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Second stimulus check

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    So they said as early as last night.. I know a few people personally who have already received their deposit via chime banking.. anyone who is using the emerald card as a deposit method have you received yours yet?

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    @DonQ Dude nobody understands your comments you talkin about some “wire transfer” and this that and the other. We are all just trying to find out about whats going on with the stimulus money… that stuff you smoking done warped ya brain man lol

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    For the guy that keeps saying people that don’t owe anything is the reason they got theirs. My fiancé owes 8K in child support and he got his on New Year’s Day. So shhhh

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    Hey I just spoke with Chime. They said if it’s not there today maybe tomorrow but no later than Wednesday 😩 I also viewed my transcript with today’s date, get my payment shows not available, and I received my first stimulus 2 days early. Chime is really dropping the ball on this one for sure.

    Oh and I don’t owe anything and no garnishments for the guy that keeps trying to say that’s what’s going on.

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    I have chime , nothing yet! I checked the website they had on the chime app about status of stimulus and when I put my information in it said they didn’t have my information available! Can Anybody tell me how I check transcript???

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    @kimberly smith I got the same thing too.

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    Kimberly smith

    I also just checked the getmypayment site and says also not enough info, I got my first one no problem. I am really getting irritated! This is insane!!!

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    I have chime get my payment says it was deposited on today but still nothing in my chime account

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    My stimulus was deposited into another account. If you did your taxes with H&R Block and a received a advance on a emerald card check that.

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    Everyone those who may owe are gettin check to bypass anyone from taking your money then u can deposit if wire transfer then they take have to refund u again you’ll be waiting again those who got theirs didnt owe nothing

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    It was also a lot of fraud going on with fake stimulus so I guess they are taking extra precautions.. who knows but I need my money,.

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    Seldom ever

    Maybe chime using our money for those fking spot me’s they offered everyone. Won’t be issuing chime for my 2021 tax return. That’s for certain.

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    My transcripts have a DDD of 1-4-21 yet The get my payment tool says there’s not enough information.

    I have chime, impatiently waiting. 😫

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    I am a chime member and still haven’t received my second payment. Chime was great on the first payment. Not quite sure what’s going on this round. Crossing my fingers for everybody I know we could all use the money specially right now

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    I have not gotten anything also with chime

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    I have chime and nothing . 2 dependents and Not even a pending ,only the spot $200 to catch ppl


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    I also have Chime and seems like Chime users are all getting the same no information found hmm interesting

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    Seldom ever

    Well, me and my boyfriend both have chime, both received our first stimulus payments on time. On this round of stimulus neither of us have gotten anything. Usually chime is so quick but idk what’s going on. The irs transcript page won’t load and when I checked the where’s my stimulus page it said it didn’t have enough information or saying I might not be eligible (which isn’t true). I need the money and I’m getting worried.

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    @Urlisses some people got half payments and scheduled to get other half within 2 weeks

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    Shane with chime the payment tool is working. Mine is saying not available on 2nd payment does anyone know what this means

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    Still waiting. Transcript shows today’s date and chime hasn’t released it yet

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    For some reason, my wife got a $1200 check and we filed jointly and have 2 kids so we are missing $1200..

    I don’t know why they did this when we got it direct deposit the first time.

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    My payment status shows deposit for today but to a wrong account number

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    Sending a paper check do u owe their bypassing wire transfers

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    Transcript say 1/4 still haven’t received anything this is jus a mess

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    All u guys I’m trying help I kno it sucks u need the money but if you havent gotten yet meant someone tried to take some or all and the irs making sure it doesnt happen

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    @sara rollins

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    Hope you guys are reading this

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    You take paper check mobile deposit or inside your bank or walmart with its low 8 dollar cash fee so you’ll receive 99% of your money these people want your stimulus irs making it way for you to have all of it think about it for 1 second people smart move on the irs

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    Just found this out with irs

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    Just found out if you owe anything and I mean any type if garnishment irs has to send u out a check to bypass from any type of collection like child support even tho I may have had a deposit from the first stimulus or your taxes I have had same bank for years so their wont be any headaches and to avoid states and federal garnishment a check will be sent to address you have on file with the irs if u have moved whatever forward address that will be on file just found this out with its

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    Sarah Rollins

    I have chime and my transcript shows a deposit date of the 4th but nothing is in my account. Stimulus tool for irs says no info available. None of it makes sense

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    I have chime and still nothing in mine either

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    How do we know if it’s pending ? I don’t see any pending transactions when I log into the chime bank app ? Still haven’t received my money as well smh

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    Chime said because of holiday there may be up to 2 days of delay on payment

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    @Ladyjt60 they aren’t supposed to be garnishing child support out of them, but it’s happened to one other person on this forum already. Id called irs and/or child support.

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    I received my last stimulus 2 days earlier than the date given on my transcript. I just checked my transcript again and it shows a 1/4 date for the $600 but I still haven’t had it deposited into my Chime account. Anyone else with this issue?

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    I have chime last one didn’t deposit until 1230pm hoping it’s like that this time not waiting days since its hasn’t deposited yet

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    Seriously Chime lost a member with this one. Still have not received Stimulus. Forget $200 to hold me over, I want my money. Its something sketchy going on with Chime.

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    I still havnt got check an im from chime this is crazy

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    Update my emerald card says pending deposit for the 4th.. I’m hoping that it’s not a general recording for everyone we shall see Monday!

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    Still waiting here in Virginia. Last year I received my first stimulus check on April 13th at 3:12 a.m. this year it looks like time bank will be the last ones to receive their stimulus. So far I’ve noticed no one in Virginia has received their check. chime bank doesn’t process deposits on the weekend so if we don’t receive a direct deposit tomorrow it will likely be Monday morning.

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    i had different direct deposit information for the first stimulus check. that account is closed now. i am also a ssdi and va recipient will they mail me a check or automatically know where to deposit it?

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    I got 1500 was expecting 3000, my hubby owes cs I thought there was no garnishment! It came on a manually entered bank info. Last time I got it on my tt card. This time it went to rushcard, which I entered into their portal because the TT card was supposed to be sending checks.

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    What the latest turbotax will release a deposit

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    6:17 am TURBO CARD DEPOSIT!!! didn’t have to wait for the 4th afterall!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!! Check your cards!!!

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    I know some people with that have gotten their second stimulus has anyone with WM money card gotten theirs yet?

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    I have Chime and haven’t received shit, yet. Nor did I get offered the $200 SpotMe to tie me over until the stimulus is deposited. How tf are there other Chimers with their full checks already?! And I get screwed? Hella cool. Thanks a heap, Chime. 😑

    I’ll ask a few friends and get back to you, hun. I got a couple contacts I’m pretty sure with the emerald card, too. Unless yours arrives by then 😉

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