Ddd of 2/10 post if u receive your deposit early

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    So to all of us the finally got a date I’m interested to see when you receive your money.I will post when I get mine. Anxiously awaiting mine for vehicle repair! To anyone still waiting I hope it comes soon!

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    @allie Nope when I called the I’d verification number she told me I needed to be verified and went through the thirty minutes verification had me on hold for about twenty minutes to release funds back into processing because that is what was holding up me getting my money



    Ok so update on the foolishness:
    1) called the irs this morning and spoke with a man who said that my refund had been retracted and is being put on hold pending review. He stated that the website and the hotline is incorrect and that my refund was still with irs.

    2) decided to call it’s back and spoke with a lady who told me that I needed to verify my identity and provided me with the number to call and said I needed a copy of my 2014 and 2015 returns.

    3) called the id verification line and spoke with a lady who after putting me on hold for 5mins came back and said that I in fact didn’t need to have my identity verified and then transferred me back to the refund dept

    4) spoke with another lady in the refund dept who said that my funds were released on 2/10 and to give my bank 5 days to process and release the funds to my account.

    So now I am utterly confused and annoyed at to why no one can give me the same answer about where my money is! Anyone else have the same issue?



    Take a look at the Wall Street Journal there is an article in there should be dated for this past Tuesday and there was another identity breach with over 400,000 efiles and about 101,000 got through so that is why they asking us for ???? verification because I have no offsets n all info is correct and majority they are saying same thing it was pulled for review and then you have to call to get verified and then it goes through processing again hopefully we all see something by Monday sooner than that nine week timeframe.



    Hi everyone, just as many of you here I had a DDD of 02/10/2016. I filed on 02/25/2016 and refund approved on 02/06/2016. I have been worried because funds had not been posted yet, and they still aren’t. I called my bank, nothing, tried to contact tax preparer but it was online JH that I did myself, so no support with this issue. I contacted treasury, no off sets. I finally talked to irs, they stated there were no issues and that my funds were released, just to wait those 5 days. Counting Blessings. Good luck everyone.



    @Skeptical, stay positive, it most likely will not take the complete 60 days, I was told by an IRS rep that it could be, but ik the feeling……we are all in the same boat, and its EXTREMELY WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Have not received refund no offsets had to be verified been filed since 1/19 n accepted same day she said now she would release funds since I have been verified n that it can take up to nine weeks for me to get my money n I filed through tt I never ever waited this long for my money this is ridiculous



    I broke down and called the IRS. The lady on the phone was very pleasant but repeated what someone here already said.

    1. IRS had a 21 day window to make a decision on a refund from the date your return is accepted.

    2. “Some” refunds (her words) were selected for review after initially being approved.

    3. Those selected for ‘review’ have an additional 60 days BEYOND the 21 days for a decision.

    I hate it just like everyone else does but I was told not to call back until after April 30. :(



    @Ilovemykids, the number for Republic is what you are asking?



    Stop verifying your identity if you were not told to do so… the money is coming i can smell it



    @Shekera wat number you had to call to verify to get to refund.



    My last name starts with an R I was told today by 2 reps that I was under review, they say if you had to verify your identity that’s what happened and that I have to wait the 9wks form the day I had to verify like really wtf is going on.Have my 3 bars and its says sent.Ddd 10th.I’m starting to hate the irs.



    I have talked to a million IRS reps, reps from Republic and im not sure what is going on. My refund is supposed to be Sent since the 10th-spoke with republic, and they have accepted the refund but still does not have the money! Last Supervisor is spoke with explained to me that once my 21st day hits, call them back and they will have to send the money on that day!!!!!!!!!!! But then I see this forum and I contact IRS again, and indeed there was a hold-female rep was unable to tell me what type of hold, but there was one! then I get another number because I read that it was possible that I needed to be verified. called the # spoke with some and I actually needed to be verified. did the verification process and rep explained to me that he will have the refund “PROCESSED”, wtheck, why would it need to be processed if Republic bank has already accepted it? Then he goes on to say that it might take up to 9 weeks, and if there are any other holds it may be longer! Per the law if it has been approved and sent to the bank, and they have accepted it, then they have 1-5 days to release ur money! Republic bank will be closed on Monday but I am definitely calling on Tuesday! this is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive never had sooo many issues to get MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Pissed In NY

    BTW when you google this situation NOTHING comes up. Only this thread and a few others. This has NEVER happened before. Returns are always reviewed before they “Approve” the refund. If additional information is needed theres ALWAYS a message on the WMR site. If this is true that moving forward taxpayers CANNOT relay on the WMR site for accurate information regarding there returns, then us being in the first batch is just truly fucked up. There phone lines will be flooded every year with people asking of the WMR info is correct.



    Another part of me feels like its gonna take a long ass time before it gets deposited in my account. I would think it would be here by now but hopefully I’m wrong and it comes in the next few days. This waiting just blows when your depending on this money..



    Okay, everyone i’m in the same boat as most of you. I have no offsets 3 bars lit, wmr say’s it was deposit towards my account 2/10 But as of today my banked said it’s schedule to be deposit in my account 2/16 which is tuesday so keep trying keep your heads up it will come.



    Update mine and my sisters went to student loans. Called the offset number and thats why



    I to was supposed to have my DD sent on 2/10/16. I checked on 2/11/16 and all three bars were lit up, I should of had my refund. Since I am having my fee deducted from my return through a 3rd party, Republic Bank, I called them to see if that is where the hold up is. I was told they have not received my refund from the IRS.

    After reading everything here, I called the IRS and was told my refund has been randomly selected for manual review. After WRF says approved and sent 2/10/16, how is that possible. Anyways, the guy said I will either receive a letter in the mail if something is wrong, if not they will release my funds within 30 days. I think this is BS since some people say the review can take up to 60 days.

    So frustrating! Any peeps with a DD day of 2/10/16 that actually receive their money, please keep us posted!



    all my bars are lit too… no code either



    DDD of 2/10
    I have not received my deposit.

    Called on 10th – Refund was sent out
    Called on the 11th- Refund was sent out- Made me verify my account number and routing number
    Called today: Made my verify account and routing number and then said i was under review that they stopped my refund. The man i spoke to was a freaking asshole made me feel bad saying i see all you do is call and call and told me he noted my account that is was under review so if i were to call again so i can get the same info he gave me,



    My DDD was 2/10 but it wasn’t in my account as of this morning 2/12. I got curious and decided to call the offset number to see if I had any debt owed, turns out I did for student loans. I advice everyone to call the offset number just to make sure you don’t have any money owed. That’s probably why they took or holding your money. Call this number +18003043107. You will need your regular where’s my refund info and they will tell you how much they took and who took it. Sucks I won’t be getting anything this year but at least my loans are being paid off. I also advice not to call the irs until that 5 day passes or else they might flag your account for review which might take longer???? Goodluck all!



    I too had a DDD of 02/10/16, WMR was updated to 3 bars. I called on the 11th and was told by the 1st representative that my refund was transmitted to my banking institution. I verified my routing and account # all where correct. I called again was told by a different representative that my deposited was put on hold because I needed to verify my identity, gave me # to call. I called that # and representative reviewed my account and was confused as to why they had me call their department cause she showed no holds and told me to call IRS again! I called IRS AGAIN today 800-8290582 ext. 652. Now I’m being told that my direct deposit was canceled and I was randomly selected for additional review of income and would take 30-60 days. They would mail out a letter in a week or so.


    What I find ironic is how a co-worker just called and was told the same exact thing! She was “randomly selected”



    @loc I hope so. But I called a rep myself and he said the refund was stopped. But then again WMR has never updated with a ddd and not sent it. IDK,,, the rep I spoke to said on one screen there was no stop on the refund then another screen showed it was stopped.



    @Stepaaa I agree I’m expecting mine this weekend hopefully since the funds were sent 2/11 according to WMF. I think people are freaking out too early, honestly its only been 2 days since the DD date of 2/10. I know previous years have been way faster but I’m thinking they’re just having problems this year and the money will be here soon..



    Why do i get the feeling that we are all going to be receiving our money very very soon… I think the irs is just saying that … honestly. Lets not stress about it. Because it will be ifine



    So I called the IRS three times, the first two people couldn’t give me any information. The third representative had me on hold for 20 mins and then tells me that my refund had been retracted and is now under review. I was advised to call next week for additional information because as of now there isn’t a reason why they are reviewing it…wtf



    Damn nothing even pending on my account this is lame AF



    I dont know if the last name matters or not but like I said before, my bf filed on 1/20, I filed 1/27 both of our DDD shown as 2/10. He received his money on 2/8 and I am still waiting. His last name starts with C, mine P. My WMR specifically showed that part of my refund was taken to pay an old tax bill and that the remainder was sent to my bank. I’ve given up hope.



    My sister and I turned ours in the 31st with a ddd of 2 10. She received hers on time and I’m still waiting. They swear they sent it. Idk what to think. We both have the same last name. My friends name is w and she got hers the same day. Idk what to think of this cluster….



    My last name starts with T… My refund is on hold.. or whatever.. I think the IRS screwed up big time. NEVER have they given ddd’s and not sent the funds… Something is definately going on there. THE WMR tool would give you an error code or change the status with a message…. Somethings up.



    From what I see, I wouldn’t put to much thought into the exact date. My understand is that the IRS updated their system, so we fell into a beta year. So Returns are taking longer, but don’t automatically assume your refund has been held. They might hit today, sometime after 12, or this weekend. We’re seeing post from people who haven’t received theirs, but I’m sure the people who have are too busy to write on here because they’re spending money. However, i’ll update when I’ve received mine. Student loans are not likely to prevent you from getting your check; it is a very small percentage. Also, make sure routing numbers and acct numbers are posted correctly.



    ddd of 2/10 all 3 bars are showing and it says sent to bank……..i’m using an amex card that i used last yr with no problem. still nothing in my account. so frustrating.



    ok so after reading all these post I contacted the irs once again to check on my return that was supposed to be deposited on 2/10. they are constantly telling me is was sent to my bank and that I have no holds well I call the republic bank and they still don’t show it. if im under review or something I wish they would tell me instead of feeding me a bunch of bs. this has never happened to me before and im very upset by it my sister is also waiting on a ddd from 2/10. oh my last name starts with m and so does my sisters, but a friend of ours last name starts w I and shes experiencing the same problem.



    The irs is a joke and we need to talk to people who know what there actually talking about. It’s so nice knowing the irs can do whatever they want when it comes our money! It’s complete bs! But that’s how it works and always will work!



    I’m in the same situation. Had a DD of 2/10/16 and still no funds in my account. Called the IRS twice and spoke with two live reps.

    First rep told me that my Return was on Hold pending Review (which I don’t understand being I thought that’s what the first orange bar was for when it’s processing, then I get a second bar saying its accepted and then the third saying its been sent) and to be looking for a letter in the mail.

    Second rep I talked was very helpful… She said everything looked good and she does show that my return was sent to my bank and to wait 5 days to callback, that’s when they’ll be able to track it.

    I honestly don’t know what to believe. I feel like the IRS has screwed up and don’t know what’s going on, so to take some of the heat off of them they’re telling us that the Refunds are on hold.

    My cousin however was having the same issue with a DD of 2/10/16 & the bank not having any trace of a pending deposit but he got his money yesterday around 3pm.

    His last starts with a “G” and mines a “R”

    Maybe there’s hope I’ll get it sometime today or tomorrow



    My sister and i have the same last name and same ddd of 2/10, and nothing yet.
    Im curious as to what peoples last name starts with who arent recieving refund yet as if it were a batch mistake on irs.
    My last name starts with S.



    Ok!! so an update.. We Have been Screwed!! our taxes have been stopped for review…:( they told me that they randomly pick people (a computer dose) and it can take up to 6 weeks for us to get our refunds!!! WTF.. like really? I told her that it would have been nice to have notified us… I was supposed to have gotten my DDD 02/10 with wells Fargo.. We are so screwed… I hate this and like most of you I need my money$$ Thank you GOVERMENT!!



    I had a DDD of 2/10/2016
    WMR Shows 3 bars
    Says that money was sent to the bank on the 10th.
    I have Bank of America
    Still no money.

    I called the IRS and talked to a guy who seemed like he just smoked a big joint! He acted high……….or he was just stupid. Where do they get these people?
    Anyway, they said it would be DD in my account on 2/12/2016. So I hope the bank updates throughout the day. I’m not holding my breath on this one.
    I think the IRS tells us just anything to hush us for a bit.



    Hi.. I just called IRS..next 652.. now I was also set for the tenth and was told twice by live ppl it was sent to my bank..now it’s saying it has been stopped to be reviewed..help me to understand how in the world did u first see it was in my bank to now I will be receiving a letter in one to two weeks about it..which means ppl.. we all screwed..we won’t see these taxes for months.. how can we all have the same issue on our taxes this is horrible.. I have bills backed up yet u playing around.. I told the man how can we all have the same issue.. the IRS is dirty for this.. I’m throwing up my hands I’m done I give up..I literally have tears in my eyes as I sit here with my gas off my phone off my water pipes broken..freezing at night cause we have no gas and now I see I’ll be this way for a while cause IRS wants to mess up now.. I’m done..



    Well now that they verify my identity am royal screw for another 9 weeks for real this is like every years same attitude with this people at the irs same scheme same transcript and no money until they want it am so done with this crap pretty much everybody that has not receive money and they where ddd 2-10-16 need to call asap since our 21 days hit from that they will tell you with another lie or maybe some crap that we all know that is to delay our crap even more !!!!!!!! call this number and tell them and choose the option that its rep told you to call this number 1800-830-5084



    If you not received DD yet – forget about the money for a couple of months – nothing helps.



    OMG This is crazy how is everyone with a ddd of 2/10 deposits getting stopped like this. I see other people on other sites having the same issue. wmr is even updating to 3 bars, but they are put into review. This has to be about the latest hack affecting 400k people….everyone with ddd of the 10th can’t go into review like that because of doing something wrong on your end.

    I really wish you all the best of luck. If it were me I might would be on the phone with a TA to at least find out wth is really going on.



    Ok so they stopped my refund to review and it can take up to 60 days, FML!!!



    Have anyone filed with a IP PIN # from the IRS. I am in the same boat as all of you. I have a DD of 02/12/2016 and it says it was sent to bank. I have my deposit set for my Walmart Moneycard. I checked online for Santa Barbara (www.sbtpg.com) and I see the deposit amount but it hasn’t been received or sent. I called treasury 800 # and no federal offsets. Where else can I check?



    DD not received. IRS said = HOLD UP TO 6 WEEKS.



    It looks like they messed up and are telling us all the same story. I called the IRS this morning at 7 am and got thru to a live person within a 15 minute wait time. The representative advised that my refund was stopped and is under review. She said to allow 21 days from the date I filed plus 60 days before I contact them again……….(????? REALLY). Soooooooo, looks like this is gonna be a long tax season! LOL I have to laugh to keep from crying. But I believe that I will still count my blessings and be thankful for what I do have. Stressing isn’t gonna change anything and sure won’t speed up the process.



    Now the lady I talked to at the IRS says that no the treasury don’t have my refund but my refund was put on hold and can’t tell me why that I need to call back on Tuesday. What in the world is going on. I’m getting the impression the IRS lost our refunds and is trying to buy time to fix it cause I can’t seem to get a straight answer from anyone.



    I think people should call 800-829-0582 ext 652 #… I called and got someone very helpful. You need to call. My refund was stopped pending review. Doesnt matter what WMR says the REFUNDS CAN BE STOPPED…. EVEN AFTER IT SAID REFUND SENT



    Hello all .
    I am hoping someone is in the same position as me, or perhaps someone can advise me.
    I filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/20
    WMR changed to Refund sent in the wee hours of 2/10 (also my refund date!)
    Still, nothing.

    I have called IRS to verify my account and routing #, they are correct.

    I have called Bank of America to see if the address difference (W2 says one thing, bank acct has a diff address) would cause any issues and they said no.
    IRS says it all looks good and there are no offsets, issues, etc..
    BoA has received nothing….. HELP!!!!



    My ddd was also 2-10-16 IRS said it was sent to my bank and it wasn’t. I just talked to someone at the IRS they said the treasury had my taxes cause I owed debt and gave me a number to call so I called and they told me they didn’t have my refund and I didn’t owe any debt so now I’m back on hold with the IRS . this is a freaking joke!



    This is bs my refund was stopped WTF is up with the IRS they are a bunch of crooks now I have to wait for a letter in the mail total bs [email protected]/k you irs

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