?

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    @Trent it definitely has updated throughout the day. I have had mine update twice in one day.

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    Mine updated to this as well. Odd thing is that for a week prior to that it said ‘ I was eligible for a payment and was going to be direct deposited into account XXXX’ The account listed is my new account I had only used on 2020 tax return. So weird that they went from DD to a paper check for me.

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    The WMP tool has never told me if my payment was coming as a check or a card. It states “your payment” is scheduled to be mailed on 3/26.

    Husband already got his direct deposit and his also said “your payment” is scheduled to be deposited on 3/17.

    WMP= Where’s my payment.

    So if you have a date, your getting a payment

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    There’s no point to check periodically throughout the day, it only updates once a day over night so it won’t change during the day js.

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    Is there a difference between “CHECK” and “PAYMENT” being mailed out. @pablo kind if made a point?

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    My stimulus said I was eligable for a payment and it would be deposited into my acct and now its telling me that a check will be mailed to me. My first 2 were direct and nothing has changed so I’m a little confused as to why I’m getting a check mailed on 3/26 instead of direct. Has anyone had this issue and then it was deposited to their acct anyway? Pls help

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    2nd stim said mail date Feb 6 I got it like Feb 26. First stim was like mail date March 16 and I got it March 18. Praying they fixed there sloppy slow shipping issues and this check comes in like 2 to days .

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    Mine went from saying I was eligible for payment and would be direct deposited had correct numbers of my account and when a payment date was available it would update the page but then a few days later it says payment scheduled to be mailed on 3/26.. WTF?? I’m so mad.

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    Mine updated on 3/20 to my payment being mailed on 3/26. Last two times I also received a check (non filer) and the first two only took a few days to arrive, so I’m hoping this is the case with the 3rd.

    My husband got is payment deposited on 3/17 DD

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    Sad an lost


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    TOO MANY VARIABLES… are you getting a ‘CHECK?’ or are you getting a ‘PAYMENT?’ I am, for some reason getting a ‘PAYMENT’ and a letter which will go out of 03-26-2021.

    “Payment Status
    We scheduled your payment to be mailed on March 26, 2021 to the address we have on file for you.

    We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment.”

    BOTTOM LINE: “Don’t spit on my cupcake and tell me it’s frosting” – Judge Judy

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    3/26 Mail date. well… lets see how fast this stim gets here. Don’t forget to update us if you get your stim.
    hearing about other people getting there’s is the only comfort for some to be able to get by while waiting. please please remember to come back and post that and when you got you’re MAILED stimulus checks.

    “Imagine if everyone treated everyone as if they where you’re very own family.”
    (would you let it happen to you’re family? then why let it happen to anyone?)

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    Im on ssdi and I got first two stimulus on direct deposit but now its says mailing on 26th march anyone know why

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