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    Wheres My Refund Mississippi – Share your experience with filing your Mississippi Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Mississippi Wheres My Refund? go to Mississippi Department of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Federal & state return accepted 1/29 Still nothing.

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    I filed 1/30 but had Path on my federal.

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    Lindsay Rector

    When did everyone file? I filed of feb 1st. Got my fed in feb 14, but still no state.

    #4225725 Reply

    Mine was processed on Feb 16th but still no deposit. I hope the Amex Express network being down for two days didn’t mess it as I had it going to our bluebird card.

    #4225221 Reply

    Ok so my Mississippi state refund just shut my bank at 11:00. Finally over for me. Some of y’all need to check your bank accounts

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    What does the FalsePlease allow 7 to 14 days to receive your refund mean ?

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    @ Jjstac : we all seemed to of had that message before getting our approval message. On Mississippi website there are how to videos that says that message means your done processing just waiting to get a ddd for your refund.

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    What does being reviewed mean? It’s also says you have to allow up to 90 days.. There has only been one year it took till August to get my refund. Every year since, I always get it before ferderal. I don’t understand what is going on.

    #4221978 Reply

    Just received my MS state refund….it said approved on Feb 14-allow 7 to 14 business days, but went in on today.


    My boyfriends refund shows False Please allow 7-14 days as well. Just crazy

    #4220572 Reply

    Tiffany, mine said that yesterday, now today it says my refund was approved like everyone else’s.

    #4220409 Reply

    What does it mean if your MS State tax message says : FalsePlease allow 7 to 14 business days to receive your refund.

    #4217838 Reply

    @daniel. Same here. About the update today. Mine cleared the 14 th also. I hope we all don’t have to wait the 7 to 14 days though

    #4217835 Reply

    @daniel Congrats they have held on to our refund long enough

    #4217768 Reply

    I need someone else to post so i can vent without double posting lol.

    EDIT: whoops, didnt check before posting. seeing this now on tap

    Your refund has been approved. Your tax return for the year 2017 cleared our system on February 14, 2018. Please allow 7 to 14 business days to receive your refund.

    #4216026 Reply

    Everyone is right, Though, i had a look at those videos, and they are several years out of date. I remember the refund search function looking like that, 2-3 years ago. Basically, they really dont want us asking about statuses, as they repeatedly say, “our reps will not have any additional information” and basically not to ask lol.. The MS DOR facebook page is a waste of space, with little to no activity, and no help at all. There IS some kind of difference this year, like i said, i’ve always been done by now, and I have not spoken to, or seen a single user that isn’t in the same situation. It’s rediculous, drives me nuts, especially because we could really use our little bit of money coming, im sure everyone here can relate. Last week, i was hoping for a refund by my birthday, ( sunday) and this week, Im hoping it will be sometime this week, So idk, im ranting, and venting and rambling, thats all i can do, and check status every hour it seems.. I cannot say that I am surprised by the useless officials at the Dept of Revenue in the state that is 30 years behind everyone, mississippi!


    Edit: Also forgot to realize that when we finally DO update, they will have an additional week tagged onto the extremely hard job of money transfering to our accounts. And we must wait several more weeks if we dont hear anything , for a tracer! ugh.

    /Rant v 2.0

    #4215610 Reply

    Agreed. I don’t think it took this long last year either. And if my Mississippi refund is still processing then why do I have the message of 90days. On their site on the how to videos it clearly states that my message means that I’m done processing and waiting on ddd

    #4215601 Reply

    Okay but my federal return was processed before the 29th.

    Even so, it didn’t take this long last year.

    #4215550 Reply

    Just called and talked to someone at Mississippi Department of Revenue. He was nice and all and looked up my refund and said it is still being processed. To allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing to be done. Also that they didn’t start processing returns until January 29th like the irs.

    #4215188 Reply

    Folks up there supposed to be doing our refunds are probably on bourbon st at mardi gras … this is crazy, i’ve always been done before the middle of feb..

    #4214706 Reply
    marie reed

    I don’t know of anyone who has gotten a refund from the state of Mississippi yet! This is awful!

    #4214594 Reply

    Has anyone talked to anyone over the phone at the MS DOR ?

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    #4211899 Reply

    If you have a TAP account it tells you if your return has been processed, mine has been processed but doesn’t have a deposit date anywhere in sight.

    #4210667 Reply

    @ Daniel. I was wondering the same thing about weekends. I looked on My Block and it is giving me an estimated date of 2-20-18 for Mississippi refund. Still says 90 days for me.

    #4210509 Reply

    Still says being reviewed for me too, but it says 30 days instead of 90. I got my federal refund on Tuesday.

    I normally get my state refund and federal refund within days of each other.

    #4210462 Reply

    Does anyone know if MS dor issue refunds during the weekend?
    Doubtful.. but im hoping so.

    #4210388 Reply

    Still saying review. uggggg

    #4210379 Reply

    No updates here, still being “reviewed” ugh. i check it like 5 times a day lol. Was hoping it would be before my bday but probably gonna end up being next week. MS is so slow :(

    #4209958 Reply

    Any updates on anyone’s state refund yet. Mine is still the same.

    #4207548 Reply

    @Daniel @Monica mine says the same. If you access the tap dor site through a desktop or laptop scroll down to what’s new and click the link. From there go to How to videos click where’s my refund…in the video it tells you what each status means…

    #4207538 Reply

    @Monica thats just the standard message everyone gets when they are processing the return. I have been stuck on that status for a week now.

    #4207524 Reply

    I just checked the status of my refund. Turbo tax says accepted for both at state and federal, but when I went into the MS State Tax webpage it’s says “it has been received and is being reviewed. If any additional info is needed they will contact me. Allow 90 days to receive your refund” My question is, Does this mean my refund was rejected? Am I being audited? Will this delay my refund?

    #4207299 Reply

    Mine finally shows up as processing. Our state is just horribly slow. I have always got my fed weeks before state. No credits so fed is usually fast. Tap website shows my refund as a balance but nothing pending as far as DD. Im assuming that ms dor is the one that deposits the money and not sbtpg. I cant remember

    #4207017 Reply

    @Michelle same thing mine says. I pretty convinced now that ms doesn’t approve until after federal is approved…

    #4206999 Reply

    This is what mine says exactly. “Your return was received and is being reviewed. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted by mail. Please allow 90 days for your return to complete processing.”

    #4206989 Reply

    @daniel mine says received and being reviewed. I don’t think they release until federal is approved. Last year I had to ID Verify and after I was verified my state deposited a week before my federal deposited.

    #4206222 Reply

    Any updates? Mine was initially rejected fixed through turbo tax. Then accepted. However TAP shows no refund for my social was found.

    #4205197 Reply

    @michelleg @marie reed If you go to the website there are training videos and one of them is how to use the refund status site. In that video it clearly says that message means your return has been processed. So i’m thinking that Ms won’t release until your federal has cleared. Last year I had to ID Verify and my state didn’t budge until after my federal cleared, i got it 11 days before my federal deposited into my account.

    #4203667 Reply

    @ Marie Reed. My Mississippi state return is showing the same thing. Have you found out anything yet.

    #4203250 Reply
    marie reed

    I filed Mississippi on 1/29/18. Checked the website and it says “your return has been received and is being processed. Please allow 90 days”. Is this just a generic message for MS filers?

    #4200621 Reply

    @daniel same here my MS return is still pending last year i received my federal tax refund before my state tax refund. In the past it only took 2 weeks for state to process my return.

    #4200450 Reply

    Filed on the 18th, Turbo tax says my fed was accepted (however no email from irs, yet) Wmr shows nothing. State shows pending, MS seems like they always slow when it comes to processing.
    Where my MS people at?

    #4197390 Reply

    Filed through a Preparer 4-14-17 efiled.State law says they must send return in 90 days,its been 99 days.Automated system only says being reviewed.Time to start raising cane.

    #4188604 Reply

    I filed my 2017 tax return on 02/27/2017 (4 days ago). I was accepted that same afternoon and knew it would take weeks. Out of pure curiosity, I decided to check the Mississippi status website early Wednesday morning and found my refund had been approved and cleared their system on 02/28. I received my MS State income tax refund in my bank account this morning. I also received an 846 Refund Issued code on my Account Transcripts. This is a great day, but next week will be even better!!

    #4163448 Reply

    State taxes went from approved will receive within 5 days to approved, cleared our system on feb 7, will receive within 5 days. Anyone know how long it actually takes?

    #4161880 Reply

    Submitted/accepted feb 1
    Approved feb 8

    They usually stick to that 5-7 day time frame. Should have payment next Wednesday. Hopefully sooner, as this seems to be a smoother process this year.

    #4161776 Reply

    I checked this morning and it was finally approved.

    #4161772 Reply

    Check your status

    #4159551 Reply

    Any new updates? Ours says “reviewd,” but it always says that. It tends to release after federal is DD.

    #4152748 Reply

    Hi Everyone! I filed with H&R Block on 01/12/17. I was allowed to file my federal but State is still sitting there. They haven’t emailed me yet to say I can go ahead and e-file my state return. Anyone else having a problem or is this an H&R Block problem ?

    #4152453 Reply

    Figures ms is at bottom of the list Lol… anyones return still pending ?

    #4116681 Reply
    3rd yr early

    Me either. But looking over my past returns I never get a deposit before mid to late February.

    #4116241 Reply

    I still haven’t been accepted

    #4113517 Reply
    Sam C

    I eFiled through TurboTax on February 12… so almost 9 months ago now. It shows everything “Accepted” and I got my federal refund in the usual time frame. I found myself going through the “where’s my refund” tracker on the MS DOR website over and over from then until the 90 day mark and beyond Eventually I kind of wrote it off and figure I’d get the refund eventually or not but whatever. (Basically, I’d have a happy $600 surprise if it ever did come in, but I didn’t have time to fool with it anymore. I figure the state is counting on a lot of people not wanting to jump through hoops to get in touch with anyone at the DOR.) Finally had some time today to really sit down with all my ducks in a row and chew some people out… called 601-923-9089 (found the number on this thread) and almost immediately go through to someone. I told her it had been nearly 9 months since I filed and I needed to get my refund NOW. She asked for my social and put me on hold for less than a minute. Then, she came back on and said to allow 7-10 days for the refund to post to my account. I was shocked… I asked if it would be direct deposited still into the originally specified account, and she said it would. We shall see… are they really just holding money until they get a call?!? WORST. STATE. EVER.

    #4112600 Reply
    L Carlisle

    I sent in electronically our state taxes January 25, 2015, and as of July 12, 2015, we have still not received our refund. All calls to the state are the stupid electronic voice, and just state our return is under review. What’s up with this?

    #4112573 Reply

    I sent my return in the first week of February. We had to mail it in along with copies of my federal return, because we file multiple states, and there is some rule about that, not sure, my accountant tells me. We sent the full federal return, all the w-2’s, etc. We do not live in MS, just one of the contract companies is based out of MS, so it wasn’t much income, small refund owed of $265. I called today and was told they needed a copy of the w-2 for the MS company……… even though we went that to them. This was NOT an electronic filing. So I sent it via email anyway and was told it was attached to the account now. So it’s been sitting there for FIVE months? They needed a w-2 that was already sent to them? For a small refund? This is ridiculous.

    #4112272 Reply

    Has anyone received their refund for 2014 or are they still waiting? I called all the numbers – still under review – filed on the 6 of Feb!! Any ideas?

    #4111880 Reply
    Albert Jahns


    Does anyone else still not have their 2014 return as of MAY 16 2015? I’ve actually talked to people at the revenue dept that have told me that I was correct in my assertion that the state was jerking us around just to hold onto our dollars. You can’t make them do anything, so I suggest stop pre-paying your taxes, if you’re close enough to Louisiana (or any bordering state) buy your gas and alcohol and tobacco there. High schoolers and college students, learn early. You don’t want the state of Mississippi to have anything to do with your money- need proof, just read this board.

    #4108853 Reply
    Barbara 2014

    I filed my sons and it is still saying that it is being reviewed. This is the 1st year that it has not come in right behind the federal refund. What’s up?

    #23770 Reply

    I filed my return and it was accepted on 2/2/14. I was entitled to a $5300 refund. When I called to check on the status a couple of weeks after it was accepted, the system kept saying it was being reviewed. 90 days later, I got a letter saying they needed more information. I sent them receipts, cancelled checks, travel logs, expense trackers, etc. They were overnighted. Now, 200 days after initial acceptance, I call to check on the status of my refund. It said that my return has finished processing and no refund is due. I then call to talk to a person. They informed me that not only do I not get my large refund but I now owe them almost $4000. The lady who was reviewing said that she did not accept any of my deductions even though they had receipts to back up each and every one. I am so angry at this point. Do any of you know of any lawyers or anything I can do about this? When I told the lady I was getting a lawyer, she told me “The State of Mississippi is sovereign.” This is ridiculous.

    #24226 Reply

    Filed my return in late February. Finally was able to speak with someone at 601-923-7089 about 3 weeks ago. The nice lady said it was in process and they needed to verify my husband’s income with his employer. She asked for a phone number which I provided…..still nothing. No one has called to verify anything. This is ridiculous.

    #24224 Reply
    phyllis wilson

    My refund was e-filed on march 8th. Still processing. Come on it’s not that big of a refund but it is MINE and I want it. This absolutely ridiculous.

    #24109 Reply

    Mailed my return in mid-March. Almost five months later I have not received my refund. I have called the automated line at least 20 times and it always says the return “has not processed” and “no other information is available.” What does this mean? Anyone else having this issue?

    #24105 Reply
    C Clark

    oh dear God! I just called the number, pressed “0” and it told me that all representatives are busy at this time….it doesn’t give you an option to hold, it tells you to call back later or go to the website and it disconnects you!!!

    i am totally convinced it is some sort of scam, this is outrageous!

    #24104 Reply
    C Clark

    At least I see that I am not alone.

    I filed my return in February as well and my status continues to say “received, under review” i tried to call today to speak to a human and i was routed back to the automated line.

    i am going to try the number posted above and press “0” to see if I get some movement. this is beyond ridiculous!

    #23893 Reply

    Defiled in February, and it was accepted, but never showed on the MS site. I called and they said it was under review for 90 days, so more than 4 months later, I called again and the woman finally says they’ve finished reviewing and I should get it in the next week or two. I’ll believe it when I see it. Now the website says its under review instead of not there at all. I filed almost 5 months ago. Absurd.

    #23678 Reply
    Cindy 2014

    I filed my return through H&R Block in early March. The MS web site showed my claim has been ‘under review’ for over 90 days. I just called 601-923-7089 and hit 0. It took a very nice lady 30 minutes to research and tell me that my large refund still being reviewed.

    #23669 Reply

    I filed on Feb 2 Accepted,I called the number and was told that its under review,Then called back a few days ago and told they are waiting on info from my employer,asked if I could help they said no just waiting to hear back from employer,I think its all a scam on the part of Mississippi we need to vote theses people out of power thats the only control we have,This is an abuse of power to the extreme.

    #23664 Reply
    Irritated Coast Gal

    I efiled in April for a DD; my refund is still “being processed”. I have tried the numbers posted here to check the status, get nothing but an automated bunch of horse manure. Like the majority of you on this thread, I am getting pretty frustrated. Any other suggestions?

    #23648 Reply
    Renee Cooper

    WOOHOO! Ok people, I called 601-923-7089, computer gives you a list of options, choose 0. This first time I chose 0 it rang and rang. I called back and chose 0 and a nice lady answered. I told her I had efiled with Tax Act the first of Feb. 2014 and it still says processing. She asked for my social, I heard her keying for a few, then she came back on and said all looked find and that I should get my refund shortly. OMGOSH! I wish I had know about this “glitch” that Tax Act has had all along. But all is good now. Hopefully I will see my refund in my account soon. Have a great day and good luck.

    #23646 Reply
    Renee COoper

    April, what number did you call to get someone to hit that button. I did mine thru Taxact, it was accepted on Feb. 6, 2014 and all it says is processing. Its been over 4 months now. I don’t get it!!!

    #23639 Reply

    My refund was accepted back in January and is STILL being processed! That is our great state at work. Do everything electronically to cut down on paperwork and it takes 10x longer…. Gimme a break!

    #23600 Reply

    Finally some change in status
    Let’s see, I filed in the beginning of Feb.

    Your refund was processed on 6/12/2014. Please allow at least 2 weeks to receive a paper refund check, or 7 to 10 days to receive your refund by direct deposit. If after that time you haven’t received your check or direct deposit, please wait an additional 30 days. After that time, write and request a tracer for the refund. Include your name, social security number, correct address, tax year of the return and your signature.
    Mail to:

    Mississippi Department of Revenue
    P.O. Box 1033
    Jackson, MS 39215-1033

    Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for processing the tracer request.

    So I have to wait 7-10 days for direct deposit which sounds ridiculous then if it doesn’t come I have to wait another 30 days before I can file a tracer request and then have to wait 8-10 weeks for that to happen.
    They sure make it hard for you to receive YOUR money.

    #23485 Reply
    Virginia F. McMullen

    checking the status of my income tax…you all accepted the last of January.

    #23455 Reply

    Does anyone know if there is a way to report these people. By these people, I mean The Department of Revenue. I’ve been waiting two and a half months on my taxes and still don’t have them. Called this past Friday and the lady I spoke with sent an email to the proper department to tell them to begin processing my taxes. I checked the status today and it’s still saying that it’s being reviewed. No one should have to send the next department an e-mail to tell them to do their job. And how long does it take to review someone’s taxes?!! It definitely shouldn’t takes as long as their making it take. If the federal government can get your return back to you in two weeks or less, why does it take MS months and months to do it. The federal government has more returns to get out than MS. I’m convinced that these people aren’t doing anything at work or are unorganized. Idk but I’m pissed off and I want my money. I would like to know where/how to report or place a complaint on them.

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