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SBTPG updates?

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    I noticed new slots for date sent and received. I wonder what that could mean?

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    @iLoatheTaxSeason(PATHassF) Because actual knowledge is better than cultural assumptions. Now she knows where the phrase came from, and why.

    Do you have something against historical understanding and proper context?


    @liz why’d you have to do that? Maybe her culture is where she learned it. You took it way out of proportion & for what? Because she said it was Latina? Sad world we live in. Sad that people feel the need to correct the next “human” on shit when they dont even have all their shit in a row.


    @nurse I think you can answer that better than me


    Okay forgive me ahead of time, I never knew SBTPG was a thing or that it was relevant to me until about an hour ago lol.

    My circle is green, but at the top is says “Received Amount $0”

    Does the green circle mean that they’ve received my refund even though the top says they haven’t? I am confusion.


    My stbg says wrong info/error.



    I’ll let someone else come up with an answer for that!


    @jimz I guess it may mean you are getting money and gone spend that shit 😂



    Lol 😂



    I put my right hand in my pocket and if i don’t have one, i rub it on the side of my leg! LOL
    if the left itches, i try to ignore it. HAHAHA

    Jim Z

    Is it bad if both are itchy lmao


    Southerns firmly believe that one too. That why I try not to scratch the left 😂



    OH, IT’S COMING! Keep the faith!

    Jim Z

    @jerseygirl02 literally as I read that my right hand started itching bad.



    I am Latina and we also have this same saying, but with a twist. If our right hand itches, there’s money coming, but if the left hand itches, money is slipping away.
    Aa firm believer!
    so far my right hand has not itched, therefore no money is coming. LOL
    I am a Pather.


    @Brett Tuzzo

    Grannies are the best❤️😆

    Brett Tuzzo


    She was the best thanks for that little twinkle smirk smile ya know the sad super heart warming smile. Best wishes to you on this horrible journey


    im not a pather, sbtpg recieved my refund today but it says the amount paid was 2/8; note says to wait 1-2 business days. how could they receive my refund on one day but have the amount paid to me be a different day? and will i get refunded today? ddd 2/20


    @Brett your grandmother sounds amazing. I’m glad we could bring a smile to someone today. You’ve made my day

    Brett Tuzzo


    She used to win all thr time when she got em for that or used to play keno at dinner and hit for 450 just never heard it from anyone else nice reminder and smile Miss you NANA❤


    @brett your grandmother knows what she is talking about. I’m telling you guys I can feel it being a good day for some PATHers today

    Brett Tuzzo

    Not from the south but grandmother used to buy a scratch ticket when her palm was super itchy said it.means coming into money good juju lol funny others say it to


    @nurse yeah they were. Btw SBTPG hasn’t updated for me but the day is still young



    Yes true Southerners know the sayings😂
    But I tell you what a lot of those sayings were so true lol


    I am not path, just 1 regular w2


    @nurse ISTG 😂 I was finna say the same thing. That’s that southern way of knowing you getting money. #countrygirlfromTN


    I kept getting the error message, I was able to log in earlier today.

    Is it normal to have the refund date and 0.00 in the recieved amount column?


    I keep getting the same error message….tried twice from laptop still error. Maybe I should wait until this afternoon. There has to be an update of some sort the way my hands are itching lol(Southern saying from Southern granny lol).


    I would be shocked to see pathers get DD into their accounts that show pending today. I think Thursday is the best bey. I wouldn’t be shocked to see sbtpg show the money today though. I kinda expect that later today.


    Hopeful tigerlili says today after 12pm for chime. Are you path?


    SBTPG is down for me too and I have the error message. So I’m hopeful today I got a good feeling guys I already seen someone with cast get a direct deposit in the bank today so fingers crossed

    hopeful :(

    Update: I was able to check on my phone. I have Chime bank and SBTPG recieved my funds today… anyone know if I’ll get my deposit today?


    I tried from a computer I’m still getting error message. Can someone explain these cycle codes again please. What does it mean if my transcript has cycle code
    02200605 (HELP)

    Someone posted a link from SBTPG stating the they get your info from IRS 1-2 days prior to actually receiving your money. Hoping between error message, processing date and the fact the SBTPG did show expected amount as of yesterday HOPING I see a DD 2/21

    Brenda ortega

    You ewll get your funds soon

    King D

    Do it from the computer. I was able to access sbtpg from my computer but not my phone. I have the green circle now and it says it was sent to my bank yesterday. I have chime so i assume it’ll post sometime soon.


    Receiving error msg as well. Fingers crossed for someone to see something positive today!


    I’ve been getting ERROR message on Santa Barbra bank so I can’t even see anything, I was able to the other day but last 2 days just the error message

    Wes m


    We’re sorry, it appears that an error has occurred. You are experiencing one of the following:

    The page you are looking for does not exist
    Your access to our website is denied
    Server error
    If this issue continues, close your browser and try again. If the problem still continues, please click here to get help.

    You may log on at any time to access your information again.

    Thank you.


    I checked sbtg twice got error message guess I’ll try back later

    Any luck from other Pathers?


    its down now for me as well.


    I get that many are trying to help, but some of us need precise detail. Need to know what you’re seeing, to ensure being on the same page of understanding, rather than just describing in your own words.

    And just to clarify, for the past 2/3 years I’ve ALWAYS been able to see my information on SBTPG WITHOUT fees being taken out. I ALWAYS pay my preparer AFTER I receive my funds.

    hopeful :(

    how are you guys able to see anything via sbtpg? I get an error message when I put my info in


    “We couldn’t find your account.
    Please make sure the info you entered is correct and try again or visit SUPPORT.SBTPG.COM for assistance.” Is this the error message you all are talking about??

    Wes m

    SBTPG website is just errors out every time I try. I filed 1/26 accepted 1/27 shows 2/10/2020 process date. Standard 3 digit codes but no 864 yet..

    This sucks…


    SPTPG Update: My routing and account number(last four prefix) just appeared after checking a min ago. This updated from earlier this morning so they are updating throughout the day.

    Just wanted to keep posting updates as I get them for those of you that are getting login errors. There are constant updates so keep checking.

    Bruce G

    Still getting error message


    If your account is with Wells Fargo, we will add your direct deposit amount to your available balance on the same business day we receive your deposit from the IRS. The cut off time is 4:00pm Monday-Thursday and 6:00pm Friday, local time.

    I just read this if you bank with WF.


    @DeeDee Are you talking about the error trying to access SBTPG? If so, it’s just website error due to several reasons: i.e. lots of traffic or updates occurring. Nothing specific to any individual. Eventually, you will be able to access the website and see your info if you have fees taken out of your refund.


    Can someone please tell me what this error message says, because I’m confused?


    When IRS or state tax funding has been received, Santa Barbara Tax Product Group will release check print authorizations and direct deposit disbursement records beginning at 2:30 PM Pacific time.


    Chime posts deposits throughout the day so the best way to be notified is set up text/email alerts through their app.


    SBTPG updated for me and it says they sent my money yesterday. Anyone know when Chime posts deposits?


    SBTPG (whatever) Lol was showing expected amount yesterday etc but today I have gotten an error message twice. 😒


    The error message happened the same for me all day yesterday. Finally got through at some point and the Pie Chart was Red with expected fees to come and the expected refund amount.

    This morning – it updated a Green Pie Chart with the fees taken and the refund amount amount received w/ fees taken out.

    It’s coming…….


    I got thru. Still nothing received. This is annoying.


    No PATH
    Filed/Accepted 1/27 TT

    SBTPG Updated to Green pie chart. Bottom of chart reads:

    02/18/2020 ACH Direct Deposit Please allow 1-2 business days for this deposit to reach your account

    Wells Fargo Bank

    Stacey H

    Try logging in twice in a row if first time you get error message


    Error message 😔


    @Kiwki probably more updates as SPTPG updates all the time Keep checking as it will be intermittent access hit or misses throughout the day but hoping you get an update during the process.


    I’m having an error message as well .


    I have an error for the first time


    No PATH
    Filed/Accepted 1/27 TT

    SBTPG Updated to Green pie chart. Bottom of chart reads:

    02/18/2020 ACH Direct Deposit Please allow 1-2 business days for this deposit to reach your account

    Wells Fargo Bank


    Yes I am also getting an error


    Anyone else only getting an error on SBTPG??


    Yes, I am a Pather and I had an offset…Filed 2/10..I guess they moved fast because I owed them.


    My account just updated with funds received. My red circle is now 90% green. Only a small portion is Red….Finally Good Luck everyone


    @James Ren

    You wont see the circles unless you had a refund advance taken out of your taxes. Th frn shows whats been paid to you theough the advance a red circle indicates what sbtpg has gottn from IRS. Yiu want to see the amt of your refund under th received amount @top of page. Sorry for typos its esrly in a.m. for me and ijdgaf anymore about typos yall kno what i be saying lol

    Stinky Peterson

    Is there an app for sbtpg or is it through the web portal?


    I am a pather, not sure if that matters on this thread or not. But i have tried to check SBTPG a few times in the last hour or so. First it said incorrect info, second just stayed on the one moment please page, and the last few have been errors. Hopeful this is good news or maybe just a glitch in the site cause everyone is checking?


    That’s what I’ve been trying to find out

    Steve wilkinson

    I’d like to know where the circles are I can’t see any circles on tag page

    James Renner

    Where are these red and green circles located. I log into sbtpg but I don’t see any circles


    Both path & non path, I guess


    I’m a pather


    Same here Pather

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