For those who filed 1/29/16.. Keep us updated!

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    Filed – 1/29/16
    Accepted – 1/29/16 (23 minutes later)
    DDD – ??????

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    Hi all I filled 1/29 with turbo tax after 6pm was accepted 1/29 but wmr still says received and still processing and 21 day thing. I’m thinking my return didn’t get accepted until early February and I’ve been an 05 cycle the last 2 years so I’m assuming I’ll be waiting the full 21 days. Just wish I knew for sure I wasn’t missing anything!


    Rob S

    Filed: 1/29
    Accepted: 1/29

    I did dd for my federal and check for my state (I had to different states, Ok and Mi).
    I received my check from OK 2 days ago, and my check from Mi today. Federal still says processing and I’m not able to order transcripts
    I’m starting to get real nervous



    Thanks so much for your help!!




    I would bet half my refund that most of us will get a DD of 2/17.

    But I’m sure wmr will update for you, though I’ve heard of a few glitches it updated within 24 hours of ordering return transcripts for all of my coworkers, so I’m pretty confident. I ordered my friends transcript last Friday afternoon, wmr updated overnight and she had her refund on Wednesday as promised.

    Good luck!




    I requested both and both said it had accepted my request. If WMR does not update, do you have any idea when I could expect the refund?




    Was it your return transcript? If so it means that they have finished processing your return. If approved, wmr should update by tomorrow morning with a DDD.



    No update for me and I cannot order any transcripts. Congrats to those with updates.



    Yay!! I just ordered my return transcript!!! I hope this is good news for us all!!!! It’s about time!!!



    Can’t order either transcripts no update on wmr.



    I requested a transcript and said they accepted my request and should receive it in 5-10 days. Does this mean they have approved my return? It hasn’t gotten past the “received” bar on WMR.




    Based on the postings from folks here. WMR is only really good for seeing if they received your refund. Anything beyond that, its crap for this year. If you’re able to get BOTH Account and Return transcripts that is a great sign. You should see a DDD in the next few days (Monday is a holiday!). People are also getting DDs in their accounts without WMR updating with a date or anything. So I would expect we see our refunds within the next week.



    @Ericka its on the websote home page there is a link get transcripts, you do em by mail enter info and do return transcripts.

    I filed and got accepted 1/29, was able to get the return transcripts like most of us 29ers! Yay hope! Wish it ment i had my refund now. Maybe it will be tomorrow. (Wishful thinking)



    I filed on 1/29/16. I also was not able to order transcripts until this morning. Good luck everyone!!



    Yesterday I lost all my bars and my WMR just says that my tax returns are being processed. I can order both my tax transcripts today though. Still no bars and same message. Any thoughts?



    Just called irs and spoke with someone. Found out I wasn’t actually accepted til February 2nd even though TT said I was on 1/29 around 4am.

    She just said still processing, no issues or flags… So I’ll just probably wait full 21 days.




    Google “Get Transcript” its the first link on the page to
    Then click get transcript by mail. You cant view them online anymore but it is a sign that return is done processing.



    Hey guys, I also was able to order return transcripts when I tried 5 minutes ago. I never would’ve checked this morning but y’all gave me some hope! So thanks everyone, I’m sure we will see our DDD tomorrow morning and it’ll be for 2/17/16. Good luck everyone!!




    File 1/29 and accepted 30 minutes later.
    I had 1 Bar until this past Monday on 2/8 updated with No Bars, TT 152 and Refund Information will be made available jargon.

    No Account or Refund Transcripts available.

    I checked WMR and Transcripts at 6am today and no changes.

    After seeing a few people say they just tried and got theirs, I was able to order BOTH my Account and Return transcripts.

    In the past i was a weekly 05 cycle. So usually Thursday nights was my update in the past. Seems their updates today were a little delayed. I’ll report back when and if it updates with a DDD or if a DD shows up.



    Filed and accepted 1/29, WMR been on “processing” since that date. Was able to order my return transcripts today when I couldn’t yesterday or last week! FINGERS CROSSED



    Can someone please tell me where you’re going to order these transcripts or how to see if they are available? I know some of you say they aren’t available and some say they are & you ordered today.. Well, where do I go to check this? Thank you!



    I was able to order return transcripts today with my new address! Still one bar on WMR, but I know this is progress. Anyone know when the DDD would be?? Last year I had my taxes back in 7 days. Looks like this year is going to take the full 21 days.




    Thank you! I was finally able to order return transcripts this morning.



    Filed the 29th 1 bar wmr FINALLY able to order transcripts hopefully it means something good.




    I also had a wording change when I tried to order return transcripts earlier this morning, but they were still unavailable. Wording had directed me to fill out form or go to This morning it changed to the auto line to order transcripts.

    Just a few min ago it allowed me to order them and I am feeling very hopeful.

    Transcripts do update through the day and they really seem to be moving for people accepted during our date. Keep checking I am convinced the wording change means some kind of progress.



    You give me hope!



    Also able to finally order return trans!! Hoorah!



    I had a wording change as well. I hope that means something.




    I can’t even believe what just happened. I was FINALLY able to order my return transcripts! They just updated because I tried at about 6 a.m. and it still wouldn’t let me, but the message had slightly changed. I noticed transcripts were updating for so many others so I tried again and it went through. I am so glad I have made some progress and am looking forward to this next update.

    Good Luck to us all!



    OMG! I was finally able to order my return transcript. I hope that is good news. Good luck to all of us 29’ers!!!



    One bar, no account transcript available. I did have a wording change… just hoping for a DDD soon.



    Transcripts are updated constantly throughout the day/night. Those of us that were able to order return transcripts today, we will get a DDD tomorrow morning and it will most likely be next Wednesday.



    This may have already been asked, but how often can you check for a transcript? How often does that get updated?



    I was finally able to order both transcripts this morning!!! So when do we get a DDD? LOL any predictions?



    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 30 mins after
    Tax Topic
    Finally able to request my return transcripts today. IRS updated my new address so I was able to use that instead of my old. DD right around the corner?????



    Praise God I was able to order my return transcript this morning. I assumed there was some movement because I received an email from TT early this morning saying thank you for choosing TT, see you next year type thing. I’m assuming/hoping I wake up to a DDD tomorrow.



    @felicia it finally let me order my return transcript!!!!!!! When I checked around 7:30 this morning it didn’t, now it did!!!!! woo hoo!! when do you think we will get a DDD?



    I knew it! Just successfully ordered my return transcript!

    Keep trying everyone!



    Still absolutely no movement at all. No return transcripts, no bars, no tax 152, no money, no ddd, and no hope at this point.



    Pretty much the same here… 1 bar, no transcript. BUT, when I tried to order my transcript it finally recognized my new address… that’s something, right lol?



    No bars. Still processing. Cannot order return transcript.

    I suppose next week it is. :-(



    Still one bar & no transcripts H&R block projected DDD 2/19 filed 1/29



    Still one car. Still can not order transcripts.



    Filed late 1/29 – married/joint. Accepted shortly after on the same day. Through TurboTax. Has been stuck on one bar with Tax Topic 152. Have not tried to order any type of transcript, because I just don’t think that does anything. Just getting a little frustrated, is all.



    I called 800-829-1040 press 1,2 ,1,3, today to make sure nothing was wrong with mine, address etc. Filed Jan 29th, accepted 32 mins later. Was told same typical 21 days. BUT the guy I talked to did say that even though their volume is massive right now, the biggest thing that is ‘possibly’ delaying early to end of Jan filers is the security and identity checks. There are several new checks put in to play this year that have been implemented, which depending on status, address changes, going from single to HOH, or any slight difference in years previously associated with your SS# can put it through the new checks. Not sure if that’s an excuse but I’d rather they make sure my identity was safe then say ‘humpf, sure why not’. I know they are getting a lot of hate from people but it’s no different then getting fast food, can’t blame the cashier always, there are cooks back there too. ;) I was hoping to be along the DDD’s of 2/10 but nothing yet, just 1 bar and still wont let me order transcripts. Congrats on the 2/10 dates, hope the rest of us get ours soon!!!!!


    Still waiting

    I filed 1/29 and used TT and although where’s my refund and TT said it was accepted the same day, the lady I talked to as the IRS said it wasn’t accepted until the 1st. She assured me that everything was fine and the refunds accepted that day should be done processing any day. Hopefully this gives some of y’all Some peace of mind about your refund and how insanely long the processing is taking! Good luck guys!



    Sorry I meant accepted 1/29



    Filed with TT 1/27
    IRS stated they did not receive it until 2/29 so that’s the date I’m going by

    The trend I’m seeing is you can order return transcripts a week after you were able to order account ones. I was able to order my account transcript 2/5 so I’m assuming {hoping?} that I will be able to order the return one by tomorrow 2/12.

    I don’t believe ordering transcripts or calling is a flag. The irs is well aware that people are awaiting their refunds & that they will call especially when delays are occurring or order transcripts because they believe it’s an indication of a refund. The irs wouldn’t have put it up as a “myth” on their faq if they didn’t have thousands of people ordering them. These are standard practices that everyone awaiting a refund will do & the irs expects it.

    I am hoping for an update soon. My tax refund has never taken this long. I’ve never done the transcript thing before so can’t speak from experience but my refund did come through before my wmr updated. We’ll see this year.



    Filed on 1/29, was shortly accepted thereafter.
    I had moved up to the second bar of “accepted.”
    Checked today & it went back to the first bar of processing.
    Tax 152 info available.

    I called & asked what the deal was & the representative informed me that there are NO delays in taxes this year. And also, that the system just does weird things with going back and forth.

    She said if they needed any more info or red flags, they would’ve already tried to mail something or logging into check the refund status would’ve informed me to contact them. She said it’s more than likely just going to take the full 3 weeks & of course, “call back if it’s been more than 21 days.”



    ANY BODY? seriously ANYBODY GET THERES YET THAT WAS accepted 1/29what up? Someone give M

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