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Letter from IRS about form 1095-a

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    My fiancee got a letter from the IRS yesterday saying that he did not include his 1095-a for the marketplace insurance. So we printed it out and faxed it to them this morning. The lady on the phone was not very helpful. She just kept referring us to the letter stating that it would take 6-8 weeks. I am sure it will not take that long being that it was not an amended return but yet a simple mistake. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and how long do you think it will take to get itself worked out?

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      I’m happy for you least there is some movement… On my end I’m locked out of my they say I’m under review and I tried to order my transcripts by phone and its still not available.. So its not looking good for me..


        @trisha07. I called a lot but it kind of added on to the anxiety because I constantly got the run around. My experience was kind of like MelissaM and amber. It took about three weeks from the time they received my faxed info


          *update* Filed originally 1/20 and accepted same day. On my 21st day I called and was told a letter would be mailed because I was missing form 8962 and would need to send in form 1095-a, the letter, and form 8962. Finally got the letter on 2/17 and faxed in the stuff the next morning. I called last Friday and she said that she couldn’t see where it was in my file, it didn’t mean that they didn’t receive it, but they haven’t put it in the system yet. I called again on Tuesday and the guy told me that they received it and it would be processed within 10 business days and I should get my refund in 4 weeks. I checked my returns several times yesterday and they updated around 9pm. I could finally view my 2014 return transcript but the account still had not updated and showed no return filed. Today I checked and my account transcript updated with 846 code and cycle date of 20140805… after researching that means that refund issued and DDD is Tuesday. WMR hasn’t updated yet, hopefully tonight. So I guess it varies with everyone since I just sent in the stuff last week. Will update when I actually get my refund.


            I just wanted to give a quick update and a little hope to those still waiting after sending in missing forms 1095-a / 8962. I faxed in the requested forms on 2/10, was able to see transcripts on 2/24 and WMR updated 2/25 with DDD of 2/27/15. Just checked SBBT (I filed through Turbotax) and they show that they received my refund from the IRS, so I am just waiting for it to be posted to my bank account. It looks like it is taking 3 weeks from the time they receive the missing forms for them to process your return and release your refund.
            As soon as your transcripts update and you see the 846 code, you should get a DDD within 24 hours and your refund 5-7 days later. I know every case is probably different but I wanted to share my experience because I had all but lost hope that I would see my refund before April. Keep checking for your transcripts…they update throughout the day. I had a horrible experience this year, and will not be filing on opening day again. Good luck everyone!!


              @travanti: so should I call…or just wait to see if maybe just maybe I can get into my transcripts and get some kind of good news…


                @trisha07. Yes I called even after they told me about the review because I felt like they were giving me the runaround. I was told that it’s considered under review because the return had to go to the error processing department due to missed forms and that causes the review. They will then review the form to make sure the information matches up. I know they will give the generic 4-6 or 6-8 week answer but it only took three from the time they received my faxed info. I didnt receive a second letter just the initial missing paperwork letter.


                  @Travanti:its really irritating that we have to go through all this..I lost my job in January didn’t think this was going to happen and now this….did you call everyday after they told you you were under review she kept saying they might send me a letter…why would she say that…she basically told me we got your paperwork and now its being reviewed…smh…can we just get some good news…


                    trisha0711 actually they told me that last week and I was upset that I was thinking that it would take an extra week but it all updated this week


                      @Travanti..when you called and called did they ever tell you that your paperwork was received and is being held for review…they told me that today.. The lady said that its not necessarily a bad thing but that it could just be that they are reviewing the info I sent in


                        @Travanti CONGRATS!! im happy at least one of us has a ddd!! We called yesterday and got no where fast.. she said the number next to his 570 code was some kind of processing date, and to call back on monday. If nothing by then, then to wait another 4 weeks. :-(


                          @shay I had the same issue. Received my letter on 2/2 and faxed papers in 2/3. Called everyday and got different answers but my transcripts finally updated the morning of 2/24 and I just received a DDD for 2/27 this morning on WMR.


                            I filed and was accepted 1/28. Was told on 2/19 they had mailed letter re: 1095a and 8962. The rep said letter was mailed 2/10. Received and faxed forms on 2/24. So how long will it take for my refund to be issued.
                            Anyone fax their forms and get refund yet???


                              Update…Filed and accepted 1/20 through TT. Received my letter requesting copies of my 1095-A and 8962 on 2/9. Faxed info to the IRS on 2/10. As of this afternoon (2/24), I am FINALLY able to view all my transcripts for the first time with the 846 code. Hopefully WMR will update tonight with a DDD. Going off of the research I have done, I should get my refund around 3/2 (fingers crossed).


                                I been watching this blog for about 3 weeks because I am in the same boat as everyone hear I file on Jan 20 and was accepted the same day waiting my 21 days and my tax agent telling me everything was ok when it wasn’t got my letter on Feb. 12 and faxed my papers in on the 13th. I called the irs and they told me the couldn’t tell me anything just I should have my refund in 4-8 weeks. My question is “will it really take that long?”I want give u the sad bah bah story but I need my money like 2 months ago lol. Please everyone keep updating ur situations. And if anyone has received a refund after this problem posted amount of time it took to receive it.

                                Oh yeah I tried to order transpcrits today and it said not available.


                                  ***UPDATE*** After about a month of waiting all of my transcripts finally updated this morning with the 846 and the cycle code of 20150802. It’s also showing that the refund is being issued 03-16-15. Of course I called about 3 times a day since I received my letter and faxed the info back at the beginning of Feb


                                    Anyone get an update? I was able to ordertranscripts finally last week on 2/13 but no change since then

                                    Joseline Arlington

                                      Can you please give me the number you fax it over.? I haven’t received the letter they supposed to send it on feb. 9 I still havent received it. and its 2*20*15


                                        Should I try reaching out to a tax advocate


                                          Form 8962 sorry it deleted it by accident


                                            Hannah just print out form On the irs website and your 1095A from the healthcare website and call the irs to get your batch number then mail it i never got mine either and this is what the guy at the irs told me to do. Also get which place you need to send it to address


                                              I don’t know what’s going on with my refund now. I filed on 1/9 was accepted 1/12. Got letter 12c on 1/29 and faxed all papers in the same day. I have no bars on WMR and n/a on all transcripts. I called today and first was told it hasn’t been 21 days since I was accepted. Had to flip out on this poor woman to make her understand that it’s been well past 21 days. Then she checks my stuff and can’t find anything in my account. She checked every error code she has and it all says processing. She can’t even find that they sent me a letter or if any faxes were received. EVERYTHING says processing. This is complete BS, all this because of healthcare?? I’m completely fed up. She told me to wait a few days and see if anything changes… ya I’ll hold my breath on that!


                                                I found out my letter was coming almost 2 weeks before I got it. So I used the fax numbers here to go ahead and send it over. I also mailed it to the irs offices. I got the letter 3 days ago and faxed it in the right way with the letter, batch number, etc. And I called today to check on it. The girl said it hasn’t been processed yet but that doesn’t mean they didn’t get it just haven’t worked on it yet and to call back in 2 weeks if I don’t see change on wmr. I asked about the first ones I faxed and she said that if there isn’t a batch number and the letter they sent then they don’t even look at it, just toss it.

                                                Roshanda Roberts

                                                  You need the letter to make sure u send it to the appropriate batch. There are diffewnt batches each case goes to and that rep jandles the information. Also HRB screwed up as well. Theycare the educated ones in this subject and should know the lingo being used. All i knew was Obama Care npt market place. Hey should have explained exactly what wpuld be needed. Instead they were quick to get our business and fail ro insure accuracy.

                                                  I pray it doea not take the full 6 to 8 weeks since it is not an amended return! Please continue to update when u actually gwt your return and how long it took.


                                                    ***UPDATE*** Just spoke with someone else and was informed that they received my fax. She stated that once they receive your fax it takes 10 business days to work the error and you will receive your refund within the 4 weeks


                                                      It has been two weeks since I faxed my forms back and I still have no answers. Transcripts are still showing NA and every time I call I’m given the generic 4-6 week reply. Called the advocate line and was actually asked what would are u calling for. I received my state tax refund about 3 weeks ago and lord knows Mississippi is extremely slow smh.


                                                        **update** still have the same cycle code on transcripts.. 20150605 which would be today.. No DD on WMR.. but have code 570 on transcripts now. So i guess another hold.. UGH!!! We filed over a month ago!!! Faxed in the paper work 2 weeks ago. This sucks BAD!!


                                                          the irs sent me the letter on the feb 6 . received yesterday and faxed the papers today. so many people i read are having this done. hopefully it wont belong now if they actually do their end


                                                            The fax number for sending in your 1025-A and 8962 is 855-204-5020. Make sure you send both.


                                                              So I was told my 12c letter was mailed out on the 6th, it is now the 16th and I haven’t gotten it yet. I was told the letter was sent from the irs processing center in Andover MA. Did anyone else get their 12c from the Andover MA center and if so can you please give me the fax number for that center that was on the 12c letter? Any information would be really appreciated!!


                                                                I received a 12c letter on 2/5. I previously had 1 bar and tax topic 152. I filed on 1/21 and kept calling to see what was wrong and they kept telling me nothing. I faxed all the information over on Sunday 2/8. I was worried about them not receiving. I finally spoke to a helpful person who was willing to go the extra mile. She told me the 12c letter was closed on 2/9 which mean they received the information. She also told me I was on day 16, because my return was accepted on 1/29 but they were on 1/21. I didn’t dig deep into that because I wanted to know whats next. She told me I should have my refund within 30 days of my day of acceptance. She told me to keep paying attention to wmr. She didn’t even say it will take 6-8 weeks. She told me they are reviewing and processing. I am hoping and praying she was correct. I hope I will get an update tonight.

                                                                Genny Harrison

                                                                  What fax number did everyone use? I didn’t get my letter (was told it’ll
                                                                  Come in the mail. It never did.)

                                                                  Just want to send everything in so I can get this sorted.

                                                                  Lori T

                                                                    Hi I am still waiting on my letter requesting the 1095A. It was mailed on 2/3 they say and have not gotten it yet. Can anyone tell me where to fax it to. I’m getting no help from irs. Tia


                                                                      @jo they asked to mail in both.. the 1095-a and the 8962


                                                                        msnicki, did they only ask that you mail the 1095a form or additional forms?


                                                                          I filed and was accepted on 1/20. On 2/9 I received a letter about the 1095-A and 8962 forms and faxed them in the next day. I don’t know how long to wait before I should call to check the status and see if received my fax. Does anyone know if a Tax Advocate would be able to help in this situation (with hardship)? This has been so frustrating. I have never had to wait more than 7-10 days for my refund.


                                                                            I am also able to order transcripts this morning, I couldn’t yesterday. Still no update on WMR


                                                                              I was able to veiw all of my transcripts this morning and I have code 846 (refund issued) and cycle code 20150605. WMR has not updated yet, but I think it will in the morning. I will let everyone know if it does.


                                                                                ***Update*** So this morning he was able to order his 2014 transcripts to have them mailed. He checked all week and they were unavailable. He couldn’t view them online because it kept saying the info was wrong. So I guess that means some kind of progress has been made. I am getting kind of excited now. I still have my fingers crossed.

                                                                                Keri Carpenter

                                                                                  I filled 1/21/15 and waited my 21 days called the IRS and they said they sent me out a letter on the 4th about my 1095-a and it is now the 12th. Does anyone know how long it takes to get to u


                                                                                    ***Update*** Just called the number on the 12c letter that I received 1-866-682-7451 and ext. 569 and I did not have any problem getting the lady to pull up my account, she was very nice, unlike most of the people at the irs. I told her what I had sent in and she said she would research my account. I was put on hold for about 5 minutes and she verified that they had received all of the requested information by fax and that my return had started to continue processing and that no further information was required from me. I asked about a time frame and I was given what the letter stated 6 to 8 weeks at most, but I feel much better knowing that my fax was received and has been uploaded!!! I was so worried about it being lost in the shuffle. (I also posted this under Letter 12c)


                                                                                      honestly* not only


                                                                                        Calling only won’t be much help honestly. I called today about three time and got no help. Hell one rep even asked if i filed in 2010,11,12,or 13 which let me know they didn’t look into my acct at all. Pissed me completely off. I received my 12C letter about a week and a half ago and I faxed the 1095-A and Form 8962 back to them. They had no record of receipt of either. Just getting frustrated because I have been accepted since 1/13. I knew it would officially be accepted until the 20th but it has been too long to have no answers.


                                                                                          @diane: I don’t know if I’d honestly go into lalaland of conspiracies and all, but it’s the government, they drag their feet. Hell I’m at my 21 day point right now and I STILL haven’t receive my 12c letter. TBCH, I’m going to assume the “Errors Resolution” department has X amount of agents vs every other department we all call and talk to, and since it’s in that department they are all manually processed, taking time, etc.

                                                                                          @kay: Did you go through the marketplace at ANY point to even see if you were eligible? Only asking because that’s the only way they’d say you went through the marketplace??? Secondly, it’s not waiting 4 weeks to receive the letter, I was told 5-10 days from the day it’s sent (I guess the mail is slow even when the government is sending it) and then 4 weeks from when they RECEIVE the information they are asking for. As for the no number to call, yea no-one ever told me a number, I just call the number in this thread, and I’ll probably do so again tomorrow since “officially” they’ll be able to look into it more. I’m not expecting a different answer or anything, but more-so maybe some information such as when the letter was sent or anything generic.

                                                                                          As for anyone thinking of doing the hardship approach, the IRS agent today said that you obviously need verifiable eviction notice/shut-off notice to fax to the TAS and even at that, you’ll only MAYBE get the exact amount released that’s shown on that. There is no “hey I got this shut-off notice, I need my return expedited” in a general sense.


                                                                                            I filed wit tt acceptes 1/12 did not need a 1095a but the irs put a hold on my taxes .. they said i recieved insurance through the marketplace and i did not… after a day of phone calls and being on hold. I wad told i had to wait 4 weeks for the same letter you are all referring to to be sent out ahain since i never recieved the first one. I was also told there is no number i can call i just havr to wait for the letter and respond by mail.


                                                                                              I am a 59 year old woman who recently lost my job and received the letter today.I was accepted on 1/20 so why so long to receive it.this is a conspiracy from the government to delay peoples money. I really need to know how long after I fax it in will I have to wait


                                                                                                Filled 2/20/15 and called irs today and say they sent a 12c letter out last thursday and should be getting it any day. He did not know what was missing. Does anyone know if it takes the entire 4 -6 weeks once received or if you actually get within a week or so. I tried looking for previous years to see when they actually got their refund but cant find much at all….any insight on someone who had this done in previous years?


                                                                                                  Same thing for me I filed 1/8 accepted 1/12 got the IRS letter 1/31 and faxed my 1095a same day. I have no bars on WMR and up until Friday I had the still processing message no tax topic but showed my refund amount. Now I have tax topic 152 and no refund amount of Friday. I called and they told me pretty much exactly what the letter says 6-8 weeks from the time they receive the form. I really hope I don’t have to wait until March to get my money


                                                                                                    Thanks for the update!


                                                                                                      Called the number in this thread, lady had no qualms about looking up the return after telling her “filed the 20th, accepted late the 20th, got a 12C letter just curious if they received the fax” and she said they did receive the forms, which I’m hoping aren’t the original forms or something and they are the real fax forms. Mentioned 4 weeks still, blah. :P


                                                                                                        @pugtor Thanks for the update.. we pretty much have the same thing. No bars.. no topic… just saying your refund is being processed. Tomorrow will be the 21 days for us. So its not looking good for that 21 days. Which sucks bad!! I am hoping to have some kind of update this Friday. I didn’t hear anything but just wishful thinking.


                                                                                                          Quick update. I’m still 3 days from the 21-day mark, but bars went away, no tax topic now either. Refund amount still shows.


                                                                                                            My question is my husband and I separated and on the 1095 A we are listed together but both of us underestimated our annual salary and both lost jobs and was without work. I filed head of household and he did stated he did not make enough to file. We are separated and have been for over 6 months. Do you think we will owe or what? I am going to cancel my insurance it seems to be more of a hassle than it is work.


                                                                                                              @Pugtor – yes, that’s what TT did as well. The forms weren’t really ready in the software and mine was sent partially complete. The first two columns were filled out. the rest was blank. Also, TT accidentally submitted my returns over and over again.


                                                                                                                My question is there’s no way everyone who filed a 8962 has to send that in (again) with their 1095-A. I’m wondering if all of the online software didn’t transmit them the first week or something. It’s in my JH packet that I downloaded so I don’t understand how the IRS says they didn’t get it. Even the 1095-A says on it that the Marketplace sends a copy to the IRS and just because there’s no way that everyone who has the ACA credit has to send that in I wonder what happened.

                                                                                                                Amanda Maher

                                                                                                                  Exactly, they’re going to only adjust the credit or debit if you over or underestimated your income. In my case, I got really sick in October so I underestimated mine, and am due a credit. But the IRS wants so badly to believe I owe them.


                                                                                                                    @Travanti: Nah, nothing at all. TBCH, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit, I know of some procedures/companies that do things once per week. I don’t personally think any of our faxes are like literally going to any specific person. It’s all electronic records anymore so I’m fairly certain it’s almost like a mailroom, people just man the fax machine and then scan all of the papers that come in. Then every so often the actual agent in charge of our return tries pulling up the returns.

                                                                                                                    While I don’t think waiting over 5 days before something is “done” about it is the right way to do things, at this point I truly feel we will be lucky if we see our refunds by mid-May. When the government has physical hands on things, prepare for it to take forever.


                                                                                                                      @pugtor did they say how long it takes to leave the “errors” department or how it even takes for them to receive the fax. The lady I spoke with yesterday told me that the faxed papers wouldn’t even be put into the computer until at least next Friday which I think is crazy if it was received the same day


                                                                                                                        @IRSWoes: From what I understand, you only owe money back if you didn’t give an accurate amount on your income when you signed up for the marketplace… at least that’s what I was hoping for. Otherwise, an epic amount of people are going to be extremely pissed off that their refund suddenly goes to $0 because they have to repay that “loan” every year…


                                                                                                                          I had this form, and when I filed I was not told to send it in (that I remember). i filed on 1/20, would i have gotten a letter by now if they needed me to fax it?


                                                                                                                            I also forgot to include my 1095 information on my return. I filed on 1/24 and my return is still processing as of today. I am waiting for the letter anxiously but I think tonight I am just going to fax it over to them to get ahead of the game. What exactly should I fax? just the 1095 and 8962? do they want a cover page?


                                                                                                                              I was able to speak to a tax advocate. This is really crazy — are you ready? She told me that it would be resolved by MAY because I owe $2k. Okay. They owe me $200 MORE because they requested the 1095-A and 8962. In other words, the crazy IRS believes that we have to repay the entire subsidy. It’s not a subsidy in their minds, but a loan.

                                                                                                                              After I explained twice, she seemed to be a lot nicer to me and said well maybe a month… but this is just — wow. I didn’t mean to submit the incomplete return either. TT sent it incomplete a couple of times before I sent the complete. SEVEN submissions in all.


                                                                                                                                Same thing here, you all. I received the letter Last Saturday 1/31 and replied the same day with the forms.


                                                                                                                                  I had the same thing happen to me and have been writing about my situation under the topic Letter 12c.


                                                                                                                                    So, got some super cool guy, somewhat, but he said it was a 12C letter, 4 weeks processing time, supposedly(?) TAS won’t even be able to do anything in terms of hardship just because of it not being past the 4 week mark, etc… will think about dropping Obamacare and just paying OOP if this will happen every year.

                                                                                                                                    Said the return “isn’t even in the system, it’s in an “Errors” department until they get the forms required sent back and then 4 weeks processing”.


                                                                                                                                      So, I just faxed my 8960 and 1095-A, called the number mentioned and ext 568, the guy said he was in payments and he was transferring me to the right department, so don’t get to excited after you wait on hold for 30+ minutes and get someone if you did 568.


                                                                                                                                        @msnicki No problem glad I could help. I tried to call in today just to see if they had received my fax and the rep was no help at all. She wouldn’t even look to see if the fax was received and gave me the standard 6-8 week answer. I don’t think it should take that long seeing as how the return was only missing a simple form but the reps won’t be any help at all.


                                                                                                                                          @Travanti i want to THANK YOU!! sooo much. Because without you we would have just sent in the 1095-a. We totally forgot about the other form. But thankfully we were able to resend everything again, with both forms today. So I am praying that it will all make it to his return.


                                                                                                                                            @pugtor I literally had to call about three times before I finally reached someone that gave me the info needed. She also told me to place your SSN and name on return on each form faxed in so they can put it with your return


                                                                                                                                              Yea, JH definitely sent 8962 with my return. I guess I’ll call tommorow to verify and see if they need me to send 1095-A and/or another 8962. SOAB, I just need that money. :(


                                                                                                                                                @pugtor the number is 866-682-7451 ext 568. I received a letter yesterday finally from the IRS that gave me all of the info. The 1095A is sent to directly to the IRS but for some dumb reason they still want you to fill out form 8962 using the 1095A and then faxing both forms to 855-204-5020.


                                                                                                                                                  @Travanti: Mind telling me what # you called? What you pressed to get to someone who told you that you were missing 8962? When/How did you know you had to send 1095-A in, mine says they send it to the IRS? Hell, at that what fax # did you send it to and how did you address it so it gets put with your return?

                                                                                                                                                  Jees, the lady I spoke to this afternoon asked me all sorts of questions, so I know she looked up my return, said no letters were sent out and that it literally just hasn’t processed yet. :(


                                                                                                                                                    @Travanti: Mind telling me what # you called? What you pressed to get to someone who told you that you were missing 8962? When/How did you know you had to send 1095-A in, mine says they send it to the IRS? Hell, at that what fax # did you send it to and how did you address it so it gets put with your return? :(


                                                                                                                                                      @msnicki I had the same issue. Filed with TT on 1/7. Accepted 1/12 and have been patiently waiting. Called the IRS a few times with no answer and finally yesterday I was informed by the one worker that actually looked into my account that I was missing the form. Make sure you fax in Form 8962 filled out as well because if you just send the 1095A they still won’t process it. I was told that it has to be manually reviewed by a human and not the computer so it make take a week or two. I think the 6-8 week time was if you mailed it in. A special department is supposedly handling these cases. Had I known insurance would cause these many issues I may have just took the no insurance penalty smh.


                                                                                                                                                        @pugtor Yes I agree, TT dropped the ball. I am not even really upset about it anymore, because I used to always get my taxes done by HRB. Then they had the education credit delay, so I said I would use TT, and here we go TT dropped the ball this time. It just seems that no matter which company I use they seem to drop the ball some way shape or form when it comes to me. LOL. You have to laugh to keep from crying.


                                                                                                                                                          @msnicki, I used JH and they asked for the actual information. In my case, I’m hoping that it’ll go through without the information. Oddly, you would think if you say “yes” to the TT question it would know enough to ask you for the inputs on the form… I’m surprised, I’ve ALWAYS used TT, this is the first year I used JH and will probably be the last but from what I’ve gathered TT dropped the ball pretty badly this year.

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