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DDD 2/5/2020

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    If WMR shows a deposit by 2/5/2020, do you typically see that before (since it says by), on, or after? Or could it be really any depending on the bank?

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    DDD of 2/5. I bank with Wells Fargo as of 8:38a EST nothing has hit my account


    Nothing here yet either. DDD 2/5 and SBBT says they received the money from the IRS yesterday and sent today. Had big plans today and looks like I’m not the only one.


    Tt card hit at 5am. Woke up to notice of dd$$.
    Today is a good day!!


    Using Paypal Debit Card through Wells Fargo. DDD of 2/5. Nothing.


    Just logged back into SBBT. Yesterday it was showing as sent to my bank 2/4. Now it’s showing sent to m y bank 2/5. SBBT is not on their game this year.


    In past years, SBBT gets the funds the day before my DDD. My bank does not hold deposits, but posts real-time, so I’ve always gotten my DD the day that SBBT receives funds. This year has been different so far in that SBBT did get my refund the day before the DDD (yesterday, DDD today), but I have yet to see funds hit my account.

    1st Round On Me

    @Larry I didn’t see a pending deposit either in my NCFU account. It just magically appeared overnight. TBH, I was expecting it to post by 2/7 in a best case scenario. Hope that helps.


    It’s 7:33am EST and nothing for me yet either. DDD is for today. Having fees taken from SBTPG but they’re still claiming the IRS hasn’t sent them my money yet. I bank with Citi and still nothing there yet either.


    I also have a 2/5 ddd and nothing has posted into my NFCU account. I havent even seem a pending deposit…

    1st Round On Me

    CHA CHING!!!

    Guess who’s calling off work for the rest of the week. Posted overnight into my NFCU account. I get to skip hiding my car from the repo man and being threatened to be foreclosed on this year.

    You guys are the best! See ya next year.

    Jennifer Mcc

    I GOT My deposit this morning…BUT SBTPG never showed anything??? Don’t understand that at all


    I have been checking our bank throughout the night and nothing. DD scheduled for today.


    I have chime and nothing yet. Sbtpg has mine as sent and received but no ddd and wmr doesn’t say it was sent yet


    Nothing. Sbtpg hasn’t received anything from the irs. Nothing in my bank account.
    Used TT DDD 2/5 fees taken out of return.
    It’s my money and I want it now lol


    Same here. Nothing as well, I bank with Simple. Only my normal employer DD.


    I have a DDD if 2/5 as well and as of 5:30am Central Time it has not hit. I have PNC.
    Glad to know I’m not alone but confused/worried because I filed the exact same way I always do and it’s always been in there first thing in the morning of my DDD date.


    Walmart deposit.. nothing yet


    DDD 2/05 as well, chase bank and nothing yet. 615 EST.


    DDD 2/5 and still nothing Bank of America let’s go dude


    Just checked..mines hit


    Im just wondering why wmr says ddd 2/5 but h&r block saying dad 2\18

    James: I was told on another forum that our tax prep companies are usually guessing but that the IRS will be the most accurate info as they’re the ones actually doing the work to get our refunds out. My ddd is 2/5 but my tax prep is sayin 2/10 for me.


    bump the thread to the top

    James Danger

    Im just wondering why wmr says ddd 2/5 but h&r block saying dad 2\18


    Funds just hit my SBTPG and shows paid date 02/04/2020. Fees taken out seems to be a day early.

    James Danger

    Have ddd the 5th but using the Emerald card. Anyone know if you get earlier or later


    Even though I’m still waiting (21 days and counting) for approval and DDD, in the past I always got my deposit 2 days early. That is the policy of my credit union. As soon as they get electronic transfer of any direct deposit, they immediately release the funds. Check with your banking institution.


    I bank with chase , but I’ve been told they will give me my refund on my official ddd 2/5. Praying I get it tommorow a little early though somehow


    2/5 ddd. I will update here if it hits in the morning. Hoping for an early deposit!!


    I was hoping it would come through tommorow but definitely Wednesday


    It will post Wednesday morning 02/05. After that it depends on your bank and their procedure.


    I have NFCU and it’s been pending in there since Friday. I highly doubt they will post it before Wed.


    In my experience its always a day or two before. I have a ddd of 2/5/2020 as well nothing yet.


    If it says ddd 2/5, most likely it will be that day. I always got funds the ddd is stated


    DDD Feb. 5th Also
    Accepted 23rd Jan.
    TT Turbo card, nothing yet.


    I was thinking maybe today because my TT gave me an estimated date of today but my DDD I received from IRS is Feb 5th. Nothing here so far.

    Moody Ggiz

    Usually before. I have a DDD of Feb 5th too.

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