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    Anyone with 896 & 570 transaction codes on your transcript, please post here. Let’s update each other.

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      @2013taxpayer: are you also missing your bars? Also curious as to when you may have filed?

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        I would be happy to just get approved and get a DDD. It doesn’t even have to be for tomorrow ( although that would be nice!).

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          It would be really nice to get a DDD of tomorrow and have the money in our account when wake up LoL…….wishful thinking huh? This is just crazy though. So let me get this right if the hold on our returns are lifted tonight for the healthcare penalty then it is a possibility to still get a DD for tomorrow or do you think Monday?

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            nothing changed overnight for me either… 896/570…..cycle 20140402…..fingers crossed we will update tonight….

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              @Shaunna: i agree 100% with ya!!

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                @CRYSTALINORLANDO: i hope for good news for us as well tomorrow morning! i assume if we don’t have updates, you don’t either. I checked about an hour ago and still no change if that helps. If i do have any changes i will post here.

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                  Hopefully they do, its a mean trick to give us the same 1/30 cycle date and then hold out on us. I keep waiting for anyone to see a change. Downside to being in the first cycle….no one to base experience off of to know how its going to work.

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                    So if I filed on 1/6 and accepted on 1/13 and all my orange bars have been gone since around the 17th of January and I am having the healthcare penalty taken out of my return technically we should be seeing an update tomorrow morning? Am I correct? I havent been able to pull up my transcripts I was able to get in Monday and there was no information tried signing in Tuesday to take a look and for some reason it stated it was unable to verify my identity and after trying 3 unsuccessful times is locked me out for 24 hours tried again yesterday and the same thing so im not even 100% sure what my T’s are showing so im just left in the dark and it sucks!!! Hopefully we ALL get an update tomorrow morning!!

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                      @Shaunna: if they follow their own manual, we should still get it by tomorrow.

                      @cmonnnnn: same here and everyone else. I don’t know of anyone in our shoes that has had change as of yet on their transcripts.

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                        Same situation here. I have the 896/570 codes and no DDD yet and no change in transcripts since Monday. :(

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                          If its supposed to fall of today wouldn’t they release funds today and we’d see them tomorrow?

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                            @AshleyFromSC15: LOL….man, then we’ll really know they don’t go by their own book hahahaha. It’s gonna be a guessing game!!! Ahhhh!

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                              So basically 10pm local time today is judgement today and if no change than we are all doomed? LOL

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                                Yeah, definitely no funds for me for the 30th. I would have gotten in as of now in usaa. Unless if they release it right on friday…i am guessing too late for that so maybe next week. No surprise there cos of the 570. It was wishful thinking :(.

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                                  @whathappened’s findings from IRS manual:

                                  I found some more solid info, for no delay:

                                  Our SPR (shared payment responsibility/Healthcare penalty) is the 896 (overpayment credit offset)
                                  This is taken care of by a credit transfer from the debit side (debt) to the credit side (satisfied).
                                  Credit transfers have rules.
                                  7.All actions need to post in the same cycle to prevent the issuance of erroneous notices.
                                  Use posting delay codes when inputting multiple actions such as:
                                  -A credit transfer and tax adjustment. If both an adjustment and a transfer of credit into the module is needed, input a posting delay code of one cycle on the adjustment. In three weeks, the taxpayer receives a notice of adjustment with the correct module balance.
                                  -Multiple credit transfers in and out of the same module

                                  So like I said over in the transcripts group, unless you have other offsets going on, no delay!

                                  2.NOREFP must be executed on the day the refund hold is set to expire (day 4 for Priority Refund Transcripts, Thursday for CP Notices 12, and 24). When CC NOREFP is initiated, the following table explains when the TC 846 and systemic TC 841 will be displayed: Note: For IDRS input, “day 4” for Priority Refund Transcripts begins at 6 pm local time on day 3 and ends at 6 pm local time on day 4; “Thursday” for CP Notices begins at 6 pm local time local time on Wednesday and ends at 10 pm Eastern time on Thursday.
                                  Daily Account TC 846/841
                                  Posting Chart Transaction Code
                                  CFOL Command Codes IDRS Command Codes
                                  846 Next business day Second business day
                                  841 Two business days Third business day
                                  Weekly Account TC 846/841
                                  Posting Chart Transaction Code
                                  CFOL Command Codes IDRS Command Codes
                                  846 Saturday after freeze releases Monday after freeze releases 841 Second Saturday after freeze releases Second Monday after freeze releases
                                  So if they take no action, it falls off Thursday, refund gets released as scheduled.

                                  The TC570 appearing because the amount of your T896 hasn’t been applied to your tax account yet. As in, on paper they have reduced your refund by but it hasn’t been applied to the actual debt yet.
                                  TC570 (Freeze code) will be lifted when TC896 credit transfer posts to the account.
                                  TC570 must be input with the credit transfer in order to hold the credit.
                                  A TC 570 input as a separate transaction will not prevent refund or offset.
                                  Layman terms – shouldn’t create any delay or refund. Look for a change sometime tomorrow since accounts just posted today. The credit has to take place and then you should see an 846 code.

                                  –So let’s hope IRS will actually follow their book!!!

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                                    I hope your wrong. I have code 570 and 896. I filed with JH on 17th then accept on 20th been stuck on 1 bar on WMR since then. Got transcript tonight and had these lovely codes. I do believe it automatically releases based on a post earlier today by a mod or a regular (not sure which) but it was someone who is always posting with great info and I believe he was quoting from the IRS manual. I had not got my transcript when I read it earlier so I didn’t dig into it with my own brain but I do recall thinking that it made sense and that it was good news for whoever had those codes. It was a very detailed post and I would give anything to find it.

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                                      I’m in that same category yall are…been following yall and anyone else I can find. Really sucks….I have searched high and low and haven’t seen any getting ddd or dd….I truly believe we will get ours though. The Treasury is the last link in refund chain….that 570 code is holding ours up. Once they place 571 code it should disappear and be replace by 846 then Treasury releases funds. I hope it automatically falls off. Surely it won’t be a person having to manually go in and change them because there are millions of us they would have to do that to. If I find anything new I will post here!

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