If you got a DDD congratulations!🥳 Now help us!!😂

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      Help we’re stuck on still be processed! 😭😭😭

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          I filed at the end of April around the 22nd or 23rd I did owe previous taxes that was deducted from my refund I’m so glad I have a due date of May 25th thank you Jesus

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            Got a due date for May 25th after they deducted owed past tax debt

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              I filed on April 15th on 2nd day my bars disappeared with tax topic 152. my tax transcript updated the 4the week. On on May 12th I showed and adjusted refund amount at the top with a 570/971 dated for 5/30 (future date). This morning 5/19 my transcript was updated with a second 971 code dated 6/06 and no 571/846. I still haven’t received anything in the mail. Anyone else have this happen and received their refund? Help.

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                nothign for me today makes my 60th day for CP05 i got my state but no fed . im upset asf and i filed feb 24

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                    Nikki O

                      I filed 2/18/22
                      No delay message
                      Bars never disappeared
                      Transcripts updated early this morning with a Code 846 3/16!!!
                      My return from 2020 transcripts updated this morning as well with code 846 3/16.
                      2020 return was in the errors dept since August 2021. Had to get assigned a tax advocate. Was never asked to provide any documentation.
                      Yell don’t give up hope. Money may not come when u want it to but when it do, it’s right on time!!!

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                        @Lukas Skye hope you get it soon. Some people can’t even keep the as of date current. At least you got that; Keeps flipping back to last year with advance information. This really sucks!

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                        Lukas Skye

                          Filed on 2/4
                          IRS accepted same day
                          Filed thru TurboTax
                          Got a DDD 03/09/2022
                          And another date of 03/14/2022
                          Direct deposit with Chime
                          Nothing deposited as of yet but will update when it has.

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                            Any updates anyone?

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                              Accepted 1/21 ID verified 2/16 WMR updated from “a date will be provided when available” to “your return is being processed” 3/3 transcripts became available 3/4 with a ddd of 3/9. Sbtg says unfunded. Getting refund with credit karma money account filed with tt

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                              Ms tax

                                Total wait time was 1 month.

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                                Ms tax

                                  I can tell you my tax situation
                                  Filed TT 02/04
                                  Got accepted 02/07
                                  I had the we received your tax return all bars for two weeks
                                  Updated with the delay msg on 3rd week
                                  Updated transcripts code 570/971 last Friday
                                  Updated today with transcript DD for 03/09
                                  Did not have to verify
                                  Was told it was in error department have to wait 10

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                                    Filed 2/8
                                    Accepted same day
                                    Delayed message 2/27
                                    Transcript updated today 3/4
                                    DDD date on transcript 3/09
                                    I expect WMR to update tomorrow.

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                                      Hey there no I didn’t update I was on another post. Hopefully soon.. so happy for y’all! Thanks for the info!❤️

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                                        I updated today with a DDD of 03/09!
                                        Hope you updated as well!

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                                          Filed and accepted 2/4/22.
                                          I’m weekly.
                                          And had a MISTAKE ON RETURN. SO IT WAS HELD.
                                          Today I finally got an update to transcripts but not on wmr. WMR still says STILL BEING processed.I had codes 570 971 766. Today I got an 846 on transcripts for date 3/09/22.
                                          Before today I had no 846.
                                          THE MISTAKE-put the wrong EIP amount.
                                          refund automatically on hold 4 16wks. I just got 846 date of 3/9/2022 and 3/21/2022 In the places it used to say 3/14/2022 and 4/15/2022. I hope this gives hope

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                                            Well I updated today. I know have all the codes including 846 for a DDD 3/9/22
                                            That’s after I F/A 1/27/22 but knowing I screwed up with the advanced CTC. I knew I would be delayed. However I am now scheduled to have it deposited. Not sure this helps you.

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                                              Ms. White my transcript just updated today
                                              I f/a 2/22/2022 I have codes 570, 766 and 768 looks like I was increased to but ddd date

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                                                @Zaina same I sure hope we do tonight. If not I need to go sign up to be a stripper lol. 😂

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                                                  Can’t wait lol 🥰

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                                                    It changed on the 25th and reverted back on the same day. WMR has 1 bar, TT, amount on side, and the received and being processed message. Nothing seems to be wrong for now so just waiting for an update tonight hopefully

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                                                      @Zaina my bad..

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                                                        @zee97 did it change this morning or on the 25th?

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                                                          So what does it mean if your as of date changes and then reverts back? Mine changed to 03/14 and then back to the original one of 12/27/21

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                                                            Thanks for responding! Can’t until this is over. @Mswhite & @neekneek

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                                                            Ms white

                                                              I filed on February 3. And I have codes 766,768,570 and 971. I don’t have 970 code. And yeah same when I saw mine increased I started to want it more too lol

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                                                                Most likely if you been resequenced to a different as of date. I found that out when I called the tax advocate and they explained to me what happened, the date they told me it was corrected was the day my as of date changed to a later date.

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                                                                  How do you know if they corrected your return?

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                                                                    I got my refund today But I am here to help, Filed 1/15 accepted 1/19, delayed message 2/5, As of date changed ( this means there was an error and it was fixed so you are sequenced) They corrected my error on 2/9, from there I got my refund 3/2.

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                                                                      @MsWhite when did you file?

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                                                                        @ Mswhite mine was increased as well which is why I want it so bad lol. 😂

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                                                                          There’s a million! 😂

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                                                                            @2171usmc I was being funny didn’t you see the laughing emoji?! You are being rude and snotty, gtfo my post Lmao. The people who have DDD can tell us a lot! Transcript info, timelines & general Information about weekly/daily’s. Theirs a million post you could’ve left your two cents on. We’re good on this one.

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                                                                            Ms white

                                                                              I see alot of people saying their refund got reduced. They actually increased mine. HR block said I was getting $3300 and I checked my transcripts and it says I’m getting $4,800. I have the codes 766,768 and 570 on my transcripts. I think I have 970 too

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                                                                                Not trying to be rude or snotty just it’s the reality our situation. Aside from individuals calling, I don’t think anything can be done.

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                                                                                  How are people suppose to help? Serious question. I’ve seen the same posts still stuck on processing multiple times. I’m in that boat but aside from calling and various answers not much can be done. Those with DDs either had no issues, no ctc/eitc/actc or got lucky. My transcripts are there, they have 570/970 codes and they adjusted my refund (lowered) due to my lack of claiming the advanced CTC.

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                                                                                    @Andrew when did you file? Did you get Still being processed? Or told you’re in Errors?

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                                                                                      I actually got my refund in the wee hours today but I’m here to help. How can I help?

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                                                                                        Seriously though. They get a DDD and be gone 😂 we need help!! People filed when I filed around 2/17 and got theirs while I’m just stuck in one bar and I’m so done checking transcripts only thing new on there is a as of date March 14th 2022 everything else is old.

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                                                                                          Need to go to Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 family emergency this is bad for me! They’re taking forever filed on 1/19/22!

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