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DDD of 2/24 post when you get

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    Margo Singer

    After multiple tries and error messages my transcripts updated. I got the beloved 846 scheduled for 2/24. This is my first year having the DD go into a USAA account and would love to see when others get theirs. Post your updates

    Filed 2/1 TT
    Accepted 2/11
    Transcripts updated 2/19 with DDD of 2/24
    WMR shows just 1 bar

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    Same here. I had fees taken out of TurboTax and my SBTG is showing the fees

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    @ Anthony ok Thank you.

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    Turbo deposits a day early of your DD

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    Dd 2/24 based on transcripts. WMR is still at 1 bar. I have USAA so am expecting it tomorrow morning.

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    Filed 2/17
    Accepted 2/17
    Paid fee up-front
    Cycle ends in 05
    Claimed both credits
    Transcripts updated 2/19 with an 846 code and DDD 2/24
    WMR on 1 bar
    Waiting for Turbo tax card to make deposit available. I assume it will be tomorrow but who knows. I’m not sure if they deposit early or not.🤦

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    My son filed through TT got an advanced – his was scheduled for 2/23 – he got his today at 10am – He also has the TT card – YOU ARE RIGHT :)

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    I fiped 2/17 accepted in minutes..still no update or ddd. Anyone get their refund yet

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    Margo Singer

    So exciting that people are starting to see pending deposits. Still nothing with USAA and no update to WMR

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    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 2/10

    Don’t know when transcript updated because I can’t recertify my account. However, I see a pending deposit with my bank (navy federal) for 2/24. WMR still just one bar. That might update tonight.

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    I have a DDD of 2/24. I filed with Turbo tax, I paid my fees upfront but I did get the advance so I am dependent on SBTPG. I checked last year’s situation because I did the same thing, and it looks like I got my refund deposited to my turbo tax card a day before my DDD, so TT people waiting on SBTPG can probably expect their money around Tuesday!

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    Filed 1/29 TT
    Accepted 2/11
    DDD this morning USAA 2/19

    I guess eitc doesn’t have to wait until March 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Leah O

    Chime DD just hit

    Filed early Jan.
    Accepted 2/9
    Wmr only 1 bar
    Transcript updated this am w/ DD 2/24

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    I should have said I had fees taken out via TT.

    But I show my pending amount in their bank to forward to me.

    So any day.

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    Submitted 2/9
    Accepted 2/13
    Transcript N/A as of 2/18
    2020 Transcript available as of 2/19 6am
    Cycle # ends in 05 like previous years
    DDD on transcript 2/24
    WMR 1 bar

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    Filed 2/7
    Accepted 2/11
    Transcript updated 2/19
    DDD 2/24

    I did the prepaid card through TT, so I could get the advance. Was worried refunds would be delayed.

    I also have EITC & CTC
    Not sure if I’m a pather

    Good luck everyone!

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    It Hit!

    Filed 2/12 TaxAct – No Fees
    Accepted 2/12
    WMR update 2/16
    Transcripts updated 2/19 today
    DDD 2/24
    Chime – Deposit Posted Around 5pm
    See y’all next year!

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    ***stare at it

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    Mine is showing pending in my account as of 30-40 minutes ago. My credit union doesn’t post deposits early though. They wait until around 4:00am on the day that the deposit is dated. So I get to state at it pending in my account for 4 full days. Lol just painful.

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    My DDD is 2/24, and mine just hit my Green Dot account half an hour ago. Hoping yours hits soon too!

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    Green Dot deposit just posted 10 minutes ago. DDD is 2/24

    Congrats!! I have green dot too and my DDD is suppose to be 2/24 as well. Hoping I get mine early as I was told sbgtb does not deposit early.

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    Green Dot deposit just posted 10 minutes ago. DDD is 2/24

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    Filed 2/1 TT
    Accepted 2/12
    Transcripts updated 2/19 with DDD of 2/24
    WMR shows just 1 bar
    Chime Bank – no deposit yet.

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    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 2/12
    Transcript updated this morning with 2/24 DDD
    Recieved DD 4:58pm with Chime

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    Filed 2/7 HR Block
    Fees Paid Up front
    1 Block on WMR
    Transciripts updated overnight last night with a 2/24 DDD
    DD to be split between Local Bank Account and Green Dot Card.

    Bank usually posts 1 day before DDD, never used Green Card so I dont know when it would post.

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    Filed 2/8
    Accepted 2/12
    Transcripts updated today with DDD 2/24
    Bank with Capitol One, so I doubt I’ll see it before 2/24.

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    Filed 2/15 HRB, paid upfront
    Accepted 2/15
    Transcripts updated 2/19 with DDD of 2/24
    WMR shows just 1 bar
    Bank of America

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    Filed TT 1/23
    Accepted 2/10
    Transcripts updated 2/19 w/DDD of 2/24
    WMR Shows just 1 bar
    Green Dot Card

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    Waiting for mine to deposit.

    Updated this morning with 2/24/21 DD. WMR still one bar. Filed on 1/28, rejected on 2/11 due to screwed up EIN, refiled and accepted on 2/13. Updated transcripts in the early morning today of 2/19.

    I bank with Chime.

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