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    I had to id verify today and the lady was really really nice. She told me after I verified that I past the verification and she was removing the hold on my refund and that it can take up to 9 weeks for me to get a refund or letter. I asked her does this mean I am back in processing she said yes. Anyone who has id verified were you told the same info? I dont know what to believe anymore when it comes to the IRS. To top it off the lady told me this is what I am supposed to tell she was going with the script the IRS tells her to say….smh. 9 weeks is a long time.

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    Amanda H

    so I filed on



    I filed on 1/30, bars disappeared almost 2 weeks ago. Called and asked if I needed to verify a week ago since I went through this LAST year, was told it was pulled for review. Called Friday, (20 days, how sneaky of me) and the lady was super pissy and gave me the 21 days speech. God forbid they tell you anything a day early when the IRS is closed on day 21 :/ Anyways FINALLY got through today and the girl told me I did indeed need to ID verify, surprise surprise since I did last year also for the same reason.
    Verified ID today, man I spoke with was very nice and told me to expect to ID verify next year also because of a fraud indicator on my account because of a security breach with a previous employer. He said allow up to 9 weeks, but he heard it hasn’t been taking anywhere near 9 weeks after the verification is done. Hopefully this guy was right!


    Amanda H

    I filed on 1/18 accepted on 1/19 did id verify on 2/5 ordered return trans on 2/19 and still no ddd.



    I filed 1/22/2016 , got letter 2/10/2016, verified identity online that night, still no new update. I tried the 5084 number message i get “Due to high call volume your call can not be completed as dialed” i call 1040 number was told i need to call 5084…..
    Does anyone else know how to get hold of identity verification department , i even call at 6:59 am and still can’t get thru. this is frustrating can anyone help



    Same here. Was able to order both transcripts on the 19th, still no wmr bars. I filed on 1/22, verify id 2/10.



    I filed on 1/20 and accepted same day. Verified my id on 2/9 and was able to order return transcript on 2/12, which from my understanding means my refund was processed. However I still have tax topic 152 reference number 9001. Has this has happened to anyone else? Has anyone been able to order 2015 return transcript and not received DDD?



    @Angela yes once your able to order transcript that means they are done processing your return and it should be on the next cycle. also i don’t think the IRS opens on Saturdays and Sundays, they probably got done processing it that same day you verified and scheduled for it to be updated that Saturday morning. Saturday morning had to be the day your transcript was available to order and you didn’t know it until today. its no way possible this morning could of been the day it was made available, they don’t update on Sundays. they have to be in the office the day before in order to send a hard update. the 24th is on Wednesday, i doubt you’ll be on that cycle because i don’t think i seen yet where they give a ddd 2 days before the ddd. im curious to find out tho, and i hope you prove me wrong with a update. if im right, then you’ll catch the next ride after the 24th. whatever date that will be



    Update: I verified on 2/ 19 and today was able to order my return transcripts! I’m hoping to wake up to a DDD of 2/24… Please!!!!!!! By the way, I never received a letter but from what I gathered reading everyone’s posts, you can’t order transcripts unless everything has been finalized and the money is being released. If I’m wrong, will someone please tell me? If hate to get my hopes up for no reason!



    Do I have to verify every week when you take a chunk out my ass ?? No .. Do I have to wait 21 days 6-9 weeks if I’m sending you hot dog water smelling bitches owed taxes NOOO



    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/25
    Received 3 wmr bars 2/3 with a DDD of 2/10
    Money never deposited. Waited, called bank, called hr block, nothing. 21 days came and went. Called IRS on 2/16. Was told I would receive a letter in the mail or my refund within 60 days because my taxes were pulled for review. No letter ever came. I called IRS again on 2/19 to check status. No letter had been mailed yet. The young lady I spoke to called me back 15 minutes later and told me I needed to verify my ID. Gave me a number to call. I called and after trying 7 times got thru, then held for an hour. Was not able to verify my id on the phone. Guess I couldn’t remember a phone number from 9 years ago! Went on ID verify and successfully verified my ID. Now hoping and praying I get a new DDD soon because I need a car!!!!!!!!



    Filed: 1/28
    2/15: bars went missing
    2/17: verified id phone
    2/19: FINALLY!! Able to order return transcript…
    2/20: Woke up to DDD of 2/24…yayy!!




    Woke up this morning to a 2/24 DD date as well. I verified my ID on 2/12(roughly), so looking at only a few weeks, not the 9 weeks they seem to tell you once you verify your ID, unless there is more to it. I’m obviously just going based on what it seems everyone else is saying, plus my own experience.



    Got a DDD Of 2/24!! I filed and accepted 1/23. My bf filed and accepted 1/30. We both called and ID verified due to bars disappearing 2/17. We both could order transcripts 2/19. And today we both got DDD of 2/24. Thank god. My goodness


    Annoyed Taxpayer

    Filed January 8th
    Accepted January 20th
    Bars Disappeared February 10 but still had tax topic 152
    Verified Feb 13th
    Was able to order account transcript February 18th
    Ordered Return transcripts February 19th
    Woke up on February 20th with a DDD of February 24th
    Good Luck Everyone it’s been a long frustrating month for me!!



    OK filed jan 15 got accepted on Jan 19,2016 and my bars disappeared on Feb 6,2016. I had to verify identity on Feb 10, 2016 n thank God I finally got a DDD today for the 24th.. Don’t give up y’all u guys want have to wait the whole 9 weeks



    Im still waiting, accepted 1/22, id verify 2/10, return/account transcript 2/19.. no wmr bars, topic 152, ref 9001



    FILE 1/23
    ACCEPTED 1/23
    VERIFY 1/11



    Filed 1/19 accepted 1/19 verified ID 2/9 was able to order return transcript 2/13 still have 9001 tax topic 152 no DDD. Very terrified



    No DDD for me but could order return transcript yesterday idk



    I filed on January 28th, was accepted the same day. I called the IRS to check on my refund since it was 21 days. I had to verify my identity (after calling for hours straight trying to get threw) the lady I spoke to said up to 9 weeks. But as I’m reading threw these after people verified there ID it looks like 3 days and people are getting a DDD. Hoping I get mine soon!



    I’m in with everyone else, looks like the irs is catching up, the verify ID wait was not that bad, if only I had known it was necessary sooner. I also verified before my 21 days was up over the phone, next year I will do the same, but I’ll trying calling if it’s been over 2 weeks, that way I do actually get my refund in 21 days.

    filed: 1/15
    Verify ID: 1/12
    refund transcript: 1/19
    DD: 2/24!!!!!!!



    Filed 1/22
    Bars dissapeared 1/30
    ID verified 2/17 after repeated calls checking status and so on and so forth.
    Was NOT able to order a return transcript thru yesterday 2/18.

    DDD for 2/24… It’s been a pain in the butt road this year, perhaps even worse than last year… GL everyone!!



    The tax advocates really are NO help! I spoke to several different ones telling them I had economic hardship since they are supposed to help you and they ALL told me I just had to wait! You are VERY lucky!!



    @Impatientlywaiting i noticed i see allota tax advocates not being much help to some people. i guess i was the lucky one because my advocate was nice and called me a day before the update just to let me know i’ll see my refund in my account on the 24th.



    I filed using TT 1/17 and was accepted 1/19 on 2/7 my bars went missing on 2/9 I called a tax advocate because last year I was flagged for identity theft and I wanted to make sure that was not the problem again but they assured me I was only pulled for further review and I would receive my refund by 3/28 but I was not satisfied with that answer so I called the IRS on 2/13 and spoke with a nice gentleman that told me that I was flagged for possible identity theft and I needed to verify so I called the number and verified and the hold was released and I woke up this morning to a DDD 2/24!! Yay! Even though they told me 9 weeks! It’s almost over good luck to everyone!!!



    Woke up with a DDD this morning!

    1/24 filed and accepted
    1/30 bars mia
    2/10 I’d verified
    2/20 approved DDD set for 2/24

    Praying everyone updated.



    Hi all! Similar story as everyone else.
    Filed: 1/20
    Accepted: 1/20
    Bar disappeared: 2/7 (17 days)
    Verified ID over the phone: 2/10 (21 days) and was told wait 9 weeks.
    I was finally able to order return transcripts on 2/19. (30 days)
    DDD: 2/24!!!!!! (35 days)
    Yes!!!!! Thank you to everyone who posted your experiences. Reading that others were dealing with the same issues kept me sane. To those who haven’t received their refund, it’s coming. To those who are being told lies by the IRS keep calling but remember to try to be calm and nice and you’ll get the same in return. Good luck everyone.



    I filed 1/20 with TT and I was told through TT I was accepted 1/20 as well. Fast forward three weeks I lost my bars but I still had Topic 152. I called ID verify because I figured it was past my 21 days but come to find out I wasn’t accepted until 1/22. The agent that helped me was very nice and told me I had a hold on my account and that I was going to have to verify my ID. I answered a couple of questions and I was told I would have it within 9 weeks. Earlier tonight I tried to order my return transcript and it went through. About 10 mins ago I checked WMR and I have a DDD of 2/24. Finally my money is on its way.
    Oh and I verified my ID on 2/10. Just a couple days shy of my 21 days.
    Good luck to those waiting. I was dreading that nine week wait but it’s finally here.



    update!!!!! tax advocate was right, this morning about 4am i woke up to a ddd of feb 24th. to those who have to verify id just remember to not ever verify online before your 21 days is up, it will not go through properly and you’ll be sitting in the dark waiting for something thats not coming. i did for 2 weeks, once i realized something wasnt right i verified and got a ddd within 4 days. also dont ever believe that 9 weeks bs, they are trained to tell you that. i verified on the 16th, woke up this morning on the 20th with ddd of the 24th.



    Just wanted to update everyone and give hope..
    Filed 1/26 had no movement for 2 weeks called irs and had to id verify. I id verified me on the 10th or 11th and verified husband last week was told wait 9 weeks. Lost bars and tax topic after verifying my husband. I just got ddd for the 24th. Good luck everyone



    Ugh!! So annoyed !
    So I finally called ID verify again today the first time was on the ninth. Long story short IRS directed me to call ID verify again because the first time they verify my ID it had not been 21 days. So I called today provide my information and the first thing the lady tells me is that she does not see anything in the system. I was livid because this has been an ongoing situation and I knew she had not even pulled up my account. So after about eight minutes of me ranting she decides to pull up the account lo and behold she needed to verify my ID !! I just don’t get it, why do they lie to us!? It’s my refund that is owed to me I’m not asking them to do me any favors so I just don’t get why they don’t just do their damn job. All the different things I read on this website plus the interaction I had today lets me know that they just say whatever they want to whomever they want. Anyway she gave me the nine week speech so now I’m just waiting …



    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    Id verify 2/11
    Can finally order my return transcript today 2\19
    Never had a code or got a letter from IRS at all but called to id verify BC had to last year so know I will have to for 3 years!
    Hoping to wake up to a DDD!




    i verified my id on the 16th of feb over the phone. at 6am this morning, which is feb 18th i was able to finally order my return transcript. about 4 hours later while at work i get a unknown call from my tax advocate. she told me after looking at my file again this morning they are done processing it. she said it says my ddd is weds the 24th. she said they wont be updating the next cycle on the irs gov site until tomorrow morning, so i wont see it until then. so to all of you that were able to finally order your return transcript this morning like me, that means your on the next cycle and its done processing. and lesson learned, dont ever, ever, ever, ever verify online before your 21 days is up. i verified online 2 weeks before my 21 days was up. passed and all, but never saw a change for 2 weeks after i verified. i kept saying to my self something aint right, because i saw people who verified after me over the phone get ddd’s 4 and 5 days later. im like no way is that possible. so im sitting up waiting for something that was never coming for 2 whole weeks. 2 weeks after i verified i got a letter from the irs saying i had to verify my id, and if i didnt they was not going to release my refund. the letter was dated a week after i verified. thats when i knew i had to do something, cause it just didnt seem right. i called and they told me my review case was still open. she said for me to have verified and 2 weeks gone by it should of been closed by now. so i was like hell naw lol, i need a tax advocate right now. she requested me one, my advocate contacted me a week later. the day before she contacted me i verified over the phone to the protection hot line. 2 days later i was able to order my return transcript, then hours later she called me and said my return was scheduled to be direct deposited in my account weds feb 24th.



    Basic info:

    Filed on 1/27
    Accepted on 1/28
    Bars disappeared last week
    Called twice before (last week and the week before) and was told that I didn’t need to verify but that there was an error message.
    Called last night and was informed that I needed to verify my ID since it had been 21 days.

    Verified my ID first thing this morning since it was so close to 7pm last night when I found out I had to verify my ID. Passed with flying colors. The guy told me it will be 3 to 4 weeks, which is weird since I am reading posts from people who were told 9 weeks.



    Just spoke with a nice rep MR BROWN he did my IDVERIFY and I passed!! had me on the phone with him coughing and sounding like he was going to cough up a lung but he put the notes in sent my stuff through now I’m back processing so he says. the 9 week wait begins!!!!!!!!!! ;-(



    Return received 1/25 , id verified 2/16. Was able to order return transcript today !






    Hi I filled 1/20/16 accepted on the 1/22/2015 lost bars 2/8/2016 called 2/12/2016 (my 21st day) was told I was randomly selected for review and nothing else on my account, no codes, etc. Called back IRS monday, they told me i need to ID verify . verified 2/16/2016 successfully. Was able to order account transcripts for 2015 yesterday and today 2/19/2016 able to order refund transcripts……. Soooo now what



    Did Id verification 2/10 was able to order return transcripts today !!! Hopefully get a date tomorrow been waiting almost a month



    @amanda I just hope my direct deposit isnt reversed like other peoples are getting, this is the most miserable tax season ever


    Amanda H


    Yes I ordered my acct trans about 2 weeks ago and today I ordered my return trans.



    @amanda i filed on Jan 19 and verified on Jan 25th, hopefully you will get yours soon. Were you able to order any of your transcripts (sorry if you were already asked)


    Amanda H


    so I had to verify my identity on 2/5 and still do not have a ddd, but when I woke up this morning it said we have received your tax and its being processed, when before it said you tax return is still processing a refund date will be provided when avail, and this morning I ordered my return trans.



    update: Called Tax Advocate 2 days ago, and he returned my call today and said I have a DD date of 2/24! Woohoo!



    Amanda H I am similar to you-

    Filed 1/13
    Accepted 1/14
    Bars missing around 1/29
    Called 2/10 and told I had to ID verify
    Verified same day
    Could only order account transcript using old address, and it arrived with $0 (no info)
    Finally able to order return transcript today 2/19 using new address
    Still no bars on WMR

    fingers crossed!



    I was able to order my return this morning and have a DDD of 2/24
    BUTTTTT I have been reading all day today that people that had to verify their identity and had DDD of 18 & 19th have not received their money, when they called the IRS they are being told that their refund was reversed and they are now under another 60 day review, So I am seriously doubting I will actual get my refund on the 24th



    verified online 2/15
    Called 2/19 to verify that they received my online verification and was informed that the hold was released for processing on 2/18…
    Can’t order return transcript…fingers still crossed




    Filed: 1/26
    Accepted: 1/28
    Never had any bars, only generic message saying ” your return is being processed and a refund date will be provided when available”

    called 2/16 was told i had to ID verify
    2/16: ID verified ( Took all day to get through! They are very busy so i suggest calling every minute or more to be able to get through lol)
    2/19: Status on wmr changed to “your return has been received and is being processed”
    I think i may be a weekly??? since i updated this morning (friday)?
    Hope to see good news any day now! I’ll keep updating as new info comes in.


    Amanda H

    So filed on 1/18 accept on 1/19, on 1/29 bars disappeared with message you return is being processed and a refund will be provided when avail, blah blah blah, id verify on 2/5 called the IRS yesterday and the lady said the id verify was closed on 2/5 and we have not started processing your return yet, well today I woke up with message saying We have received your tax return and it is being processed and I could order my return transcripts finally. What does this mean I wonder



    1/24 accepted
    1/30 bars MIA with “your return is beeing processed a refund date will be provided when available.” message
    2/10 ID Verified via phone with Tax Payer Protection Unit
    2/18 could order account transcripts with new address
    2/19 WMR updated to “your return has been received and is being processed” still no bars or tax topic
    2/19 could order 2015 return transcripts!

    I’m seeing movement! Praying for an update tomorrow.

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