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Emerald Card Second Stimulus

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    Has anyone received their second stimulus payment yet to their H&R Block Emerald Card or their bank account if they did the rapid refund for their tax refund? Earlier this year I did the rapid refund via H&R Block but had the rest of my tax refund deposited to my bank account. When the first stimulus came out I got it via direct deposit even though the IRS only had the account information for H&R Block. I’m wondering if it’s gonna be that way again?

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    Jeremy Moore

    I need a new card sent to me the address is 110 losey street somerset KY 42503 thank you

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    Just wondering since HR block switched banks and issued new cards if my stimulus check will be deposited on my emerald card. I received my refund on it. And my direct deposit is working.

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    Crystal Harvey

    You have been paid your money i no longer have a bill with you as of 2019

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    Jessie Combs

    Got the first stimulus on my hr block card but aint got the second yet whats going on?

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    Kiel Dirks

    Emerald Card Stimulus

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    Casey good

    When i call my card it says my money has been delivered. But im still in the negative and i want to no where is my money.

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    I got my first check , but don’t receive the second one ? Why?

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    brandie lee

    so cant get threw to the 1800 #s they keep hanging up on me.. my money is loaded onto my old card and i cant use it. idk why.. i got a new card and it still has not transferred over and my h&r block thats close to me says they cant help me with it.. I really need that money.

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    Nancy Mangum

    When is my money going to be available on my card. It came out January 4th what is taking so long

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    Nancy Mangum

    When is my money going to be available on my Emerald card. It came out January 4 and I still haven’t gotten mine

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    I was told my check was mailed on the 6th of January I have not had anything deposited on either of my emerald cards has anyone received a check instead of direct deposit?

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    Got my first stimulus check in mail, filed with h&r block went in yesterday to get my new card they said my stimulus should come onto my new card. Well even wirh my old card there were no money on it same with new card no money on it. It’s still saying its sitting in there old bank

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    Amber Mack


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    CALL 1888 687 4722 they transferred my money to my new emerald card and I went to the bank and withdrew my money today !!!!!!! I waited on hold for an hour and forty minutes but it is worth the wait call them to get your money!!!!

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    Im trying the 1 888 687 4722 been on hold for 38 minutes , I don’t care if I have to hold for 2 hrs as long as I get my money !! At least it doesn’t hang up like the other number does gives me a little hope .

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    Got my stimulus on my emrald card.. used it 1 day, and all of a sudden I cant use it.. cant take money out, cant use it at stores.. i call the customer service line, and I get this, “due to a high call volume, we cannot answer ur call right now. Sorry bye”…
    They hang up on me n I never get yo talk to anyone.. it’s been almost a week n I am getting more n more irritated by the day.

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    Yanille Castillo

    This is ridiculous I waited weeks to get my card mailed after I lost one finally went in person and they gave me a new card so when I call it says I have $600.00 available how ever no atm will let me withdraw or store take it . This is scary . I don’t trust banks government or Irs what a mess . He who has ears let them hear IJN

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    Jackie Peacher


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    M. White

    I just went in today to get the emerald card from hr block does anyone know how long it takes to come on the card?

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    I got my new card,from the new metabank, was spending my money and then all of a sudden my card started to be declined
    I look at the myblock app and it is saying i have the same amount on a different card number aswell as the new card i just got..
    I already went and actived the new card got the cash and spent some… now what’s going on?

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    Got first stim check on my emerald card. Now i just got new card in mail with new routing and account number. But i haven’t recieved my 2nd stim check. Wheres my money

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    what happend was h&r use to bank with axos prior to Dec.2020 but since they just switched to meta bank we were issued new rn’s and an’s so all that is needed to be done is for you to activate a new emerald card ,you can go to your local Hr block and ask them to issue you a temp card which you’ll use to transfer funds from old account to new one call 18663531266 as early as possible and wait the long wait time to speak with a live agent and they can help 100%

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    I just wishedtheyd fix mine for real been waiting almost a week now like what’s up.

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    Tylergruner hailee420$

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    I have the funds on my old card have yet to receive my new card. What do i do?

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    samone greenfield

    I need my money

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    samone greenfield

    They p ut my money on this old card end with 9500 I need my money on this card 555460102760872 I need my money please

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    Says I have money on my first emerald card but got send a new 1 to my old address?

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    Casey good

    Why hasnt my money been transferred over yet.

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    @shebetrollin how do I do that? I went to the website and don’t see anything

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    I went to the nearest h&r block office , told them my wallet was stolen and they helped me get a new card and cancel my old card because when I called the 1 800 number for emerald it kept hanging up on me. They did everything for me and my funds were transferred to the new card within a cpl hours. Hope this helps! I know how frustrating it is!

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    So I don’t know what to do how to get the new emerald card because I guess h&r block switch Banks how do I get my money it’s showing that I have $1,800 on my old card

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    I cannot get ahold of anybody my old emerald card account pops up on my phone and showing that my stimulus money is on there but I can’t I need a new card because h&r block changed Banks I have not been able to talk to anybody I need a new card I don’t know what to do can anybody please assist me on what to do I’ve called numbers I waited two hours and they keep hanging up on me

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    So I got my tax refund on the emerald card and ended up losing it a long time ago. I got a new card today but no funds and when I call the emerald card service like it keeps hanging up on me. I keep getting notified I’ll get my stimulus on my emerald card but so far nothing and I’m worried cause the irs site it was deposited into some random acct number that I didn’t recognize. I’m hoping it’s the old account number for emerald but I’m not sure. Help?

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    I called 888-687-4722 and pressed 0 until it said I was getting transferred to and operator and they transferred my funds from my old card to my new card in minutes.

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    I’ve been on hold with this number 8886874722 for an hr and 15 minutes so far but it’s not hanging up on me so we’ll see. I read in the H&R Block Facebook page that when you call this number and keep pressing 0 til it puts you on hold, they can transfer your money. Worth a try 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    I’ve got a email stating my money’s been removed where is my stimulus check

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    Anybody had any luck getting a new card amd the miney actually going onto it??

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    My funds was reloaded but my card is being declined

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    My funds were added back to my OLD card. That doesn’t help me. I don’t have that card! I have a new one!! WTFFFFFFFF

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    @shebetrollin how do I do that? I went on the website and didn’t see anything

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    My funds were removed off my card about 3:00pm, but now I see it’s back onto my card. It just reloaded maybe a few minutes ago.

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    Kimberly it was removed at 2pm and put back on a little after 4 pm

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    What happens when u have a card the money is removed and u dont have another card? I had money removed from my card thats good till 2024 i dont have another emerald card what do i do?

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    If you have the card but a balance of 0.00$ log in to emerald card site and accept the new terms of service from meta bank as soon as i did this my funds were back instantly its also the exact moment i finally got someone to answer after over an hour on hold

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    Bre, what time was your money removed from your card and what time was it put back on? Just wondering if mine will do the same and was curious how long your money was gone for before it was put back on

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    Happened to me too. I can’t get ahold of anyone to find out what happened

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    I also had the bank transfer and my money removed well it just showed back up on my card.

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    same ! mine went to a bank and a Venmo in NY which I know I didnt do .

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    Did any of you activate a new card before your funds got removed? Looks like we’re all in the same boat. Hopefully it’s being transferred to new card.

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    It says remove funds bank.txfr

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    Mine is also saying the samr thing. Money is gone and get get anyone on the phone!

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    It says the same to mine as well it happened at 3:05 that’s when I got the text alert

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    The same thing happened to me …an I can’t get through to anyone…where is my money.

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    Mouse, same here they had that transfer thing on there and now I guess we’re just in limbo waiting to see what happens? It said

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    I had my second stimulus put into my card and it’s says funds was taken out batch txfr bank called h&r they said it was a transfer to a new card but It hasn’t transfered yet does anyone know how long it takes

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    Tiffany From MT

    My money disappeared an Hour and a Half ago as well :(

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    I got ahold of someone they said it will go back to my original account in 2 hours

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    Mine is gone too. I’ve been on hold for almost 1 and half hours now.

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    Stephanie Ayers

    What happened to the rest of my money

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    Could the txfr thing that removed all funds be because I activated my new card? Bc in the papers that was sent w the card it says when you active a new card the other card cancels. Like I just want my money 🤬

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    Jason Glover

    You have to go to your nearest H&R Block office and pick up a new card.

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    Stephanie Ayers

    1701.39 was removed from my card and no one will pick up to let me know why i need that money to fix my car what are you guys going to do about it

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    Same everything I had on the card is gone saying bank transfer wtf is going on here it’s BS I’ve got bills that don’t care about where my money went all they care about is it didn’t go to them

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    Also, I called metabank and couldn’t get through to anyone either. I put in the first 6 digits of my card like I was asked and it came up that it’s a H&R Block card and that I need to contact H&R Block.

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    Stimulus was added to my card, I had lost my card so ordered a new one and the one they sent me has nothing on it. Now I got the notification that all my money was removed with the TXFR thing whatever that means and can’t get through to customer service . Where is our money H&R Block? This is BS to say the least!!

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    Shannon P

    All my stimulus stimulus funds have been removed. It say batch/bank txfr. I did receive a new card in the mail, I activated it and the balance is ZERO. Now I have 2 Emerald cards with a ZERO balance. Where’s my money!!!?? I have bills to pay!

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    What does txfr mean? My girlfriend had her money from her second stimulus on her card then all of the sudden about 10.mins after she checked it was gone and listed txfr.

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    @Rebecca be that as it may, that was due to occur in March according to the letter in the mail. Also I haven’t received a card by mail to replace the old one as many others haven’t

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    Funds removed from old card. Checked MyBlock account and apparently I have a different card. I’ve never received another card in the mail. Someone help me please.

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    The batch removal is H&R Block moving the funds from the old card to the new card since they switched banks

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    @Thetsza this happened to me as well.

    Happened to others as well. At this point it’s criminal what they’re doing. Some people have their paychecks go on there. What are they supposed to do go to HR Block, get a new card and wait for the 48 hours it takes for it to get moved over?

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    Mike selensky

    I just had all my money removed of my emarld card and it says batch / bank txfr and I can not get through to H&R Block to report anything what is going on ???

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    It says I have a new card on my Emerald Account but I haven’t received it and it says they removed funds batch/bank TXFR. Anyone have this problem?? They took my money and I don’t know where it went now.

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