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has anyone got 2 bars

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    has anyone in the test batch received 2 bars today

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    Wow, the bitterness.

    Congrats, DDD havers! Hopefully more of us are pleasantly surprised. I know I’d love to be!


    @ Kyle, people really did get two bars today. I am sorry that you are not one of them.

    In years past, I have noticed that WMR updates on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning for a deposit date of Friday and on Friday night/Saturday morning with a deposit date for Wednesday. Hopefully you will be in the next group of approvals.

    Two people could file at the exact same time with the exact same basic details and still have different results for their returns – one may be flagged for an error, one could be randomly selected for review, etc. There are a number of reasons that people could get an update before you do.

    While they no longer publish a schedule, the IRS used to have one that would say if your return was accepted between X date and Y date, you should get your refund on… I am sure that even though it is no longer published, it is the same if there are no errors. So someone accepted one day could be in this first batch, but the next day have to wait for the next batch.

    There is also something about weeklies or dailies which I have no idea really what all of that is about, other than you are in two groups. I think one can pretty much post instantly but the other must be held a bit longer.


    I got my second bar this morning (January 25th) with a deposit date for Friday (January 27th).

    However, since there was some speculation and name calling (troll/liar) on the live forum, know that while I had the child tax credit for our children, we did not have the credits that are causing delays which are the earned income and additional child tax credits.

    You can click on the “home” icon and scroll down and there is another chat feed outside of this thread where more people are posting, that could be another place to ask.


    I have not received 2 bars but I can get my 2016 transcripts

    Kyle Tuchay

    Charlotte or can i call yo char? Char char? How bout ice cold bitch? Your story sounds a little unbelievable all I’m asking for is proof . You come to this forum just to gloat at us non approvals. ICB! You know what that stands for ? Go a couple sentences back. Your an ICB and thats all youll ever be . Bumbleebee. In a tree. Excuse me , while I pee, appollo creed. The point is youre an ICB with an IQ of 23. I hate you.


    Kyle: My return was accepted on 1/13.
    Approved 1/24
    DDD 1/27

    Filed through Turbo Tax


    Filed 7 Jan. Return accepted by the IRS 13 January. Was able to order both transcripts online yesterday. Checked WMR this morning. Got two bars with DDD 27 January. Life is good. Good luck to everyone else.

    Kyle Tuchay

    Charlote qhen did you file?


    I have 2 bars today! Ddd 1/27
    No eitc but yes, ctc.

    It doesn’t matter if there are people who dont believe it and I’m not sending you proof.

    I’ll have my refund by this weekend and that’s all that matters to me. Cheers!


    i filed on 1/6, accepted by IRS on 1/12, had one bar and tax topic 152 until this morning when I now have this message and no bars… ”
    Refund Status Results
    According to the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, the IRS cannot issue refunds before February 15 for tax returns that claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. This applies to the entire refund, even the portion not associated with these credits.

    Check Where’s My Refund after February 15 for your personalized refund status. It’s updated once a day and remains the best way to check the status of your refund.”

    ..I do have EIC & Child Tax Credit. Filed through Turbo Tax for 7th year. So there obviously was an update last night that could of changed some bars also..


    Daniel and Har, i hope you guys aren’t lying. I filed 1/19 no eic or the other thing. If not… stop giving people false hope lol. I’m excited…This is the biggest return I’ve gotten in the 6 years I’ve been filing (I’m 24 ). New car!


    Lots of folks seem to have woke up to two bars and a dd on the 27th, or to message about the path and to check back on the 15th. I still have only one bar but I am expecting the second message when mine does update. Just because mine has not moved does not mean other people have not.


    Anyone who has 2 bars did yall claim earned income credit or child tax credit


    Filed on Jan. 07, 2017, accepted on Jan. 13, 2017, WMR shows one bar, has not changed since the 13th. Last year my deposit was made and the WMR never changed from first bar? Has anyone ever had that happen?


    Me too – accepted 1/13 & still one bar.

    Nancy Holman

    Hi, I think I am a weekly dont updates for weeklies happen on Thursday night? I was accepted on 1/13 but I still only have one bar.


    I jus woke up, filed 1/17 accepted 1/17
    Just woke up today to find 2 bars and ddd 1/27


    I filed on Jan 4 , was accepted on Jan 12 and I still only have one bar on irs wmr.


    We need verification…not just saying I have 2 bars..anyone can say that. I got accepted on 1/18 I have 2 bars now. Come on people…


    Do they do the updates with the DDD every night?


    @har I also got accepted on the 18th. Saw a chart stating the 27th for ppl with no credits accepted before the 20th.

    Possible hope for Friday? (Hoping I can get my refund then, and call it a friyay! )


    Got 2nd bar with DDD of jan27. Filed 1/16 acceped 1/18


    I am still at one bar. I’m hoping for an update tomorrow I guess. I think this year and for years going forward they may indeed start making people wait and not their refunds for single filers with no credits the full 21 days and for the EIC and other credit people they might make them wait 4-6 weeks. Just my guess is all based on this year. I’m only guessing I’m not making definite claims.



    Unfortunately, WMR updates overnight, so if you didnt have 2 bars after update then you dont have 2 brs tonight. So if you do PROVE IT!!!

    Jennifer Echols

    I only have one bar on wmr at this time.. And I highly doubt anyone has two bars yet. Not saying it can’t happen, I just think it hasn’t yet….


    Filed 01/12/2017 & was accepted on 01/13/2017….As of 7:03 p.m when I checked wmr, I have 2 bars….


    Last year, the IRS started accepting returns on 1/19 (Tuesday). My return was submitted and accepted on 1/22 (Friday). I got my DD on 1/29 (Friday).

    I don’t recall exactly when I got my DDD, but I think it was Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

    I don’t really know what to expect this year.


    I filed on the 6th through h&r block and was accepted on the 13th. So far as of 2:10am est I still only have 1 bar on the wmr site. Hoping those of us who were accepted early have some DDD by Friday. Good luck all.
    Single, no credits. Filed 1/6 accepted 1/13.


    I doubt anyone has gotten two bars yet or a pending deposit


    Accepted on the 17th and still on one bar.


    Accepted 1/18 must be test batch but still only one bar @ 7pm…. Hoping tonights update will start showing some people with 2 bars and a ddd


    Only one bar here


    I am guessing those that were accepted early will be among the first to get that second bar, from my experience it will likely be Wednesday with a Friday or Saturday direct deposit date…but, whether it is this week or next is the question.

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