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    Wheres My Refund South Carolina – Share your experience with filing your South Carolina Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check South Carolina Wheres My Refund? go to South Carolina Department of Revenue

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    Getting on my last nerve

    I got that message last week and I’m still waiting for a DD date. I called and got no real answers she said it should be this week.

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    After a month wait. Woke up to a processed message. Now waiting on refund date. How long after the processed date does one receive their refund typically?
    F/A 2/3

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    Getting on my last nerve

    They are on my last nerve 2/2 and stil no refund but they claim nothing is wrong when I call. Not even a date. They are done processing the return now they are processing the refund. Well how long does that shit take!!!!!

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    karen d turner

    Was accepted on 2/4 says still processing. Can’t get through on phone who do i contact!

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    I think the on time processed means the return for 2017 was filed on time before the deadline of April 2018 and nothing more IMO.

    Seems to me you may want to call if the status is “not processing” since Jan 31st?!

    I emailed again last night because Im now in week 4. My status has been received and processing since 2/23, accepted 2/7. I may just call today … at this point I want to wave the flag and surrender ….sigh- frustrating I need my money


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    I don’t understand says on Dorway on time processed what’s that mean where is it? But check status saying nothing in process since filed 1/30

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    I don’t get what’s going on with SDOR this year. I filed on 2/3 and was accepted on the same day. At first I had a message in blue saying they received my return but it hasn’t been processed yet and now it’s saying “The information provided indicates that there is not a refund in progress at this time. Please note refund status becomes available when your return is processing, not necessarily when we receive your return” South Carolina is the worst this year. This is now officially week 4 and nothing.

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    I feel your frustration! I emailed and asked about the status of mine accepted 2/7/18. I received a generic response that the average processing time is 3-4 weeks please allow processing.

    If I wasn’t afraid they would hold my refund hostage- I would ask how can I become above average like 90% of the people who received theirs in 10 days- 2weeks!


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    Ok, now. Despite mine being “expedited” due to THEIR mistake, mind you… I STILL have not received my refund. But a friend of mine who just filed her taxes on 2/20 got her’s yesterday.
    Wth is going on with scdor this year? Btw… Sorry, but this is the only place I know to to vent, because everyone I know has received their state on time.

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    Getting on my last nerve

    Emailed them via DOR. Site status changed to processed with no DD date. Return ac 2/2 .
    How long does this take. Getting real fing irritated!

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    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/2…and still nothing. Site message changed to processing and zero balance yesterday. We’ve been patient up until now, but getting more irritated by the day.

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    Simpsonville I filed on the 31st on January

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    Filed and Accepted 1/24. Called multiple times throughout last 2 weeks and told nothing was wrong with mine. Then, I was told Monday that I had to do an ID Verification and a letter was mailed to me 1/22. Received letter today and completed ID verification online. Any clue how long it takes for status to change to “processing” now?

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    Does anyone know what the ontime proccessed mean? Accepted 02/13

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    Yikes! I’m sorry

    you have been waiting longer than me and I’m ticked. So I can only imagine your frustration. They normally are rude in my experience when its “their mistake”

    Lets hope 2 weeks is the generic response…..

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    Simpsonville I did I find it sad that they said it could be two more weeks they couldn’t exact time frame that it takes 24 to 72 hours to even get to the request of expediteding it is find it sad that I called Tuesday and the lady was just rude and wouldn’t do that it’s been 4 and half weeks I’ve been waiting

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    I hope you did DD maybe you will get it before two weeks

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    So after 30 minutes of holding they told me my refund is gonna be expedited and it cold take two more weeks are you freaking kidding me I called up there Tuesday and u couldn’t do it then

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    Surely the few complaints posted here are not the majority we cant be the only few affected by this. I filed 2/6 accepted 2/7 status changed last Friday 2/23 to being processed. Remains the same today. I did email this morning to ask someone to check the status. I know at least 4 people personal that filed after me and have received their check. Something is off this year! Maybe they are going by Head of household first or something

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    It’s been 4 and half weeks and my dorway still says my refund is not in process what’s going on here

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    @Mizzmantha I got accepted on Feb 1 and my status changed to the same thing last Friday night. I still have the same message and have not received my refund to date. I emailed them last week and they responded Monday saying to wait 1-2 weeks for my refund. It has never taken this long before and they say there are no delays but idk…we’ll see.

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    I filled on Feb 24 got accepted Feb 25 and as of this morning I got the Your South Carolina Individual Income Tax return has been processed. Your refund is now being processed. message with no dd date

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    been over 4 weeks. called them AGAIN and then got a email that they expedited my return and it now says been processed but still processing and on my doorway it says my amount is now $0.00 what does this meaN?

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    Omg! Over scdor! They made,a mistake and said my refund would be expedited and I just called because there’s been no change in status on scdor where’s my refund and they told me it is not in progress and that I need to give it more time. I told the unpleasant man of other’s having expediated return status’s changing almost immediately. He had no concern. Nice sc, you make a mistake, and I’m still waiting in vain for my hard earned money and you coontinue to sit in it. Mad af!

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    Jason D

    Oh, I don’t know if I made it clear in my previous post, but when you call, do NOT select option 2 (refund status) or you will be hung up on. Select option 1 (billing) to get a rep.

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    Jason D

    Called yesterday morning at 8:30, chose option 2 then option 1 for billing. Got a person on the phone within 5 minutes of holding.

    After giving them my info and letting them know it’s been 4 weeks, she told me that the return had been received and she would send an email to expedite my return.

    Checked the refund status page and it’s now showing up as “Your South Carolina Individual Income Tax return has been processed. Your refund is now being processed.”

    Jan 29 – Filed and accepted following day
    Feb 26 – called
    Feb 27 – processing

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    Getting on my last nerve

    Still can get into the hold we. No agents avail, try your call later accepted 2/2. No refund in progress message. They working my nerves.

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    Is anyone else’s federal delayed 45 days

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    Checked Doorway, still a + balance….

    Checked SC refund tracker, message has changed to “ID number (ss#) is locked out.”


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    Jason D

    Filed on 1/29 with TurboTax. Accepted the following day. Nothing comes up on DOR refund page as of today 2/26. Will try to call this morning.

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    So on my dorway, if the balance is 0.00… does that mean the direct deposit has been issued??

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    I was on hold for 6 hours (Yes, I listened to that awful flood message the whole time) I just carried my phone around work with me listening to it. Before finally, it hung up out of no where. I called back at 8:30 on the dot the next day got someone on first ring. I think at&t was having problems that day so I can’t say for certain it was their call center or maybe my phone. At least I am hoping they are not that incompetent. If they are its a wonder anyone gets a refund. So I paid PMI on my home and congress renewed the tax law that allows deduction of that, now I get to file an amended return.

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    Is everyone thats here waiting on their state tax refund ? And did everyone use Jackson Hewitt ? If so , I never used JH until this year and I always got my fed and state in just a few days. Last year 2 friends of mine used J.H. and they had the exact same extremely last state tax refund. So this year they went to HRBlock and I went to JH.{because i moved and JH is next door} and they already got their return and Im the one still waiting. ANTI-JACKSONHEWITT.

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    Still nothing on my taxes no DD yet heading into week 4 what is going on it has never taken this long to get my taxes

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    I tried to call today. It told me all reps were busy due to high call volume try you call again later. I tried 3 times. It wouldnt even put me i the hold que. This was at 9AM😠

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    ok I filed 2/24 and still nothing it says my refund has not been processed yet. What is SC doing this year how crazy is this. I have never had a refund go this long. I got my federal which was ate up I will never get a card with Jackson Hewitt again. But still waiting on SC site to at least say processing something it says they haven’t processed it and its been 4 weeks. hmm come on SC

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    Been on phone for well over an hour now. Andrew, has anyone ever answered a phone since 8:30 or are you still on hold? Or, would you rather not talk about it (smashed phone)? lol

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    correction accepted **1/22**

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    Filed return on 1/20 accepted 2/22. Here it is one month later and tax return still says not in process. Called the 1-844-898-8542. I have been on hold for 3 1/2 hours. I called them at 8:30 am when they open.

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    Anyone who’s been waiting a while from acceptance date and no change in processing. Call!!!
    They overlooked my filing and are now having it expedited due to the oversight.

    If it happened to me, it could hapoen to anyone. Just a heads up!

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    SC dorway shows my return is processed and my account has been credited with my return, for at least a week now.

    The refund tracker still says “not processing”.

    Good job SC, good job. 🙄

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    Ok, accepted 1/26, still not processing. Easy return, dd, efiled. I have tried calling 3 seperate times holding for up to an hour because a girl’s got work to do. I am beyond furios at this wait and want to know the hold up. Any one accepted a while ago that is still not in process gotten through to scdor on the phone? I am gonna try again today will keep posted should they give me any helpful answer. This is the worst experience I’ve had with my state taxes ever!

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    Me too. Accepted 1/31. Not in process at this time. When I login, it has “Ontime-Processed”. Still no DD… Thx for the forum, can’t find any info anywhere else.

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    Filed and accepted on January 29th and it still says my refund is not being processed at this time. What is really going on?

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    I talked to the state yesterday and they saI’d they are still processing my return so they haven’t even started on my refund I filed 1/31 and was accepted 2/3 what in the heck is taking so long give me my money. I e-filed and chose DD so what could be taking it so long

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    F/A 2/3 nothing yet. Site still states not processing at this time.

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    If it hwlps anyone:

    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/8
    DD 2/20

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    My state was deposited in my account just now and also the site updated to the refund issue date of the 21st.

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    @ Wbw I might call today since I’m on week four. They said I was processed but no other updates since then. Will update if I find out anything.

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    Meka- no update here. Growing very thin on what little patience I had left for this process. Now been week 4 for me too.

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