Only EIC and ACTC filers updates here plz!!!

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    Hi I only been seeing ddd for people with no credits. We need a forum for updates and need only information about DDD for the child credits. Thanks

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    @grace how long did it take? When did you provide the IRS the form?



    I just checked this morning, and not have a DDD date of March 1. I had to fax in my healthcare forms, faxed that in and expected to have a long drawn out thing, but nope. Hopefully it will be there then, as I didn’t know they were delaying until after I filed. It also said to expect my deposit by March 6, so (once again) hoping it’s the 1st, and not closer to the 6th. I’m assuming that’s for banks who have a hold time??



    RE: problems/refund delays due to using pay your return fees by deducting from your refund, let this be a lesson to everyone to learn from.

    Going forward pay fees up front.

    Also there are quite a few free efile websites for federal and even some for state if you qualify. just have to research a bit.

    That way when it refund time comes around its just the IRS depositing into your checking account.

    And if you have an issue with your refund its much easier to handle.



    @Ryan I had them read the numbers back to me at Republic Bank, but they claim they do not have my refund. I called back Taxact and was told that the Taxact fees were paid and the person gave me a payment id number, so Republic Bank where is my money? If I do not have a refund in my account my the 28th I am going to file a complaint with the Federal Reserve.



    No change this morning. Still just says processing. I just don’t know anymore called last week they said everything is fine but it still hasn’t changed.



    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/27
    Received letter 0012C stating to send my 1095A and 8692 thanks to lovely obama care, it was dated 2/8 and I received it on 2/10
    Faxed the forms 2/11
    Within a few days, my bars disappeared and had the your return has been received and is processing
    Days after that, the message change to ‘refund date will be provided when available’, tax topic 152 showed up, and my refund amount disappeared
    As of this morning, my refund amount is back but my topic is gone and it’s back to the same crap message ‘your return has been received and is processing’
    Please tell me this bs message change means a little bit of good news
    I’ve called them 3 times since being past my 21 days and they’re saying everything is fine, nothing else needed on my part. Wtf



    I filed my return )( EIC w 2 :dependents. 1 w2, as well as craft hobby income)

    Filed 2/17
    Accepted 2/17
    Just got my alert it has been approved for sdeposif by 3/1

    Anticipation date was 3/10.
    I also opted for the net spend card this time just to get it quicker than waiting on check/bank direct deposit.



    I filed on 1/31 accepted 2/3. WMR shows its still processing. Transcript has cycle date of 20170505 and codes 806 and 766. Calling Monday to see what in he heck is going on.



    I’m so sorry..I feel so bad for you.. If I was in your shoes I’d be so outrageously angry.. make sure If you can that you gave the proper account/routing numbers if that could possibly be an issue..idk but I hope this is resolved for you



    Still no refund. DDD 2/23, used Taxact had fees deducted with Republic Bank. IRS sent refund 2/23 Republic Bank claim they still do not have the refund.



    Update…mailed my return 1/23 had 1 bar on 2/7 lost bars and tax topic on 2/12….was able to order both transcripts this morning just checked my NFCU account and refund is pending for 3/1…no movement or update on WMR…..


    crystal wiley

    lm on the phone with the irs and they are telling me that i should received my refund by April 4th or 5th, that will be when my 60 days would be up i have received this letter on February 2nd, 2017 i had filed on January 5th accepted January 12th, 2017 then i have received this letter. i really hope i get it soon before that. i can not believe they are holding that from me! anyone else with this problem as well?



    Filed 2/3 WMR changed from received to PATH message to “your return is still being processed.” It has been over 21 days so I called and they said they don’t need anything from me and there is nothing I can do to speed it up but I am still processing and to give them 60 days. I did claim educational credits and child tax credit, wondering if that had something to do with it. Anyone have something similar happen?



    @ Linda and @Erin ,

    Yes I think it will save us all the headache if we do wait until after the 15th



    @linda you are welcome

    @shaleka77 I am definitely waiting until after the 15th of February to file. It may be late February or Early March from now on.




    So, you think next year it would be best to wait until after February 15th?



    @Linda , you are more than welcome… Thanks for the update. Hopefully they will release it next week. This whole process has been unreal this year but lesson learned in terms of filling after the 15th . I think that played a major roll in regards to the review.



    Filed 2/7, accepted 2/7
    Have had a transcript code of 570 for over a week now.
    Woke up to a transcript code of 971 notice sent,
    Tried to call to find what the notice was, she said they just need more time but that she couldn’t see if they were asking for more info or not, just wait for the notice.

    Had ATC but no EITC. Filedwith TurboTax
    Same kids. Same spouse. Same address for seven years… this is insane.



    Thank you Rave90, Erin & Shaleka77 for your responses, I appreciate it =)
    You are going to cringe when you here what I found out when I called the number above that you all gave me and spoke to the IRS.
    Are you ready for this?
    I was told…..
    1) There is a delay due to the ACTC & EIC ….Oh, really? Come on now, DUHHHHHH
    2) There is an additional “HOLD for review” =0 but it doesn’t say why.(of course it doesn’t)
    So, the lady who answered my call couldn’t have been nicer and said she would take a look. What she found was that H&R block put my social security withholdings in the Federal with holding box. Although I was furious at this point because we all know what this means for me…. no return anytime soon =(
    To my surprise she went on to say there was nothing documented that they were going to hold my taxes or that a letter would be sent out to me asking for more information.
    So, she suggested I wait until next week and see if they push it through and DD it or if my status changes. If I don’t hear anything by the end of next week to wait 45-60 after Feb 14th (that is how long they have to get back to me) and see if they write me a letter.
    Ok WOW =0 I am speechless!!



    Anyone else with a DDD of 2/23 still not received their refund as of today?

    WMR says it was ALREADY sent to my bank on 2/23. I called chase to see if they can see any hidden pending transactions and they said there is nothing at all pending for my account.

    I thought maybe I could have made a typo on my account/routing numbers when I did my return but I looked up my tax forms and verified that my deposit account/routing info was correct.

    Don’t know whats going on :(



    Filed on 1/21, Accepted 1/23


    called the IRS this morning, mine is “under review” and they have “45 days to review it, and will either simply deposit the money or send me a letter asking for whatever they may need.”

    I’m never filing early again.



    @Linda, you are not alone. Filled EITC 01/27/17 accepted 01/30/17( I believe that was due to the weekend) . Like many I initially had a bar on wmr stating accepted/received. After the 15th of February and forward nothing bars disappeared. Just that generic message stating ” it’s still being processed”. I have not received any letters in the mail and to answer your question yes, the letter clearly states it’s from the IRS . I called yesterday (800) 829-0582 ext 652 . He was a little annoyed but you know what, so am I because you have my money. I was told “they are still processing it” . No letter has been sent or generated . I just have to wait with my hand out basically. . So in closing pack your patience this year and try to remain as positive as you can despite the BS the IRS/MOB is putting us through due to the PATH act from hell ;-)




    Sorry to hear your having difficulties. I believe a lot of people are having issues this year. Call 1 (800) 829-0582 ext 652 to talk to a rep. Hopefully they can help you.



    @linda Im in the same boat filed the same day as you and got accepted right away using turbo tax as I do every year. I dont know how long it takes to receive a letter I havent gotten one yet I called yesterday and was told I just have to wait they have until 3/31 to send me the letter. Im sooo angry you can try calling 1-800-829-0582 ext 652 their telling me they are still reviewing my refund this makes no sense. Good luck they are rude let me know what you find out.



    I filed with H&R Block this year like I do every ear and I have NEVER had any issues until now!!

    I filed with H&R on 1/23/17 it was accepted by the IRS 1/24/17 as of today WMR still says processing. I don’t see any bars either.

    I haven’t received a letter that I know of which concerns me. Now I am thinking I over looked it or worse threw it away because I thought it was junk. Can anyone tell me how long after you file do you get a letter?? What does the letter look like? Is it clearly marked its from the IRS?

    Where are you all getting a DDD? I see nothing on my end for that.

    Also, what number are all of you calling on?? I tried yesterday and got a pre-recorded person.

    I am so frustrated. I don’t understand if you have always filed the same thing every year with no issues why this year are they holding on to it for so long?

    Also, thanks Michele for your analogy of all responses, it helped a lot!!

    If anyone can answer my questions above I would greatly appreciate it….



    so I just spoke with someone at the IRS and was told I am under review and this will take up to 8 weeks. This is so funny to me when I know of people that didn’t even work and made up a return and they have already got there money. The IRS is full of it. I work everyday on a job that I have been on for 14 years and nothing has change but I had another baby and had to use my short term disability but really are you serious.



    I waited until after 2/15 to file. I figured what’s the point of filing early. My WMR bar is still on one. My CPA hasn’t contacted me regarding an issue so I’m hoping for another bar by Monday. It seems the IRS is doing a thorough job this year. I hear some are being offset or need further review. Best of luck to all.



    I don’t know if anyone is interested, but I have tried looking at a lot of the posts and it looks to me that the people who seem to be having the longest wait time (except for ones that got pulled for review or something else), are the ones who filed in January either before the IRS started processing returns or shortly after and the ones who used turbo tax. Also I think we all know now that if you get it sent to a prepaid card you will get it 24-48 hrs earlier than you would if it’s sent to your regular checking account. I’m just trying to use all the info about what helps and what makes things worse for next year. I think I will be getting a netspend card, because they seemed to release funds the earliest and I think I will file around the same time I did this year which was around 2/6/17. I think some of the earliest filed returns almost get stuck and backlogged for some reason. With this new law, there is no reason to file in January because they only need 10-14 days to process your return, otherwise it just sits there and doesn’t move.
    If anyone else had noticed anything that may be helpful for all of us next year…please share!



    Finally talked to someone today. IRS is done processing but pushed my taxes into the injured spouse department and who knows how long that is going to take. Grrrr so frustrating.



    I spoke to someone with IRS today bc my ddd was 2/23 and nothing in my bank account, they said it’s because TurboTax charged me a fee so it had to be sent to their bank first then issued to my bank…. check sbbt (santa Barbara bank) and it said they received my refund yesterday and took their money out already and sent to my bank, still no deposit. Say that it takes 1-2 biz days to show up so hopefully tomorrow…. this year sucks for tax refunds !!!!



    @crystal wiley I am its sooo frustrating how can you hold our taxes? I havent even gotten my letter yet. They told me they have until 3/31 to get it to me i called turbo tax they have no records of my return being held. Its ridiculous



    My heart goes out to you that are still experiencing trouble and haven’t gotten yours yet if this helps anybody feel any better my date was for today I got mine yesterday around this time 2:30 or 3 o’clock Pacific was H&R Block with fees taken out to a GreenDot card so just keep checking every hour I have faith that you guys will get yours today and I have not noticed any pattern as to what time it will load it could be anytime so unless there is a direct problem with your specific return I have no reason to believe that you will not get it today on your date my thoughts are with you I understand the stress and the struggle some people think it’s just money but it’s a lot to a lot of us it turns your whole day week month around


    crystal wiley

    i had called the irs today and they said because the have gave me a letter at the beginning of this month that they are holding it because i went to school and they are holding it for more investigation so i dont know when i will get mine either. anyone with this same problem?



    Same here filed 1/23, currently have DDD of 2/23 and still no refund.



    My DDD is by Feb 23rd. Well its feb 23 and still no deposit and the where’s my refund app still doesn’t say sent. Anyone else experiencing this?



    This is by far the worse year for me when it comes to my refund. Filed with turbo tax on 1/23/17 accepted by the IRS 1/23/17 as of today WMR still says processing. I called and they just say I wont receive a due date I will get a letter they are still reviewing my info. Not to mention they are saying they have until 3/31 to get the letter to me… They are rude and no help at all. I just want my money and there is no telling when I will get it. I’m beyond frustrated… Anyone else going through this?



    Both credits:

    Filed 1/17
    Accepted 1/23
    PATH message till 2/16

    It is 2/23 and I still have no DDD. WMR shows “Accepted and being processed”




    @txmamax3 Getting your return accepted and approved by the IRS are two different things. When turbo tax says you’re accepted it means the IRS system at a quick glance cannot see anything wrong with your tax forms. It does not mean that your refund has been approved. Approved is when the system takes a closer look at the forms and still sees nothing wrong with them. When that happens your refund will be approved and then move through the other steps.



    Filed and accepted: 02/18/2017
    WMR still shows “processing”
    Used Turbo Tax
    I have both credits.
    I know its only been 5 days, but TT says approved, and WMR still says processing???
    Ugh! So anxious!



    refund received
    Filed 1/24 ACTC
    DDD 2/23
    1:45am this morning
    Chase bank


    See Yall next year



    I forgot to mention WMR has not updated yet and is still only showing 2 bars for me. Hope this info might help someone!



    I’ve been silently following this thread for a couple weeks now so just thought I would share my experience with everyone.

    I Filed with Jackson Hewitt and had my fee taken from my refund
    Filed and accepted in 1/27
    Path Message until 2/15
    Updated to generic message (your refund is being processed)
    WMR updated on 2/18 with DDD of 2/23
    On 2/22 Republic Bank shows they have received my refund and have paid my fees out
    I also bank with Republic Bank so my DD went in my account around 2:30am today.
    This is the longest I have ever had to wait for my refund! Not looking forward to going through this next year and for years after :(
    Thanks everyone and I hope all of you who are still waiting receive your money a.s.a.p!



    @crystal wiley I am in the exact same situation filed with turbotax and accepted on 01/12 but the IRS agent told me it was technically not accepted until 01/23.
    WMR shows received and processing.


    Samantha Hall

    Filed w/ TT: 01/31
    Accepted: 02/01
    EIC credit
    Refund procesing, no dates given

    I called the number 1 (800) 829-0582 ext 652 and was told that I have to wait an additional week(starting after my 21 days) due to a system issue that could not be identified, but I should have more info 27th or 28th.



    And you’re a dick. This forum is for people to help out and update eachother, not for dudes like you to act like you’re superior to anybody. Take your negative bull elsewhere



    @ Ashley
    I was told to call 1 (800) 829-0582 ext 652



    IRS is stating still being processed. Date will be released
    I filed via TurboTax and IRS accepted 1/17/17
    What is going on?????? Ugh.
    Does anyone have a number I can call to ACTUALLY speak to someone.
    Please help lol



    Filed 1/18
    DDD of today 2/23

    Money is suppose to spent to a netspend card. I am seeing that many many others with netspend received their money last night…but here i sit with nothing still…. UGH!


    Dee T

    Filed and Accepted on 1/28/17
    PATH ACT message on 2/10/17
    Update 2/18/17 with DD of 2/23/17

    HRBlock W/ Fees Taken Out of Refund
    Received 2:00Am EST 2/23/17
    Bank with KeyBank (NY)

    Very Happy after 2 weeks of stress!
    See everyone next year for federal.
    See everyone from NY in the New York forum because yet again I have another 30 day message.



    Got my refund at 9:47am Feb 23rd.. what a roller coaster! Well good luck everyone! See you next year!

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