Ddd 2/22 but no money

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    Did you have a ddd for today but didnt het any money?

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    Nothing for anyone I know with a 2/22


    Georgia Johnson

    My dad was for today too 2/22 And still nothing. It’s 3:23 here hoping I get it today!



    Ummm yes. Wth. Im with us bank unfortunately



    Ummm yes. Im with us bank unfortunately


    sarah baker

    I live in upstate ny and nothing was suuposed to pay my light bill due to shut off notice first year this has happened



    Nothing here. sbtpg isn’t even showing that they rec. funds yet.



    If your due date was 222 you will be receiving your refunds today they’re taking care of everybody and wave they’ve been releasing funds too many to 222s since midnight I stayed awake through the night watching this happen there were those that were getting their refunds at 12 midnight then at 2:30 300 then at 4 a.m. and then another wave came and I received mine at 6 a.m. there were those that are receiving it at 8 a.m. as for me path act Emerald card holder with fees taken out and where’s my refund never updated even though the deposit was on my Emerald Card.



    i e-filed 1/30 and my co-worker filed the same day as me with the exact same tax rep. he JUST received his refund. im still waiting. my DDD is 2/22



    Smh this is crazy what are they gonna hold it until one minute before midnight wtf



    TurboTax got my refund about 9:15 a.m. Nothing was on there at 4 a.m. And the where’s my refund site has not updated using the TurboTax card good luck to everyone who has waiting



    Had mine pending in my account for today, then it just disappeared. Bank does not know what happened to it, says they will keep a lookout. It’s a real crappy day



    H&r Emerald card and nothing. I filed 1/25. 10:30am here in GA



    DDD 222 but nothing as of yet. Checked Republic taxpayer site and they haven’t received my refund yet, so of course not on my netspend card. I must be one of the last batches. If it’s not even sent to the bank yet where they will take out their fees. I’m not too confident I will get it BY the 22nd as I should. If so, It’s gonna be late this afternoon at best. The waiting game this year has sucked.



    Emerald card and nothing. I call and it says I’m supposed to but nada there.



    i have the H&R block emerald card still nothing and their website keeps messing up.



    no money yet ddd 2/22.. bank with chase..



    apparently people are still receiving right now. some guy just posted that he just got his



    Do you think we will still get our money today?



    same here checked sbtpg still 0.00 recieved



    yes still waiting and checking.

Viewing 20 replies - 51 through 70 (of 70 total)

The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.