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First Round of DD Stimulus Payments Coming TODAY

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    I got my stimulus today on my netspend card🤷Which I us for my dd for my refund each year.

    Jamie Joaquin



    I received my return on emerald card I wonder if my stimulus check will be posted on it ?


    My sister got hers and has chime bank in Wisconsin. Still nothing for my us bank.

    Patiently waiting

    Anyone that paid return fees from refund via sbtg with direct deposit to turbo card get their stimulus direct deposit yet?


    Anyone with Jackson Hewitt American Express serve get theirs ?


    Nothing on chime for me. Texas


    Will the stimulus check direct deposit go to the Emerald card through H&R Block


    AMEN! 🙏🏽
    what a great Good Friday!


    I had anticipation loan thru jackson hewitt will I get money on my card


    On the main feed page it seems like majority of ppl that’s getting theirs are chime and netspend. Of course I bank w/chime as well and nothing here


    Has anyone from chime recieved payment


    @RyanG. I would like to see some bluebirds start reporting deposits also, but so far I haven’t seen any. I don’t have a FB account so I can’t look at those comments to see if any bluebirds have reported deposits yet. Although I get a lot of my deposits between 10-11 PM so I’m hoping it still may happen tonight 😬


    Stimulus payments are dropping in on Netspend!
    Just gor mine!
    Good luck to everyone who is expecting one! 🍀🍀


    Has anyone seeing someone post that got theirs and banks with bluebird?


    Will the stimulus checks get deposited to the emerald card? I applied for a refund advance, got denied but I set up to have have a refund transfer where they send it into my bank. On my tax return the direct deposit info is to the emerald card.
    Anybody know where the stimulus check might go?


    Green Dot card pending $2400.00. I filed thru TT-SBTG. Showing to post by 4/15



    My guess would be if they do deposit onto our serve card it will be Monday


    I just got my stimulus check!! God is great!



    I am in the same boat as you. Fees taken out via Republic Bank and then deposited onto my Serve card. Hope to see something soon :/


    Anyone filed through TT and deposited to their prepaid debit (green dot) have anything drop yet?


    you guys irs has a new tool to check for stimulus check


    I can confirm i have a pending payment in my Navy Federal account.


    If you go on Facebook on the I got my refund page people are reporting deposits left and right a whole bunch of people are getting there stimulus checks through direct deposit!!!!


    As of today I have 1200 pending in my checking account :)


    I hope your right! I used a serve card and all it has on my tax return is the last 4 numbers. It had to go through republic bank for fees then to serve card. Not sure how they are going to deposit

    mickey m

    I got my stimulas payment five minutes ago DD on PayPal prepaid which is thru NetSpend. SSBT did take fees from my tax return but the stimulas went straight to my account for those who are concerned about that as long as the card or bank account was listed on the return you will get DD to that account.



    i had to pay in the last two years after i filed my taxes. I had the IRS take payments out monthly last year and i paid in full this year. im wondering if they will put the money back into the same account they took payments from (my spouses checking acct)


    Reports hint at next week being the week for DD of Stim checks.


    I spoke to someone with the emerald card at hrblock. They said people who didn’t get the refund advance and had their refund deposited on an Emerald would get their stimulus payment on or around the 15th


    FYI people, line 21a on your 1040 states where your refund went to. So you should get an idea how the stimulus check will get to you


    If you got an advance loan from Jackson Hewitt then that means your actual refund went to Jackson Hewitt and more than likely you’ll have to wait on a paper check but nobody really knows a for sure answer so you might get lucky!


    From SBTPG website:

    The IRS will issue direct deposits to taxpayers that received a direct deposit. An IRS-issued check will be mailed to taxpayers that received a check printed from their tax professional’s office or a debit card issued through Santa Barbara TPG.


    @caliRosa, have you tried looking at your copy of your return? As I understand it, that’s the information the IRS will use.


    Where do I check to verify the banking information the IRS has? I want to know to make sure my stimulus check will be deposited.

    Waiting for a check that might come in August is a headache.

    I have the tax turbo prepaid card and had fees/loan took by Santa Barbara Bank then the rest of the refund went my tax turbo..

    Where do I check to see what type of account information the IRS has. I received my federal and state tax return.


    I did the refund anticipation loan using Jackson Hewitt….will my stimulus check be deposited on the Serve card I received?

    Justin NJ

    It doesn’t matter about fees and what not.

    It’s just seeing if there is a spot to deposit the stimulus check. Taxs have nothing else to do with it.



    They will only take tax return fees from your federal refund. Not your state refund or your stimulus check. I spoke to someone at TT a week ago about it. You should receive your entire stimulus check.


    I have chime also used turbo tax and had fees taken out with DD through sbtpg. Don’t know how that’s going to work.

    I had the same done but when I looked at the return it has my bank account information


    Well…I used hr block…can’t access their bank like you can with tt…haven’t gotten an email from them saying their fees were taken so I’m assuming I’m not getting anything today.

    Sharon G

    I have chime also used turbo tax and had fees taken out with DD through sbtpg. Don’t know how that’s going to work.

    Justin NJ

    Doesn’t seem like it is.
    Already 3:00

    My return was done w chime.


    I have not received mines yet I did a simple return, used TurboTax, had no fees deducted and I have the NetSpend all access account ( not prepaid). My refund for this tax season hit in the afternoon at around 3 p.m. Central standard Time. So I would expect maybe if it were going to come it would come in the afternoon because as soon as they send the funds ,it hits my account there’s no Grace period. So hoping soon.

Viewing 43 replies - 751 through 793 (of 793 total)
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