Only EIC and ACTC filers updates here plz!!!

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    Hi I only been seeing ddd for people with no credits. We need a forum for updates and need only information about DDD for the child credits. Thanks

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    DDD on 2/23 but Wells Fargo Bank don’t have a record of this deposit.



    I just received my deposit at 10:43 on my netspend card!!!!!!!!


    Laura barnes

    Great news every one I just got my refund as well as my husband just got his…literally mins ago…we had a ddd of 2/23 and we have it sent to our rush car!! Good luck to everyone and I’ll see you all next year!!!

    Ps..if you have a prepaid card check now!!! =)=)



    I was wondering when the wmr update to refund sent, will it show me how much is being sent to my card, because my husband owes money and I already checked the offset hotline so I know the amount that I’m seeing is not the amount we are going to receive. The funds are suppose to be on the carx on 2/23




    i did chose Direct deposit, im just wondering what is taking so long with them just taking out what is owed and releasing the rest







    It doesn’t take any additional time. They will take out what is owed and deposit the rest into your account if u chose direct deposit. Once your refund is approved, WMR will update stating the balance that you will receive on your initial DDD



    i called today to speak to someone about my return, I filed 1/24 and was accepted same day with Child credits, i waiting 1 hour and 15 min before i got through.

    come to find out my social has been run and everything is fine, but they ran my wives and she owes money from last year. we where separated last year, since have gotten back together and filed jointly again this year. for whatever reason they wont release our funds until they take out what is owed.

    any idea how long that could take? i was so hopeful on a DD this week, god knows i need it. any info can help a bunch



    I have ddd of 2/23. I called h and r block Saturday and they said I had a ddd of 2/19. I called 2/19 and they received my funds and already took out the refund transfer fees. They still haven’t released it because the bofi bank they use weren’t open today.



    So deposits only coming right now for people with prepaid cards? :(


    Food for thought


    Did you have fees taken?



    Netspend deposit just landed @ 9:50PM

    All you prepaid debit card users with DD dates of 2/23 should be getting deposits between now and tomorrow night hopefully.


    Just reporting

    I’m simply REPORTING what is blowing up on FB:

    Netspend peeps reporting deposit so!

    The federal reserve is now open and processing the ACH’s ( which is true because the person who reported it did post a link ).

    Here’s to all of us! Please come back and report when you see your money!



    Had ddd of 2/23/17
    $ just hit my card.




    Because ach transactions are dated the banks have no obligation to give you the funds until that date when they can collect there money from the irs first so if your ddd is the 22nd thats when the bank can secure the money on there side (some banks and finacial institutes do however release them earlier a good example is netspend) you have been able to see your pending deposit because the irs sent the 22nd dd ach info on the 17th because banks dont receieve them on the weekends and on some holidays Presidents day included



    Eic , path
    ddd 2/23
    id verified in 2015 for tax season 2014

    Just gonna throw this out there

    the irs usually sends deposit info 2 days in advance kinda like a pre dated paycheck being mailed early to insure funds are received on time so yes if you dont have an offset, and you dont have fees taken out netspenders and other banks that dont hold funds should have there money sometime tommorow 2/21



    @jennifer if your bank is showing a pending deposit it could be anytime untill the deposit is set to clear (your ddd) if they said the 22nd i would count on that day (it still could come earlier but it is at the discretion of your bank now)



    I have a question that i haven’t seen asked yet. I filed through TA, electing to have my fees deducted from my return. My state refund was processed through Republic Bank on 2/7 & my fees were deducted out of it; will my federal return still go through RB or dd into my checking account since I’ve already paid my fees?



    So if my deposit is pending already in my bank, will it post tmrw or am I waiting until Wed? I have First National and was told it’s been pending for almost 4 days! The bank told me it would be released on Wed but they also said just BC it was pending didn’t mean it had been received by them yet! Is this true? Is there hope for the a.m.? Just curious



    I have fees that are to be taken because I paid for my state with my federal. Biggest mistake ever made on my part. Now I have to wait for SBB to take the fees and transfer to my CU.



    @michele I filed 1/23 and accepted the same day. My DDD is 2/22.



    Is your DDD 2/22 or 2/23? I was asking because mine is the 23rd, but since you said that tomorrow it will be but 24hrs until your DDD. I have seen several people that have a DDD of 2/22/17 posting that they either got their deposits on Friday 2/17/17 or that it was pending with their bank on the 17th. I am hoping that if the people who have a DDD of 2/22/17 got their money on 2/17/17, that the group of us who have a DDD 2/23/17 will get their money tomorrow which is the first day the federal reserve will open since last week.



    I just want to jump ahead to some time next week, walk the long walk to the mail box, dust off the cobwebs and find my little ol check in there :) picking up extra shifts at the hospital left and right to make the time fly!!



    @Justin I too am waiting on Santa Barbra bank for fees and transfer of funds. It’s sad because of the holiday, and tomorrow is but 24 hours from the calculated DDD.



    OK, Thank you @Hm



    I usually receive it before the DDD
    Atleast 2 days before



    @HM So does Chase deposit on your DD always or will they deposit when received? I just started banking with them and am dying to know lol



    @Ellie I choose to always be humble, less stressful that way ;) Thank you for your kind words and I hope you get yours soon.



    it’s folks like you @mistyblue that I hope wake up to a surprise DD. Not expecting much but grateful for what that do get. I hope you get yours first!

    Well you and @willbeas cuz he has kept me laughing most of the long wait!

    I am reading up on short term time travel myself… Just in case lol



    This is the first year in quite a few that WMR has updated before I got my refund. I am hoping it comes in the morning, but not too excited for it because it has been disappointing tax season thus far, so it will probably be on 2/23. I am not getting a whole lot, but enough to help out especially while my husband is laid off. I hope for those that need it, you wake up pleasantly surprised and able to take care of any financial burdens you may be suffering from today.



    Filed 1/24 ACTC
    DDD 2/23

    I bank with chase!
    My Funds are always deposited 2-3 days before the WMR date
    Dumbs 👍🏼
    But this year who knows



    DDD of 2/23 still nothing.
    Really hoping for tomorrow. Every year I always get it earlier than the DDD. Always use TurboTax.



    I have been checking republic bank and they haven’t recieved mine either. I have a DDD of 2/23.



    I used turbo tax I got a DD of 2/22/17 and I keep checking the Santa Barbara web site and it is telling me they didn’t receive my return yet.any body els with that issue



    @ Michelle hopefully that is the case but from what I have from here and on the treasury dept website they are closed today so I think that the earliest would be tomorrow but like I said hopefully you are right



    I am not sure if it will be the same as last year, but I do remember that when it was close to my DDD date that I would check my bank account every morning to see if it was there and then one afternoon before my DDD my HusB called me because he had gone to the ATM at lunch to get some cash out for lunch and noticed the higher than normal balance on the withdrawal slip. I had checked around 10am and it wasn’t there, but when he went to lunch which was about 3pm it was there so I think they can release the funds anytime now or maybe only until 2pm or whatever the official cut off time is for deposits. My point is if you check it in the morning, yousy want to check it in the afternoon too if you are eager to get it, which most people including myself are. I hope people come back and post if/when they receive their deposits, but most people are on here trying to find out info as to when they might receive it, so they probably won’t come back on here after they get it just because they will be busy paying bills and all.


    D Sheidy

    My fiance and I both used Turbo Tax this year. He didn’t have any credits. He filed on Jan. 30th and was accepted that same day. He received the approved bar on WMR site on Saturday, Feb. 4th with a ddd for 2/8. It went into the bank on that very same day. I just checked the Santa Barbara Bank web and they received the funds on 2/7, the day before. I filed with EIC on 1/17, and received my approved bar on Saturday, the 18th with my ddd for 2/23. I don’t expect to receive it any time before based on how he received his. Hope this helps!



    Please stay on topic and move on from off-topic conversation and banter.



    I have a emerald card spoke to someone and I was told by the people who work there their won’t be any pending deposites the fund will be available as soon as they receive it I filed with H&R Block



    There are just as many, and even more lucrative tax credits for people who 50k and above. EIC is basically put in place to reduce the burden for families who, in all honesty, shouldn’t be paying taxes in the first place.

    The problem here is not how much or how little taxes you pay vs the amount you get back… The problem is prevailing wage is a joke. When someone works and the cost of living increases but your wages do not, it can kill your budget and eventually you get to a point where you drown.

    We had a similar discussion at an economics mixer here at work. If everyone, and I mean the wealthy and the poor, payed their share of taxes, the lines between the classes wouldn’t be so thick.

    There is a lot wrong with the system, yes. However, giving someone EIC is not going to break the system, nor will removing these credits fix it.



    Yeah if the funds were transferred through a middle man bank before being routed they def could have dropped in accounts today. The rollover times are weird.



    I mean, it’s not entirely impossible. It depends on a lot of things, prepaid accounts don’t take the day off for holidays. However, there is no way the deposit could have been initiated today.


    Your Good Friend

    Some on FB said they got their refunds minutes ago…



    You get your DDD from the IRS not the Treasury or Reserve, and it is a predetermined date depending on when you were approved. WMR updating is independent from anything else. The IRS gives you a DDD, then tells the Treasury to send and release that money on that day.



    Just be thankful you have a DDD and haven’t been frozen in a PATH/”Refund being processed” status for 18 days lol good luck everyone! On some other pages people got updates today. The IRS is open 7-7 if you feel you need to contact them regarding refund issues but their main goal was to pull 12 hours and get as many refunds processed as possible in hopes to hold up their statement of ETIC filers having their returns by 2/27. Ive checked my WMR too many times today and locked myself out so Ill have to wait til tomorrow to be disappointed all over again ;)


    Joe Malmstead

    I keep hearing that the reserve is closed today for Presidents’ Day, that being said you’d think the reserve would have been closed on Saturday when we all got the ddd of 2-23. I have my NetSpend card and my guess would be that it’s going to load on there sometime tomorrow afternoon. If not on Tuesday I won’t get my hopes up to have my return until thursday



    Has anyone’s money deposited or showing pending in their sccount?

    Mines is still saying approved and date of 2/23. Just wondering is anyone is getting theirs early.



    hello, so did anyone on this forum get an update with a date today or are they closed?



    @irene the reps at H&R Block stated that the fees will come out automatically and we should get it by our deposit day, by 5pm. Though, they do leave a window open, by always adding to call back if you haven’t gotten it by the 27th or 28th. Hopefully this will not be the case and we will get our deposits before or on our DDD.


    Irene Calderon

    Correction on last post my DDD is Feb 24 I did my taxes on line H&R Block they are taking there fee out of my return will I still get it on the 24th? Did anyone else have this process and how long did it take to get your money after they got there funds? Please help any answers would help.

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