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Letter from IRS about form 1095-a

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      My fiancee got a letter from the IRS yesterday saying that he did not include his 1095-a for the marketplace insurance. So we printed it out and faxed it to them this morning. The lady on the phone was not very helpful. She just kept referring us to the letter stating that it would take 6-8 weeks. I am sure it will not take that long being that it was not an amended return but yet a simple mistake. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and how long do you think it will take to get itself worked out?

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        I have been reading this forum for a few days but here’s my situation. I used a CPA to file my taxes. Mine were filed and accepted on 2/16/15. I received Letter 12C on 3/9. I faxed my 1095A on 3/9 and had my CPA fax the 8962 on 3/10. My CPA told me that she did file my 8962 but that it was kicked out by the IRS without notifying her. I waited until 3/13 to call. The guy I spoke with said they did receive the forms but there was nothing started. I asked how long it would take. He said usually takes 10 business days but could take up to 4 weeks. So yesterday I logged on to see if anything had posted to my transcripts. The only thing is 1 of my husband’s W2s under Wage & Income. I don’t quite understand why only one has posted and nothing else, but at least there’s movement. This is getting very aggravating.


          I have been following this thread for quite some time now to get any advice or help on any tax information.

          I am in the same boat as everyone dealing with the 12c letter missing forms.

          I filed 1/31
          approved 02/01
          waited 21 days then called and was told they were sending a letter out to me.
          received the letter on march 09, faxed in all forms that were missing that same day
          Just called in today (March 17) and was told that they did receive my missing forms and the only notes that were on there was a projected date of March 30. I checked the WMR site and there still isn’t any information except for topic 152.

          Do you know if this means the projected date is accurate and if this happened to anyone? thank you!


            Still can’t log in to see any transcript for any year. Still saying the wrong info. Irs says they don’t know why the website says that and to order one to come in the mail. Why would I do that? It may not have the most up to date information. Rep said to call back in 4 weeks being that it takes 6-8 weeks to possibly process. If we should have a penalty for filing taxes late, so should the irs for issuing them after a certain amount of time.

            50,000 people made it through the cracks with incorrect 1095A. They were told to keep the tax credit, yet…I’m waiting on my money because of this 1095. This is beyond belief. I’m screwed for following the law. How unbalanced the scales have become.

            I will never advise anyone to get insurance through the marketplace. It’s a rip off! I certainly did not renew coverage!


              Grace: same scenario here received 2 12c letters was told when I called they want corrected 1095a


                @ Amber in in the same situation you’re in! What could possibly be taking this long?


                  I filed on Feb. 5th accepted on the 6th. Received 12c letter on March 2nd and faxed in 1095a and form 8962 that same day. I’m still not able to see transcripts and WMR is still stuck on processing with no bars. I’m worried because we faxed over the 1095a and 2 weeks later we got another one that says corrected. Ughhh just wish things would speed up!


                    @ Sondra

                    for your transcripts the information it’s trying to verify is LAST YEARS RETURN info. I had the same problem and entered last years info and i was in!


                      Ok , so I filed my return on February 5th, accepted February 6th, waited the 21 days, called the irs, told me that I was going to receive a letter, he gave me the specific number to fax to where my return was. Faxed papers March 3rd, and ever since I have no responses from anywhere and Irs is still giving me the usual 4-6 weeks. Im getting aggravated because I need that money for tuition next week.


                        I’m getting very frustrated. Has anyone had any problems trying to view their transcripts? I’ve tried for several days and the system keeps telling me I’m entering the wrong information. I am certain of my address,ss #, and birthday.what could be the problem?


                          What is everyone faxing in I faxed my original 1095a and 8962 in feb. I received another 12c letter sat so i called and now they are telling me to send corrected 1095a and 8962. They told me to send original the first time I called. They are as lost as we are!

                          Mrs.Richardson 02

                            filled 1-23 received letter on 2-18 faxed back on 2-18 called irs first I was told it could take up to six weeks called back two days later and the lady said four weeks but,,, when I try to see transpcrit its saying N/A im really starting to get inpatient,,,, WHERE’S MY MONEY I NEED IT NOW


                              @Sondra I think I speak for everyone here that it really does differ. I have seen some people who have gotten there’s back in two weeks, some in 4 weeks. For us we faxed his in over a month ago. They are still saying wait another month! So honestly noone knows


                                For those that faxed in your 1095… how long did it take before wmr updated? When I check, it still has the topic 152 and my refund amount is still there.


                                  I have transcripts visible finally and a code 846 refund issued 04-06-2015!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Will I see it before that?! It doesn’t matter FINALLY an answer!!!!!!!! :)


                                    @ MsSmit, what sequence was your code in?? 570 first then 971? Or 971, then 570.. I had the latter sequence..I’m still waiting it seems since you fax yours in you have a week jump on me..



                                      So FINALLY my WMR updated today and I have a DDD for March 18th!!! Praise the LORD! LBVS I seen that I had a 846 code yesterday on my transcript so I knew that it had been released, but it still had a 3/30 date for refund deposit. My TA was supposed to call but she didn’t and so I had to go on a hunt all day and find her. When I did talk to her she said that everything had been processed and that she was going to call me in a week. That was it. REALLY?!? So then I mentioned that I had checked my transcript and that it updated. After I heard her click a few times, she said, that I had a DDD for 3/18. Then i checked my WMR this morning and it had updated with the same info. So here’s a recap:

                                      2/2 Filed and accepted the same day (H&R B)
                                      2/17 Letter was sent but not received until 2/21
                                      2/23 Letter, forms faxed
                                      3/6 Transcripts were updated (570 & 971 code)
                                      3/13 Transcripts updated again with 846 Refund Issue code
                                      3/14 WMR updated with DDD of 3/18

                                      Best to you all!!



                                        When I called they told me if I didn’t see my refund in 4 weeks call back. It’s been 4 weeks. I am calling back on Monday. If they tell me they have not received my form ( I am in Maine and mailed it to MA so it shoulda taken 2 days tops) then I am gonna fax it even though the letter states not to both fax and mail. I am ALL DONE with the IRS!
                                        I hope someday I owe them money and I can say “Gee it hasn’t been 8 weeks since I opened your letter, call back.”
                                        Bet that would go over real well.

                                        I am a single mom and this is the one year I really was depending on that money to help out.

                                        It’s not fair.


                                          Filed and accepted 2/19. Received letter from Irs for missing 1095A 3/10 and faxed back 3/11. I filed with turbo tax and did not get promoted to input anything from the 1095. After completing the 8962, it was found that we owed $600.00. I still don’t understand why, but it is important to complete these forms. If you do, you know what to expect…if not you may risk further hold up. Hopefully I will get it back in two weeks like many others. A fax confirmation is just as good as sending it first class mail. Just make sure to keep the confirmation page. Good luck


                                            @ Melissa, I calked today and the lady said its not even in their system .. I’m blowed!!!


                                              We’re in same boat Melissa.. I filed 1-30-2015 received letter 2-17-2015 mailed it back and still nothing here either..I think we should have fax it back even though the letter stated if I fax then they have no way to verify receipt of it… Let’s go have a margarita together and discuss this…lol


                                                Filed 01/22

                                                Mailed 12c letter back on 02/17.

                                                STILL NOTHING.

                                                I am beside myself.

                                                I’d like to say congrats to everyone posting their DDD’s but really……..



                                                  WMR UPDATED last night FINALLY had a DD of 3/16!!

                                                  My processing was very fast once i sent in my 1095A letter. Good luck everyone!


                                                    I received letter on 03/02 and faxed it in the same day. I still can’t view my transcripts, do you think I should call and ask to see if they’ve received my forms or is it too early. I know some people were saying that it took them 14 days to see an update. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.


                                                      Filed 1/28
                                                      Letter 2/23
                                                      Faxed 2/24
                                                      Checked wmr 3/12 finally approved refund and said March 21st!!!



                                                        IF YOU FAX WITHOUT 12C letter they will throw it out. Best is to wait for the letter.


                                                          here’s my experience:

                                                          USED TURBO TAX, submitted 1/26 IRS originally REJECTED due to wrong dependent social. I corrected and resent, and they were accepted.
                                                          For 2 weeks i was stuck on 1 bar, then the 3rd week they disappeared. My transcripts have all said N/A except RETURN transcript which had stated no return received.

                                                          After 21 days i called IRS, 1st rep said my return was never received
                                                          2nd rep said that they were processing
                                                          3rd rep finally said it looks like i will get a letter but not under a review
                                                          it was a 12c letter stating they did not receive my 1095a from covered ca. (thanks obama)
                                                          5 days later 3/2 the letter was actually sent out, and i received 3/4

                                                          I immediately faxed the missing 1095a ONLY (NOT OTHER FORM 8962) and called 2 days after they said they had them and to call if i did not receive my refund in 4 weeks.

                                                          LAST NIGHT TRANSCRIPTS FINALLY UPDATED WITH 3/30 PROCESSING DATE AND CYCLE 20151003, NO WMR UPDATE THOUGH OR DD.

                                                          Happy to see some progress. I’ll let everyone know if i get a wmr update tonight. Good luck

                                                          William T

                                                            Surprised TerribleTax allowed everyone to submit without 1095A. I used HRBlock, which I liked much better when it eas still Kiplinger Tax Cut (Mac and PC). HRB kept saying had to wait until next update (to eFile) because IRS and last update it said I had to wait until next update (Mar 16) becsuse I had more than one 1095A (despite my best efforts, when I applied for premium credits mid-year and chose exact same policy, everyone treated as different policy and that generated another 1095A. The pre-credit policy 1095A had no values for SLCSP. Made even less than estimated when I applied for ctedit and needed additional credit sooner, so combined 1095A, labeled it corrected and submitted. Hit 21 days today and for last few days the message changed to refund date will be provided when available. I may have additional problem due MetLife sending a corrected 1099 JUST A FEW DAYS AGO, which my muck up the works. Was POd at HRB, but now Im glad I dont use TT.


                                                              Fax# 855-262-0485

                                                              I filed on the 9th and been calling every day since 21 days after I filed and been getting the run around to wait for the letter. Today I called and a lady said the letter 12C states for me to fax in the form to the above fax. Why couldn’t someone else tell me that days ago. Now I guess its back to waiting. Lord Jesus please touch their system and workers to move faster and process what is needed and forgive me for my error in not knowing I was suppose to file this form, I need my money asap. Amen!


                                                                Can anyone tell me the fax number? I have not received my letter yet and don’t wanna wait if I do not have to. Thanks!


                                                                  I am waiting on a letter also, and they said it will be the end of the month for me as well. I had a math error, and they are adjusting my refund…Sucks


                                                                    So I talked to the IRS today. They said that they’ ve received everything and its done processing…. they just have to mail a letter to me informing me of the amount change. She also stated that my refund is scheduled to be released on 3/30. WTH!!! So at this point I have an appointment with a tax advocate on Friday morning due to financial hardship. My money is just currently sitting. -very upset


                                                                      I just off the phone with an agent from the IRS. She said since I mail my letter 12c in then it will take 6-8 weeks for them to process it and right now they haven’t even received it.. Post office tracking says it was sign for on feb-23, now today is March 10th and IRS says they don’t have it. The agent also warn me not to fax it since I already mail it and if I do then it will take twice as long. CAN YOU SAY IM STRAIGHT BLOWED!!!!!! WEll let my experience be a warning to others, DO NOT MAIL IT IN, muck what the letter says because mine said their was no way to verify receipt if I fax it in… Fax it in people if you want to get it back ASAP.. Well now I’m going to add up this extra interest I got to pay on these credit cards (I was going to pay them off) oh well.


                                                                        What a bunch of hooey, huh? Filed and accepted Jan 23, day 26 I call and they said wait for a letter no further info. Finally got it Thursday and faxed in 1095-a’s. Now another 6-8 weeks before they come up with some other line of crap. They could have told me this stuff when my bars disappeared what seems like months ago. These people simply can’t be that incompetent, I suspect politics


                                                                          Now i am seeing my refund amount again on the WMR and still says processing, is anyone else getting this? Last week the amout was gone and i had a refund link and now its gone again, does this mean anything?


                                                                            I’m in the same boat as everyone else. I filed 1-30-15 accepted next day and it was processing until February-13-15. I received letter 12c but instead of faxing the 1095-A form with the 8962 form I mailed it because the letter said they have no way to verify receipt of the letter if I fax it..So I mail it first class and it was delivered on Monday february 23rd… Now I’m just waiting for an update on WMR or transcript..


                                                                              Can someone please post the fax number for sending a copy of the 1095-A to the IRS? I called and they said that’s what they needed though I have received no letters. I have been in processing since 1/28. NOW they are regenerating an letter I never received and that could take up to 4 weeks to receive. This is so frustrating!!!


                                                                                I’ve checked all weekend and I only have 570 code with 0.00 next to it. I’ve read where some people say 570 means more information is needed, yet I am clueless on what information they need. I truly hope they update it Monday so I figure out whats going on with my funds!


                                                                                  I checked where’s my refund today and I have a direct deposit date of march 10th. This is the first day that I’ve seen bars in a long time. My transcript says march 23 so maybe this is hope for people who also have march 23 on their transcripts.


                                                                                    I was also able to view transcripts as of this AM…I filed on the 19th of Feb. Accepted next day. I do have the approval code of 846 with the 3/23 date (which I read means nothing or possibly means that by then they for sure must have released your funds/only for their records if that makes sense) ….I also have a cycle date of 20150905 which should result in an update with a ddd tomorrow morning ( so far I am only on one bar/received return)….I just assume this since ppl have posted updates to wmr even on sat with ddd. Now the cycle date implicates a ddd of the 11th of February (sooner or later depending of the the method used aka card banks etc.)
                                                                                    Now I assume for those that do not have a 846 code that whatever holds up your process either get a letter or will be done completely processing by the 23rd at the latest….and then it goes by how long the irs takes to issue the refund due to the error or problem that they had with your tax return.
                                                                                    Now there is hope if you do get a ddd by tomorrow or Monday at the latest if you have the same cycle date accompanied with the 23rd date as I do.
                                                                                    I hope that helps someone….more than that I hope we all get this done and over with faster that we think! Good luck!!!


                                                                                      @MsSmith I was also able to view transcripts today but they were not complete- I know I owe some back money and action is pending. I called the IRS and she said I should have my refund by the end of the month- it says 3-23-15 for me as well. She told me to just keep checking WMR for updates.


                                                                                        **UPDATE** so today his transcripts changed from having the last code of 570 to a 290 which means he owes back taxes. Now instead of 3-2-15 on the code 570 it says 3-23-15 next to the 290 code. But also has a cycle date of 20150905. But still no 846 code saying refund approved. No change on WMR. So again we still wait. This is officially the PITS!


                                                                                          @KoKo I was able to view my transcript today (for the first time!) and the account transcript says March 23rd. So I’m not sure if I will need to wait until then to get deposit or if it will maybe come early because I have direct deposit — praying for early!!


                                                                                            So I’ve been calling the IRS every day since i sent in my information and yesterday i finally got someone that actually gave me good information he said my return is still in code 224 which means “notice sent no information received back yet” and he told me that i want to be in code 421 or 424 which means it is processing, i really wish i would have written his name and number down bc he was the best by far. So i called this morning and waited on hold for nearly two hours just to talk to another one of these people that gave me the same generic answer all the others kept giving me that it can take up to 30 days to be put in the system and 6 to 8 weeks to process and that the previous rep shouldn’t have given me the information he did which to me means he actually gave me advice no one else would. I also faxed in an additional copy yesterday along with my certified card from USPS for my first attempt and a letter stating it was my second attempt. I thinks it’s complete bull shit that it would take so long for them to take the information i gave them and put it in the computer so that my return can process i did all the work and figuring for them so it can’t be that hard. So I’m going to continue to call every day until they tell me my information was received and my return is processing again.


                                                                                              My 1095-A had zeros in column B because I received no advance premium assistance as I was told I did not qualify. However, when I did my taxes, I fell within the correct income range and should get the premium tax credit. I received a letter from the IRS asking for my form 1095-A. I sent it in along with a printout from the 2014 calculator tool showing what the SLCSP premium should have been in column B each month. Anyone else with this issue? Also what are transcripts and how do you get them?


                                                                                                MsSmith, I am in the same boat- Filed on 1/30- received letter sometime the week of the 21st- faxed back on 2/23- status changed online(WMR) (not the (IRS2go app) from not refund amount and the topic 152 reappeared- because I had previously lost the bars and the topic- I know I owe money from last year. not able to see my transcripts.

                                                                                                Let me know if anything changes


                                                                                                  Does anyone know if you can fax your 1095 forms after hours or through the night?


                                                                                                    UPDATE: So today was the first day I was able to view my transcripts online. So progress has been made! On my account transcript, it said that I have a DDD of March 23rd. However, where’s my refund still hasn’t updated (I don’t have bars or anything; just the general message that a refund date will be provided). So does this mean that I should get my refund on the 23rd or that it will be sent to the bank on the 23rd?


                                                                                                      Hi! I’ve been reading and following this for the past few weeks and wanted to share my situation. So I filed and was accepted on 2/2 via HR Block. Received letter on 2/21 (it was a Sat.) so I faxed on 2/23. On Monday 3/2 (1 week later), I seen a change on WMR (NOT the mobile app) in which my refund amount had disappeared (I owe money since completing letter requirements), BUT topic 152 link had appeared. This was a change because previously there was no link and I had an actual refund amount. So I’m not sure what any of it means, but it looks like things are maybe moving! No transcripts available either


                                                                                                        after being able to view all my transcripts yesterday my wmr updated this morning it says my tax return due date is march 11 and it also stated that my refund was changed (due to me owing 600 dollars to obamacare) it took me 14 days exactly to get approved from the day I faxed in the info needed and 12c letter. so glad the waiting and stress is over. hopefully it will be for all of you soon.

                                                                                                        and yes I have seen people on other forums that ive been following in our same situation who have actually received their money.


                                                                                                          Travanti:no I haven’t got my transcripts but on Monday I was told my refund was released…but now I have to wait for it to hit my bank which will take two weeks…


                                                                                                            @Hanna it took exactly two weeks for me as well

                                                                                                            @Jo. yes I received my refund Friday morning after weeks of waiting

                                                                                                            @trisha07 have you received your transcripts. I know last time I checked you were able to order them thru mail but couldn’t see them online.


                                                                                                              Transcripts ordered by phone but no luck viewing them online no DDD as of yet…


                                                                                                                It seems like some people have been able to order transcripts with refund dates but I’m not hearing too many people say they’ve actually received their refund. Has anytime out there actually gotten there money?


                                                                                                                  The hold was supposed to come off yesterday. But nothing has updated on his transcripts yet. So I have no idea what anything means anymore


                                                                                                                    @HANNA; SO WHEN YOU LOOK AT YOUR TRANSCRIPTS DO YOU CAPITALIZE EVERYTHING


                                                                                                                      Update: Finally able to see my transcripts today and there is an 846 code saying refund issued. I filed 1/24, got 12c letter 2/17 faxed them in last night. so it took exactly 2 weeks for my transcripts to show. WMR didnt update yet but hopefully it will by tomorrow!


                                                                                                                        I got the 12c letter on Feb 17th, and faxed over all of my requested information that night. Still no change except today I get the same exact letter in the mail AGAIN! I don’t get it


                                                                                                                          I filed my return on 01/29 and after waiting for my 21 days i called on the 19th and the guy told me that i was getting a letter to send in my 1095A and my 8962 and he gave me the address in Andover,MA and a really long number and told me to put it to the attention of the ERS Dept. So that i didn’t have to wait to get the letter and i could send everything in which i did and i overnighted it and certified it to make sure they got it which per the certification letter they received it on the 20th. I’ve called several times since then to verify it was correct and that it went to the right place and that they are processing it but the only answer they keep giving me is that it can take up to 30 days to process which is really pissing me off i just want to know all the info was right and went to the right place. So just as a back up im filling out another 8962 and printing out another 1095A and I’m faxing it this time with the cover letter that came with the 12C letter i received last Friday I’m not going to chance that the info the guy gave me was wrong and it didn’t go to the right department or have the right information on it.


                                                                                                                            Filed and accepted on 01/22. Both my 1095-a and my 8962 were submitted with my return. On 02/17 recieved a letter stating they wanted a copy of my 1095-a.

                                                                                                                            I called today since its been almost 2 weeks since I sent in their requested info and the lady could not tell me anything! She said wait 4 weeks and call back, I just wanted to make sure they got my paperwork but she couldn’t tell me.

                                                                                                                            This is such a horrible unfair situation for those of us that followed the rules and purchased healthcare.


                                                                                                                              i efiled my taxes through turbo tax on jan 21, 2015 and was accepted the same day. I never got a ddd and then a few weeks ago received letter needing my 1095-a form and form 8932 which i never received. I faxed in the info and still havent got a date and unable to get transcripts. After several weeks of trying to reach someone at the irs i finally spoke to a very nice woman today who put me on hold several times because she couldnt see where i even filed my 2014 taxes. She then came back and said they did receive my forms via fax and should be processed within 10 business days and should have my refund within 4 weeks, its been 2 weeks so maybe this week or next i will get my refund. Just wanted to update anyone having the same problem.


                                                                                                                                @trisha0711 Not yet. He has a 570 with a date of today next to it. So I am praying that something changes today, and he can get a 846 which means refund sent. Everyone at the IRS is still saying 4-6 weeks. So we are going to keep checking his transcripts to see if anything changes.


                                                                                                                                  @MSNICKI; DO YOU HAVE ANY UPDATE YET… AND TO EVERYONE ELSE THAT WAS ABLE TO ORDER TRANSCRIPTS HAD A UPDATE ON WMR OR ANY OTHER NEWS…


                                                                                                                                    @Travanti; the last today told me I have to wait 4 to 6 weeks from the 25th of this month to receive my refund…: (


                                                                                                                                      @trisha07 yes I did. It posted to sbbt on the 26th and my bank account yesterday morning


                                                                                                                                        any luck on your part. ours is in the same situation. accepted jan 24. received letter 23 days later faxed the papers now going on two weeks since fax and still processing. The lady I spoke with was rude all i asked was if fax was received. as of 2/28 still waiting maybe next week i hope so


                                                                                                                                          @travanti: well I was locked out online so I ordered them by phone… So I don’t know the codes…. Did you get your deposit today


                                                                                                                                            @tiffany tucker 855-204-5020

                                                                                                                                            @trisha07 That is actually great news. did you have a cycle number on your transcript or a 846 code. Once I was able to view my transcripts WMR updated the next day for me. May be Monday since it’s the weekend


                                                                                                                                              Glad to see some of you are seeing some movement. I’m still stuck with nothing. Faxed papers in on 1/29 and WMR is still stuck at processing and n/a on transcripts. I’ve called 3 times already and all they keep telling me is it’s processing and I have to wait up to 8 weeks since I faxed the papers before anything changes.


                                                                                                                                                I had same issue.. I faxed letter on 2/10 and finally saw some movement today.. Took about 2 weeks


                                                                                                                                                  I was finally able to order my transcripts by phone since I was locked out from online…so now is there any way I’ll know when I will get an update on my refund this has to be some kind of good news…I’m happy with this movement

                                                                                                                                                  tiffany Tucker

                                                                                                                                                    Can anyone give me the fax number I was told to mail it? Can someone please help me so i can get it processed faster?


                                                                                                                                                      Anna; I faxed my papers in on the 19th yesterday I called they told me they received my paperwork but the I was now in review..but travanti informed me that he was told the same thing and a week later he was finally able to see his transcripts… Its just different for everyone….but with my luck its something new now…smh


                                                                                                                                                        I got a letter and called them. Apparently they thought I purchased health insurance through the marketplace. Once I fax it, how long will it take for me to receive my refund? Have you received yours? Thanks for the reply!


                                                                                                                                                          @Anna; have you got a letter you can fax it in or mail it in as well


                                                                                                                                                            I filed Jan 31st and got accepted on Feb 1st. After my 21st day I called in to check what was going on and they told me that I didn’t attach the form 1095-a. I am on medi-cal and don’t get that form… but they still want some type of proof. Would I be able to fax proof or mail it in? Thank you. It has been very frustrating!

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