Only EIC and ACTC filers updates here plz!!!

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    Hi I only been seeing ddd for people with no credits. We need a forum for updates and need only information about DDD for the child credits. Thanks

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    The Refund Struggle is REAL

    Filed 1/17
    accepted 1/18
    wheres my refund status changed 2/16 – with ddd 2/23.

    This has been a long agonizing & frustrating process. I just want my money already. Im just done with this waiting game. I wish everyone the best of luck with their refunds and may the irs hurry their a!# up . Have a good morning everyone.



    I filed and was accepted 1/25 with EIC. my DDD is 2/22. I paid fees up front and my refund is going to my bank. It showed as pending yesterday. So it’s just hanging out there until tomorrow. It’s nice to see it there, though.

    My state is still being held hostage until March 1st as my state decided not to release refunds with EIC until then.



    I got my deposit last night. I have a netspend. Had a DDD of 2/24. Received a text that the deposit was on my card around 8 p.m. last night.



    I HATE HATE HATE the people who feel the need to ‘educate’ others (cough-RELLY-cough) or put them down… that said, I feel the need to say the obvious.

    You can ask the question “will me DDD post early. please help!” over and over but, honestly, what are you asking for? NO ONE can answer that question. No ONE. Some people will get them early, some won’t. PERIOD. There is absolutely NO WAY to answer that question. Speaking as someone who stressed to the max until I got my DDD, you are just spinning yourself out.

    You NEED to EXPECT NOT TO GET THE $$ UNTIL THE DDD AT THE *EARLIEST* and if you get it early, that is an unexpected bonus.

    I am NOT trying to be a butthead but I see a few people asking this in an almost manic way and it is really puzzling to me what they want anyone on here to say when they end with “please help”.



    filed 2/5, accepted 2/6. on 2/10 got the PATH Act message and 2/18 it updated to a DDD of 2/23. Filed through Jackson Hewitt. Republic still has not been given my refund but I disagree with the whole “Bank holds 5-10 days” statement because I have always used Jackson Hewitt or H&R Block and have always gotten my return on the DDD with no waiting.


    Princess Of The World

    My estimated ddd is 2-23. This morning I show a deposit pending for that date in my account now. In past years it has deposited early, but i guess it may not be released early this year.




    As I previously stated, “there are no rules at the IRS”, which is why they don’t release a schedule anymore.

    I said not to expect your refund until those dates because it is the best course of action. With a system so large handling so many accounts with so many deposits, of course people will receive their refunds before WMR updates. This is not an air-tight system, this is America.

    I said don’t expect your refund until then because disappointment is the result of not getting what you expected. No expectations, no disappointment. I was offering general advice to everyone still waiting to help relieve as much suffering as possible.

    The bottom line is this:

    It’s not fair and there’s nothing you can do about it now. Calling the IRS and checking WMR a thousand times a day will do nothing. Check WMR once in the morning and also the account it’s to be deposited in. Then let go.

    The suffering of waiting for these refunds comes from our dependency on them. So use this time to practice patience and practice living without it and then let that be your goal. Find a way to improve life so that you don’t need this anymore, then this won’t be a problem anymore.

    Whether you need the refund for bills or to keep you from being evicted, know that it’s out of your hands. And then find peace in that, knowing that what happens is not your fault.

    Just do your best. Your money is coming. It’ll be here when it gets here, and not one moment sooner.



    DDD 02/23/17

    02/21/17 (today) – MY DDD IS PENDING ON MY ACCOUNT :-)

    WMR – 2 bars




    My nephew got his today and his DDD date is on the 24th so i know for sure that you can receive your money before the third bar, he used his netspend card.


    I am not saying that i am glad that you are waiting as well but i am glad that I am not alone. I get upset every morning when i check the status and nothing has changed.. OMG but oh well it is noting that we can do but wait. Make sure you let me know as soon as you get an update.



    @Matt Uhm, are you sure? I always get my money before they update WMR. I have gotten my money every time earlier than expected. I have always had no bars. I always file after I get my w2 and school form. We normally receive it in Jan with the exception of one year my school decided to release our forms late Feb and got it in March. This is the FIRST year I have had to wait and what about all the people that have a DDD to be sent by 2/22 that have their money on netspend?



    @trina23 yes, they are testing us with staying positive. I’m glad it’s not just us that has not received a date yet. For the most part, it seems there are just randomly completing our taxes. I pray that we get an update soon. The more I check the more frustrated I get. Glad everyone else has received their refund.



    I filed 1/28 and it was accepted the same day. I still don’t have the WMR update, still shows processing. I am claiming another child this year so I believe that’s probably whats taking so long….I’m sure I’m under “review” :(



    Oh, sorry about that my computer like froze. I was going to say that I am still waiting on deposit but someone told us to not get off topic. Are we not allowed to update here anymore? I didn’t know it was a DDD “only” forum.




    If your progress is at the second bar and WMR says:
    “Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February XX, 2017”
    —That is NOT a DDD.

    A DDD (Direct Deposit Date) is the date the money will be released to your bank. You will see the third bar on WMR with a message that says:
    “Your refund was sent to your bank on February XX, 2017 for direct deposit.”

    This message will come up after the money has been actually sent by the IRS. Any delay after is solely on the bank.

    The date you receive on Bar 2 (Approved) is an estimation, and 9/10 times they wait until that day to send it.

    It’s entirely possible to have a Bar 3 status (sent) with a date in the future that reads:

    “Your refund will be sent to your bank on February XX, 2017 for direct deposit.”

    Expect your money on that day. If you are at Bar 2 then don’t expect your money to be sent or the status to change until that date. It sucks but there are no rules at the IRS and the best way to combat this is to adjust your W-4 next year so that they don’t get an interest free loan on the money you paid.



    @erin you sound like me. i have given up as well, I have not received a date either and i filed on 1/23 and was accepted on 1/23 but i still have no date. I am trying to stay positive but it is very hard.



    I still dont have my date yet but my nephew got his refund last night on his netspend card.




    I don’t show anything yet either and used efile with eps taking fees, with the same date as you. They were right on time last year so I expect the same this year as well. But we shall see!



    All I would highly suggest looking into to Prepaid cards for next year. I can say it is safe to say we all will have this issue again. If banks are holding OUR funds then we need not keep sending Tax refunds their way. People have bills, I have a friend on the verge of eviction in 3 days.. filed on Jan 25, got her dd of 2/23 and still no funds this morning. I truly feel bad as she received court papers on a Sunday. I hope her money shows up, I feel like ppl will have already spent their whole tax on trying to catch up on bills by the time they get their funds. Net spend is 1, but I would suggest looking into cards where you see folks had dd 2/22 but got there money on cards 1/17, now that’s great business!



    So I filed on 1/31 not completely sure when I was accepted. I was given a DDD of 2/22, I checked SBBT this morning and it says my fees have been deducted and my refund has been sent to my bank. I bank with PNC and as of right now there are no pending deposits. The bank doesn’t open until 8 am so hopefully by noon today if not tomorrow I’ll have my deposit.



    Basically what @Mat said. My bank is not showing any pending deposits so yeah tomorrow I feel like we will wake up and it will say sent on WMR and then whenever it hits our banks will be a relief. I honestly think I want to go to a prepaid card for next year…



    DDD 2/22. Fees taken out by republic bank. Republic said they received my refund and sent it to my bank.



    No, I don’t believe anyone has gotten their money yet (according to fb). We have to wait until the bank opens and sometime today the money should be there unless the IRS physically will not be releasing the next group of people until today, then you all should get it by 2/27. I talked to our bank and banks usually for some reason take 5-10 business days. So literally tomorrow will start the fifth day. Although it may not be true for everyone but this is just what I found for us that are still waiting.




    I still don’t have a ddd. I filed on the 30th of jan. I’ve seen people after me get their update. Idk what the irs is doing but I’m giving up on checking.



    Does anyone still have no DDD date. I filed and was accepted on the 7th. I had my status bar for a few days then it was gone with just a status that mine refund was still being processed and no longer shows a refund amount. Several people that was accepted on the same day or after mine has already received their DDD.



    Has anyone with US bank with a DD of 2/23 gotten their money this morning?



    @carrie who did you use to file? And did it have to go they Santa Barbara bank? When did your funds hit ? Ty



    Filed with TT 1/23
    accepted 1/23
    cycle code 20170404 and still just the processing message on WMR

    Filed my BFs with H&R 2/3
    accepted 2/3
    approved 2/18
    DDD 2/23



    I got my $.
    DD 2/23
    Prepaid card



    Approved 2/16*

    Also I used freetaxusa to file.

    Mines always been DD into my bank around 2-3am when it does happen.



    Filed 1/12
    Approved 1/18
    Accepted 1/22
    Approved 1/16
    As of 2/21: Second bar approved with scheduled to deposit by 2/22. I don’t think a “scheduled by” date is the same as a DDD. They could just as easily schedule it tomorrow on 2/22 for a payment to be deposited on 2/27. We’ll see.



    Has anyone with a ddd of 2/23 and used tt with feed being deducted even seen any updates on sbptg? Getting worried that it isn’t even showing up there yet



    I use so tirbox tax to file with them taking fees out of our refund filed 1/26 and accepted 1/26 wmr says accepted approved with ddd of 2/23 we used our adp alone card for direct deposit anyone with similar situation that has gotten their money yet???? Ugh I hate this I mean in approved what’s the hold up:-( thank you for your help anyone ……



    I have a DDD of 2/23 I went to a tax place and they get it sent them and then cut me a check anyone else in the same boat or have any ideas on when I will receive it?



    Next year I will know better than to file with fees. The wait is killing me! Lol



    I have a ddd of 2/22..
    Filed online w liberty.
    Using a prepaid card
    No funds available as of yet :(



    Nothing yet!! TT 02/23 ddd
    Last yr unless tt switch serious af right now, in not gonna let this die. They do not practice business for taxpayer, they are only worried about their bottom line. After alot of research, I’m hearing they only send to your bank once they receive the funds, they dont prenote to your bank as the irs does for them.

    And @tina this thread states EIC and ACTC filers update, so they are updating there status. Have a good morning!!



    You guys please stop going off topic! I follow this thread because I have yet to receive my DDD. I’m happy for those who received your DDD, but damn you WILL get your deposit! Be patient or start a thread regarding it!!! Please stop posting about when or what time should you expect your refund!




    My refund was deposited to my netspend card a few hours ago but WMR is still on 2 bars. Thats usually what happens every year.



    Filed 1/23
    Ddd 2/23
    Received my refund on my Amex serve card at midnight. Got my New York State refund last week. Good luck to everyone! See you all next year



    I meant fees.. Not funds.. My bad



    Hello was wondering if anyone filed through WMR says DDD 2/23 and when I check the bank they use to take funds out(EPS financial) it has no record of deposit being received yet.. Kinda getting worried that something is up with my refund.


    Laura barnes

    Just checked wmr and we still only have 2 bars…that is for both my husband and I…we also live on the east coast and had no fees taken out due to using the free filing through the irs website…we filed using h&r block and had the refunds directly deposited to both of our rush cards..I got an email stating “u received $30 for the refer a friend promo”..when hubby checked my account seeing why I had gotten that email he than realized that my refund was deposited…we checked his rush card right after and he too received his refund…we found out about the deposit around 11:15-11:30pm. Hubby and i were just talking about the fact that if he had never seen the email about referring a friend money deposited to my card (i think it only works when you make your first deposit not sure though since the only reason we got these cards were for our taxes since they don’t hold the money just gets directly put in as soon as they receive the info from the irs)..we prob wouldn’t have checked any more tonight and we would of found out tomorrow when we would of checked again…so glad we did lol we were able to run the the store earlier to get a few things we needed for coffee in the morn…good luck all i hope everyone gets an early deposit over night…sorry it’s so long good night everyone it’s 3 am and 730 comes mighty quick lol



    Fees taken out (of refund) = did not pay fees up front.

    Hope that helped!



    for those saying they had fees taken out, did you pay up front?



    For the people that have gotten your refunds back, does it say sent on wmr? I did my taxes through a tax place, the money gets deposited to their account then I get a paper check.



    I have EIC and CTC with DDD of 2/23. I filed 2/3 and accepted minutes later. I was approved 2/19…Today 2/20 at 10:36pm CT I received my refund on my NetSpend card. Filed with taxact and had fees taken out too btw. Goodluck to everyone!



    DDD – 2/23
    Direct deposit to my personal bank account with fees taken out of return – fees came out of my state return
    My state return just hit my account at midnight (east coast)
    No sign of my federal return yet.

    Keep updating guys!
    Good luck!






    It seems many of the fast cards (ex: netspend) are getting their refunds about now. I think it will take a little longer for those who go through banks (chase, wells fargo, emerald card (BofI)). I have also been reading that the time you get your refund sent may actually have to do with your location. I believe the West coast gets it hours ahead of the East coast, but I am not 100% sure on that. Hopefully it will be there in the morning for those who haven’t gotten it yet. I filed 1/20 and have a ddd of 2/23, banking with emerald. Still no refund for me. Good luck all. I will definitely update when I get mine.

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