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SBTPG updates?

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    I noticed new slots for date sent and received. I wonder what that could mean?

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    I’m a pather


    No luck here 😒😒😒


    Just checked about 15 mins ago. SBTPG has my money now! My DDD is 2/20



    No one has mentioned Path


    Ok I just had to try one last time before bed lol. As I look on desktop still says one moment please but before that it says couldn’t find my account. I hope this is good news😊


    Is this a path or nonpath thread?


    I filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/24
    File TT
    Santa Barbara now shows they received my federal refund amount with a green circle then says any fees will be debited.
    This gives me hope I should have DD soon!


    @MommaJess0312, girl just @ me and let me know. I’m not trying until I hear… Well read good news


    @ Tasha
    @ Frustrated
    @ ineedthemoney …….

    🤗🤗🤗YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!🤗🤗🤗

    🙄🙄🙄THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!🙄🙄🙄

    I’ve been trying to find out how to look my stuff up via bank…and you all helped.

    This however is the message i receieved:

    “A refund for this social security number has not yet been received”.

    Anyone else in the same boat?? I filed & accepted 1/29/20. Never received path message. I did last year…not this year.


    Ok I lied I have no update….but, I hope the rest of y’all do…darn.


    Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, praying we ALL have updates!! It’s DEFINITELY updating right now because I was able to log in at midnight but now I can’t even get past the “one moment” screen, the one time I did it told me i can’t log in right now so…yay!!


    Ok thanks



    No I’m not.


    @ Tasha



    Thank you…i will try that now.🙄


    KaeDub are you path?


    Thank you everyone but I wish I didn’t even check 🤦🏼‍♂️


    @stephanie muniz

    Currently North Dakota but I live in Virginia. Travel technician.


    Mine just updated to show the amount received from the IRS and has an amount paid to me on 1/19. Not deposit as of yet, hoping for something tomorrow.

    No path, CTC, cycle 20200705 , DDD 2/20, fees fakes out, turbo card


    Jackson Hewitt fees are taken thru them


    @mamabear it goes through sbbtpg if you had fees taken out of your refund.


    No check republic bank tax payer that’s where mine goes through for JH and Amex serve


    I went thru jackson hewitt…with amex serve…would mine be in the sbtpg website as well????


    H&R block is down



    I agree. I am going to give it all a rest and just check in the morning. Hopefully you are correct and we all get good news!!! 💗💗

    stephanie muniz

    where r u located


    American Express National Bank


    Cause people r crashing the site


    My screen is stuck on the one moment please on SBTPG. UGH I’ll check later. Filed 1/27 accepted 1/28. Path 2/1. Path remove 2/15. No transcript update. Cycle 20200505 as of date 2/17.



    Same here on both ends…I’m just going to wait and check back tomorrow. Tomorrow morning will be great news for everyone I feel it💫


    What bank do I check for Amex serve card


    All of you guys seeing activity with SBTPG, did you already get a DDD? I have checked mine with no luck on a deposit being made yet, but still showing processing on WMR.


    Just updated on there for me. Green circle🤠


    @KaeDub congratulations 🍾🎉🎊

    Seems like sbtg finally moving along slowly but surely😆


    Nothing yet with SBTG.


    I noticed that too, yesterday! They’re prepping …🎉🎉🎉


    I get the error message again 😞😞


    My account just updated to received and now has the amount paid to me.


    @daniel when did it appear and I say you should start checking your account now because SBTPG has been updating slow asf this year


    How long after the red circle appears do deposits happen? IRS says ddd for 20th but last year I got it a couple days before . Red circle just appeared today


    @Heather no problem at all😊

    @Lauren T. Yes definitely the first time I tried I had the error message. I waited until awhile ago to recheck. Still has the expected amount but no circle. Thankfully I can keep checking and not lock myself out like wmr lol


    Turbo Tax

    Lauren Thibodeaux


    I don’t mind hanging around I 100% understand the anxiety behind sbtpg
    They did have a major update working the last few hours

    Continue to log in there is no limit
    For a while I was getting 1 of 3 different messages.


    @heather who filed your taxes?
    The company we use used to go through SBTPG and the last 2 years they use republic now. Might try that website and see if it’s there


    Thank you @Nurseynursenurse

    It has been that way since I first tried it a few days ago but I will keep checking. Yesterday it had an error message instead of the cant find your account message so I think you may be right and I’m just catching it when its down.


    @Heather @Che

    I think there’s a massive update on sbtg…the same happened to me. I rechecked on sbtg awhile ago and I no longer have the error message.



    Same boat as you



    That’s what I’m thinking also…it has to be some DDD by Friday☺️


    What if SBTPG keeps saying that it cannot find your account? I have been able to access in past years. I am confident the info is correct.

    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/29

    Cycle code 0705
    3/2 processing date on transcript
    All good codes but no 846 (havent checked yet today)


    It’s telling me they can’t find no information on my social


    @Lauren T.

    Sorry for all the questions lol but I think that’s what happened to me previous years. My son said the same about the ⭕️. I read on sbtg website it shows as expected amount when irs sends the pre notification but gee whiz it’s taking forever lol.


    Personally I think deposits will be this week. Some PATHers already have dates for 2/20. Who’s to say we won’t


    @Lauren T.

    Thank you for the update it helps ease the anxiety on my end although I’m a Pather lol. I have no circle as of yet just the same expected amount since Sunday morning. Past few years I’ve always gotten refund on Wednesdays. This year it maybe Thursday due to the holiday on Monday.

    Lauren Thibodeaux

    Oh another thought

    I am thinking that when the do have your funds you will go from the message that they have not received your funds to the big red circle because last night I had a red circle
    Meaning there is something magical happening just an update on sbtpg needs to reflect that and I don’t believe it does always.


    @smiles8500 please do & thank you

    Lauren Thibodeaux

    Not a pather

    Sbtpg has been up and down
    Mine just updated last night to the big red circle but before it was telling me the have not received my funds but the irs says the dd on the 13th
    Then I would get an error message
    Finally got an update on sbtpg but my money was already in my account that was around 3pm today
    So I have been waiting since the 13th for any movement on sbtpg
    Ill check back if anyone wants more specifics about my refund journey lol it’s been a long 5 days



    I think you may saw an expected amount


    Set you may be looking under the part where it shows your expected amount


    @deb no it doesn’t. It says expected amount


    Hi, be I just logged on and the top part says tpg has not received your refund but as I scrolled down under refund status it says my fed has been received. I’m confused can anyone help


    @smiles8500 are you a Pather


    @Lauren T.

    Thanks for the update and happy spending😁
    I’m going to recheck sbtg in a few was supposed to at 4:00 but started dinner. I think earlier sbtg were updating because I had an error message which never happened before

    Lauren Thibodeaux

    Just an update

    Filed 2/5
    Accepted 2/8
    Irs says it was deposited on 2/13

    I just received my money at around 3pm

    Sbtpg just updated it has been spotty since I started checking it on the 13th

    I hope this helps good luck everyone


    It does say they set up disbursement during pre-notification. The only reason I could see those boxes are appearing is because the got notification because I didn’t have them at 1st


    I hope so 2 people on here said not true but according to sbtg it is lol


    @Nurseynursenurse now I’m kinda excited.


    @Nurseynursenurse OK, now I’m a little excited! Possibly, Friday then?

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