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    Just wanted to create somewhere for those of us with 2/12 DD’s to be able to post if you get your refund early just to give hope to the rest of us. Thanks so much to those of you who come and update us with your progress. Hope to hear from you guys soon, (like midnight LOL).

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    ddd 2/12….. tt going through sbbt….. sbbt is not showing that the irs sent it yet.



    This is depressing



    Just checked and still nothing…netspend California



    ^ Danny the bank has it for sure especially if netspend users and some other users are getting their deposits, sometimes the customer rep wont be able to see it because they are lowlevel reps and dont have access that deep

    Captialone 360 I got nothing’
    USAA nothing

    Im using a prepaid netspend next year. Freak banks!



    still waiting here .. mine is going through SBBT then to netspend



    2/12er here no dd yet. It says the bank doesnt even have it yet, let alone me having it. I’m guessing tomorrow at midnight we’ll be getting deposits guys. Keep updating if you get it b4 then!



    I am also a 2/12er. Filed with TT and am having fees taken out. Nothing in my account so far. I am in PA and bank with a local credit union. I will follow up when I do get my dd.



    Nothing this morning. It could still come in over the day, but I’m not going to get overly excited, because even if it does hit early, most likely we’ll be iced in… :/ so 2/12 is just fine for me I suppose…



    USAA as of 740am cst no find for 2/12 DDD



    I have a ddd of 2/12 and bank with Suntrust. Nothing yet and nothing on SBBT either. I will keep checking throughout the day.



    I have a ddd of 2/12 and bank with pnc as of 7:45 am on mon nothing yet no fees or anything just a straight deposit,how hard is that lol



    I’m a 2/12, Republic Bank, nothing yet!
    Question though, does anyone know if the WMR has said refund sent to everyone who DID already get their DD? I know it has had issues updating, but just want to know if anyone knows. I’m thinking last year that mine never showed it had been sent.



    I have a local bank and nothing so far….last year it was sitting there 2 days early but my bank won’t put it in until the 12th….they hold it as long as they can…..jerks.



    2/12, and nothing yet… But it could very well come rolling in at 8am, so I’m checking again then. I bank with NCSECU…



    2/12.. use my vanilla debit card..nothing yet



    DDD 2/12 No change as of this morning. I have Republic Bank/Tax Act, still 2 bars.



    DDD of 2/12/14 in NC, nothing yet in my accounts. SBTPGs magic number is 8am to 8pm



    I have a ddd of 2/12 and bank with usaa. have not gotten a deposit yet. last year I got it a day early and it was around 730 CST that morning, so I am hoping it comes in around that time today or tomorrow since usaa does early deposits.



    Nothing yet with my bank 2/12



    Checking my bank soon 2/12



    DDD of 2/12. I received my refund last night 02/09 at 10:22pm. I bank with netspend.



    Anyone with good news?!?!



    You log into their website.

    What are TPG hours during tax season?

    Peak Season – Mid January to End of February 5:00 am to 6:00 pm, Pacific, Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Pacific, Saturday Off Peak Season – March to Mid-April 6:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pacific, Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 12:00 pm, Pacific, Saturday

    So for me, being in EST, it would be 8am when they open.



    2/12 , paypal prepaid card (which I’m pretty sure is considered a bancorp/netspend card as well) will update when i get any good news!



    How do u check with sbbt?



    2/12er netspend with fees deducted….nothing yet



    I saw it on FB. Gonna have to wait until SBBT opens their doors to see :) Good luck everyone. Don’t lose too much sleep :) WIll post as soon as I see that beautiful transaction!



    On facebook people are posting pic proof of checking account that shows IRS deposit



    IKR, they could be on bs though cuz alot of them were anonymous and I dont trust noone anonymous. I been on this site for 4 years and its terrible how people do just to get reactions out of people.



    Main page, about 4 people said they already got posted on netspend. They must be the lucky four. I have wells fargo with fees thru SBTPG, My brother and sister both are 2/12ers with netspend and dont have a single thing pending yet. I dont to much stock into what random people post on the main page.



    Who said netspenders were getting deposits



    Charlotte, Nc! NC is really weird with deposits, it can literally be anytime or day. I find it odd so many 2/12ers with Netspend getting deposits on Sunday evening. Metabank is out of California and does ach sweeps at 4am western time, not at 9pm.



    I dont think anyone got their money now



    there’s hope, I saw a few posts saying 2/12ers got their money tonight.



    Hey y’all I am a 2/12er and bank with wellsfargo hoping early!! Do any of y’all know if any of the people that got there’s early had the fees take out of there refund? Also anyone from nc know when nc is do ddd?



    SBTPG which process fees for Turbo Tax, post all deposits between 8am thru 8pm depending on processing speeds. IRS releases all deposits 48 hours before due date, so that the banks have time to process, deduct or transfer. Most 2/12ers that paid fees upfront will see deposits pending in the morning depending on there particular banks protocols. Every year seems to be much of the same, I never expect a refund before 14 days from accepted. Good night and good luck in the morning.



    By the morning we should all know



    DDD of 2/12. Netspend, SBBT will take fees. I read that SBBT updates overnight, and not in real time. Hoping for an early deposit. Will let you guys know as soon as it hits the card :)


    AJ D’Alessandro

    2-12-14 ddd and bank at Fifth Third Bank. Need the money like next breath! Can any one else give experience with 2-12-24 ddd ?



    we have wells fargo what are the chances we will get it early



    jerrycurl is pulling your leg. He just filed on 2/6 with no wmr update.



    Jerrycurl said he had a ddd of 2/12 and got it tonight my mom had a 2/10 ddd and got hers 2/7 i am hoping for tomorrow as well i filed with liberty



    My DDD is 2/12 too, and I bank with NCSECU… I’m crossing my fingers that we will get ours early… It would be such a blessing to get it tomorrow…



    I just saw a post that someone received theirs tonight.



    my ddd is the 12th bank with navy fed



    I hope we get ours tommorow. But USAA do deposits a day in advance



    @Twerk_Her Sorry 2/12



    Anyone with BOA?



    2/10 or 2/12?



    @Twerk_Her Thanks I do also, 2/10 and USAA here I will update as soon as I get info.

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The topic ‘DD 2/12 GOT REFUND?’ is closed to new replies.