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Emerald Card Second Stimulus

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    Has anyone received their second stimulus payment yet to their H&R Block Emerald Card or their bank account if they did the rapid refund for their tax refund? Earlier this year I did the rapid refund via H&R Block but had the rest of my tax refund deposited to my bank account. When the first stimulus came out I got it via direct deposit even though the IRS only had the account information for H&R Block. I’m wondering if it’s gonna be that way again?

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    Shinney Whitaker

    Yea I have been calling emerald card all morning the line is busy but when I called January 3 2021 it said the funds would be loaded to my emerald card wensday the 6

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    Looks like it happened again folks. Deposited onto old emerald!!! You think the problem would have been SEMI fixed. Now I assume we wait for paper checks. OH GOODY

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    Belinda Fernandez

    In Houston and still nothing

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    Anyone else tried calling and getting a busy signal…also can’t get through on the app

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    I’m in Kentucky and I haven’t gotten mines yet I wonder if it’s going to my new or old card,if it goes to old card I don’t have it anymore

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    Money showing on old Emerald Card…what now???

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    @Isabella – I still haven’t received my deposit yet. I checked my old Emerald Card and it’s not on their nor my personal bank account. I received the first stimulus via direct deposit to my personal bank account the last time even though I did the Rapid Refund last year. I’m hoping that things don’t get messed up since H&R Block switched banks. Also I verified via my transcript that it should be deposited today and all the codes on my transcript are the same as the last stimulus.

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    Az emerald card hit at 5:30am az time

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    @jess first off, is the new card for the same account? If it is, it should go to you anyway. I have had to order a new paycard for jobs before and I got my check just fine wo changing anything. However, if it’s a new account (maybe call card company and ask if you dk), you can either get a replacement card if account still open. If it’s closed and your deposit went there, it will bounce back to irs and you’ll either get a paper check or have to claim it on tax return

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    Anybody in Missouri get theirs on their card? If so what time?

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    So same question as many others! My stimulus was deposited on an old card that I no longer have because I recently got a new card and tossed the old one :( what do I do now

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    @Isabella We got ours this morning but they deposited it on our old Emerald card, attached with the old bank. We have a new card. Will they be switching it over? I can’t access anything when I call. They just say they can’t access my account right now and to call later.

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    This is a joke. Never went on my emerald card last time. Ive been using the card for 6 years. Its a joke. Updated info last time on irs portal and after it said it was gonna DD it still got mailed. Ill guarantee itll be mailed again. HR block screws us!!!!!

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    Las Vegas-

    Last year when the where’s my payment site became available I put in DD info for my emerald card for the 1st stimulus and still was mailed a check. About 20 minutes ago at 5:54 am pst I received my 2nd stimulus on my emerald card.

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    Califiornia –
    My husband did a Emerald Advance for Christmas last November so he was issued a new Emerald card and his 600 went on the old Emerald Card this morning, that he did his 2019 taxs and no longer has.
    Does anyone know if HR Block customer service can switch the amount from the old card to the new card I’m assuming they would have an old card on file still.

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    Dis money needs to hurry tf up i need to do important shit in the next couple of days

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    Randal from East Texas just got it at 6:46am

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    Might be a silly question but does anyone know if your dependent had to be blood related to you? I got my extra for my son whos blood but not for my stepson who has lived with me for 4 years he was claimed on my taxes also.

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    Nobody in California has received theirs yet and everytime I call it says it can’t access none of my information at the moment.

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    Barry Clephane

    7:44 in ky still nothing

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    KY Girl

    Got mine around 6-7 this morning while sleeping. Good luck to ya

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    Have those whove received checked their transcripts? Do you all have the 846 code along with a 290 code 0.00?

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    Got mine 7am est ky

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    I received a text message saying that my stimulus was on my old Emerald card expiration 2019 I called Emerald that card doesn’t exist anymore are they mailing us out a new Emerald Card or how do I get my money?

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    6:00 am in Arkansas- on old card

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    Nothing yet

    January 4th, 6:05 am. Missouri

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    6 in tx nothing

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    Jan4th at 6:57 n still nothing I’m in ny

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    Mine was on old card at 6am today 1/4 in Nc but the card was deactivated when I got the new one so how do we get the money?

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    My stimulus went to the old card today and I cannot use the card anymore. So what are we supposed to do? Want smart to change backs right when we’re getting a check.

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    Nothing yet Rhode island, says it will be 01/04/21……..when I put in my last # on car plus SSN.

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    I seen someone on reddit got theres at 545 est on there old card

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    The card doesnt matter. I seen ppl on reddit get theres deposited at 5:45 est this morning with old card. If u receive urs please put time everyone. Getting worried i seen alot of ppl get theres a half n hr ago and im still waitinf

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    4:39 AZ no deposit yet

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    Says will post on 4th
    Still waiting.. Wondering anout deposit times

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    Mine was deposited 6:01 EST Michigan
    Good luck !!

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    NJ still waiting as well

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    Got mine deposited after 5 am cst. Good luck everyone!

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    Im 6:28 still no deposit. Ive never got deposited this late its got me worried

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    I’m in New Jersey. Its now 6:27 deposit yet. Is there anyone in New Jersey who has received their payment?

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    6am … I pray for everybody who still waiting

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    They tell me they don’t have any information about mine. Is anyone else getting that message?

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    Deposited 5:09Am emerald card south East Texas

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    Got mines

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    Guys please put time and state urs is deposited

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    The old card still works i seen ppl get it this morning already on it

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    Just got mine on emerald card. Last stimulus went direct deposit – due to 2018 taxes – since then did 2019 taxes and received refund on emerald card – second stimulus went straight to it. Thank you Jesus.

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    Has anybody in KY received there deposit yet because I always get my deposited at or within a few min of 5:20 am but nothing yet and it still says will be deposited on the 4th. SMH

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    I am in ohio still nothing

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    Randina Fite

    I have the same question to it saying mine will deposit on the 4th but hasn’t yet. Is it because they switched banks. I would like to know where it is then.

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    Just got mine deposited on emerald card 5 minutes ago northwest Arkansas.

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    @Isabella, when I call my card it says the IRS said my stimulus check will fund to my emerald card on 1/4/21….what time do they usually post deposits? Do you guys changing banks have anything to do with why it hasn’t deposited yet?

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    I am a multi team manager for H&R Block. If you have any questions about us switching banks please reach out. Thank you.

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    I got my first stimulus in the mail. When I went to get my payment I entered bank info but my check was already end route. This time when I call my emerald card it says will be funded Jan 4. Its 5:39am est and still nothing.

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    Anyone get there stimulus on emerald card?

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    Ours says the 4th as well… Its 2.22 and still nothing but based on comments from experience it might hit by the afternoon

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    Hey I got my last check through the mail. But when I called yesterday it says good news it will be funded on 1/4 so I don’t know

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    If you call the number on the back of your card and listen past the woman speaking, a guy will come on with a prerecorded message that says that they have received a message from IRS that your credit will be deposited on 1/4. Worth a call if you are wondering if you have a pending deposit. You can not talk to someone unless your card has been lost or stolen. The message says that they are not taking phone calls at this time.

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    I’ve used the Emerald Card for at least 3-4 years. I have never received a payment overnight, always later morning or afternoon.

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    Mine doesn’t say anything either, but it never said anything about pending deposits before, it always just showed up on my card. Hoping for tomorrow!

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    The last stimulus posted at around 4am. So im guessing Monday morning 4 am

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    mine also says it will be funded on the 4th. but i remember last year it said same thing and i still had to wait for paper check. if there gonna reject it anyway i wish they would of just mailed it wednesday with the rest of em. that will put us another week behind even the mail. does anyone know anything about this? if we hear the message but got check last time will it actually post tomorrow? or reject it and mail again? i cant find a solid answer to this anywhere

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    I’m getting my 2nd stimulus check on my emerald card it says on 1/4/2021 does anyone know if itll be at available at midnight,

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    @Terika and #MelissFalcon – I just looked at my IRS transcript as well and mine says DD for 1/4/2021. Fingers crossed that it goes in tomorrow.

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    Looked at my transcript and it had a DD for 1/6/2021 my last stimulus was loaded onto my emerald card

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    I get the message that my stimulus is being deposited by the irs the 4th on my Emerald card. Fingers crossed 🤞

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    Finally, mine says Monday when I call.

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    First stimulus was delayed due to account information from h&r block but, now they have a page for the stimulus payment since its tax season they kissing arse but yeah who know I heard the 4th and more to follow there after.

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    Nope mine says no information on your payment available at this time

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    BB&T nc no money yet last stimulus i got my money 2 weeks before my husband who is disabled this year he got his first which was yesterday but it was pending fir tge 4th im thinking if we got our deposits first last round than we will be last this time SMDH 🤔🤨. So we shall see.

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    Nothing in NC on Emerald Card which is where I got my first stimulus. How should we find out where our money goes, and if H&R Block switching banks will effect our cards?

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    If you call your card it may tell you it’s pending. Mine says it will be funded on the 4th

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    Still noting here in NC on my Emerald card.

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