Only EIC and ACTC filers updates here plz!!!

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    Hi I only been seeing ddd for people with no credits. We need a forum for updates and need only information about DDD for the child credits. Thanks

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    DDD 2/23 – received
    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/25
    Cycle code 20170505

    See you next year!



    @ crystal

    I am still waiting as well. No updates filed and accepted 1/29. You are not alone!


    crystal wiley

    i filed 1/5/2017 accepted on the 1/12/2017 and still waiting! what is going on with this?
    i filed through turbo tax. the irs says that they have it and is still being processed! any one else have this issue?



    DDD 2/23 Walmart Moneycard – received refund sometime early this morning! Good Luck everyone and THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE UPDATES AND SUPPORT!!!



    So i chexked tpg and it says i should have the deposit but i dont my ddd was 2/23… Anybody else have this problem??? I just want my money 😳



    I got my refund! Finally. What a long wait, see you next year and thanks for the support :-) EIC/ACTC
    Filed 1/12, Accepted 1/17 test batch, PATH message forever! Received and processing 2/16:. Refund approved 2/18 with DDD 2/23.
    H&R Block online
    Paid fees up front
    Offset line said they have a current dept that could offset my refund but never did.
    Wells Fargo dd



    Filed/accepted 02/10.
    Claimed EITC/AITC.
    Received Take Action notice “Refund delayed” Reference #1541 on 02/16.
    Has anyone else received this and/or received any update?




    Ddd 2/23- received sometime overnight.

    Good luck all and see ya next year!



    Filed 02/04
    Approved same day
    Changed to processing 02/12
    Have child credit but never not PATH message
    02/18 for DDD of 02/23
    Had refund sent to my checking account
    Refund deposited around 5am 02/23
    WMR never updated past 2nd bar (checked this morning)

    @RileyM- are you saying you filed on 02/08 and it stuck on received (only 1 bar on WMR) ? Or are you waiting on a DDD?
    If you haven’t gotten a DDD date, you may want to call the IRS, because either they didn’t update WMR or there is a problem where they can’t approve it. All the people who had a 02/23 DDD didn’t get that update on WMR until 02/18, so maybe they will be updating everyone with a DDD tomorrow or Saturday, and if that is the case you will get your refund next week (prob Thursday), as long as there are no problems. I would just call the IRS, because at least you’ll know. Good Luck everyone! Hope all the 02/23ers get their sometime today!



    Filed 1/29 accepted 1/30
    DDD 2/23
    Funds posted at 4am this morning.
    See ya’ll next year



    DDD was 2/23. Woke up this morning with refund in my account. Good luck everyone. See y’all next year!



    Filed 2/08
    recieved 2/08 i thought that was weird
    2/23 still have not changed to approved isnt that werid most people iv seen around my time have allready been approved



    Here is my path for the path act year:

    Filed 1/22/17 w/Taxact w/fees taken out
    Accepted 1/23/17
    Bars disappeared w/processing message & 152 topic 2/11/17
    Ordered account transcript 2/11/17(blank)
    Called 2/16/17 found out my return was pulled for verification but put back in que on 2/14/17
    Ordered return transcript 2/17/17
    2/22 Republic Bank recieved and sent out refund to my bank
    2/22 Wells Fargo couldn’t see deposit @3:30pm PST

    Called IRS 2/17 given a DDD 2/23

    Checked at 230am PST just cuz I woke up and the money was in my account.

    See you guys next year.



    My money was in my account this morning! DDD 2/23
    See y’all next year!!



    Okay Just wondering if anyone else with the ddd of 02/23/17 using account now prepaid card has received there refund yet.

    Filed: 2/6/17
    Accepted: 2/6/17
    Path Message: 2/10/17
    Approved: 2/18/17
    Sbtpg Sends refund: 2/22/17



    Got my refund ddd 2/23! Path Act Participant with fees!What a rollercoaster!! Geez! Oh! My knees are rusty from prayer! For those that are waiting my prayers are with you!! See Everybody next year!



    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I had a ddd of 2/23 and checked my checking account balance right after midnight and it was in there!!! Whew!



    I have a skylight prepaid card. I had fees taken out through TurboTax.
    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/3
    Processing message until 2/18
    DDD for 2/23
    Saw a pending deposit late last night
    Refund received at 2am!!!!! Wohoo, time to catch up on bills and go be broke again
    ****No update on WMR though, I’m sure everyone will have their money in the morning. Good luck!



    Just got an alert from PNC that my deposit hit my account!!!! Finally! Good luck guys, hopefully next year won’t be such a cluster.



    Used TurboTax.. have both credits
    TurboTax accepted Jan 17th 2017
    IRS accepted Jan 23rd 2017
    DDD on WMR Feb 22nd 2017
    WMR did not update to sent.
    No pending transactions on my account
    *Feb 23 2017 @ 1:15 am.. WMR says sent on Feb 22nd. At least I know it’s on the way.. really hope it’s in my account before Saturday.

    Long day.. called IRS. They said it’s listed as sending today. Called the bank.. nothing pending… account and routing numbers confirmed correct… uggh.. crossing my fingers for tomorrow



    Filed with H&R Block
    I got my dd to my emerald card at 8:30pm on 2/22!!!
    My ddd was 2/23 so it came a little bit early:) I’m one happy girl right now and so happy I can stop checking my account!
    Good luck for everyone who has to wait, I hope you don’t have to wait much longer.



    Just checked, got my refund. PNC bank, no fees, Turbo Tax. Good luck everyone!



    You guys have low IQs. Prepaid cards from Netspend and Greendot release ALL DIRECT DEPOSIT funds (PAYCHECKS, REFUNDS, LOANS) 16 hours in advanced compared to regular banks. If you have a Direct Deposit date please wait till the 23rd for your turn. I should be a CSR for the IRS. I would get a lot of people to stop calling.



    @ Rachel
    Thank you



    I hope calling them tomorrow gives you a light out of the endless tunnel.
    Keep our prayers with you.



    Lol. I dont think so i do all the paperwork i know he’s info when i called the offset hotline it said their are two payment one for 1800 and another for 600 both for child support . But the weird part is that our state refund was take 1st on February 6th they took 1800 so we just thought he would have 600 left to pay but then another 1800 was taken out of our federal refund .




    I was married until he dumped me sleeping with another woman leaving me with the costs of raising a child with no support.. In Oklahoma men are wild.



    Lol. I dont think so i do all the paperwork i know he’s info when i called the offset hotline it said their are two payment one for 1800 and another for 600 both for child support . But the weird part is that our state refund was take 1st on February 6th so we just thought he would have 600 left to pay but then another 1800 was taken out of our federal refund .



    @rachel are you married? If so you need to file injured spouse



    DDD 02/23 Just got my refund on Emeral Card! 🤑



    Waiting on hrb.
    No deposit yet.
    2/23 on emerald card
    Fees taken out.
    IM hating hrb right now




    I was married to a man that had children with three different women from different states, funny thing is that I was pregnant by 6 months when he confessed it. Back to topic;
    How can I get my refund? Should I keep calling?



    Not to be mean but may he have other baby mamas?



    @Michael – Your student loans, right? Happened to me 5 or 6 years ago. They took every penny. Just so you know, you can get a consolidation loan for all of your loans through the Dept of Ed. and it will take care of the default, so you don’t have to worry about it next year.



    So we got refund and my husband owed child support 2500 but they took 4500. 😣
    Im a little confused….



    My ddd was for tomm 2/23 so ya technically did get it early. Around 2-3ish Pacific time.
    Went through hr block with fees taken out loaded to a Green Dot card.If you haven’t gotten anything yet and your date is 2/23.. don’t take my word for it by any means but I’d be so sure you’ll have it tomm..If that is your date. Good luck man.. I’ll say a private positive word for you.



    I talked to them today and they said my refund could be delayed for up to 10 weeks. I was able to order my return but it is pending their verification for discrepancies.



    My girlfriend and I both filed with the same credits. Both DDD 2/23.

    She chose to have hers deposited to Wal-Mart money card and just got an alert of a pending transaction in the amount of her refund.

    I chose direct deposit to my bank account (capital one) and it shows no pending deposits.

    Going to bed now. Hoping to wake up to my money!


    Sarah Leeman

    Received my refund today on Netspend along with an auditing letter in the mail




    Filed and accepted 2/3 with TT

    PATH until 2/15

    Generic “being processed” message since.

    Zero update from state (MA) until today when I realized my state refund dropped from 768 to 300 for $ due from way back in 2012.


    Does this mean maybe my federal will start being processed? Is it true that you cant file/process state before federal?

    So done. :(


    Randall Gardner

    Filed TurboTax on 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Path act msg until 2/15
    Processing msg 2/15
    Recieve auditing letter in the mail 2/21
    Recieve certified letter asking to go to the tax office 2/22

    After checking my taxes I only messed up by $2 putting in my w2



    All my money was taken for owed loans…



    Mine is bouncing back n forth from not telling me I owe from my loans to telling me…..It’s going to be OK everyone I’m nervous to its not the 23rd so let’s wait till at least 1am when I wake up if it’s not there then we can panic. Some more. But I don’t think that’s goona happen.



    EITC and fees taken out. Jackson hewitt. Serve Amex card. DDD 23rd. deposited somewhere between 8pm and 9pm central on 22nd. still 2 bars on WMR.



    Hey, got mine at about 6:30 didn’t even know until about 25 minutes ago. So technically 5.5hrs before midnight… I’m never paying the fees out my refund again!!!!



    Your Welcome. I didn’t get the dd today i was hoping. Did you get your return early? Here’s to hoping it comes in tomorrow morning.




    My minimal payment is gonna on my emerald card.
    My wife’s is still on there.
    My balance is 0
    But hers is not.
    We filed joint.
    What do u think will happen?



    Ok so EVERYONE that has a ddd for 2/23 and are getting there refund loaded in your emerald card. If u got the loan on Xmas and the 1250,. And you had a minimum payment due and now you don’t but still no balance that’s a great thing!!! Guess what comes next? Check your card between 12 and 105 am you willing have the rest of your federal taxes on there. Been coming to hr for 12 years. And all I can say is..It’s been the same process for me all 12 years. It’s on the way baby. Pay off that Xmas debt! Bless you all peace!



    Netspend DDD 2/23/17 just dropped about a hr. ago. Good luck everyone. See u next year!!!

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