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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund Louisiana – Share your experience with filing your Louisiana Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Louisiana Wheres My Refund? go to Louisiana Department Of Revenue

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    Has anyone has any movement?
    Mine says it has been processing since 1/26 and to allow 60 days for a refund.
    60 days???!

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    Hello everyone!!

    I filed state return 1/28, showed submitted 1/29, showed processing until last night and it updated to processed. Don’t know how long it will take to get a refund though.

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    Mine says the same message now except my processing date is 1/25.
    Hopefully refunds will be processed sooner.

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    just check on the louisiana state income tax website…. states my tax return began processing on 01/29 please allow 60 days to complete.

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    @Beewee12 I didn’t get mine until June last year. I had to call just to get mine refund. I am going to call them earlier this time.

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    @angeleyes67 really hope we don’t have to wait until March. There’s gotta be a benefit to filing early! Lol

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    @Beewee12 no movement for me

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    Any movement on LA?

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    I filed on 01/31/18 and accepted the same day. It takes forever to get a refund back.

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    I usually get louisiana in March as well, no matter how early I file. Mine were accepted 1/29 as well.

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    They take forever. I have always gotten mine in March

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    Any Louisiana refunds received? i filed 01/29 and was accepted the same day for state

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    so, it’s now been 70 days and still haven’t received my refund and my status still hasn’t changed on the LDR website. I have been emailing and calling every day for the past week and now one has gotten back to me. I haven’t even received anything in the mail saying what the hold up is. I efiled on 1/29 , my La state refund was accepted and began processing 2/10/17. What do I do if they never give me my refund? Who do I contact?

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    @Louisiana_Gal Thanks. Yesterday, I emailed the same girl I spoke to a week ago, who said she was going to have it expedited. She hasn’t responded. I emailed again today and called. But no answer.

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    @Ashley I would definitely keep calling them. Everyone that I know received their state refunds last month. Just be persistent with calling in until someone tells you what is going on. I would also make sure that my mailing address is current with the state (LA Department of Revenue) in case they need to send you something in the mail. Good luck..

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    My Louisiana return was filed on 1/29, accepted 2/10 (because of forms they were waiting on), and it’s been 68 days and still have not received my refund. I contacted the LDR on the 60th day & she said she would have the “processing my return expedited.” That was a week ago and still nothing. Is anyone else still waiting and over the 60 day mark? I emailed again yesterday and no one has responded and if you call it says because of the high call volume they can’t take your call and it hangs up. This is ridiculous.

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    @Louisiana_Gal, mines said the 13th, but checked my account and it was there on the 11th.

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    Update: The LDR system must have been down this morning when it was giving me the error message. I just checked the WMR again and it says “You refund was forwarded to your financial institution on 3/18/2017. Please allow three (3) days for the refund to post to your account.” Why they are using the past tense for a future date, who knows, but that is what it said. At least I got a date to look forward to, although my bank probably won’t post it until that Tuesday if it is sent to them this Saturday. So I guess they are slowly trickling out….. Good luck everyone…

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    I also have a co worker that received his on 3/11 with his prepaid card. I filed before him by a couple of days and nothing yet. Nothing even pending in my bank account. When I check the LDR WMR it says error (I’ve only checked today, so there may be a problem with their LDR right now, not sure) When I log into my e-account on their website, it says processed and has a DCN # which usually means the refund has been sent out. Anyone else having this problem? I don’t need the money or anything but am getting a little worried that I don’t have it yet, or even pending in my bank account.

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    Filed 2/7 accepted 2/7, received DD 3/11

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    Nope, nothing yet… They will probably take that 60 days, or close to it. That’s what they have been doing for the past few years now. It will probably come around the middle to end of March..

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    anyone received louisiana state refund??

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    Still waiting for my state taxes….. online says up to 60 days but on my h and r block status it says should be in by 02/21…….lets wait and see

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    Mrs. Walpool

    I just called the Louisiana state refund number, the automated thing said that my return was processed 1/27/2017 and to wait 60 days before checking again. I was having issues accessing the website, I kept looking until I found this one:

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    Nope, have not received anything yet. It took forever to even file this year! TT didn’t have the forms ready so I finally was able to file on Jan. 31 on the Dept of Revenue website, which was supposed to open Jan. 23. When I check the state’s WMR I get the message: “Your Refund information is currently unavailable for this tax period. If you filed electronically, please check again in 60 days from the day you filed your return. If you filed a paper return, please check again in 14 weeks from the day you filed your return.” So, looks like it’s gonna be another long wait again this year for state….. been that way for about 4-5 years now..Oh, btw, TT finally emailed me a couple of days ago to say my forms were ready to file…. really TT…

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    Anyone received their Louisiana state return yet? I won’t be getting mine because they take it away but I was just curious about the progress.

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    Anyone in Louisiana know if the dept of revenue website starting accepting tax returns today? They were supposed to open today like federal, but Turbo Tax is still saying the state forms won’t be available until 1/27…

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    La received my taxes in 2/10/16 website says still processing really this is such B.S. La said it takes 60 days because of scams the only scam is at the state capital

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    I filed my return on January 19th at 3AM to insure getting it in on time. I filed all the correct paperwork. On March 15, 2016 I got a letter from LA Dep of Revenue stating that they were in the process of reviewing my Louisiana Tax Return and requesting a copy of the invoice and receipt to support the solar installation (which was included with the original return). That was 48 days ago. I have not heard anything yet. Using the automated system (where’s my refund) it states “no tax return on file for that tax payer”. Hmmm

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    Shelby Goodwin

    Has anyone received their LA State Refund?
    I know a lady who file 1/19 got DD on 3/14, my sister in law also got her state. I’m having the hardest time to talk to an actual person. Who knew government LA dept of rev closes at 4:20pm

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    Just received a letter in the mail today stating my return had been selected for review.

    Will take up to 90 days for them to complete the process.

    Please share if anyone else has been successful receiving their return with the solar tax credit.


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    Your online tax return is Processing.

    Started on: 1/19/2016 12:02:26 AM
    Attachments: Yes
    Submitted on: 1/19/2016 12:48:24 AM

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    I submitted my return on 1/20/16 it was accepted the same day. Dept of revenue says give them 60 days because of extra security measures to prevent fraud. Don’t know if it will take the entire 60 days though.

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    I have noticed several people who have posted on here had received review letters from LA dept of revenue.
    I filed extension and taxes were filed on Oct 15.
    I am suppose to receive refund from the state – but i received a “review letter” from them yesterday.
    The posts i have seen on here are from back in Jan, Feb, March – Can any of you guys tell me what became of your ‘review’ process?

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    My 21 day wait time was up Wednesday 5/6/15. I called today and was told I was “randomly selected” for a review that could take up to 90 days!! Why?!?! This is very aggravating. The lady at the revenue department stated they sent a letter letting me know I’m under review, and I should receive the letter today. There was no letter from them today. Will it take the full 90 days to review?

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    Has anyone got there refund that got the 90 day letter. They had no reason to give me this letter. Now i am still waiting with no reply. Has anyone got theres. Do you know a number i can call???

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    I haven’t waited this long for my is frustrating. I bet they didn’t have to wait for their refund. Lol. I am thinking Louisiana is a crooked state.. Give us our money that we work for this past year. And when u call u have u leave a message…..that a load of crap.

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    Filed 1/20. Has been stating refund waiting for approval for 3 weeks. Anyone got a good number for these fools?

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    I am also under a “90 day review” for my LA state taxes. I had the message “Your return was received on 2/17/2015. Please allow 21 days for processing” then without notice (after the 21 days) it changed to “return received but processing had yet to be completed” so i called them and the CSR told me i was pulled for a 90 day review WTF? She couldnt tell me why but that there was nothing they needed from me at this time. I want my interest also this is so unfair. Several people i know has gotten their $200 minus but it seems everyone due a refund over $300 will have to wait. Smdh

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    Finally, after filing and being accepted on the 22nd of January and stating that I was sent a letter to ID verify on March 4th, (never received) faxing all info over 2 times, I received this message on today….

    Your refund has been forwarded to your financial institution. Please allow 2 business days for the refund to post to your account. If you have not received your refund within this time, please contact your bank. If you have not received your refund after 30 business days, please call us at 855-307-3893 during regular business hours Monday through Thursday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:20 P.M and Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 4:20 P.M.

    Its about DAMN time…

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    Leo G

    I filed on Feb 28. Received my Fed refund on March 11. We received the letter saying our State of Louisiana return is under review and will take 90 days. In my opinion this is a ploy by the state to use my money for free for 90 days because they have mismanaged the budget. Oil and Gas taxes are falling way short of their planned input to the budget. Therefore they are scamming the citizens to offset their lack of planning. I will demand interest on the use of my money for 90 days. E-filing is supposed to take 21 days. On the 21st day they send me the letter. Plus, the postmark on the envelope is March 16, but the letter is dated March 19, thereby gaining an extra 3 days for the state since the letter states 90 days from the date of the letter.
    I am not standing for it.
    Anyone want to file a class action suit is welcomed to join me. E-mail address is [email protected]. If I get a few more I will start a website. We will quickly find an attorney to take on this cause for us. They think it is sheep versus wolves. But it mongoose verses the cobra.

    #4110309 Reply

    My has been on pending approval for 3 weeks, said I had to ID verify wouldn’t let me, so I faxed info on 3/10 and it still says pending approval….

    #4110075 Reply

    Still showing pending on mine also. E-filed on Mar 1st and already got my fed refund! What is going on with Louisiana????

    #4110070 Reply

    What does it mean when my refund status changed to “the original refund has been changed and I will receive a letter”? Why would my refund change!?

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    2013 Taxpayer

    We did our taxes through Turbo Tax in February. Still says pending on their website. It’s alright for them to keep our money, but if we are 1 day late we get to pay a penalty. What’s fair about that?

    #22360 Reply

    We still haven’t got our money. We got the child care letter and faxed the woman that day and on the website all it says we have recieved your stuff buts it’s still pending… this is total BS. We want our money!!!!!!!

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    I filed both my boyfriend and my own on the LA revenue website on the same day. Mine says pending approval, his says received but not completed, whats the difference???

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    I’m STILL waiting on my state return. I filed with Turbotax online (which I’ve done for the past several years). Both were accepted on Feb. 4th and I received my federal back 10days later. Just kept waiting on state until I got a letter from the LDR on March 10 saying that my return had been pulled for review because of my child care credit (which I was denied for the previous year and just wasn’t sure why so I let it go) and could take up to 90days to be resolved. (This entire time my status on the LDR website was “received but processing has not been completed”). At the beginning of April I checked the website and my status had changed to “pending approval”, that same day I had a letter in my mailbox saying I was again this year denied the child care credit and they needed me to send them the information from my child care provider. I faxed it to her that day along with the same information from the year before, assuming that’s why I was denied then also. Checked the website again that evening and my status had changed back to “received but processing not completed”.

    On the 15th I got a letter from them again saying I was denied and my return had been adjusted to deduct the child care credit. In the mailbox was also a certified slip, picked up that letter from the post office which was the same letter in a diff format and wording. The odd thing about those is that I received both on the 15th. Both were stamped at the post office on the 14th but one letter was dated the 15th and one the 16th. How did you type these letters 2 days after you mailed them? Crazys! But I thought, ok, whatever, I’ll just wait for whatever I’m getting back. I decided to give them a call on the 17th just to check. She informs me that the adjusted amount should be deposited the following day and that she also approved my child care credit for 2013 and 2012 and those amounts should be deposited in 8 to 10 business days, which I’m so excited about but am so confused bc I keep getting these letters saying I’m denied.

    Check my account today, the following day, still not there. Check the website and it says it was deposited. Ahhhhh!
    Louisiana needs to get it together!! I didn’t spend relying on that but the extra wouldn’t hurt.

    #21886 Reply

    They deducted 1200.00 from my Federal return due to “unpaid” taxes in 2011. Which is crap because I’ve never not received a refund. Turns out the program I used only sent in my federal that year. Anyway, I filed on February 2, 2014 and it was accepted within a few days (by both)

    I called the 2.5 weeks ago and was told that I should have received the “90 day” letter, as well. That the money they deducted would also be returned to me (because I went ahead and finished the return for 2011. In addition to that, I would also be getting an additional $90.00 for my 2011 return. However, the reimbursement along with the $90 would only be sent out after my 2013 refund was approved/sent out for payment.

    Last week the status of my refund went from ” has been received but processing has not been completed.” to “pending approval” and today when I checked on it, it was back at “has been received but processing has not been completed.”

    Anyone else ever hear of something like that happening? ((insert angry face))

    #21509 Reply

    I filed my simple return with Louisiana and it was accepted on 2/4/2014. I have still not heard anything on my return and when i check the website it says return recieved but processing not complete. It has said the same thing for weeks. Sadly when i called them the girl i talked to was just as cluless as i was and was no help at all. All she could tell me was my account looked in order…..ummmm ok thanks for that info Louisiana…..seriously annoyed…shh!!

    #21484 Reply

    My boyfriend received his on Friday. When we checked the status it said his had been mailed on the 3rd. I filed before him but when I check my status it still says processing has not yet been completed. I filed in January, got accepted on Feb. 4th so it’s been over a month I have been waiting. I did a simple return. No kids, property or money owed so I have not clue what is taking so long smh

    #21474 Reply

    I receied the same under review letter and get to wait 90 days.
    We really don’t have much we claim other than small children, home interest/taxes, a small dividends and interest.

    At first I thought I must be being audited by thestate (federal sent me my dd within two weeks of filing) but now I’m wondering if it’s their software and them being backed up.

    Last year I remembered I had to call multiple times and got the we’re backed up response and waited two months.

    #21409 Reply

    Nope, I can’t wait to move to TEXAS next year.

    #21408 Reply

    received the dreaded letter,
    Dear Louisiana Taxpayer”
    We have received your 2013 individual income tax teturn. your return has been selected for review. Ath this time, no action is required on your part. Our system reviews each income tax teturn prior to issuing a refund. This review detects errors and or credit claimed which require appropriate documentation. In addition, the review process saves La taxpyers millions of dollars each year in refunds that should not be paid, It is the goal of the department to complete thie review process within 90 days from the date of this letter. Please allow the allotted 90 for the review of your return. If additional documentationin is needed, you will be contacted.

    Thank you for your patience
    Lousiiaia dept of rev

    will they pay interest for the 90 days?

    #21399 Reply

    I am beyond annoyed we are still waiting and filed with freetaxusa which we always do. We are broke right now and can’t pay bills waiting on the dang state tax. It says the same thing you guys have said. We sent it in on Feb 1st!!!!!

    #21389 Reply

    I efiled using turbot tax and was sent to Louisiana at the beginning of February. It was received and processing is still not completed. My status changed from received and processing still not complete to pending approval (that showed for about 3 days). It went back to received and processing still not complete. I will call today because I suspect that required documentation is required for credits I filed for.

    #21358 Reply

    Joy, I have no childcare, did they send a letter, they told me they did but I have not received

    #21354 Reply

    Bill, I spoke with a rep and they requested my child care expenses. I had to resend all the documentation in again. This whole process is beyond annoying. My fiances has been “received but still processing” and hasn’t changed status.

    #21352 Reply

    Filed on 2/7 return accepted 2/8. Website has said “received but processing has not been completed. Beyond aggervated!!!! Has anyone on here heard anything else or received your return??

    #21328 Reply

    My refund status on their website has not changed in weeks. Is the site even working??? My refund was accepted by the state on 2/4 and i have heard nothing since. Im sure if i owed them money i would have heard from them the next day. Im getting a little frustrated with them….

    #21316 Reply
    Bill walker

    Joy, I was told the same thing. Was anything abnormal about your return. Random review? I will keep u informed

    #21285 Reply

    I called yesterday. The rep stated my refund was under review and would take 90 days. My status showed ” has been received and is still processing”. I checked again this morning and it showed “pending approval”. I filed on Feb 5th. This is very confusing and annoying.

    #21270 Reply

    Has anyone called

    #21268 Reply

    I am thinking its the software they have now. It is a very slow process.

    #21267 Reply

    Mine has been saying received but processing has not been completed. What is with the delay? I am thinking its the new identity theft software they have now. But its been a month for me.

    #21261 Reply

    My refund status on their website has said my return has been received but processing has not been completed. It has said that for about 2 weeks now and i filed back in the beginning of Feb. Whats going on with the Louisiana tax refunds??

    #21116 Reply

    Pending approval was right before they send refund.

    #21115 Reply

    Got my refund today. filed and accepted 2/4. Status changed to “sent to bank” on Sunday

    #21109 Reply

    2 people in my office got theirs from state of Louisiana, one filed the 31st and one the 4th electronaically

    #21082 Reply
    Impatiently waiting in Louisiana

    Just checked and mine says pending approval? What does that mean?

    #21074 Reply

    cyoung, did you get a DDD on the website? Was yours through your bank or card? Mine is still processing….

    #21073 Reply

    i received mine today

    #21070 Reply

    I am also waiting for my Louisiana State Refund. If anyone get theirs today, please post. The refund site says that my refund is being processed but it is not completed

    #21056 Reply

    havent gotten mine either it says processing but not complete was pending approval. when i called yesterday i was told it was scheduled to go out this week.

    #21055 Reply

    First mines was saying pending approval. And now it is saying processing

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