For those who filed 1/29/16.. Keep us updated!

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    Filed – 1/29/16
    Accepted – 1/29/16 (23 minutes later)
    DDD – ??????

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    Me again! Just got done making my first post on here. Got off and well I was just able to successfully order my return transcript! Does anyone know if this is good news??



    Hey guys,

    I am with everyone here. I filed 1/29 and was accepted 30 minutes later @ 9:54 central time. Since the night i filed a week ago my status has still not changed on WMR, just the one lonely sad acceptance bar. I was hoping to wake up today and have an update and DDD but I did not: ( Used TT same as last year, and last year I had my taxes back in 5 days I kid you not. But that is obviously not happening this year. Tried yesterday to get my transcript with no such luck. Gonna try again to get it now. Maybe there will be a change by tomorrow morning! Can only hope for the best, but at this point that’s driving me nuts Lol.


    Lynn lo

    @DavidT. You get both transcripts off irs sight or phone number. I would call instead as everyone is having problem from the site. If none of your info works it could be under your spouse info otherwise call the IRS and speak to someone to make sure your info correct. Or look at your tax return.



    I filed 1/29 accepted 1/29 (TA)
    Im still on one bar and when I try to get my transcript it says they dont have any record with that information. Same outcome when I call. I wonder why this is. My address is saying its incorrect as well but thats not true. What are the two types of transcripts ? Ive only tried the one on irs site that says mail transcripts.
    Any help is greatly appreciated



    Update – nothing.

    Filed: 1/29
    Accepted: 1/29 (less than 30 minutes later)

    One bar, unable to get either transcripts.



    Filed and accepted 1/29/16, in the late evening. One bar since. Was able to order transcripts as of noon today (unable earlier). Figure this can’t be bad.



    Hey y’all. I’m finally able to get back on here. This is the only sure that want working for me last night it today. I got on one this morning, though. But anyways, I’m able to order account transcripts, no return transcripts. The past 2 years I’ve always received my refund very quick. Last year I had my refund in my bank 10 days after I was accepted. Last year I filed on the 13th and they didn’t open up until the 20th.. But I know that wmr didn’t show but 1 bar when I received my money! Good luck all! Tomorrow morning is an update and I hope I’m included with it!



    Filed 1/29 with tt accepted 1/29 about an hour later no movement on wmr so far but I was able to order both transcripts with our new address around noon today, so I’m thinking wmr will update with a ddd In the morning!



    Filed 1/29/16
    Turbo Tax
    Turbo Tax shows accepted on 1/29/16 but IRS site shows received, cannot order transcripts.



    Filed 1/29 @ 11pm
    Accepted 1/29 @ 11:35pm
    Was finally able to order refund transcripts 1 hour ago, could not yesterday
    I have a tax offset for State taxes owed. Offset line says my offset was taken from my refund dated 2/10/16.
    One bar on WMR but I look for it to update overnight.



    Filed 1/29/16 and accepted 1/29/16 about 6:00. Was able to order transcripts today. Only one bar. Called the IRS offset line and have one offset scheduled to be paid 2/10. Looks like ddd will be 2/10 so yay!!



    On 1/29 I filed at 10:00 a.m. with H&R block online, it was accepted on WMR by 10:38 a.m. Today It’s still showing “Return Received” . Today I was able to requests my 2015 transcripts for both accounts. I still don’t have a DD update.



    Filed 1/29 Turbo tax.
    Accepted 1/29
    One bar as of this AM Friday 1/5.
    Was able to order return transcript as well.
    Good sign
    Good luck to all waiting on a refund!



    Filed: 1/29/16 8:00pm
    Accepted: 1/29/16 Shortly after filing
    WMR: Return Accepted, no movement

    Can not order return transcript.

    According to the various charts I’ve seen on the internet, I should have received my return today. (In theory)

    Anyone have a reasonable idea on when I should expect it? Does next week, Wednesday or Friday, seem more realistic?


    John doe

    Filed : 1/29/16
    Accepted : 1/29/16

    Wasnt able to order transcripts till this morning. Still on 1 bar though. Same generic “your refund has been recieved” and blah blah blah but hopefully soon I’ll see some changes. Still haven’t recieved my netspend card in the mail either. Hope this brings some kind of hope to those who still haven’t seen any changes.



    Actually, I’m only able to get a account transcript not a return transcript. What does this mean???



    I’m back. I couldn’t log on since last night.



    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 10 minutes later
    Still on one bar but was able to order my transcripts!! That’s good news right???



    Was finally able to order my return transcript this morning! Hoping for a WMR update tonight or tomorrow night.

    Filed 1/29 H&R Block
    Accepted 1/29
    1 Bar with 152 Tax Topic
    Return Transcript ordered 2/5



    Right there with you guys on this one. As of yesterday I could not order any transcripts and it would not recognize my new address…was worried because I did not file last year. So I called the irs and updated my address yesterday…woke up this morning with both transcripts available on new address for.. hope we get a DDD soon=)



    @Beth same boat as you…just an hour earlier for me with the filing and accepting. Just ordered return transcripts this morning…SO if I had to guess we will have an update on WMR tomorrow and a deposit next Mon or Tues. I bank with a credit union and they are normally pretty quick :) Will keep fingers crossed!!



    Does the phone line actually update throughout the day or only once like WMR?



    Good morning. I was able to order account, not return transcripts this morning. Can anybody tell me what the difference is & what does it mean? Still no movement on wmr.



    Filed 1/29 12pm
    Accepted minutes later
    1 bar no ddd

    Checked last night and nothing .
    checked this morning still one bar BUT I was able to order both transcripts.

    So close yet so far haha



    The wait is over!! My money has arrived!

    Used TaxAct
    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    DDD 2/3
    DD 2/5
    As of this morning I am still unable to order transcripts.



    For the past three years, transcript order meant DDD usually the next day. I’m hoping we could still be 2/8. Last year I got a date on 2/4 for 2/6,so not unheard of. Otherwise it looks good for Wednesday. The end is near!



    Looks like I’m with the majority. Able to order return transcripts but no change on WMR and no change on Republic’s website.
    Baby steps are better than no steps :)



    I filed at 8:34AM on 1/29/16. I got my acceptance email at 8:55am and went straight to WMR and confirmed that they were showing it received. I have only one bar on WMR but was able to order a return transcript this morning, which I’ve never done before. I was hoping for the 2/5 deposit since I was ahead of the deadline of 11am but that didn’t happen :( I am really hoping for something to come through soon. I asked at my bank yesterday and she said she didn’t see anything yet but that they come in all different days, not just Wednesday and Friday and at all different times. Here’s hoping!



    Well…a little progress for me this morning. Last night I tried to order my transcripts and couldn’t. This morning I can order my account transcript. Still a no go on return transcripts, but I feel I am getting somewhere.

    Last year when I was checking everything like a mad woman I remember my transcripts updated in the middle of the day so I will be hopeful that happens again. I received my refund right before v-day last year so it looks like things may be the same this year.

    Filed with TS on 1/29
    Accepted minutes later (possibly)
    1 bar TT 152 ever since
    2/5 can order account transcripts only



    Filed 1/29 with turbo tax. Turbo tax says accepted at 6pm about 20 mins after filing. and wmr says received. Can’t order transcript. But every year my wmr stays at one bar until the $$ is dd.



    Was able to order my transcripts over the phone this morning for my new address. Congrats to everyone else that was able to also! Still on 1 bar on wmr.
    Now let’s all try to calm down for the day and hopefully tomorrow morning will bring several DDDs. :)



    I am finally able to order transcripts over the phone. I can’t get the online tool to work to save my life. Yesterday I couldn’t order anything over the phone either. I know i’m a weekly, so I usually get my notification on Saturday for Wednesday deposit. Looking at years past, I usually seem to get my refund right before Valentines, so this holds true to the story there too.

    Still nothing on WMR, though.



    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    As of right now it still shows 1 bar topic 152, I did just now order my transcripts, I wasn’t able to do that yesterday sooo……???? hopefully the DDD is before I get the transcripts in the mail….



    No updates but I was able to order transcripts this morning.


    Lynn love

    Filed 1/29/16 at 3pm still at one bar as of this morning 2/5/16…. Feeling a little discouraged, was able to order a return transcript this morning but I’ve never done that so knowing my luck that will probably hold it up even longer. Does anyone know what it means to get a return transcript?



    No update on Wed, but able to order both transcripts this morning.



    No movement or change on WMR but I was able to order both account and return transcripts this morning (previously unable to do so). Hope everyone else wakes up to a good sign or even a DD. :)



    Filed and accepted 1/29.
    No movement on WMR.
    However, was able to order return transcript with new address this morning.



    Was able to order return transcript – hoping that means I will have an update tomorrow for DDD on the 10th.



    Good morning
    I was finally able to order a return transcript. Hopefully a DDD is on the way. It happened for me this way last year. For all of those who got a DDD after last night’s update, Congratulations!



    Filed and accepted: 1/14
    Had a single bar till 2/1 then they disappeared and left me with the “return still processing ” message.
    Still have no bars but I was just now able to order return transcripts.



    Got mine ??????????filled on the 29th ballin lol



    1 am in Kentucky. Still cannot order transcripts with old address. It is still not accepting my NEW address. Still at one bar. Boooo!



    @NB I know the feeling of keeping sane with all of these posts. I’m just waiting for my Happy Day, and everyone else needs their Happy Day. Lol. Let’s keep everything crossed!! But not our eyes, they might get stuck, lol. Good night all, and hopefully in the morning we will all have some good news!! Good Luck!!



    I filed 1/29 around 6 pm and was accepted within an hour of submitting it. I still have 1 bar on WMR and cannot order my transcripts. My friend filed hers 1/29 but earlier in the day and has a DDD of 2/5. So I am assuming where I filed later in the day it was actually accepted a day or two later despite the confirmation that it was within an hour of me filing it. Good luck everyone and I love reading all these posts…kinda helps to keep me sane.



    Hoping for an update tonight! Good luck everyone!

    Filed 1/29 w/ H&R Block
    Accepted 1/29
    1 Bar w/ 152 Tax Topic


    Jeremy H

    Hey guys I used my wife’s social and it went through but was just 1 bar for now so nothing yet. Hopefully some more news tomorrow. Best of luck to all!



    I am still at one bar, cannot order transcripts etc. Like I mentioned earlier, I filed & was accepted according to TT on 1/27 but was not actally accepted by IRS until 1/29. So if you filed & were accepted by TT on a certain date, I would take your official acceptance date to be a day or two later & base your refund date off of that. On the refund cycle chats floating around, it says 1/29 on two different cycles. One with a DD of 2/5 & the next with a DM of 2/12. I’m assuming the ones accepted by IRS {not TT} on the 29th or after will be the 2/12 group in which case it will probably update early next week? It doesn’t make sense that later filers are getting DDS & earlier ones aren’t but I’m sure the system is more complicated that we understand.



    Just checking in….
    No changes.

    My fingers are crossed we will all wake up to good news tomorrow!

    Anyone know of any other 1/29 forums/groups? I wish more Facebook 1/29 commenters would be more active in these forums. I’m getting a headache reading through all the fb comments on this websites page. Thought about sharing the link/info that this forum / 1/29 thread is here but I’d rather keep what little privacy I have on Fb.

    I’ll update in the morning if anything changes for me. Best of luck to u all!!!! :)



    So.. They gave updates for this morning for DDD’s for Monday.. Let’s hope they they are giving updated in the morning as well!! xD



    @ninjasherrie I used TT as well…I filed the 28 and was accepted the 28th. Got my email around 4:30 a.m. I spoke with a lady from the IRS today and she told me I wasn’t accepted until the 29th…so I’m backed up another day now and I’m here with you guys now! =)
    I still can’t order either transcript. Hoping for a DDD this coming week. ( which sounds so easy…but I will continue to drive myself insane checking in here 25x a day and blocking myself out of the WMR ..which I know is ridiculous because they only update once daily, overnight. ) SO…here’s to almost another day down. Hopefully some of us will get some good news tomorrow and this weekend!



    Jeremy, were you ever able to see one bar? It could be from the outage yesterday.



    Jeremy, did you use TurboTax? I ask because what i’m finding out after reading a lot of posts is that the date TT gives for acceptance isn’t what the IRS has per se. People have called the IRS saying they were accepted on a certain date, but the IRS shows them accepted days later. I think TurboTax lies. I’ve used them for years because its so much easier to just import all my info from previous tax returns, but after years of screw ups, I think i’m done with them.


    Jeremy H

    1/28 filed
    1/29 accepted

    I received an email showing it was accepted. But when I look at where’s my refund on the IRS website, it says that I need to wait until 24 hours after it has been accepted, but I was already accepted…anybody understand the problem?



    When I filed this year, I used the added ID security thing of giving DL numbers and AGI from last year. I just think the IRS likes to mess with my head. I’ve lived at this address for years, my return varies very little from year to year, i haven’t been a victim of ID theft as far as i know… they just like to give me stress, lol.



    It is most definitely a delay in taxes for some ppl because you may have to complete an identity quiz. I just received mine in the mail 30min ago and its completed. I asked the representative if that what was delaying my refund and she said yes, so that may be the hold up



    Tomorrow’s got to be our day, right?



    Every dang year it is something else for me. One year i filed with the early filers, allt he early filers got screwed. Next year I waited for the official opening, then i fell into the resequencing hole. This year I waited even longer, and i’m still hung up. I really think the IRS hates me.
    Filed 1/29 (TT)
    Accepted 1/29
    1 bar on 2/1 topic 152
    Stuck there



    1/29 file/accept
    2/3 wmr updated to 2/5 ddd
    Called my bank on 2/4 and funds are there will be released after midnight.

    Irs current computer issues do not appear to be affecting deposit dates given.


    Tiffany Kidd

    Well, I got my NetSpend card today that I opted for through TurboTax. No money available to put on it because I am still sitting at “Accepted” and still unable to order transcripts. I really hope tonight is our night! Fingers crossed everyone!



    Hey dont kill the messenger



    Maybe, maybe not. I think the IRS is telling people that so they’ll stop calling. People wouldn’t have received dates today if that were true.



    Believe what you want to believe. Or say what you want to say. I know the truth. If you don’t want to hear the truth then get off my post. Thank you and have a lovely day!



    I just got the same message from them when i called sorry but its true guys. We’re all screwed will have to wait 2 to 3 more weeks to get our refunds sorry but its the truth



    All right everyone, let’s not get all hateful. Everyone wants their refund and yes, 9 out of 10 people will so have their refund within 21 days, even though the IRS was down yesterday. Different news group wouldn’t make it up, they were told by the IRS employees. So everyone can still expect their refund within 21 days from the date they accepted it out if you filed and were accepted before the 19th they will go by the 19th, when they opened.



    @angry strange because their press release says different then what you are saying. Who was the rep you spoke with so we can verify this info with them.



    Thats what the irs told me personally not what i read on a website sir



    Filed: 1/29
    Accepted: 1/29
    Through: Turbo Tax
    WMR: One Bar, TT 152

    I was really hoping for an update this morning. We have never had to wait more than 8 days to get our refund deposited. This year is so gorram screwed up between the crashes, and people waiting so long. Hopefully we will all update with a DDD this weekend. All of this is seriously damaging my calm. UGH!


    Sir Readsalot


    ………really? I mean, really? It’s like your trolling without even reading anything about the irs situation. Well, let me inform you, by the OFFICIAL IRS STATEMENT it says that 1) this doesn’t effect people who already have approved filings, and 2) that 9 out 10 filers will still receive their return in the 21 day period. That is regardless of when you file. For the love of anything, if your gonna troll, at least get your facts lined up and don’t come to a lynching without your pitchfork




    This is for efilers not mail returns



    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    One bar, topic 152..
    Can not order return transcript
    Was hoping to be part of 2/5



    @jordan – that’s what’s driving us all crazy! LIke, who’s deciding who gets their refunds first? No method to their madness.



    I filed and was accepted on 1/29 through TT and still at one bar and my transcripts still aren’t available. My sister filed 1/30 and has a DDD. Its very frustrating!



    1/27 for me and no update since and calling all I got was an automated live person. “Please allow for 21 days while we sit on our rumps and rotate.”



    Super frustrating. I’ve seen some 2/1 accepteds get DDD’s today. I’m over here like, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” I’m sure if you could be locked out of SBBT’s site, I would have by now. Annoyed that transcripts still tell me “Your request cannot be completed. Please contact us at 1-800-908-9946, our automated telephone self service, to order an account or a return transcript,” but my husband’s just say not available. Like, what does that even mean? System, are you down or up or what?

    I’ve never gotten a refund without WMR updating, so it’s hard to imagine I’d be one of the ones that gets a magical deposit with no update. And now seeing how the 2/3 DDD people don’t even have their money yet, hope is all but lost.

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