Only EIC and ACTC filers updates here plz!!!

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    Hi I only been seeing ddd for people with no credits. We need a forum for updates and need only information about DDD for the child credits. Thanks

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    @Jaclyn You might just have to call the IRS. That sucks hun.



    Filed 2/3.. still no DDD and haven’t received anything in the mail.


    Janet M Holmes

    I filed on 02/04/17, accepted 02/04/17. ID verification on 02/22/17. Here we are 06/28/17 and still no refund. I ended up having to get Tax Advocate. Come to find out the girl who did my verification on 02/22/17, said everything was ok and to expect refund in 9 weeks, She never released it. So it has been in limbo. There mistake and still having to wait.



    @michelle. Im definitely in the same boat its a headache



    I filed on 2/22..and was accepted within a 1/2 hour.. received notice on 3/1 stating that my return is under review and that i have 60 days from the date on the letter to receive my return “if due a return”. Nothing is different this year, i claim my two children for the E.I.C. as i have the past 8 years. I check the wmr and irs2go and it says, “we have received your return and it is being processed”. When i call, which is every few days, they just keep saying that my return is under review. I offered to fax over social security cards, birth certificates, etc., and they keep telling me that they do not need anything from me. What is going on???



    I filed on 1/ accepted same day…filed joint with EIC. .to this day no codes, just “we have received tax return and it is being processed.


    Katherine Cocivera

    I filed on 2/27 and was approved for both the next day. I received my federal 3/4 and I just got a direct deposit date yesterday of 4/4 for my state, why is the date so far from today ? I’m just confused as to why it’s taking so long. I also e-filed with turbo tax and should be getting my return on a netspend card.



    I filed 2/13 was accepted that same day on 2/21 bars disappeared on 3/9 received a letter saying to call with current and prior years tax return and any supporting documents did that the same day told If there’s no other issues I should receive my refund within 9wks from that day but it might not be that long. I was wondering if there isn’t no issues how soon can I expect my refund? I know it haven’t been a week yet but need to know what time frame I’m really looking at



    Filed 1/31 and accepted next day.. EIC only no child credit and I’m still waiting with no updates.. anyone in a similar boat?



    Has anyone with a DDD of 3/15 received their refund yet? I know that people who requested their refund be deposited to a netspend card or other prepaid bank card have gotten their refunds 24-48 hrs early.



    I submitted my taxes of February 11th and never had any bars. On March 5th it updated to show “my refund is been received and is being processed.

    3/9 called to find out that my return had been changed and that a letter was being sent out to let me know what the change was. The person on the phone could not find the reason in the system or a copy of the letter.

    3/11 system updated to show change to return and a direct deposit date of 3/15 The return was actually increased because the incorrect amount was entered for EITC (thanks TaxAct “rolls eyes”).

    Still waiting for my refund…



    Guess I will chime in with some good vibes. Filed 1/23 accepted 1 /24. I received an I’d verify letter 2/21. Letter was dated and postmarked 2/17. I phone verified on 2/21. 3/11 I finally updated to a ddd date of 3/15. I have both credits. So….It’s coming sooner or later for us all.



    I filed 2/6 and was accepted the same day. I had 1 orange bar on WMR for awhile and then it disappeared with the message “Your return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” I called on 3/3 at 32 days and was told that I should be receiving a letter and it could take up to 20 more days. When no letter came, I called back on 3/10 and was told that I had been randomly selected for review and to call back if I did not have a DDD by 3/21. When I asked about a letter I was told that there was no indication of a letter being mailed and that there would be no letter.




    I got my taxes last night. I did the identity check on 3/6/2017 got a date on 03/11/2017 and i received my money last night on my net spend card… thank god.


    Kelly K

    Sorry …..meant I filled 2/10 via mail. Was accepted the following week of Febuary. Until bar and tax topic disappeared several days later stating….Still processing w/ no bars – no tax topic. No letters. Confused AF.


    Kelly K

    I am still having the same issue. Mailed taxes on the 10th was accepted the following week with one orange bar and tax topic 152. Several days later I checked back and the bar had disappeared and so had tax topic 152. I haven’t recieved any letters but also put in a new address along with my tax return since they are suppose to be mailed to the same Treasure Dept. address in Austin, Tx.

    Have been checking to see if mail came to old address and so far nothing. On Weds I was able to order both 2015-2016 Transcript returns but only to my old address. So I am totally confused. I will be giving them a call on Monday. Too many different answers on boards and I called H&R last week and the lady I spoke with seemed less than thrilled to even give me the basic answers. I am sure they are over whelmed and being stressed by so many ppl waiting on their money. Oh and I am both EITC and ACTC also.



    Filed: 03/01/17
    Accepted: 03/02/17

    Still being processed as of today

    Claimed EITC and child tax credit

    No DDD, no “accepted” message, nothing.

    No errors on taxes. Having it DD to a Netspend card. No updates to WMR.

    I have no idea – all my friends and family that are low income and first time parents received theirs within a week. There should be zero reason mine is taking longer. Can’t get answers from anyone.

    Anyone else in this boat?



    I have a DDD of 3/15! Finally!!
    Filed 2/7 accepted 2/8, never did get the notice they supposedly sent out,m. Had ACTC but not EITC.



    @ Amanda are you able to order return transcript?



    I filed on Feb. 13th. Claimed 3 children and EIC. Still says “still being processed” on the IRS website.



    I also filed using HR Block online for free. I did the HR Block identification. This was the end of January. Mid February, I got an ID letter from the IRS saying I needed to call in to ID verify. I did so, now almost 3 weeks later, and I am still waiting. So….HR Block ID verify, does not mean the IRS won’t also make you ID verify. No idea how or why they choose who they choose to ID verify.



    I did my id verification on H&R Block’s website when I filed my taxes. Is this the same thing or would the IRS request I verify my id? It asked me to enter my license number so the IRS could verify my ifentity.


    Ashlee King

    I agree. I filed 2/21 and accepted on 2/22 and it still shows processing as of today 3/10



    Hope this helps some body next year. Print and mail your returns on 2/13, this way the IRS gets them early still, but not too early to draw attention. If someone used your identity and filed before you, you will still get processed, instead of when efiling you will get rejected. When you send in your paper return, attach all your w2’s to the front, and make sure you sign all pages that need signed. Mail it USPS priority with a tracking number, flat rate costs $6.25, use the tracking number to guesstimate when the IRS will begin handling your return, it’ says 4 weeks, mine was processed and approved in 2 weeks, and I received a Ddd. I will actually get my refund faster this year than any previous year that I have e-filed.


    Adrian Williams

    @screwtaxes. I did the walk in ID thing on 2-24 and got a update that mine will be sent on the 10th of this month. My status changed to that on 3-4. Their computer might not have updated yours yet.



    Nope still waiting on my letter from the IRS this really sucks I have things to do!!! WMR still says receive and being processed not sure what to do all the IRS has said is the computer says either I should have my letter by 3/13 or it should be atleast in the mail by then. Whatever date is on the letter they have 60 days from then to get me my refund. Its really ridiculous we have no way to track OUR money. I filed with Turbo Tax and claimed my 2 boys as I do every year filed and accepted on 1/23.



    Prayers and positive thinking for you all.☺



    Mine showed up this morning! TT no fees to a Green Dot card..ddd 3/8..



    I’d verifying at the office is instant. They check your id, make sure it’s you and you are all set. Problem is, id verify doesn’t mean an instant release of your money. They say up to 9 weeks for deposit after I’d verifying, that’s if you have no other issues. They don’t put you back in your place in the processing line once you verify, you go to the very end of the line of people waiting to be processed. Your new return accepted date is the day you is verified. I am on week 2.5 after I’d verifying and still waiting with a 1541 code.



    I file on Jan-31-17 accepted same day, got one Bar next day bars disappears with the Still processing refund date will be provided when available message, Call IRS after a month and they told me that I have to go to a local office for ID verify, I have file every year and never had to do ID verify and never received any letter whatsoever.

    My question is at the local IRS office what do the ask? and how long it takes after ID verify?



    Good morning, has anyone that got a letter to be verified received a date?



    I filed 2/15 accepted 2/16
    TT one bar until 12 tonight it says processing and a refund date will be provided when available. I’ve noticed that when it says that it usually updates to a ddd in a few days. My fiance’s did. Anywho I can now order transcripts with new address



    Also @Vale
    You mentioned 5:30-6ish on 3/7
    Sounds right to me..could you specify if you
    are eastern time?



    OK guys with a 3/8 ddd.. tomm is the day we are anticipating..judging by how the other people got theirs it seems we are due for tomm 3/7
    CAN WE keep eachother updated if yours comes?? Please and thank you
    Good luck all




    Filed 1/2
    Accepted 1/23
    Status on where’s my refund is “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.”
    No Bars :/

    Also, turbotax merged my old and new address together and I only noticed after it was accepted. Im not filing an amended just to fix an address. So, if I was sent a letter, I wouldnt know.



    Mine was paper filed accepted 2/7 and I had no bars actually wmr was like I didn’t for at all. Then 2/25 I had 1 bar. Then March 5 two barswith DDD 3/8. Having it sent to my walmart moneycarrd so possibility it will hit my account a day or two early.

    Fingers crossed

    Good luck



    I was thinking the same thing.. thanks for saying that cause it was exactly what I figured too



    for those of you who have greendot cards there is good news. i also use greendot for jobs and irs refund. if your DDD is for example 3/8/2017 you will have your money on 3/7/2017, it will be in your account on the 3/7 around 5:30 to 6:00 in the afternoon.



    Hello all,
    I also have a ddd of 3/8. Used TurboTax getting loaded to a Green Dot card..jw if we can keep eachother updated as to when our money hits our accounts. My girl had a date of 2/23 and got hers the 22nd.. alot of others got theirs the 21st too.. let’s hope we hit early too!



    Filed 1/17 & claimed EIC and ACTC
    Accepted 1/18
    Got PATH Msg 2/15
    “We have recieved your return and it is being processed” on 2/16

    Called twice last week was told there was a hold on my refund for my 2014 return that I owed. Was also told I would be getting a letter & I had to wait 60 days.

    Got DDD of 3/8 today.


    Waiting ever so patiently

    Filed and accecpted 2/16 with both credits. Yesterday, return tran available. This morn I have a ddd od 3/8. It took almost the full 21 days. I stayed on 1 bar ( we have received your return amd it is being processed w tt 152) up until this morning when i finally got 2 bars. So dont despair if there has been no change, if you are a weekly wait until your 3rd sat after filing for your ddd and just be happily surprised if its early. No need to panic or call unless your message changes or it goes past your 3rd sat with no change. Gl all!


    Adrian Williams

    Just checked and it now say it will be mailed by the 10th and I should call if it’s not here by April 7th



    does anyone know if they are requesting info from you, such as mailed u a letter requesting something, or anything they may need, would it still say “we have received your return and It is being processed” ?


    Donna S.

    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    Fees: Liberty Tax (unsure on the bank)
    WMR: Still processing as of 3/1/2017

    I called the Tax Advocate yesterday and was given answers. I got divorced last year and wasn’t inform that my ex owed taxes. As a stay at home mom, i didnt really worry about the taxes and let him do it. Turns out they are taking money out of my refund to pay his back taxes. Thankfully the Advocate was helpful and told me I could fill out the Innocent Spouse form and get my money back. He said there was a hold on my return three weeks from 2/20, so I should be getting it “soon-ish” the money taken from me will be 8-12 weeks away, since they have a long process for that. A little upset but glad they didn’t take everything from me.


    Adrian Williams

    Same here Chef and Rave, I even went to the IRS here and got verified. The IRS got told me it could be up to 9 WEEKS. I am like WTF. I hope he’s over estimating it.



    @rave90 and Chef

    I also contacted the IRS and was advised that I would receive a letter before March 31st to advise me on what i need to do in order to receive my taxes… i am so upset, i just knew that i would have my money by now… ugh!!!!!



    @chef I’m right there with you filed with Turbo Tax on 1/23 and accepted same day still saying received and being processed. Irs is saying I will get a letter and whatever date is on the letter I should have my refund within 60 days which would be May 😡 this is crazy…




    Filed 1/23
    Accepted 1/23
    Status on where’s my refund is “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.”
    No Bars :/



    @joseph, i got the letter approx feb 10th, and faxed it back around the 13th, so a pretty qick turn around since i was expecting it to extend my date as well as push me to the back of the line



    Filed 2/19
    Received 2/22
    Update DDD 2/25
    DD scheduled 3/1
    I did not expect a fast turn around but here’s my humble opinion: I waited after 2/15 to file. Because 1 I did not want to drive myself crazy waiting when they weren’t going to do anything anyways & 2 because I feared that I would be lost in the early filing bunch. I used a certified public accountant that I have always used. Yes it costs a bit more but I am willing to pay the extra just to ensure that my taxes are done properly. It may also help that CPAs are registered with the IRS personally. Because they have alot to lose they are probably viewed more trustworthy & accurate when processing tax returns. Lastly I do not have fees taken out of my tax return. Why? 1 this can slow up the receipt of my tax return by using a third party which my CPA advised me against & 2 if anything goes wrong especially if its his error, he will not get paid until I receive my refund. Also he will be more than likely do all he can to assist me in clearing up any matters so that he will get paid. I noted that many early filers are being reviewed, prolonged etc. I wish those of you who are frustrated peace & a fasr turn around. Everyone’s situation is different but maybe my insight will help someone.

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