Filed 1/29/18 accepted 1/29/18

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    Usually when I file I always get my return within 15 days and I’m a weekly. Last yr I filed 2/5/17 accepted 2/8/17 got approved on 2/18/17 with a DDD of 2/23/17. So for weekly accounts you typically get approved Friday night into Saturday morning with an DDD for the following week. Lets the waiting games begin

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    @Ambers Even if my name was listed first when we filed?



    Brandy your husband is the primary taxpayer so you will have to use his info for transcripts. If you were able to pull the 2017 tax return transcript with you updated address, you are done being processed.



    I was accepted on 1/29 I filled married. We moved and had a baby so I put our new address and added our child. My name is first on the return and then my husband. I tried go get my transcripts with my new address but it will not work but my husband tried with his information and new address and it worked. I’m confused with what is going on. I don’t have any eic or actc but I still am on one bar. Someone please shed some light on this for me.



    Filed 1/28/18 accepted 1/29/18. Woke up to a DDD 2/6/18



    @DavidNYC Okay but noticed people here with same Topic 152, same file and acceptance date receiving DDD but I am still holding at 1 bar. I have no EIC or anything, just a simple return. Is there a huge update tonight ?



    Tax Topic 152 is normal processing after you’re accepted




    I have a Tax Topic of 152 showing on WMR, any idea what this mean ??



    I filed and was accepted on the 29th. I was able to order account transcript today and it had a refund issue date of 2/7



    cruzvatore what’s your tax topic?



    I filed on 1/28. Accepted 1/29 with tax topic 152. Approved 2/2 with DDD of 2/6



    File and Accepted 1/29/2018

    Woke up to see I am still on 1 Bar

    I have no credits or dependents and noticed on here people the same filing and acceptance date waking up to DDD

    Does this possible mean I am weekly and will perhaps see a DDD tonight ?

    Anyone please help… please ?



    I had no credits.



    @DavidNYC credits?



    Woke up with WMR still on 1 bar, but signed on and was able to view my transcripts with a Cycle Date of 20180505. I am pumped, I was able to order them yesterday by mail and phone but today I can see them online.



    Woke up today and found a DDD on WMR for 2/6/2018 – No ACTC or EIC

    Filed 1/29 and accepted 1/29
    Viewed transcripts online 2/1
    approved (2 bars) on WMR 2/2
    DDD showing 2/6



    I woke up to the Path Act Message on my status! It’s gonna be a long 2 weeks LOL!



    Filed and accepted on 1/29. Was able to view online rerun and transcript. Cycle code 20180505- looking forward to an update sat morning – and fingers crossed for dd 2/7



    Filed and accepted 1/29 with eic. Still one bar in war but was able to order both transcripts by mail, anyone know what this means?



    I have the PATH message today so that is progress!



    i filed 1/27
    and accepted 1/29
    still one bar 😑



    just woke of to a direct deposit date of 2/6😭😭
    Filed 1/28 accepted 1/29 used Turbo Tax
    No EIC and no ACTC


    Clubbin’ Gnomes

    Hello friends…

    I filed w/ TT (paid fees up front) on 01/18
    Was accepted (got one bar on WMR) on 01/18
    Approved on 01/22 and given a DDD of 01/31
    On 01/30 at 6:30 p.m. PST my REFUND was deposited!!!!!!

    I did file w/ EIC. I don’t know how it happened. I double and triple checked to make sure I in fact filed/qualified for the credit and I did. Nothing else in my circumstances changed from last year except the amount made and paying the fees up front (versus them going to an intermediary).

    Last year, I filed on 01/12/2017 and can’t remember the exact timeline but didn’t get my refund until 02/22.

    I know people think I’m lying. I promise I’m not. And I really am not trying to give false hope — I just want people to know that deposits are dropping!


    Deanna Elliott

    In was able to order transcripts today but have this message

    If you filed a complete and accurate tax return, your refund should be issued within 21 days of the received date. However, processing may take longer under certain circumstances.

    Please check here or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go, to check on your refund status.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information


    Deanna Elliott

    If you filed a complete and accurate tax return, your refund should be issued within 21 days of the received date. However, processing may take longer under certain circumstances.

    Please check here or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go, to check on your refund status.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

    Have this message but ordered transcripts today



    I’m still on one bar.



    @MizuSeire No I don’t have either one of those



    @brandy Did you file with or without the EITC and or ACTC?




    HOPE! thank you!



    Anyone been approved yet? I can’t order my transcripts from my new address yet but my information is showing on sbtpg. Is that a good sign or does that not matter?



    I would love to give the online transcript ordering a try, but it seems that they want you to have a major credit card in your name to do so :(. Last year, I tried to order my 2016 return transcript while I was in PATH ACT status, and was successful to the point where my transcripts were sent blank or incomplete. It did have the cycle date, which I found to be very useful, and was told that this date (if you know how to read it) shows your processing date. I guess a blank transcript can be helpful too so long as the cycle date is there. Anyway with how soon ago the season opened and with the PATH ACT hanging over some of our heads, to those of us who claim the credits mentioned in the act, we should not depend on the transcripts until at least the 15th. Last year we were told that our refunds would be coming on the 27th, but I got mine as early as the 22nd / 23rd. it can be the same this year.



    Just an FYI, if you ordered trans with your new address your return has been processed, I didn’t believe it but last year for me it was true. Once I was able to order mine the next wmr update after I was approved .




    In my case i don’t think it’s a glitch. Transcripts were only available when i entered my new address. I’m not in a rush, just happy to know my refund is moving along. LOL

    good luck!



    Alexx, that’s the ACTC not the CTC.



    @jerseygirl02 with transcripts your talking about ordering via mail and on the phone? I moved in 2016 and last year my new address didn’t correlate to my returns until after they processed it. So you might be right.

    Are you able to view them online? I’m still unable to see them online but was able to order my return and account transcripts yesterday. As I said, it might be a glitch, but in the past I’ve been able to order account and it would come back blank, but never return until processing was finished. It would always give me an error.

    I guess the question is, can anyone NOT order their return transcript this year? That would help begin to establish if its a glitch or not maybe?



    Filed on 1-18 and still one bar.



    filed and accepted 1/29
    Still at one bar
    hopefully everyone who was accepted 1/29 will wake up to DDD tomorrow



    Last year 2017 I filed and was accepted MONDAY 01/30/2017 (01/29/2018 Monday this year)
    I was able to order transcripts by the THURSDAY 02/02/2017
    I woke up the next day FRIDAY 02/03/2017 to a DDD of 02/07/2017 which was that following Tuesday. so….. hopefully we will receive DDD’s tomorrow.



    Good morning all.

    filed and accepted 1/29
    one bar on WMR 1/30

    IRS shows both transcripts. I changed address in 2017, so i filed with the new one. Just out of curiosity i looked up transcripts with my old address and the system could not find them, only with the new one.
    In my opinion that might just mean the IRS has processed my return.

    Open to opinions.



    If you have ctc or Eic you will not get your refund until or after feb 15th it’s the law now



    Filed through TT on 1/29.
    Accepted on 1/29.
    First bar/ 152 Topic on WMR on 1/29.
    No movement since 1/29.
    Single. No EIC/ACTC, etc. Very simple return.

    In the past, my refund is almost always approved (w/ DD received) within 5 business days – usually the Friday after I’ve filed. (knock on wood)

    I will be checking the WMR website in the morning for an update…hopefully the updates we were all expecting last night will actually go through tonight.



    I just tried to view online, but it shows they have not processed yet. So it must be a glitch in the system to have ordered by mail already.


    Deanna Elliott

    What does ordering transcripts mean and what is the path message?




    Yes, I ordered mine online through



    Was able to order transcript by mail 1/31.
    WMR bar still at 1 bar.

    Filed 1/29, Accepted 1/29
    HRB Online

    3 dependents (8,16,18)
    >100,000 income



    For those that were able to order transcripts by mail or phone, did you login to their online system for transcripts? I did and they weren’t there. But, when I tried to order both my mail and phone I was able to. Curious to see if this is an IRS error?

    I filed and was accepted 1/29 as well.



    Filed 1/29 @ 10 am CST
    Accepted 1/29 @ 1 pm CST
    1 bar w/ PATH @ 1 pm CST
    EIC & CTC
    Was able to order transcripts today by mail 1/31



    Filed 1-28 accepted 1-29 was able to order tax return transcript today CTC and EIC



    This is a amy 2nd year I’ve came here lol it’s kinda fun reading and being assured about my taxes that I’m not the only one lol

    Anywho I filed last night , got denied! Due to incorrect birthday Lol so that’s the fastest I’ve hear from them I should get notice soon whether approved or not ^.^ I wish these would take so long but here’s to hoping all goes well



    Odd enough, was able to order the transcripts by mail, since the online thing always locks me out, and just filed and accepted yesterday



    Filed: 1/29 at 12:00 am
    Accepted: 1/29 at 3:00 pm
    1st bar: 1/30 3:00 am EST
    Filing status: Married Joint / EITC & ACTC.

    And now….. The waiting game. How is everyone doing? I’m from Michigan and it’s cold outside with lots of snow! LOL!

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