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Emerald Card Second Stimulus

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    Has anyone received their second stimulus payment yet to their H&R Block Emerald Card or their bank account if they did the rapid refund for their tax refund? Earlier this year I did the rapid refund via H&R Block but had the rest of my tax refund deposited to my bank account. When the first stimulus came out I got it via direct deposit even though the IRS only had the account information for H&R Block. I’m wondering if it’s gonna be that way again?

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    Velyjah Muhammad

    Have a cancelled card that has my paycheck on it need for it to be transferred to new Card ASAP!!!

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    Rob Dunfee

    I got a card and it now doesn’t exist when I call in and doesn’t match the IRS site. This is a formal complaint to the manor that citizens are receiving this and to errors hurting families not received while I have only done taxes n used the Emerald Card once to get my money off it. This is an intelligent manor compared to just sending the checks to us citizen via USPS.

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    So I have both cards old and new I.also have a bank account on file and they still chose to mail the check 🤦🏽‍♀️ so I’ll probably have to wait another week or so…. gotta love HRBLOCK !!👎🏽👎🏽

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    So my stimulus was added onto my old card I got a new card and I activated my new card and now I go to try to use my old card to take my money off and it won’t let me this needs to be fixed I can’t get in contact with no representative I do need my money so this needs to be fixed ASAP

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    When will my funds transfer from my old emarald card that I lost to my new one someone please help me

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    Nora Powell

    Lost my card

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    Jason kelley

    Jason my stimulus was put on old card when will y’all transfer to my new h&r bock card

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    Jason kelley


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    Jason kelley


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    Jason kelley

    My stimulus was put on my old card from H&r block and they switched banks and they gave me a new card in November and the old card want work to get my stimulus money off it! When will y’all transfer the money over to my new card

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    H& r block said they keep getting a error code and can’t issue me a new card and I had all my info off my tax papers from last year#!!!! Can anyone tell me what I can do because I can’t get through to customer service to cancel it and have new one issued

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    Beulah gill

    There was 2,400.00 posted too my old emerald card and I have a new one now and still nothing on my card that’s new..

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    Tiffany Bigfire

    can i get the information from my old emerald card to transfer my stimulis to a new card

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    Its me

    @Baron what number did you call?

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    Call Metabank and use your social security number.
    Follow instructions. That’s where your money is. I was furious but found it. H&R Block was no help.

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    How long is it supposed to take them to transfer stimulus money from old card to new card

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    Its me

    Had anyone whose card quit working went to hrblock and got a new one and it actually work?

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    Michelle white

    My second stimulus check went on to the Emerald Card which is deactivated it was supposed to go into my husband’s account and what you didn’t what do I do

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    Alisba gray

    Can anyone tell me if they figured out how to fix the problem of the emeraldcard decling? Mine gas money on it but wont let me withdraw.

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    My old emerald card but my phones not on it I got a new card and the funds have not transferred over I don’t know what to do please help me get my funds transferred to my new card

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    Update guys, H&R Block released my money and it went to my personal bank account. I’m so relieved to know I don’t have to use their emerald card. It just posted at 3am in my account and funny thing I received an email from them at 1am stating it should be in my account no later than January 6th by the end of the day. I hope the same for u guys. I’m still through with this company altogether bcuz they delayed me and now I owe bills and friends at this point.

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    Janine Ayers

    My money was on my card this morning when I checked and when I was trying to use it I couldn’t get through so I don’t know what’s going on

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    Janine Ayers

    Janine0001I called this morning and it was on there and then when I tried to use the cardI couldn’t use it so I might have to go down to H&R Block and get a new card because I need to pay my bills as well

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    my emerald card has stimulus balance it isn’t working either

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    brandihinton77, my 2nd stimulus balance is on my.last years emerald card, it will not work????

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    I recieved my second stimulus on my card I recieved in 2020. Which I was currently using. You have to go into the office and get a new card. I WAS TOLD IT WOULD ONLY TAKE A HOUR AND I’M STILL WAITING. I NEED TO PAY MY RENT

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    Its me

    Has anyone whose card stopped working started working again

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    Its me

    Its been 24 hours and my card still isnt working

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    I had no idea about the H&R Block problems until in popped up on one of my feeds. I could not figure out what that acct# was. I got an Emerald card and the guy at the office said 10 min to 48 hrs to transfer funds to the card.

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    My stimulus was put on my old card on the 4th . I lost it and had to get a new one but my stimulus isn’t on it. It’s still on the old one. I tried to call H&R emerald card but can’t get through to customer service. That was this morning and still nothing. It’s 5 :25 pm here. I’m worried.

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    Amanda taylor

    I had 2400 loaded to an old emerald card and I have been checking all day yesterday and today and I have a new emerald card and it’s still not there what’s gonna happen and I can’t talk to anyone how long is it gonna take to get loaded on to my new emerald card I’m getting really frustrated

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    Candilynne22 is my log in name , my old account with axos has 1800 deposit and got new card at store and it has negative balance from going to atm ughhh. Please transfer to new card

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    Check your accounts now… mine was just loaded and i had the same problem everyone else had. So check because it might be there niw

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    I still have my old card an use it all the time so when it comes I’ll be OK but the IRS site still says that they have no upcoming payments scheduled

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    I had gotten an Emerald Advance less than a month ago through HR Block Metabank. I have the new Emerald card but still no Stimulus deposit. Just a random bank acct. Number on the IRS Get My Payment site saying it posted Jan. 4.

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    I have a new card it says the money’s there and keeps decling no answer from h&r block

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    Eli ok

    If you have an emerald card that thst is banked by AXOS bank then your cards won’t work. I spoke with axos they can’t get into any info for the emerald card. Hrblock hangs up on me.

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    Yeah that’s exactly what I’m going thru right nowi don’t understand it either. I also seen it says that we can get it on our 2020 taxes instead of a stimulus. WTF

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    you are lucky i cant even get through they (HR Block) deposit my refund into my back account using the emerald card but because it had no info regarding irs it was returned to my bank.
    No info on how to get the funds or where they are.

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    vivian rivera

    I want to knw why can withdrawl the money from emerald card

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    I received my first stimulus on my emerald card. When I did the stimulus tracking with the IRS website, it said they didn’t have information about my stimulus check yet. So, this is on the IRS end not H&R Block. For IRS to say they don’t have information at this time makes me little worried as to why they can’t tell me what’s up. Anyone else experiencing this?

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    I still haven’t received my stimulus the first was out on my card an now IRS has no payment information for me am I not getting one this time

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    Hr switched banks so the old card doesn’t work and the new cards were delayed to us out here but now my money isn’t on my new annoying

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    Luis Duenas

    Does anyone know why I haven’t gotten mine? My trans top says date issue January 4 but nothing

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    I received the first stimulus in the mail then the second one it says it’s on an old card. Went to the H&R Block Office they couldn’t print me a new one because the computer was giving them some error notification. And you cannot call the number because nobody answers it just disconnects you 🤣🤣🤣 🤷‍♀️

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    Mine went to old card told throw away got 500 advance last year did not go new card

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    Its me

    Has anyone whos emerald card start declining yesterday start working again?

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    James denham

    Same. Got off the phone with them trying to upload money to shop online. Was told they change card holders so I trashed it then I received a message saying my stimulus check went on it. Called H&R Block and they told me to come get a new card called it and no money was on. Trying to get a hold of them but they keep hanging up on me! Definitely going somewhere else tax time. Where my freaking money????

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    I received a deposit on my Emerald card. Idk why, when I got a paper check the first time. I was shopping yesterday and then my card started declining. Idk what is going on and glad I’m not the only one experiencing problems. They need to sort this crap out. Trying to call also and its unsuccessful. Some of us have bills to pay H&R block!!

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    my money was loaded to an old card that was in the trash

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    I went to ira website. Yep no bank account known to me. Contacted my local branch who gave me the number to emerald bank. I didn’t even my taxes out on a card I had it direct deposited. Can’t get ahold of anyone at emerald bank.

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    Timothy Allen

    why is my emerald card restricted?

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    @Isabella we can’t even get through to anyone at HRB!!

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    No stimulus yet, can’t get through to H&R block and yet they texted my husband this morning an appointment confirmation for next week? Wtf?

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    On the app my refund was there and then taken right back out. Funny because H&R Block JUST sent me a new card a few weeks ago.

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    Debra wood

    There was a message on my dad’s phone telling him that his stemula had been added to his card he has never had one of your cards I have but I can’t find will you check this for me if it’s on there how do I get a new card

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    Anyone else having no response now when you call the number on back of the h&r card

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    Our stimulus was deposited on our old emerald card so how do I transfer it to our new one?

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    thats crazy now the hr block app isn’t working and glitching can’t believe they put it in a old axos card I called axos they stated to call hr block emerald as they have ended serive with them end of December 2020. Now hr block high call volume how frustrating

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    I’m pissed, i checked the IRS where’s my payment and it sent it to an account I have NEVER heard of. So I checked all my cards and behold it was sent to an HR Block refund transfer account now I have to wait for HR Block to send it by check or direct deposit, this is bullshit. How the IRS messed up like this is beyond me I will never use HR Block again

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    My card said it would be loaded on the 4th and still no money but card still is saying the 4th anyone had this problem and it’s not on my old card either

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    I’m experiencing the same problem. It’s deposited my check into an old emerald card I NEVER activated from 2018. I tried calling them and now no calls are going through. Anyone know of an alternate number to call.

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    Cesar kissi

    They deposited in my old account with axos not meta how can I fix this problem can I transfer somehow

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    Hi they put my funds into a card I now long have I call and manage to ask for a new card thing is will the old card be deactivated? Because I don’t know what happened to the old card

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    Starr dixon

    They put my stimulus check on my old card not my new card from h and r block I need this fixed

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    How long is it taking to switch from old to new card it’s been over 24 hours n still on old card?

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    Mine went on old card never received a new one in the mail. The card was working of course it started being declined last night. Tried to get ahold of hr block of course can’t get through on the phone. So frustrating

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    my money went on a old [email protected] block card but I have a new one what do I do

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    I got a deposit from hnblock for $ 53.23. Not sure why I only received $53.23

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    I’m having the same issue nobody answering and my money was put on an old expired emarld card I called the Office in my city and she told me they switched banks this month and supposedly they sent everybody new cards this past weekend.

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    My situation:
    Last year got a split refund, half advanced on an emerald card and other half direct deposit to my personal account.
    1st stimulus went straight to my personal account.
    BUT the 2nd one went to an emerald card that’s long gone in the trash.
    My money says either some dumbass coded an automated system wrong, typical for government employees or the banks really wanted a slick trick to keep something for themselves.
    Don’t trust anyone. The X-files had it right.

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    I was patient all last year, I didn’t authorize anyone to put my stimulus on a emerald card. My personal bank account was used for the first stimulus and should been used this time around as well. I need my money ASAP. I can’t tell the bills to hold up wait they sending my stimulus to an emerald card and I’m waiting.

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    Mine was deposited on my old card then they removed it and put it on my new card! So I would guess just be patient until they switch it over and correct the problem.

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    I am furious as to why and how my second stimulus somehow ended up being eventually placed on a Emerald card. I received my first stimulus in my actual bank account. I still have the same account, I am furious at this point bcuz I have waited long enough just to have to wait again and be in the dark about money I didn’t authorize for anyone to send anywhere other than my account. I tell u H&R had a money scheme going on for this interference to occur. They lost a customer for sure.

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