Ddd of 2/10 post if u receive your deposit early

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    So to all of us the finally got a date I’m interested to see when you receive your money.I will post when I get mine. Anxiously awaiting mine for vehicle repair! To anyone still waiting I hope it comes soon!

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    Spoke with the IRS.

    “We’ve received your return and although it’s approved, it’s in our review process”. There is nothing we can do, but if you haven’t received your refund by April 20, please just give us a call back.”




    This is some BS. All bars lit up . Ddd of 2/10 and the irs said since the 10th that my refund was sent out . NOW they are saying my refund was stopped to wait 60 days or a letter in the mail!!!



    If you want to talk to a irs agent you have to call to 1-800-829-1040 then option 1,2,1,3 good luck! I used turbo tax the irs agent told me my refund was sent on the 10th sbtpg shows no money received! I’m so frustrated ! She also told me to make sure the routine number and the account were correct with sbb!


    Annoyed Today

    Just called the number appearing a few times in this thread: (800) 829-0582 ext. 652 and spoke to a somewhat unpleasant lady.

    She stated in no uncertain terms, this line is for AMENDED RETURNS ONLY and that she could not possibly help me with any refund issues.




    IRS Speak to a HUMAN! (M-F, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. local) (800) 829-0582 ext. 652



    Can I please get a number where you guys called and spoke to someone. I am here still waiting on my return from the 2/10



    I don’t get it because i even put my license and everything so why would they want to confirm who i am,modes anyone know a number where i could actually talk to a person in the irs?



    On the phone with the IRS now, said my refund was stopped pending review but he couldn’t tell me why. Says everything looked ok. He still shows the refund amount and they havent deleted it, which means Im still going to get it, just dont know when…. FML!!!



    @ Don

    Who told you that? What number did you call for someone to tell you that?



    Hello All,
    If you have a DDD of 2/10/16 and still no money in your account. It is because the IRS identity theft department froze that refund and you will need to call in to verify your identity. Once this is done your refund will be issued in 1-9 weeks, thank you



    On the phone with a rep now, very helpful. Said my return was finished processing and my ddd was 2/10. But my refund was stopped pending review :( Even tho WMR says refund sent FML!!!




    what kind of debt if you dont mind me asking? because i know they cant take anything out for a credit card debt.



    Ddd of 2/10 still.nothing. i wonder how any ddd’s of 2/12 get delayed. No offsets. Wmr shows sent.. Wtf is going on…. In NY




    DDD of 2/10. Still nothing here



    Didn’t receive anything over night smh.



    I called the bank TT uses to take their fees out only if you didn’t pay upfront I’d rather had them take out my refund..
    This is the number 18779087228 press 1 again 1 than 3 u would be put on hold sometimes they even hang on you but keep calling into you get a representative on the line… Ask them for trace number… I kept calling for hour into someone answered.. Hope it helps you and you get a answer



    Did anybody receive there deposit today who was scheduled for 2/10 deposit irs says it was sent to my bank and verified rtn and acct number still nothing. Irs says it was sent and should receive it by 2/15. I bank with PNC. Treasury stated they don’t have me in there system oweing anything. Any advice anyone?



    @mica who did you call to get your tracing number I did mine through turbo tax for free. I was set up for DD on the 10th. Still nothing or no pemding deposits



    Filed 1/20/16… Paid fees thru sbb
    Approved 2/06/16 for DD 2/10/16
    Just received my refund thru Wells Fargo
    IF SBB TOOK FEES And was sent to your bank but bank can’t find it call SBB ask for a tracing number.. Call your bank back and tell them you have tracing number they will look for it with tracing number it worked for me… It was a headache but worth it



    I see most people still havent received their refund like me…well after some investigating I seen that my husband and I had a offset on our taxes after calling different numbers i found out that we are NOT receiving any of our federal. It went to a debt that had been cleared up…….now if we can get our refund back i have no idea…so if anybody has a offset you should call like me you may not get it back.



    Im so stress out the wmr is done all the bars with deposit for 2/10 and nothing yet dont know why im getting so upset my stomach is feeling it i read all the comments and i feel alil better that im not the only one but can the give us our money already damn people counting with it lol



    DD was 2/10
    I FILED WITH JH and received the American express card…. Still NOTHING
    Anyone get there money with the American express serve card ?



    Coming up on about 18 days, filed 1/25 and had my 3 bars around midnight yesterday, hoping it comes this morning or the very least by the weekend. Using a Money Network card which came super quick last year so I figured I’d go that route again.. Not so much this time, I feel like if I had filed before the 2/5 date it might have come quicker? Who knows this year though. I can’t imagine it will be much longer now that I have the 3 bars.

    Let the deposits roll through we’ve waited this long hopefully its just another day!

    Shit is pretty frustrating though it seems like when you actually need the money the most it takes the longest. Some guy said it earlier.. Murphy’s Law is in effect lol.



    Haha dang this is crazy DDD of 2/10 nothing yet..



    Why when I checked Wmr it saying unavailable but i have my three bars.



    So annoyed! ! DDD 2/10. Status says SENT with 3 full bars as of 2/10 but NO money or pending in account.

    No money as of 2/12. 12:31am (PST)
    Turbo Tax- netspend card



    Never use account now paid extra an everything and it’s been almost 4 weeks an nothing these people are a joke



    That’s great David Im happy to see someone got their return, when was your original ddd, mines was for 2/10 still haven’t received it.



    I got my refund at 2.30 this morning. DDD was 2/12.



    My sister and I had a ddd of 2/10 everyone in our family got their return back on 2/10 but us I was starting to worry so I called the bank and the irs and nothing yet. The irs said to wait until 2/15 which is a holiday and call back if I don’t get it by then. The banks said they don’t see it at all. Hope we get ours soon.



    I also still have nothing…. Hoping it comes tomorrow!



    Yes! I really don’t want to have to wait till Monday, i hope it comes thru in the night because i still got nothing! This is ridiculous



    @Annoyed right,I really hope we see something in the morning it’s not fair that we’re still sitting here without our money.



    If any one with bank of america that has recived their refund .i called this morning but nothing i called to irs and it said it has already been send to my bank ..hope too see something tomorrow hopes up



    @ilovemykids this is so annoying, i hope we get it at 12



    @Annoyed your not alone,irs said my refund was been sent out to my bank on the 10th but no pending no anything even treasury said they don’t see anything I have to give it 24 to 48 hours or wait til 5 days.



    I feel like everyone at least has it pending in the bank account but me, so frustrating.


    Dustin j

    I’m still waiting its been an hour. I went thru Jackson Hewitt deposit was the 10th. I called them and they said it will take 24 to 48 hours from when IRS sends it out. Said it takes time to go thru the banks



    @dustin that line was funny a few times like you said before I got through and rang forever.



    About 1 hr from back to back and they close at 1900 eastern time


    Dustin j

    How long were you holding with the offset number so it hung up on my twice after waiting for 45 minutes half of that was just silence.



    well this is my story

    same boat as almost everybody so I called the irs and told them that my dd was the 10 of feb and I haven’t received anything called my bank chase here in florida and they told me that they haven’t seen anything in their system so the agent at the irs told me after 30 min holding that I have to contact another dept since they need to make sure that I was the right person in the refund after another 30 min finally got my stuff clear and they make sure that I was that person they release my funds but now I have to wait 9 weeks for the form to be refund into my account wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope they are just saying that just in general and I will receive it tomorrow~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ good luck guys if you want the number us 1800-830-5084



    I called the offset number and they said I had no fed offset of school offset.

    But mine was scheduled to be deposited the 10th also, and it’s not there.

    I believe the refunds will be in there tomorrow guys and gals. Gotta have faith. Cause this tax year has been crazy.



    So I called my card today to see if I had any pending deposits since my refund was sent last night..unfortunately my card does not accept any deposits over $5,000 and my refund is 7000 so it was rejected. Now I will be mailed the check. They said it could take up to 5 weeks. :( has this ever happened to anyone else? If so how long was it unail the check came in?



    If you have defaulted on your student loan then chances are the treasury didn’t deposit it to you or even child support. You can call the treasury offset and it will tell you how much is offset by and tell you who it was sent to.



    3rd time being on here, had our tax done 1/23 dd 2/10 for prepaid card.com and 3am hit on the 10th our money came from https://www.sbtpg.com/. me and my fierce was freaking out also. Just be patient people & good luck see yall next year :)



    I filed with turbo tax 1/21 got approved 2/6 and my ddd was 2/10 , nothing in my wellsfargo account
    Still no money!!. So frustrating i tried calling the irs and i can’t reach a human ????


    A led

    @angela try to speak to someone .. It did the same thing to me and I press I think 2 and I asked they checked and me and my husband were good to go



    So I called the IRS 1-800-829-0582 ext 652. I’ve called twice actually. The first time I spoke with a guy that said it was sent Wednesday and he asked me what my bank numbers were so he could verify and I didn’t have it on me so he went on to tell me that if those numbers are incorrect I can expect a check by March 18. So I got my tax papers and looked at the numbers and called back and spoke with a lady to verify the numbers and they were correct. She went on to tell me that if both names are not on the account it will kick it back and a paper check will be sent. Well this has never been a issue but okay and then she went on to say I had a red flag for federal offset. So…. She couldn’t tell me what. So I googled federal offsets and come across a number of beureau of The Fiscal Service and called them and it is to see if you have a offset. It’s automated and ask you to put in your social twice and I did and it told me no information available right now and to call back. So who knows. Now I really have no hope it will be deposited at all.



    Finally! Refund just deposited to netspend card @ 2pm central. I honestly didn’t think it would be today.

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