Only EIC and ACTC filers updates here plz!!!

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    Hi I only been seeing ddd for people with no credits. We need a forum for updates and need only information about DDD for the child credits. Thanks

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    People who claim they claimed the ACTC &/or the EITC credit are not going to have funds released to their bank until the 02/15. The DDD’s you are seeing on your transcript & on WMR (which i’m sure it true), IF BEFORE 02/15, is the date your funds are ready to be sent to the bank, BUT WILL NOT BE RELEASED/SENT UNTIL FEBRUARY 15th due to the new PATH law. So either you are confused as to what credit you claimed, or your DDD is the date your funds will be ready & placed in the batch that is to be released on 02/15. I can assure you, they are NOT breaking any laws to pay anyone quicker. Your funds will be release 02/15 or after.



    Ive seen people confuse the child tax credit with the ACTC numerous times. The IRS isnt going to violate federal law to give you money any faster lol



    It is HIGHLY unlikely the IRS is going to violate FEDERAL LAW… So far, and I am including other places as well… 0, yes ZERO, of the people claiming they have gotten their refund with PATH Act effected credits has provide the same amount of proof… ZERO.

    2 explanations… They really didn’t have those credits and think they did… or there story is as fake as the $3 bills they are pulling from their accounts…



    @Michael thank you! There’s another word in the word ignorant… is ignore. Please ignore the babies on this site.




    Most people are NOT like this… Just do yourself a favor, EDUCATE them as much as you can about these types of things… it will keep them informed, they’ll feel invested in the process, they’ll love you for taking the time to explain it to them… and the flipside is, they won’t be a pain in your ass later.



    For people who even claim a DDD of the 8th unless its updated that youve gotten your money i would say its some sort of glitch in the system since it seems to only be H&R customers.



    And then the second someone posts that “a friend of a friend of a friend has a DDD” all hell breaks loose. Ive seen ZERO change in anything and ive been watching it closely especially because im prepping for the SEE to become an enrolled agent. But damn if clients are all like this i think i should rethink it lol. Alot of nice folks asking questions here but you have a few that get mad when you tell the truth



    You guys, seriously. Whoever honestly thinks a branch of the federal government is going to break a federal law to deposit your tax return early in your bank is in SERIOUS need of a wake up call.
    Why are you all hating on Michael for actual advice??? He isn’t promising unicorns, he is sharing information that he knows to be true.
    If you disagree with him then that is fine. But don’t be snide or rude. It is taking up alot of space on this thread where we could be getting information.
    Maybe, just maybe if you have netspend or something you will get your refund the 13th. Maybe the 15th. Maybe April 15th…..



    I called hrblock and got a refund date of 2/13 for me. Filed the same way for a cpl years. Figured I’d let u guys know on this thread cuz I keep seeing Path this and path that. Yes there is a law and idk the reason but I’m getting mine earlier than the 15th.

    *Filed 1/19
    *Accepted 1/23
    *Was able to order both account and return transcripts on 1/27
    *woke up to the path act message on 1/28
    Haven’t had anything change since.
    Filed with HR Block in office with emerald card. Fees taken out of refund.
    Have EITC and CTCx2



    filed and accepted 1/31 with taxact
    did have Child tax credit. no eitc. did have education credit
    no transcipts available
    still one bar.. no path message

    i’m getting frustrated.
    i know refund will be later
    i just want to have it processed and know it’s not in a black hole



    I have the path message. I was told that just because you can order your returns doesnt mean it was approved or processed. Just what I was told. I was also told if your amount is gone on wmr that means your under review. Not speculating but was told by an IRS rep.



    I know someone with a DDD of today Feb 8 who filed with ACTC. I will let you know if they get it.




    My understanding is that you are other fb forums I have seen different processing dates
    2/13 2/20 and even 2/27
    Im 0405 2/13, filed and accepted 24th, ordered both trans on the 28th with the Path message, no error codes
    I believe I am in the first batch of deposits
    And yes, the irs said they will BEGIN RELEASING FUNDS ON THE 15TH



    I havent seen one person with EIC or ACTC with a direct deposit date. Not a single one even on other sites….



    If you can order your transcript that means the IRS has processed your return. People had DDD of yesterday 02/06, which in past they’ve never deposited on a Monday.

    People that are getting EIC and ACTC have gotten DDD of tomorrow 02/08 and are waiting to see if they will actually get it tomorrow.

    Just because the law says 02/15 does not mean they will deposit EIC and ACTC filers on that date.

    The IRS just said the 27th because they didn’t want people calling and because of the bank holiday on 02/20. If you paid for your filing out of your refund or got a loan out of your refund then it will take longer to get, because they send to your tax preparer’s bank and then take money owed and then send your refund to your bank.



    Do we need to order transcripts?
    What are they for and is it necessary?



    @Anthony…all say the received day of April 15th…that is tax day, except this year is April 17th.



    You dont go by the received date..It says that on all of them. Including mine from last year just 2016 instead of 2017.



    My return transcript says RECEIVED DATE. APR.15,2017



    I have my account transcript in front of me it has a cycle 20170404 date 2/13/17



    @513lette Its best you keep your incorrect opinion to yourself. Misinformation is not helpful at all.



    you will update with the PATH message over the weekend i bet



    I filed 1/28 and was accepted same day using credit karma tax. Filed for hoh with eic and actc. Wmr still one bar with topic 152. Cant order transcripts yet. Did not receive anything in the mail either. Dont know if ots a bad sign…



    I got my transcripts today in on the account one the processing day is 2/13/17




    You’re so sure. I wish I was that sure.

    If only the IRS had said, “filers with later processing dates will wait until the week of the 27th, but everyone else will see their deposit on the 15th,” I might be.



    depending on the processing date on your transcript. If it has a processing date of 2-13-17 youll get your money later next week like me. If you have a processing date of 2-20-17 it will be later that week.



    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/20
    EIC & CTC
    JUST checked WMR today 2/7 and see PATH Act message.
    Just impatiently waiting cause I know it will be end of February at least.



    What i found out is they expect everyone held up by PATH to have money by the week of the 27th which makes sense for those with later processing dates. Ill have mine on the 15th.



    Well that was the info that I got the 2 different times I called the IRS to ask about my return and bankruptcy. They said no funds will be released on the the 15th, and that for a safe measure estimate 14 to 21 days starting from the 15th. Even turbo tax says that deposits won’t start hitting till the 27th. “The IRS estimates that people who claimed these credits will start receiving their federal refunds the week of February 27. This is true for all taxpayers who claimed these credits, regardless of their tax prep method. ” directly from an email I got from turbo tax yesterday.



    I filed on January 30th and only have one bar. My state refund is still processing and I can only order my account transcript. I have three dependents. I hope we all get an update soon, even hough we aren’t really going to see anything until the 15th. I plan on buying me a car, Paying off court debt, Financial aid debt and shop for spring and put the rest aside for a road trip. What are yawls plans for your return?


    Gene Taxpayer

    Filed 1/6/17 IRS accepted 1/13/17. My return was subject to the new PATH act to which i received a disclaimer on the 23rd stating of the PATH message on WMR. I was able to order both account and return transcripts on the 26th of January. No progress since then and i do not anticipate an update until the allocated date of the 15th.



    In the same boat as most, but noticed that my amount on the left side is no longer there. Not sure if anyone is seeing the same thing.



    Filed 01/22
    Accepted 01/23
    WMR 1 Bar 01/24
    WMR Path act 01/28
    Acct and return transcript 01/28
    Processing date 02/13/2017
    Cycle code 20170405
    WMR Path act still 02/07

    Most the people on here filed different days and have processing dates of 02/13 and 02/20, so the processing date definitely isn’t 21 days from acceptance. I’m hoping and assuming most of us are getting paid next week or right after Presidents Day at worse. Definitely the longest wait I’ve ever had for taxes but doesn’t seem like it’s going to be as long a wait as I thought so can’t complain.



    I filed with taxact on 1/31/17 accepted in 5 minutes with child tax credit. no eic. did have education credit

    No change still one bar and can’t order either transcript.

    I realize that I won’t get a refund until week of 27th but it’s odd to not have my WMR update by now.

    I must be a weekly but still I should be able to get account script by now.



    @Bri yes me too but I was able to order account transcript about a week ago



    No one will get a refund if you have those credits on the 15th… Deposits are not expected to hit until the week after. The way it was explained to me, is that the 15th is being looked at as tax day opening for those claiming EIC or ACTC, so the funds will not be made available until AT LEAST 14-21 Days after February 15th.

    Everyone just needs to calm down. and breathe. I was able to order both transcripts about a week after filing and being accepted, I just got the PATH act message today. Processing date of Feb 20th, cycle code of 20170204



    Is anyone getting the message we have recived your return it is being processed a refund date will be provided when available?

    Refund amount still showing on the side
    Can’t order transcripts

    Filed and accepted 1/23
    ACTC and EITC






    @carrie101 thank you.



    If you claimed EIC or ACTC then check again, you will not see a DDD. The irs confirmed it. The only two dates are the processing date and the “refund by” date which is april 15 not feb.



    Filed and accepted 1/24

    Received “Path Act” 1/28

    Ordered both return and account transcripts 1/28

    Credits EITC

    I have the cycle code 20170405 with the processing date of 2/13. I have yet to receive a DDD, but what can I expect? I think the wait sucks, but hey. . .what can I do?


    Mama Hawk

    @aaron mine info is exactly the same as yours.



    I have:

    Filed 1/24/17
    Accepted 1/25/17
    Transcript processing date 2/20/17



    Can anyone tell me why when I try to order my transcripts it tells me my info is wrong and I know I entered everything in correct?
    Filed and excepted 27th
    One bar



    Accepted 1/31/17
    Was able to order both transcripts on 1/6/17

    Is that a good sign???



    Not to be argumentative, but normally the IRS releases funds a couple of days before the date they tell you to expect the funds in your account, due to the fact that most financial institutions hold deposits for an average of two days before making the funds available in your account. Some people use various cards and banks that release funds immediately. It is highly likely that those who use those types of services will see the funds before the first projected date of 2/15, if they are in the first batch of PATH Act refunds to be released.



    You won’t be getting any DD on the Monday before the 15th. Ya know, per the law and everything.
    A processing date is 21 days AFTER the IRS accepted your return. Processing date as well as cycle codes don’t mean much if you have credits on your return (ACTC, EIC)



    @dmt87 The codes are on the account transcript.



    I’m a weekly. My update is:

    Filed 1/26

    Have ACTC

    One Bar

    Can order account transcript as of Friday 2/3, but no return transcript.

    Expecting to order return transcript Friday 2/10.

    Hoping for Saturday 2/11 to show an early PATH Act DD for 2/15.

    Prepared to wait till the following week, just because, LOL.



    Are the cycle codes on the account transcript or the return transcript?

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