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PATH (EIC AND ACTC) Deposits for 2/22 DDD

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    Hundreds of those who can see their online transcripts (unfortunately I am not one of them) updated the IGMR FB page today to say they now have an 846 code with a 2/22 DDD. So, I thought this would be a good time to start this thread. If you have a 2/22 DDD or can’t see your online transcripts but get a deposit between now and that date, please post. Path or non-Path is OK but please do specify if you’re subject to Path.

    Path or not Path
    Bank or card you use


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    Filed/Accepted 2/12 through H&R Block online

    Refund in bank today!

    WMR still showed 1 bar this am so was totally shocked when I logged into the bank account right after and it was there.

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    Why people filing later than I do getting their DD alrready?? Chase sucks

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    I filed on February 10 and was accepted on the 12.

    All credits

    Still nothing as of today and still on 1 bar!!!!!!

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    Filed 2/3 accepted 2/12 got a ddd of 2/22 on my transcripts received my deposit this morning! I bank with Wells Fargo and wmr still on one bar even tho I already received my money. I have both crefits

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    Filed 2/5 via turbotax and accepted 2/12
    Checked transcripts 2/17 and had DDD for 2/22
    Checked WMR and had 1 bar
    Deposit pending in my account currently.

    Fastest EVER.

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    Mine went from one bar with topic 152 to this message this morning:

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

    Never seen that before. Is that because there are updating statuses?
    Was accepted 2/10 and unable to check transcripts online.

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    Filed: 2/2
    Accepted: 2/12
    Transcript updated with a DDD of 2/22
    I filed with TT and paid fees up front

    Woke up this morning and my DD was there. Good luck to everyone!

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    Called bank. no pending deposits. Filed 1/25, accepted 2/12, and still not a damn update. Smh. Called IRS and the lady was useless

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    Jim Z

    Oh and just to update, I literally JUST got my refund deposited.


    I claimed EITC and ACTC.
    Filed w/ TurboTax accepted by IRS on 2/10/2021
    Transcripts show 846 w/ ddd 2/22/2021
    WMR says one bar and says “is processing.”

    I bank with PNC and did not have fees taken out, so no SBTPG.

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    Jim Z

    If you had fees taken out, paid from refund, your deposit first goes to Santa Barbara Tax Payer Group (SBTPG). There, they take the fees from TurboTax (plus their own fee that is in the TT fine print) and pass the rest of your refund on to your account, almost always they send it same day they receive.

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    Jim Z

    If your transcript right now says 846 and 2/22/21, then it’s for sure that your bank has the deposit right now. Most banks won’t release this until the 2/22 date, some will. Almost all credit unions will have released the deposits yesterday.

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    Jim Z

    I see a lot of people confused over a few things. You are a “pather” if you claimed eitc or actc. Also, WMR almost never will update prior to you receiving your refund. It is a very flawed tool. Every year, for the last six years, I have my refund dd in traditional bank account before WMR ever updates.

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    Claimed EIC and ACTC (don’t think path)
    Filed 2/8
    Accepted 2/11
    Tax Transcript has 846 DDD 2/22/21
    Bank- Wells Fargo

    Where’s My Refund is not updated at all!! Still shows it is in the review process.

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    @ StimulateMeinAZ


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    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 2/1
    I am a PATHER
    DD this morning in my USAA acount
    Where my refund says still processing???

    I tried call the irs and no luck..

    Has any other PATH filers received there Refunds?

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    So just to be clear… these DDD are coming off ppl transcripts? Not WMR right? Cause mine hasn’t updated and I can’t check transcripts… no movement, one bar, accepted 1/12 EITC filed with H&R

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    No Path (but got all credits)
    Accepted 2/11
    Transcripts updated today
    Money pending in my bank account (Navy Federal CU)
    Deposit date 2/22

    UPDATE: money posted to account today check NFCU

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    Wmr shows 1 bar. Tax topic 152. Path act ..Transcripts shows refund 2/24

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    Filed 2-4-21 accepted on 2-13-21 was able to see transcripts this morning 2-19-21 and got codes 570 and 971 and not sure what that means. The date beside them are 3-08-21 so I don’t know. ITS won’t offer any information.

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    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/12
    WMR updated 2/16
    Transcripts update 2/19
    DDD 2/24
    On Path
    Used TaxAct

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    weeee marty beeeee

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    Heyyyyyy we were talking about you earlier glad to see you sir! How are you doing

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    Hello everyone

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    Same here.

    Checked just now, view Transcripts option is back but still getting N/As.

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    No movement. File 2/9 accepted 2/11

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    I saw this last year, it lasted for a few hours for me before getting in at 9am MST. I’m sure it’s a combo of acct being processed and site traffic. Other people could get in, while a few had this msg. Hope some night owls are having better luck!

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    Congrats Laura!!

    I just checked IRS account and got:

    “Your Account is Unavailable at This Time
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we’re unable to retrieve your account information due to a service error. You can still make a payment using the buttons on this page.”

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    Just checked my transcript and I have a 846 code for 2/24

    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 2/11

    I had just checked my transcript on 2/17 and at that time there was no activity so must have been between then and now.

    Good luck everyone!

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    Filed 2/8
    Accepted 2/12
    Wmr 1 bar
    Transcripts updated to DDD of 2/22
    I just checked transcript today so no idea when it updated.

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    I was accepted 2/10 have Path credits, I am a weekly, always have transcript updates on Friday mornings and usually only see deposits from the IRS on Wednesdays. I am saying usually because I see weekly’s this go round the update on different days. I never have and have never had a deposit on any other day than Wednesday. Guessing 2/24 for me. Will see tomorrow hopefully.

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    @Tex and @Me2 you are both probably weekly’s (you update on a weekly cycle in the IRS system) like I am. You should see an update on Friday mornings super early like basically the middle of the night.

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    Just checked my transcript and I dhoe a DDD date of 2/23/21. I’m a pather and I didn’t get either stimulus but I did get the credit in my return.

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    ugh…wish I get mine refund soon…sucks

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    Hey everyone, since some people are stating that there may be a delay for those of us who used the Lookback Option (used 2019 agi to determine credits), can people who get deposits or DDD please mention whether they used this option? Thanks and thanks to people providing updates!

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    Copied form my other post

    Hey guys. I just wanted to update since a lot of ppl don’t. My deposit is pending in my navy fed account for 2/22. I have 152 tax topic claimed EIC.

    Filed 1/24 via tax act (FYI every year they always and I mean ALWAYS file before the IRS is taking returns)
    Got accepted 2/11
    Couldn’t get transcripts online it wouldn’t recognize me.

    Also only one bar on WMR

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    Deposit hit @ 6:32pm on Chime card
    Filed 02/03 accepted 02/13
    Transcript says refund issued 02/22
    Wmr still on one bar

    Good luck 🍀 everyone

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    Tasha L


    Thank you!

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    If u got it direct deposit check ur accounts my transcripts said 2/22/21 for deposit but when I checked my account it was already posted. Just FYI for anyone interested.

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    I’m a pather. Checked my transcript today. I also have a 846 code for 2/22. U.S.Bank.

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    Ok so I just checked and transcripts say 2/22. I do not have PATH message but I do have one child. I’m not sure if transcripts are exact. This is my first year being able to view them. Does anyone know the accuracy? Like is it “day of” or just released to my bank that day, or what?

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    I’m the exact same way. Nothing shows but my stimulus payment but it says no tax return has been filed

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    Can anyone explain to me why I may not have any transcripts updated yet? Filed 1/30 and accepted 2/11. But nothing shows up on transcripts except stimulus.

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    Non Path. FIled 1829, accepted 2/11. Transcripts updated today with DDD 2/22. My sister (also non Path) was accepted a day before me. Her transcripts were updated today with DDD 2/18. We both filed with FreeTaxUSA.

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    Just recieved my fed taxes on my serve card!! I was a pather and recieved a refund advance. I went through jackson hewitt.

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    20210605 is my cycle code

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    Some Chimers just posted that they received. Dk if it was for 2/22 DDD though

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    @Nebula yup, some posted that they did right after your post

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    Tasha L

    Do u no what your cycle code is on your “acct transcript “?

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    Flied 1/26
    Resubmitted on 2/6

    Accepted 2/11

    Wmr showed file 2/12

    No transcript update . I normally update Friday/Saturday

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    I apologize I forgot to say the time 530 in Ohio

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    Filed 1/28 Accepted 2/11
    DDD of 2/22
    Refund just posted on Netspend

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    No Path (but got all credits)
    Accepted 2/11
    Transcripts updated today
    Money pending in my bank account (Navy Federal CU)
    Deposit date 2/22

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    Previous post was for you, sorry @rhood711.

    People with Netspend and Varo are receiving their actual refunds today?

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    People are receiving their actual refunds with Varo and Netspend??

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    People aren’t posting it here, but as an update, Varo and NetSpend with 2/22 DDD are receiving now

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    Meant to say I received my taxes last year on 2/22 with a filing date of about the same and hoping for the same this year.

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    I filed with TT on February 2nd and fed was accepted on the 12th. I did have EITC and ACTC. My WMR showed PATH before the 15th as well. The part that showed I was PATH is now gone. It now just shows the one bar and, the “is being processed” with the 152 tax topic at the bottom.

    Hoping for the same this year. Would be nice to hear from people with similar situation who are able to check their transcripts.

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    Filed 1/24 accepted 2/12 early morning… transcripts available this morning with 2/22 ddd… payment is pending in my account with post date of 2/22 truliant federal credit union

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    Since February 22nd falls on a Monday do you think people will be getting deposits the Saturday before?

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    Mindy Marrero

    Oh ok :/ The anticipation is killing me lol

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    So ur saying if I got if I got accepted on the 14th I can see my direct deposit on the 22nd because it’s not giving me a DDD date

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    @Mindy I checked early in morning like 7am Cali time but now it won’t load.

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    It is down. The FB IGMR group literally broke it

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    Ok guys I went back on SBTG just being curious as every year lol and came across this…makes sense look like lots of 2/22 DD are definitely happening maybe even myself☺️

    Never depended on tax money but 2020 has been a bust! 2020 was the worst year I’ve ever had in my career smh so any funds would be great! Especially on a Monday even better lol

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    Thank you so very much! I’m on laptop trying to access but I think site is down…going to try again an hour or so☺️

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    Mindy Marrero

    Im verified and made my account 2 to 3 years ago. I can get all the way to my transcripts but once I click on them I get a blank screen. It takes awhile to load also. Mayb the system is over loaded? @Mercedes, what time did u check ur transcripts?

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    You won’t get resequenced. But you have to first go to and create an account. They give you that option if you Google “get irs transcripts online.” Some people can’t look at their online transcripts because you have to verify your ID by providing certain account numbers of things they don’t have e.g. credit card or auto loan etc.

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    I was able to check my transcripts and it updated to the 846 code with date 2/22/2021. I file EIC and CTC so I’m always on the PATH but my WMR status still says one bar and being processed.

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    Mindy Marrero

    My transcripts say “you do not have permission” when i try to click my 2020. I can log in though. Im a pather, filed 1/30 accepted 2/11. Also filed schedule c and used the look back credit. Wmr has 1 bar and TT 152.

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    I want to check my transcripts so bad but afraid I’ll get resequenced or something lol could you please tell me how do I go about checking those anyway? Thank you in advance☺️
    Filed 2/8
    Accepted 2/12(probably part of test batch)
    TT fees taken out
    Oh and a PATHER but no PATH message just Topic 152

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