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    My fiancee got a letter from the IRS yesterday saying that he did not include his 1095-a for the marketplace insurance. So we printed it out and faxed it to them this morning. The lady on the phone was not very helpful. She just kept referring us to the letter stating that it would take 6-8 weeks. I am sure it will not take that long being that it was not an amended return but yet a simple mistake. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and how long do you think it will take to get itself worked out?

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    Reality has set in… Doesn’t look like I will be able to go back to school this summer. Without completed transcripts, I can not receive financial aid, and without a refund I couldn’t pay for classes if I wanted too. Nothing left to do but wait, I am due for graduation in December. If I miss my summer classes I can’t graduate until may 2016. Sad!

    Still no updates. No transcripts, no wmr. I’m devastated.


    Ulylinda Frazier

    Hello Everyone,

    For those of you that have had trouble obtaining a copy of you 1095A through the health insurance market place, here something that may help. I talked to a agent 3 weeks in a row trying to get this form so I could submit the information to the irs. After verifying my info, the agent had me create another health insurance market place account. Once I did, she took the application id from my old health insurance market place account, and added it under my new account. When she did this, I was able to access my 1095A to print off and fax to the irs. Still waiting to see how long it will take to get my refund.



    Congratulations to everyone that received their refunds and DDD.

    I have no update on wmr and I still can’t log in to see any transcripts. Hopefully something updates for me soon.



    Congrats to those that received DDD or even better, their refunds! :)

    Still no updates for me though :( Still can’t see transcripts online nor can I order them. I am able to log in with my new address, I’m hoping that means they are working on my file? Been 6 weeks so far.. I’ve been contemplating asking for a TA, but I just read that in many cases getting a TA slows the process down. I’m going to call again tomorrow morning. I will relay any information/updates, that is if I get a helpful IRS Rep!

    Hope all that are still waiting get some good news soon!



    **update** The money hit our account today at 430pm!! Please be patient



    I received my refund today 3-24-2015.. Like Miss Nicki said guys be patient and try to research your questions.. This is a link to explain some of the codes.. https://www.auditdetective.com/Transaction_Code_Definitions.html#codeDef800



    Sondra, feel lucky that you got someone to tell you that! I just got off the phone with them and the witch I spoke with wouldn’t even pull up my account. She told me, “You need to refer to your letter!”



    It’s been 21 days since they’ve received my forms through fax. I still can’t see my transcripts and no update on WMR….this is a crappy year :(



    I called the irs 3/20 to verify that they received the 1095 and 8962 faxed on 3/11. The rep told me that indeed they received my fax and I should receive my refund by 4/13 if they don’t need any further information. Hopefully it won’t take that long.



    Please everyone if you have not gotten your refund yet please hold tight!

    1/16 accepted filed with TT
    2/2 received letter about 1095-a
    2/3 Faxed over 1095-a
    2/13 Transcripts made available
    2/20 Transcript code 570 -More info needed
    3/6 Called, was informed refund was released 2/27 & should be here 3/13
    3/13 Called, was informed refund was never released. Agent released it on 3/13
    3/18 Called, confirmed refund was released on 3/13
    3/20 Transcripts updated with 846 code!!!
    3/21 WMR updated with a DD of 3/25

    So good luck everyone!! it took us the full 6 weeks to get this far. Now its time to see if it arrives on the 25th!!



    Still no update on mine and still the only thing on my transcripts is 1 of 3 W2s we recieved. Tuesday will be 10 business days that they’ve had the paperwork I faxed over. I realize that other people have been waiting longer but this is crap! I still don’t understand why the other W2s haven’t posted to the Wage & Income transcript. Also, I still have nothing on WMR.



    No real updates on transcripts today… only that I can finally log in with my new address, but all are still unavailable to order :( So frustrating!



    @mosstrap oh I know!! Now let’s just wait and see if we get an actual dd. I am very skeptical of anything until I see it.



    Same here Mrs. Nicki!!!! I have an 571 followed by an 846 code for 04-06-2015.. It’s been a long two months…Wwwhhheeeeewww



    **UPDATE** checked this morning FINALLY 846 on transcripts!!!!!!!!! this has been the longest tax season ever



    This is to help with Diana’s information. I know a few of us had issues with the Fax number on our records. To figure out the correct fax number you will need your File Location Code (FLC) which are the first two numbers in your DLN (14 digit number on your 12C letter) Match up you FLC with the location and then you have your accurate fax number! Here is the link to explain this http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-utl/6209-section4-2012.pdf Thank you @Diana!!



    Update i filed on 1/28 reacieved my letter 2/18 faxed 2/26 went into the system 3/9, able to see transcripts 3/18 refund approved 3/19 direct deposit date 3/28 hope this helps.




    I found this on the web for the tax assisters responses
    If the Status Code is
    And Then
    100 It is an unworked error record that is usually a
    1. Advise taxpayer to allow normal processing time
    Any line marked with a # is for Official Use Only 6
    simple problem that is corrected in three to four days.
    and to visit Where’s My Refund at irs.gov, or from the IRS2Go phone application from a smart phone, for current information. Where’s My Refund can inform the taxpayer of the projected date of the refund. Also advise the taxpayer not to call before the normal processing time frames have passed as no additional information will be available. 2. If problem is not resolved, taxpayer will receive a letter during normal processing time explaining any additional requirements.
    221/224 The taxpayer received correspondence. The case is in unworkable suspense and waiting for the taxpayer’s response. NOTE: Taxpayers will be contacted via Letter 12C, Individual Return Incomplete for Processing: Form 1040, Form 1040A and 1040EZ. CC ENMOD will display the selective paragraphs input on these letters except for selective paragraph “i” which is used for a narrative fill-in.
    1. Advise taxpayer to provide requested information; AND 2. Advise them of the four week time frame. The case will remain in suspense for 40 workdays.
    221/224 The taxpayer did not receive correspondence.
    1. Check CC ENMOD to determine if a letter was prepared. If a letter was prepared, and it has been 14 days or less from this
    Any line marked with a # is for Official Use Only 7
    date, inform the taxpayer he/she will receive a letter within the next 2 weeks. Do not prepare Form 4442, Inquiry Referral, until more than 14 days have passed from letter preparation. If the address has changed, see (5) below. 2. If a letter was prepared more than 14 days ago, prepare Form 4442, Inquiry Referral, and fax to ERS/Rejects. Advise taxpayer to expect a letter within three weeks. 3. If CC ENMOD indicates no letter was sent, and CC ERINV shows the remaining days in suspense is greater than 30 days, DO NOT prepare a Form 4442, Inquiry Referral. Inform the taxpayer they will receive a letter within the next 2 weeks. If the address has changed, see (5) below. 4. If CC ENMOD indicates no letter was sent, and CC ERINV shows the remaining days in suspense to be 30 days or less, prepare Form 4442, Inquiry Referral, and fax to the appropriate ERS/Reject Unit. Advise taxpayer to expect a letter within three weeks. 5. Verify taxpayer’s address. If it is a different address than the one on the original tax return, indicate the new address on Form 4442, Inquiry Referral. See IRM, Address Changes from Oral
    Any line marked with a # is for Official Use Only 8
    Statements/Telephone Contact, for oral statement authority information. If the taxpayer does not meet oral statement authority for the address change, advise the taxpayer to obtain Form 8822, Change of Address, per IRM, Ordering Forms and Publications, and mail the form to the center where they filed their return. If the taxpayer filed electronically, provide the IRS address based on which state they would have sent a paper return.
    If the Status Code is:
    And Then
    321/324 No reply has been received
    1. Reject Unit will work the case without the requested information.
    2. It should be worked in 10 business days. 3. Advise taxpayer if they do not receive correspondence or the refund in four weeks to contact us again.
    421/424 Correspondence has been received.
    Cases should be worked in 10 business days. Taxpayer should receive a refund within four weeks.
    2. Make referrals to ERS/Rejects on Form 4442, Inquiry Referral, when correspondence was sent to the taxpayer requesting missing information and he/she did not receive the correspondence and the case is still in ERS. If the taxpayer has moved and has a different address than the one on the original tax return, , indicate the new address on the Form 4442, Inquiry Referral. Inform the taxpayer he/she will be contacted within 21 days.
    REMINDER: If ERS/Rejects has closed the case, they cannot help the taxpayer.
    Any line marked with a # is for Official Use Only 9
    3. If the case is open in ERS/Rejects status 221/224 and more than 4 weeks have passed since the taxpayer responded to the notice, OR, the case is open in ERS/Rejects status 321/324/421/424 and more than 4 weeks have passed since the taxpayer was told they would receive either a refund or a notice, use the following chart and advise the taxpayer to re-send/re-fax the previously requested information. Tell the taxpayer to include a copy of the original letter. The address/fax numbers are based on the file location code (FLC). Inform the taxpayer he/she will be contacted within 30 days.
    ERS/Rejects File Location Codes Addresses and Fax Numbers FLC Location Address Fax Number 18, 20, 21, 75, 76 Austin Internal Revenue Service 3651 South Interregional Highway 35
    Austin, TX 78741
    Attn: SP Rejects Team
    14, 16 Cincinnati Internal Revenue Service
    201 West Rivercenter Boulevard
    Covington, KY 41011
    Attn: SP Rejects Team
    10, 80, 89, 90, 99
    Fresno Internal Revenue Service
    5045 East Butler Avenue
    Fresno, CA 93727
    Attn: SP Rejects Team
    09, 36, 43, 70, 79
    Kansas City
    Internal Revenue Service
    333 Pershing Road
    Kansas City, MO 641084302
    Attn: SP Rejects Team
    30, 32 Ogden Internal Revenue Service
    1973 N. Rulon White Boulevard
    Ogden, UT 84404
    Any line marked with a # is for Official Use Only 10
    Attn: SP Rejects Team
    4. If the case remains open in ERS and no actions have been taken to resolve the taxpayer’s inquiry after multiple taxpayer contacts or the taxpayer is experiencing a financial hardship, consider referring the case to the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS). Refer to IRM, Taxpayer Advocate Service (



    @Donna I would call again. Its been more than enough time. You deserve some kind of information and answers! I am in the same boat with you. But I did just find out that transcripts usually update of Fridays. I am hoping to see some kind of movement then!



    Leahia, your situation is almost identical to mine. I filed on 1/9 & accepted on 1/12. I got the letter 12c in the mail on 1/29 and faxed papers in the same day. I still can’t view my transcripts (n/a on everything) and WMR says processing with no bars at all. I have been calling for weeks now and every time I get told it was processed and to wait. Finally yesterday I was told that the papers I sent in were processed on 2/25 and that I would have my money within 4 weeks of that date. That’s NEXT WEEK. I don’t see how I can have my money that fast when I can’t pull up any transcripts and even the IRS guy said it still says processing. I don’t know what’s going on but they need to do something fast. This is just too long to have to wait.



    I have still not seen any movement either, filed 1/8 accepted 1/12 got the letter from the IRS requesting my 1095a 1/31 and faxed same day. I was finally able to order transcripts by mail 2/13 cant view them online though it says my identity could not be verified. I had a cycle date of 20150605 but a return due date of 4/15?? I also have a code 570 that says additional account action pending as of 3/2. This is beyond frustrating..I need my money or at least some answers as to why it is taking so long.



    I filed my taxes on January 26, received my letter on February 26, faxed my information on February 27 and have STILL not seen any movement on wmr. I am also unable to view my transcript. How much longer do I have to wait before calling the IRS AGAIN? This is so frustrating!



    Same here!! Anyone else have any issues with the fax number stated in your letter? It never completes transmission. Mostly its just busy… but when it does get through all it does is ring and ring and ring… I’ve been trying since Friday. I’ve called the IRS hoping to get an alternative fax number but have yet to get a helpful agent on the phone. :( I really think this number is a typo…



    It takes literally 4 -5 weeks from the time you send back the info. ( Some people have seen it as quick as 2 weeks but not many)

    I filed 01/22
    02/17 – received 12c letter wanting a copy of my 1095-a
    I mailed info back on 02/17

    On 03/15 I FINALLY got my orange bars back, transcripts available and a DDD of 03/19.

    It was a grueling 8 weeks from the time I filed and my 1095 was totally correct.

    Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!



    I have been reading this forum for a few days but here’s my situation. I used a CPA to file my taxes. Mine were filed and accepted on 2/16/15. I received Letter 12C on 3/9. I faxed my 1095A on 3/9 and had my CPA fax the 8962 on 3/10. My CPA told me that she did file my 8962 but that it was kicked out by the IRS without notifying her. I waited until 3/13 to call. The guy I spoke with said they did receive the forms but there was nothing started. I asked how long it would take. He said usually takes 10 business days but could take up to 4 weeks. So yesterday I logged on to see if anything had posted to my transcripts. The only thing is 1 of my husband’s W2s under Wage & Income. I don’t quite understand why only one has posted and nothing else, but at least there’s movement. This is getting very aggravating.



    I have been following this thread for quite some time now to get any advice or help on any tax information.

    I am in the same boat as everyone dealing with the 12c letter missing forms.

    I filed 1/31
    approved 02/01
    waited 21 days then called and was told they were sending a letter out to me.
    received the letter on march 09, faxed in all forms that were missing that same day
    Just called in today (March 17) and was told that they did receive my missing forms and the only notes that were on there was a projected date of March 30. I checked the WMR site and there still isn’t any information except for topic 152.

    Do you know if this means the projected date is accurate and if this happened to anyone? thank you!



    Still can’t log in to see any transcript for any year. Still saying the wrong info. Irs says they don’t know why the website says that and to order one to come in the mail. Why would I do that? It may not have the most up to date information. Rep said to call back in 4 weeks being that it takes 6-8 weeks to possibly process. If we should have a penalty for filing taxes late, so should the irs for issuing them after a certain amount of time.

    50,000 people made it through the cracks with incorrect 1095A. They were told to keep the tax credit, yet…I’m waiting on my money because of this 1095. This is beyond belief. I’m screwed for following the law. How unbalanced the scales have become.

    I will never advise anyone to get insurance through the marketplace. It’s a rip off! I certainly did not renew coverage!



    Grace: same scenario here received 2 12c letters was told when I called they want corrected 1095a



    @ Amber in in the same situation you’re in! What could possibly be taking this long?



    I filed on Feb. 5th accepted on the 6th. Received 12c letter on March 2nd and faxed in 1095a and form 8962 that same day. I’m still not able to see transcripts and WMR is still stuck on processing with no bars. I’m worried because we faxed over the 1095a and 2 weeks later we got another one that says corrected. Ughhh just wish things would speed up!



    @ Sondra

    for your transcripts the information it’s trying to verify is LAST YEARS RETURN info. I had the same problem and entered last years info and i was in!



    Ok , so I filed my return on February 5th, accepted February 6th, waited the 21 days, called the irs, told me that I was going to receive a letter, he gave me the specific number to fax to where my return was. Faxed papers March 3rd, and ever since I have no responses from anywhere and Irs is still giving me the usual 4-6 weeks. Im getting aggravated because I need that money for tuition next week.



    I’m getting very frustrated. Has anyone had any problems trying to view their transcripts? I’ve tried for several days and the system keeps telling me I’m entering the wrong information. I am certain of my address,ss #, and birthday.what could be the problem?



    What is everyone faxing in I faxed my original 1095a and 8962 in feb. I received another 12c letter sat so i called and now they are telling me to send corrected 1095a and 8962. They told me to send original the first time I called. They are as lost as we are!


    Mrs.Richardson 02

    filled 1-23 received letter on 2-18 faxed back on 2-18 called irs first I was told it could take up to six weeks called back two days later and the lady said four weeks but,,, when I try to see transpcrit its saying N/A im really starting to get inpatient,,,, WHERE’S MY MONEY I NEED IT NOW



    @Sondra I think I speak for everyone here that it really does differ. I have seen some people who have gotten there’s back in two weeks, some in 4 weeks. For us we faxed his in over a month ago. They are still saying wait another month! So honestly noone knows



    For those that faxed in your 1095… how long did it take before wmr updated? When I check, it still has the topic 152 and my refund amount is still there.



    I have transcripts visible finally and a code 846 refund issued 04-06-2015!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will I see it before that?! It doesn’t matter FINALLY an answer!!!!!!!! :)



    @ MsSmit, what sequence was your code in?? 570 first then 971? Or 971, then 570.. I had the latter sequence..I’m still waiting it seems since you fax yours in you have a week jump on me..




    So FINALLY my WMR updated today and I have a DDD for March 18th!!! Praise the LORD! LBVS I seen that I had a 846 code yesterday on my transcript so I knew that it had been released, but it still had a 3/30 date for refund deposit. My TA was supposed to call but she didn’t and so I had to go on a hunt all day and find her. When I did talk to her she said that everything had been processed and that she was going to call me in a week. That was it. REALLY?!? So then I mentioned that I had checked my transcript and that it updated. After I heard her click a few times, she said, that I had a DDD for 3/18. Then i checked my WMR this morning and it had updated with the same info. So here’s a recap:

    2/2 Filed and accepted the same day (H&R B)
    2/17 Letter was sent but not received until 2/21
    2/23 Letter, forms faxed
    3/6 Transcripts were updated (570 & 971 code)
    3/13 Transcripts updated again with 846 Refund Issue code
    3/14 WMR updated with DDD of 3/18

    Best to you all!!




    When I called they told me if I didn’t see my refund in 4 weeks call back. It’s been 4 weeks. I am calling back on Monday. If they tell me they have not received my form ( I am in Maine and mailed it to MA so it shoulda taken 2 days tops) then I am gonna fax it even though the letter states not to both fax and mail. I am ALL DONE with the IRS!
    I hope someday I owe them money and I can say “Gee it hasn’t been 8 weeks since I opened your letter, call back.”
    Bet that would go over real well.

    I am a single mom and this is the one year I really was depending on that money to help out.

    It’s not fair.



    Filed and accepted 2/19. Received letter from Irs for missing 1095A 3/10 and faxed back 3/11. I filed with turbo tax and did not get promoted to input anything from the 1095. After completing the 8962, it was found that we owed $600.00. I still don’t understand why, but it is important to complete these forms. If you do, you know what to expect…if not you may risk further hold up. Hopefully I will get it back in two weeks like many others. A fax confirmation is just as good as sending it first class mail. Just make sure to keep the confirmation page. Good luck



    @ Melissa, I calked today and the lady said its not even in their system .. I’m blowed!!!



    We’re in same boat Melissa.. I filed 1-30-2015 received letter 2-17-2015 mailed it back and still nothing here either..I think we should have fax it back even though the letter stated if I fax then they have no way to verify receipt of it… Let’s go have a margarita together and discuss this…lol



    Filed 01/22

    Mailed 12c letter back on 02/17.


    I am beside myself.

    I’d like to say congrats to everyone posting their DDD’s but really……..




    WMR UPDATED last night FINALLY had a DD of 3/16!!

    My processing was very fast once i sent in my 1095A letter. Good luck everyone!



    I received letter on 03/02 and faxed it in the same day. I still can’t view my transcripts, do you think I should call and ask to see if they’ve received my forms or is it too early. I know some people were saying that it took them 14 days to see an update. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.



    Filed 1/28
    Letter 2/23
    Faxed 2/24
    Checked wmr 3/12 finally approved refund and said March 21st!!!




    IF YOU FAX WITHOUT 12C letter they will throw it out. Best is to wait for the letter.

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