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    Wheres My Refund South Carolina – Share your experience with filing your South Carolina Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check South Carolina Wheres My Refund? go to South Carolina Department of Revenue

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    On week 4 and still waiting for my refund! This is ridiculous! Any updates?

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    Wbw- I feel you it’s January 19th and still says my state is not processing im over it to its want my state i, tired of these people that filed after me already getting there’s what more do I have to do to receive my refund when all these people already got there’s I’m over it

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    Jw- I feel you! I filed on 1/24 accepted on ,1/26 and I keep reading about all these people on here getting theirs when they filed and were accepted after me. I’m furious! Emailed dor and got a geberic “please allow 3-4 weeks fir return to process”. Well why? There’s countless people on here who didn’t have to wait that long and dammit it’s almost bren that long and mine is not even processing. OVER IT!

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    @tommy ikr this is ridiculous

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    Filed through tax act on 1/31/18. Accepted 2/1. S.C. website says not processing at this time…This seems like an awful long time to be waiting since I did e file and DD.

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    still nothing from state!! i got ish to do!!!

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    I wanna know why people that filed the exact same way I did and did it after me already have there state I wanna know what in the world is going on I’m becoming more and more angry as the days go on I filed the 31st of January and still ain’t got nothing a lady that I work with filed with turbotax like I did but did hers on the 5th of February and she got her state yesterday why is that got any answers sc nope figured tall are so slow this year I never had this problem before when I check the website it says it’s not in process so does anyone wAnna give me an idea why no yeah I figured as much

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    Still no deposit for my state!

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    @Meka hopefully we will see updates or deposits next week after the Holiday.

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    In the same boat Lexie! SC is so slow this year!

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    F/A 2/3 for sc state, nc federal. Federal will be DD on 22nd. Still no word on state. First time I will have federal before state.

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    Filed and accepted 2/5….anyone else with this time frame receive their refund yet?

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    I wanna know where my taxes are i submitted them through turbotax on 31st of January and was accepted on the 4th of February and all the my doorway can ever say is your taxes are not in process at this time but when you call they say it is in process who do they got running this system because they obviously don’t know what they are doing how much longer am I going to have to wait to get my taxes back by it hasn’t hit my bank yet but I keep an eye on it everyday.

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    My status on the website never changed. It just went to my bank. I filed 1/31, accepted 2/1.

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    I submitted my refund on the 31st of January and was accepted on the 4th why haven’t I received my refund yet when I check it it says it’s not in process right now what gives

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    You’re welcome Lexie!

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    @Meka Thank you!

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    Lexie I sent them a message and they responded that I was processed and waiting refund date. I didn’t see a date when I signed in to mydorway. My amount went from green and showing up to a balance of zero and they said that was because I was finished processing.

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    Accepted early on 2/4. Approved around 2/8. Still nothing. Guess nothing this week. :(

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    Where on my dorway do we find the processed date? All i see is my refund amount in green.

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    Lexie I’m not sure.

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    Per MyDorway message , my refund has been processed and I’m waiting on a release date for my refund . I’m on week three so hopefully in a few days.

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    When does the system update? At night or everyday at 12pm

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    Filed and accepted 1/30
    Processing 2/4
    EIC PATH for Federal – if that helps you
    Have been checking for refunds frantically. Bank usually updates overnight around 5am but it’s 8pm and my State Deposit just hit my bank!!!!! Woohoo!

    Just looked and SCDOR still says: “State refund has been received but not been issued” — whatevs!! Haha

    All of your refunds are coming — keep checking your bank accounts, not the websites.

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    Josh Wheat

    I filed on the 25th of January. DOR website still says it is not in process at this time. I do have EITC and am on PATH on federal. Meanwhile, I did my step brothers taxes 2 days offsetslater. Has the same federal situation as my, but received his state yesterday. What gives? I am wondering if I have any state offsets.

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    Filed 1/29 sc accepted 1/30 around 3am. Received my dd this morning and website now says refund issued 2/14

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    I received my DD this morning, 2/14 too. Filed 1/26, accepted on 1/29.

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    Received my state refund this morning.
    Filed and accepted on 1/29

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    @Lexie, I have the same message. No idea what that means.

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    Still waiting. Accepted on 1/31, so hopefully I will have a deposit soon. My SCDOR account now has a balance of zero when before it had my refund amount so hopefully that means a deposit is on the way.

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    Filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/5
    Still no DD… DOR Rep says approved just waiting for release of funds. Hoping for Friday!!

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    Refund received 2/14
    Filed 1/22, accepted once tax season opened
    Federal DD 1/29
    State shows as processed since 02/02

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    Has anyone who filed and accepted on 1/31 received their return yet?

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    No luck on my end 🙄

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    My DD hit this morning. Filed and accepted 1/30. The dor website actually changed to reflect the deposit.

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    Received my state refund this morning. Filed and accepted on 1/29

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    Finally!! It’s pending in my account this morning.

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    Lauren —

    Did your message change once your received your deposit or even before you received it or no message update?

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    Well my DD just hit my bank account.

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    My bank usually deposits at night. My return was accepted 1/29. Fingers crossed I wake up to a pending deposit on my bank account.

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    F/a 2/3 message was has yet to be processed. Now showing is not in process at this time… wondering why the change. Any one else with this message?

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    Thanks fo for the good news updates Lucylou and DT. Lol @ Pinkpather

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    I finally got my DD. I checked the status of my refund online out of curiosity and it says: “Your SC State Individual Income Tax Return has been received, but your refund has not yet been issued.” However, the refund is in my bank account as of 3:00 p.m. EST. Filed 01/19, accepted 01/30, DD 02/13.

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    Awesome news guys! Fingers crossed for the rest of us…lol. My bank wouldn’t dare deposit in the middle of the day…lol.

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    I still have the process message but my direct deposit just hit my account.
    Filed on the 29th
    Accepted 29th

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    I filed 1/26 and was accepted 1/29.

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    @DeeInSC That’s awesome. When did you e-file?

    My status still says: Your SC State Individual Income Tax Return has been received, but your refund has not yet been issued.

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    Refund just DD into my account. No notice. Message on website and phone message says received and is being processed.

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    Anyone see a deposit? This wait is doing the most.

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