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    So for those of us with the path message is it possible for a update this weekend with a refund date???

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    Last year, I filed Feb. 22nd and got my refund March 8 from SBTPG or whatever. This year I filed feb. 4 and expect an update sat. Saying around the same time or Feb 24 to 28. I was accepted within minutes last year like I was this year.both years took 13 minutes to accept. This year there is only a 200 increase in my refund due to having another rugrat in may. So here’s to updates by the end of this week.



    Last year I had DD of 2/23 got the message the Saturday before. IRS is saying deposits will be the 27th. But it also says dependent on bank. I am hoping to see a Saturday update this year as well.

    We will have to wait and see.



    I also have the path mssg. These threads help me alot. Although i find that some people are letting the stress of waiting for refunds get to them and taking it out on others. Try not to forget we came together on this site looking for answers or reaching out to give them to those less aware of whats going on. I’m not a saint by any means. I just hate seeing people forgetting whats more important than money.



    I’ve been lurking this board the past 2 years. I have EITC and kids. Just want to say thanks for all the great information and entertainment for the people who think etiquette and manners disappear on the internet.

    On another note…can’t wait for the 17th…can’t wait for an update!



    I was accepted on the 26th of January. Have just ACTC and have had no movement at all. Just says it’s processing. I had the PATH message last year but then I updated on Saturday the 18th last year and got a DD on the 22nd. I anticipate this year will be the same with me getting the update on the 17th and a DD of the 21st.

    BTW, I have Tax Topic 152 so not concerned over an audit or anything

    Thoughts on this? I have read a lot of people who should show PATH are still just processing and last year others had the same.



    Where’s My Refund? ‎on and the IRS2Go mobile app will be updated February 17 for the vast majority of early filers who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. These taxpayers will not see a refund date on Where’s My Refund? or through their software packages until then


    Kay eazy

    I have the path too and I’m just wondering anyoone have a Dr tonite



    Filed: 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    HR Block

    One bar 1/31
    PATH msg 2/3
    No updates, Tax Topic 152

    EIC/ACTC both claimed. Was able to order transcripts 2/8, haven’t received them yet, but I’m sure they won’t be very helpful at this point.

    Any input on when I will update? I’m pretty sure I updated on a Saturday last year (weekly) and received the money 5 days later.



    Like last year transcripts wont update with any new codes besides the codes you filed until PATH is over



    Since no one has seen an 846 code on trans yet I don’t foresee any path ddd’s tomorrow.



    Plus you sound like a weekly so look forward to saturday



    Most likely no



    Tonight possible update? I have path message on 10 th feb …


    Aaron says update will be 17th for us Path Act people. I had one bar from January 30 till 2/09 then it went to the Pat Act Message telling me to wait till mid to late February on 2/10. Remember the IRS does not give out an exact date to anyone because something can happen and they want to cover themselves should something arise with ones return. That’s why it says ”Mid to Late February” If you filed a straight forward error free return you should be good to go and see an update on the 17th. Mine did on the 16th last year right when the IRS said it would and had my money a week later on the 22nd.



    So will Saturday if you don’t have the path message yet and u are claiming the credits . Will you update to path or not ? Lol it’s all so confusing . We filed the 6th so we are later than some . But we have the one bar ? No path message yet 😁



    It’s all in the wording everybody if you pay attention it says the IRS cannot issue refunds to people claiming EIC or ACTC until mid to late February not that refunds will be processed until mid to late February people who are getting audited or getting letters or having to ID verify that have path message have the tax topic 151 not 152 if you also call the hotline it will tell you that IRS cannot begin issuing refunds until mid to late February if there is nothing wrong with your return hope this helps good luck everyone the wait is almost there



    Let’s remember Monday the 19th is a bank holiday


    @Skittlez – I’m okay dear – was gone for a couple of days and decided to give my mind a break from the refund chaos – refreshed and ready to contribute again!!!!!! Thank you for checking #IGMRunite



    I filed on 1/30 and accepted on 1/30 My WMR went from 1 bar to no bars just showing the path act message on 2/10 telling me to check back mid to late February for a DD date on 2/10.
    I went through this same exact thing last year. After about 7-8 days with 1 bar it went to no bars with just the path act message telling me to wait till after the 15th and sure as the IRS said I got my update on the 16th and my money on the 22nd.

    This year you will not see an update until the 17th like says and that is if there are no other complications with your return. A lot if not all people have had there bars go away after 5-8 days of being able to track on WMR. It’s normal. As long as you have the path act message telling you to check back mid to late February you are fine. That message says it all. You are done processing but they wont update WMR for us path act people until the 17th so our WMR is stuck in limbo until then.

    My brother filed a simple return with a little 400 refund with earned income and his did the same as mine. Bars went away just path act message and I know his is correct because it was one w2 that took me 5 minutes to enter lol.


    Ibtesam riaz

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    They take the guesswork out of filling out your taxes! Many people can file in less than 15 minutes, and get their refund as fast as possible!



    Can anyone help me? I received my transcripts today. They are filled out and i have my cycle code but no processing date. It says 00-00-0000. Even blank transcripts I’ve saw have a processing date at least. Anyone have any ideas about this. Not sure if i should be stressed or not. There’s no other bad codes or anything on it. Filed 1/19 accepted the same day and updated to path within the next week and been there since.



    @rellyohboy I have an emergency; true hardship here so dude I’m trippin lol



    That’s right Skittlez! Lol Someone said another update Tues or Wed so I really think we’ll update and maybe have this weekend coming!



    Have patience, Stop trippin and wait.



    @jenna although it seems a bit crazy I’m praying that actually happens since the holiday is in the way. Let’s all pray for that idea. Can’t stop us from hoping right? Lol



    @unicorn kisses. Are u ok??



    I totally think so!



    I work at a bank and Saturday the 17th the bank will be on the business day of 20th so we could all get dd post on Saturday! That’d be real nice!!!



    Filed 1/23/2018 got accepted on the 24 have the Path message. Ordered transcripts have cycle date 20180505. Anyone file around same time and have ddd. Hoping maybe end next week.



    I’m very hopeful!



    Same deal, filed on 1/24, accepted on 1/25. Was stuck on 1 bar without path forever and now no bars and path message.

    Glad I’m not the only one, makes me feel better.


    Dylann Roof

    Ashley you are find. If there was a problem it would state that there had been a problem processing your refund or you would receive a letter. That is the generic PATH ACT message.


    Ashley Lopez

    I filed 1/24 got accepted 1/25 after a couple of days of having bars. Now I only have a path message. I’m so worried what if something is wrong or I’m getting audited.


    @Ih8Lance – Although @lance contributes to many of the threads (and I personally have had LOTS of interactions w/ him) and sometimes (not ALL times) doesn’t have the most super warm and fuzzy tone – to come on here @Ih8Lance and make the comment you made with the profile name you chose is totally toxic and saddens me. @lance has provided productive information — I’ve commented (kindly) to him – along with others like @kimikaze suggesting a more gentle approach – and seen him change his tone dramatically.

    Please – perhaps consider changing your profile name and not spread that sort of toxic contribution. Nothing in your post relates to refunds/taxes.



    We will all update by next weekend. I received path til Thursday so I probably won’t update again til next Thursday prayerfully with a of Feb 21



    I see a lot of quipping about when deposits are sent and bank releases. I work for a major bank, so I feel qualified to give some input on this.
    When a direct deposit is sent, it must go through a process called automated clearing house or ach. This process is designed to ensure that the funds are available before they are deposited into an individual’s account.
    Ach transactions take 24 hrs to process period, no exceptions. So when the irs sends you a ddd, your deposit is generally sent to the ach 24 to 48 hrs prior to your ddd.
    Some banks will only release funds when they have cleared the ach system, some because they are federal funds, will release the funds are soon as they can see them pending. That depends on your banks internal policy regarding ach.
    That is why some people have funds available a day or two before their ddd and some not until the ach has processed. Cards like the emerald card deposit as soon as the get notice of the incoming ach and that is how they deposit your funds “early”.
    I hope this helps. Please feel free to repost or cut and paste where needed.



    My queation is what is the path message? What would it say. I have still processing with no bars and tax act 152.


    Need my money

    I filed 1/31/18 accepted the same day. I been on 1 bar until this morning 2/10/18 when it updated to the path. Does this mean those of us that have this will get a ddd this week or another update tonight with actually ddd. Just Asking🤔🤔


    Milly rock

    PATH MESSAGE. I was accepted on 1/26 and i was stuck with one bar until today (saturday feb 10) . now my bar is gone. NOW I have the path message. My refund amount is gone. I also have topic 152. I had both child credits and eic credits.


    All Is On

    I will just say I received my DD last year on the 22nd. That was the 1st Wednesday after the 15th. Refunds were being deposited on Wednesday’s last year. If the same holds true, we can have our DD by the 21st this year.



    Guys when I tell you I read this ENTIRE thread from the beginning and was cracking up!!! My only disagreement is theasy dates of last year. I know 4 people personally who did receive their refunds the week of the 15th. But…none of them were before the 17th.
    With that I, this year has really been moving smoothly than last year and lots more with better outcomes than last year. And everyone knows the ddd is often later than the actual deposit. We just have to wait and see



    Damn lance. It seems like you come lurking into every thread looking for some excuse to belittle, berate or otherwise be an ass to someone. Why?

    I don’t believe that there are people here actively trying to convince people of various things just to troll them. Not that it can’t happen or that it hasn’t happened here before, I just don’t believe it is happening in the instances you comment on.

    Again, why?

    I would love to believe you and that you’re crusading against misinformation and protecting your fellow refund seekers from getting their hopes up…bbutttt, nah. There are so many other ways to go about helping keep the facts…the facts. But nope. You choose to talk down to people.

    I can’t believe I just wasted whatever energy the above keystrokes cost me…on this.



    @lance: Maybe just wording it a bit nicer or not coming off so abrasive may have a little more impact on getting your point across :)



    I really dont understand what the issue is. This PATH stuff may be ridiculous, but just think what if someone got a hold to your children’s info, claimed them and there you go the real nightmare starts. Everyone including myself is praying on a ddd tomorrow but realistically I know I wont get an update until next weekend or later. Sadly I believe lance is correct, but just be patient. Im just hoping I dont lose any bars or get the dreaded ID letter. Haven’t heard of anyone getting one yet, last year was nuts!!!


    @lance – frankly I probably would have continued defending my stance but soon I realized I’d better double check my facts before sharing (what I thought was hopeful news). I also was searching for the WHY — which is why I stayed (and continue to stay) on the forum. I’m glad I listened to those who said it was impossible (though sometimes their words could have been kinder – uh hum -) but regardless – I’m glad I learned!!!



    @Unicorn, atleast you admitted you were wrong
    I just hate people purposely giving people false hope and lies. We are all anxious to get our money and people like that make it worse when they give people hope to get it early only to come the next updates and see the disappointment



    Thanks, people cant read facts straight from the IRS lol. Makes them look even stupider than they already looked after thinking someones at the irs waiting to press a ”release refund” button lmao. Again noone has or will be seeing a refund until 2/15, point blank period.


    LOL @lance…now be nice (although you always make me giggle)…

    The logic is (and I have been a victim of naivety myself) that those stating they have received a refund claiming the EIC or ACTC must be mistaken. Not intentionally being vindictive…but remember @lance, I too was mistaken!

    All, I came on here and claimed I had received my refund THIS YEAR on 01/30 and filed WITH the EIC credit (b/c I had the credit last year). After many…including @lance informed me I HAD to be mistaken, I went back and looked at my return…

    Sure enough, LINE 35 shows I qualified for the CTC (but I did not qual for ACTC) and LINE 42a is BLANK! I had to come on here (on like 8 different strings) and apologize.

    I know we want to believe that those who have the EIC/ACTC credit are getting but until you look at those TWO lines (and in between for the ACTC) or your friends/family show you…they are mistaken.

    I only share this, not to shame or accuse people of lying – but because I WAS WRONG MYSELF and LEARNED

    Crossing fingers for ALL!



    No one on PATH is going to see their refund prior to 2/15. They will not be sent until the C- Freeze code on the accounts is released. (12-20-2016)
    C- Freeze – Refund Holds
    The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (the PATH Act), was enacted on December 18, 2015. The PATH Act contains several changes to the tax law that affect individuals, families, and businesses, and help safeguard against tax fraud. The PATH Act mandates that the IRS not issue any refund on tax returns claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) until February 15th.
    All current year tax returns that claim EITC and ACTC filed before February 15th, will contain a C- freeze on the account, to hold the refund.
    Prior to February 15th, the refund cannot be released:
    by inputting any type of adjustment to the account
    due to a hardship (hardships will not be considered as long as the C- freeze is on the account). This includes the part of the refund that is not associated with the EITC or ACTC.
    The C- freezes will be systemically released on February 15th. Refer to IRM, Refund Inquiry Response Procedures, and IRM, Return/Refund Located, for additional information.



    @lance – I guess that’s your way of acknowledging you didn’t know what you were talking about. Apology accepted. Lol

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