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    Just figured everyone floating out there in cyberspace could get together here and update everyone when they receive their 2/6 deposit… my bank has no delays, I always get my DD for everything a day early. So if they are sending out refunds for 2/4 already as I’ve read, maybe we’ll get ours by Monday!

    Update when you receive yours, please! :)

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    Suntrust, standard checking acct… DD yet wasnt expecting it but sure woulda been SWEET! lol Ill update as well but thinking Wednesday morning….



    thanks alot @ms328



    i’m with wells fargo, sadly i wont get it till the morning of 2/6. which is almost here by the way! my sister is also getting hers on that day and has boa so if she gets it tmw, i will update u!



    Hello everyone, I’m with Bank of America and don’t see anything when I sign into our online banking. I’ll just be happy with it being there Wednesday morning. Hopefully BOA isn’t gonna hold it forever, not sure since this is our first time filing our own taxes without getting a RAL and putting it on a prepaid card or getting a paper check. I feel alot better paying 14.95 than 500.00 or more. All my money is mine. Paid the fees upfront! Everyone plz. keep us all posted, does anyone else here have BOA or money going into a regular account?



    hey everybody I got my direct deposit last night at 930 I’m using a NetSpend card



    1230AM and still nothing. Hopefully it will show tonight.



    My direct deposits always show up around 930pm US Eastern. I will post tonight.



    No new news here :) Wednesday is only a few more days away :)



    No news today for me. How about everyone else?



    I am not sure everyone. I have seen people have a dd of 2/4 and they received funds on 2/1 so who knows??lol



    Mine is 2/6 also



    Anybody using jackson Hewitt with a smart card . What’s the process to get my money



    I e-filed and got accepted the same day (28th), and finally yesterday had a DD of 2/6. Now my personal theory is this; Those with a DD of 2/4 got their refund on Saturday because in order for them to receive it on 2/4 the IRS would have had to deposit them on Sunday which the IRS is closed on Sunday, I think us 2/6ers will see our refund on Wednesday. I am just grateful I’m not stuck in processing and finally have a DD! Good luck to everyone!



    Book, USAA still pays 2 days early. My husband and I have two joint checking accounts which typically are paid 2 days before our paydates. Depending on the day that it falls on, it may be up to 3 days early, but always at least 1 day early.

    Looking forward to our pay checks early on Monday [due Tuesday], and our IRS refund as well [2/6 DD]. Will post once I see it :)



    USAA used to pay 2 days before payday but not anymore :(



    Oh good! I’ll be ecstatic if it does show up early!



    Boy I sure hope it hits Monday! rmack: others on here have been saying they are getting their deposits two days earlier that the IRS has posted. We can hope!!



    Eboni, I hope it does come early!! But isn’t the IRS posting exact dd dates now instead of estimates like before? So should the dd be exact this year?



    Eboni- I’m hoping the money will be there Monday, too! I have Destini’s Child tune in my head… Bills, bills, BILLS!



    MommaJules it’s a strong possibility that we may have our refunds in our accounts on Monday morning. I usually get my refunds a few days earlier than the dd that the IRS gives me and I have been with the same credit union for 10 years. Let’s hope for early money for us!



    I wonder if all the people with a DD of 2/5 have gotten theirs? If so, we should get ours earlier. I know last year, the DD was always on a Friday, (or Thurs night) but WMR said it would be there the Monday AFTER it was actually deposited. Hope it is the same this year!



    @trgolian … i have a walmart money card also… i tried to contact them in the middle of the month to see if they were going to open DD to the card for Tax Season but no answer… and it was getting close to when i could file so i got myself a netspend card because i got no reply from walmart money card :( and now i checked the FAQ’s in Walmart card and they’ve opened the DD to accepted federal tax returns now but they havent advertised it like they usually do :( oh well i got a netspend card now haha



    my bf and i both have a dd date for 2/6, going to the same acct, we bank will wells fargo and i hope that they wont hold any funds cuz there will be 2 deposits coming from the same place. wednesday seems so far away!



    I have a dd date for 2/6. I have Navy Federal Credit Union, and I have a feeling that the money will be in my account on Monday. I am hoping that happens anyways. I am just glad that I finally got a dd and that I am not alone. I am just as anxious as everyone here!



    I also have a dd date for 2/6. Have fees that have to be taken out by RB first then going to my bank (sun trust).



    Accepted 1/23 and going on netspend. Last year my refund was supposed to be sent on wed and I got it late Sunday. Also some with 2/5 got it Thursday. Hope I get it soon.



    does anyone know how bank of america does deposits? Just opened an account with them this year?



    Filed with taxslayer have fees coming out, will let you know when refund hits my bank (pnc)
    received dd 2/6 this morning….hopin for Monday also!



    Filed with TT on 15th accepted the 24th, had to call to get a DD date of 2/6. WMR just updated today saying I’m approved and DD of 2/6… lets hope…



    I just got my 2/6 dd date this morning i’m super happy!!! I hope I get it a day or 2 early but Wednesday us fine with me… I filed with TT and I had my own netspend, card.. Does anybody know if they are pretty fast mine has to go to sbbt first… Thanks and good luck to all and happy spending lol… I know I have seen on here the 2/4 people allot of them got theirs today…



    I got my dd yesterday from a rep. WMR status changed this morning.. I have fees from SBBT coming out first then it should go on my walmart moneycard!



    I called yesterday after being able to order a return and account transcript and got a date of 2/6 from the rep. My WMR status finally changed this morning! Hopefully it sticks.



    We bank with Wells Fargo and they dont release funds early :-( in fact they dont even do deposits on Mondays. Im hoping to see it on Tuesday (wishful thinking though)…. yay for a DD of 2/06!!!



    Filed 1/29 and got accepted 1/29 with Taxslayer. Just got the DD this morning of 2/6. Using Regions bank so hoping they are quick.



    Filed FreeTaxUSA accepted on 1/25. Called the IRS yesterday got dd of 2/6. WMR stated 2/6. Bank with USAA bank and I get my payroll dd it comes 1 day early. I hope this too comes 1 day early cause I’m off work and go bank on 2/6.I want go out shopping on 2/6 lol



    Filed TT 1/28, accepted 1/29, processing until 2/2 315 am. DD 2/6. Will let you know when I get it!!



    Couldn’t have been too early since they didn’t even start processing until 1/30. I’m amazed how people even got 2/1 dates. What criteria got them processed so quickly? Do just the EZ filers get approved that fast?



    Does anyone know about those scheduled for the 1st if they got theirs at all early?



    Woo the groundhog brought me luck. I have now joined the 2/6 DD group. If it goes as usual, it will go in late on 2/5.



    My status bar finally changed this morning as well with a date!! I am hoping the IRS sends it a few days early :) Will notify everyone when I get it!



    Filed with TT, accepted 1/25. Fees pd upfront. Finally got a DD of 2/6 this morning. Use Regions bank.



    My CU is kinda like netspend with the releasing of the funds up to 2 days early. I sure hope I get my funds Monday because my electric is set to be shut off on Tuesday :/



    I had to finally call IRS yesterday to get someone to tell me my DD was 2/6 as the processing bar hasnt budged…logged into WMR at 4:30am 2/2 and got the actual DD of 2/6 with the orange bar sitting at refund approved….. I was accepted on 1/23 and filed through Taxact. Will let ya know when I get my actual DD in bank as I have Suntrust and they are slow as hell posting ACH, my DD payroll is usually credited at about 4 in the morning on the day it supposed to be in there.



    Oh, and I had to call the IRS today to get our date. WMR and phone still say processing, but I was able to order our transcript this morning. Hoping to see WMR change tomorrow, I’ll feel much better seeing it vs. hearing the (absolutely wonderful) IRS lady tell me it!

    Filed 1/17, accepted 1/25.

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