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Emerald Card Second Stimulus

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    Has anyone received their second stimulus payment yet to their H&R Block Emerald Card or their bank account if they did the rapid refund for their tax refund? Earlier this year I did the rapid refund via H&R Block but had the rest of my tax refund deposited to my bank account. When the first stimulus came out I got it via direct deposit even though the IRS only had the account information for H&R Block. I’m wondering if it’s gonna be that way again?

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    I am so glad I am not alone in this. Of COURSE it’s my fault!! Says the husband. Anybody in this boat with me??
    So what am I supposed to do? Who do I call?

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    I got a notification that there was a deposit made this morning on my old Emerald card that has been deactivated for quite sometime. I called the phone number on the back of the card however an operator states that there are high phone calls to try again later and disconnects the call.

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    Glad I’m not the only one I guess

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    I received funds on my new emerald card today and instantly the funds were removed and put onto my old card which is not active. What do I do now?



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    Mine was deposited into a deactivated emerald card. No one answers the phone at h&r or IRS.

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    @Jessica yes. It is a master Acct for hrblock. They claim they sent ours to our bank accounts but it may take up to 48hrs to post. I have seen a bunch of chime ppl on fb and Twitter saying it theirs. Depends on the bank I suppose. I use USAA and still aint got mine yet.

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    Steve c

    Got a text today saying my stimulus was deposited to my emerald car with I got rid of along time ago can’t get ahold of the bank the card is through?

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    Has anyone had trouble with irs saying the money deposited today into a account you do not recognize?!?

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    Marali huerta


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    @Rob I read that you can go to a local H&R Block to request a new card.

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    Why didn’t I get my second stimulus check I got my first check on my h&r block emerald card and now I didn’t get mine and when I call the number stilll no information or anything

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    My status shows its was loaded onto an old emerald card I dont use anymore. My last stimulus went to my bank account. Not sure why this time it went to this unknown bank account. I dont have a new emerald card either. Everyone saying its getting transfered to a NEW card. What if you don’t have a new card. I was expecting it to go my bank account. Not the emerald card I haven’t used in years. Help

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    is my stimulus check in emerald card how do i get it in my checking acc

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    We haven’t had an Emerald card for years now but i do not recognize the account number when i track my stimulus.

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    Only received half of stimulus amount. Anyone else. I am wondering what may be the best way forward.

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    Just checked the status of my refund and looks like they are sending me a check. I received the first stimulus on my emerald card and have a new card as well. Now I just wish I knew how long it will take to come in the mail.

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    Check out H&R Block Twitter. It says if you have an old emerald card it will be transferred to your new emerald card. If you had fees taken out and it was sent to Axos bank they will forward it to your bank account.

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    I have been on hold waiting almost 1 hour waiting for customer service. Keeps telling me my call will be answered by next available agent

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    I received mine around 6am today. It went to the old card which was deactivated when I got the new card. Hrblock is not taking calls so I’ve messaged them multiple times and also called the irs because this afternoon the funds were removed. Then they suddenly appeared on the new card so there ishope for everyone!

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    You guys are probably having this issue because the switched from Axos bank to Metabank.. hopefully they get it together

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    Keith Samalin

    Yes my second stimulus went onto my old card but I had to get a new card can I transfer my stimulus to my new card

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    Amanda taylor

    I received my stimulus but it went to the wrong emerald card that I don’t have anymore

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    Its going to get transferred to your new card. Mines was done with in a couple hours. My old accnt stated remove funds Batch/ bank TXFR. So it was transferred.

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    Joseph Dumais

    My $600 was loaded on my old card this morning.7 hours later it was gone.txfr.whaeredid it go.what does this mean.please feedback

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    HR block has finally transferred my money from the old card to the new one. It took them about couple hours to transfer the money from my old card to the new on. If ur accnt goes bck to zero n says Remove funds-batch/ bank TXFR is means they r transfering your money to the new card.

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    I’m with Kayla. Never had an emerald card but I do choose to have my fees deducted from my tax return every year. And my stimulus is also in a bank account that belongs to H and R Block that I also do not recognize. I’ve been unable to get in touch with anyone.

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    My stimulus just was put on my new emerald card an hour ago mountain time.

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    I got the emerald advance in NOV on emerald card, is it possible my second stimulus check was taken to that account too? The get my payment tool at IRS site says it went to an account I never seen before. Is my money gonna pop up on my emerald card now or what????

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    First stimulus was direct deposited into my acct. bow second is showing it went to an emerald card which ive never had. 🤬

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    I received my first check direct deposit, to my bank. The second went to another account, I looked it up it’s through hr block. I never had an emerald card so idk what’s going on ! I can’t get a hold to anyone.

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    My refund was deposited this morning onto my old card. I did an emerald advance where I received a new card. When I checked it said deposited on old card and transferred to ? I tried calling n like many got busy signal or just disconnected. I was getting frustrated but I just checked my new card again at 250pm CST and it is now in my new account! Hope this helps!

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    Same here. Out stimulus was just transferred to our new card from our old card.

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    My second stimulus is now on my new card. This morning , they put it on my old card, now it has been switched to my new card. I had to do nothing except wait for this to happen. Now I’m happy.

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    I got my first stimulus on my emerald card back in April, I assumed since I didn’t change anything it would go back onto that card for the second stimulus. After checking “where’s my stimulus” I was notified that my second stimulus is being sent via check on 1/6/202. I never got a new card when H&R switched banks which is why my stimulus is being mailed.

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    I received my second stimulus on my old card but it didn’t get transferred to my new one what’s going on? Come on

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    My stimulus went on my old card after I have activated my new card and then it was removed and I don’t know where it went I don’t know what to do

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    Received stimulus payment then when checked a 2nd time it said it was removed and transferred to where I have no clue I have been trying to contact them for hours!

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    I just checked the get my payment tool and it said my check was scheduled to be mailed on the 6th instead of deposited like the last one. Anyone else having this issue or know possibly why?

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    This is some bs. Hope emerald card holders don’t have to wait on a paper check now

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    My stimulus check went on my old emerald but now has been taken off and still is not on my new card

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    I also received my stimulus on a old emerald card and now it has a 0 balance with it saying it was transferred but not sure where it was transferred too. I do have a new card since I did the emerald advance I have been trying to call customer service since 7 am this morning. Has anyone that had theirs and then it was transferred to the new card gotten there’s on the new card yet???

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    Are they depositing at any time today if the IRS says it went to my old emerald card? I never received a new card from the bank H&R block changed to. I keep checking the emerald card balance but it says. $0.00 on the H&R Block app.

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    I had the emerald advance , will my stimulus be used to pay this ?

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    KY around 10am I recieved my Stimulus payment today & it was loaded onto an old emerald card. Haven’t been able to get through to Customer Service all day. Just checked my MyBlock app & now it says there is $0.00 on my card with txfr next to it. I’m hoping this means they are in the process of transferring my money to my new card. I’ll update as soon as I see a change. For those curious I did get an emerald advance this year & switched to a new card.

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    We got 1/2 of what we were supposed to on our old card this morning. We have activated the new emerald card and haven’t tried to use the old one yet. I am unable to login to anything on the IRS site at this time to see what happened to the rest of the payment…not sure if it’s an issue on HRBlocks side or the IRS side. Will update once we can get more information.

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    Cant even get through by calling customer “disservice”. Let’s all think long and hard the next time we need our taxes prepared. HRblock will not see this customer again.

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    They have known about the issue with deposits for some time. I had my unemployment direct deposited to my card and it had gone to my old card every time despite the fact that I requested to have the issue fixed. So for the 30 weeks I have had to call HRblock once a week to have my funds transferred to my new card from my old card. Ridiculous

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    Ann Keen

    my stimulus went on my old card so I can not use it or get threw to anyone with the number on the card.. I need help

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    I got mine this morning on my old Emerald Card. They sent me a new one last week to activate because they’re changing banks..But I can’t use the old card now because I activated the new card..So my money is sitting there & I have no way to access it..SMH.. 2nd time an issue with Stimulus money & Emerald Card..After this I’m done with H&R Block.

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    I just used the IRS Where’s My Payment tool. It says my check will be mailed on January 6th. I received my first stimulus on the old card. Per the IRS the account was closed and my payment was sent back so now I have to wait for a paper check. Use the Where’s My Payment tool to check which card it will go to of if your getting a check.

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    My local HR Block is telling me if we got stimulus on an old deactivated emerald card that our payment will be switched over to the new card sometime today. Or by tomorrow. And if any issues,call H R block tomorrow. But should be resolved on it’s own as they’ve already been aware of this. All you saying its void and you’re screwed and shit need to stop commenting…because you’re completely incorrect.

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    I say if hr block wants to play with our money then we play with theirs anyone that got advanced loan give them a per paid card that don’t work

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    The same thing happened to me my stimulus check got put on my old emerald card and for some weird reason it’s letting me pay off my emerald advance that I had on my new card but they told me to throw away my old card so I don’t actually have a hard copy of it. Can h&r block transfer the money to our new cards?

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    has anyone else 2ns stimulus check went to there old emerald card instead of the new one with the new bank and if so is there a way we can transfer our funds over?

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    emerald card issue, I found a solution by putting money from card to your e-card, then switched from Old emerald to new one and the just to from e-card and put transfer to my emerald…

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    I got mine on the axios bank card. I never received a new card and so far it’s letting me use it.

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    Money is in old card… card balance 0$ wont let me use old card, how can you deposit money on a old card but not withdrawal it..

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    Checking on when will my second stimulus be loaded onto my Emerald Card –Emerald card second stimulus

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    Barry Clephane

    Are they still loaded the stimulus funds on the emerald cards today

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    Checking on when will my second stimulus be loaded onto my Emerald Card

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    Unfortunately, if you have the old emerald card (because you never received the new one or for whatever reason) and your stimulus goes into this account, it’s useless. The card is void so you will have to get a new card and hopefully they’re able to transfer the funds. However, H&R Block isn’t able to issue a new card because of “technical issues” which blocks them from doing anything.

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    Mine doesn’t say anything and I received the last one right away with my emerald card. Anyone else having this issue

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    You should be able to call h&r block and have them transfer funds from your old card to the new card that was an option for me when I applied for my emerald advance this year…they asked me if I would like to transfer funds from my old account to my new account

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    @Terika I hope so too!!

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    To the people saying anyone with a new card will not receive the payment where did you get that information? When I called the number on the back of the card it has me enter the last four of my card number and tells me my stimulus check will be deposited today with that card information so I don’t know how you figure we won’t get one if it’s connected through the system

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    @dawnmarie I also called h&r block this morning because my last stimulus was loaded to my emerald card through axios bank but I was told that since basically that card is now void because they dont bank with them anymore I will be sent my check through the mail even though I already have a new emerald card through metabank 😒 I hope what you were told is right fingers crossed

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    So what happens if we don’t have an old card and the amount doesn’t even show?

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    I talked to an H&R Block rep this morning. Anyone who had their money deposited on an old card it should be transferred over to their new card sometime today. And if not by today, call 1800HRBLOCK tomorrow. That’s what I was told. So fingers crossed!!

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    If you were issued a new emerald card you are completely screwed out of your 2nd stimulus money. It will goto your old card and they have no idea how they will fix the problem at all. So just count on no 2nd stimulus for a long time. Basically everyone who did an emerald advance this year is deff. Not getting there stimulus on the correct card….
    Pa recieved 1000am on old card

    Good luck

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    [email protected] just checked my old card and it’s on the old ones if you went and did the emerald advance in november of 2020.. Hope’s everyone still has theirs

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    PA – Still nothing yet, checking back later. First stimulus didnt come through until mid/late afternoon 4/15/2020 which was the day we were told funds would be posted. Fingers crossed!

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    Delaware got nothing

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    Got a paper check last stimulus but just got a text that this one was deposited on my emerald card

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    Still have not received mine I’m in GA and transcript says 1/4/21 … I’m so confused. Many ppl say wait till afternoon?

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    Last time I got my Advance through paper check even though I had got my tax return through the Emerald Advance Card but I just got a text this morning saying the money is on my Emerald Advance Card but I can’t find it can I get a new card??? Or can I transfer the funds to my regular bank account somebody help me please I need this money to pay rent before I lose my house

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