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    Just wanted to create somewhere for those of us with 2/12 DD’s to be able to post if you get your refund early just to give hope to the rest of us. Thanks so much to those of you who come and update us with your progress. Hope to hear from you guys soon, (like midnight LOL).

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    any updates?



    I can confirm what @SlickRick says, my bank has the funds pending but cannot release until the 12th. I am sure that is the case for most people



    Just received email..funds sent to bank.i have DDD 2/12



    THATS great I hope its there cause if urs is pending then that means everyone else will have theirs tomorrow **fingers crossed***




    Thanks! We just called again and usaa said they haven’t even updated their systems since Friday night. They’ll do it again tonight so she said there’s a good possibility that it will be there :)






    Any updates NOT shown on SBBT and u received your $?



    I used Netspend last year and hot my $ the evening before at like 5:00. I am using my Wells this year and am hoping that it’s the same story. 2/12er filed 1/30 accepted 2/2.

    I’m curious to see if there are any early deposits as of 5:00 today??



    Called my bank (first national bank texas) and my dep is pending supposedly until 2/12 which is odd because they generally post earlier, but I can go with that:)



    [email protected] IRS already sent it. The reps will lie to you for the 20th time, they are only low level reps. They go off what WMR says. WMR says 12th so a rep will say 12th

    Your bank probably have it but they didnt process it. Most reps cant see that deep in the system

    By law they including your employer have to send dd 48 hours in advance to allow time for processing



    my cousin got her approval on 2/7 (after 9pm PST)



    2/12er, talked to Republic and they havent even received my refund yet. My bars updated friday night. I also talked to IRS and the lady told me that it hadnt been sent yet and they will send it on wednesday. I have fees being taken out so I know my bank account probably wont release it to me until after the 12th. I dont care when it comes I just want the IRS to release it so I know for sure that it is on its way. I’ll update u guys if there are any changes. TTYL



    @marissa My girlfriend has USAA as well and she do not have any pending deposits. She was approved 2/07 2/12 dd date

    Usually USAA is day before deposit so I think we will see it tommorow. They update around5:30 cst my way and another in the evening



    I say we will all get it tomorrow. My friend recived hers on the 6th. which at the time there was a delay and sbbt said that ppl would receive theirs on the 7th but sbbt sent out the deposit and netspend had it on her card at 4pm. so im guess (hoping) we will receive netspend deposits by 4pm tomorrow 1 day early



    What was the approval date for your cousin



    I also have a DDD of 2/12 and bank with USAA. Hubby called them around 9:30 this morning and the rep said there was no pending deposit at that time. Kind of surprised because USAA always deposits a day early. I’m hoping we’ll get our refund tomorrow because we’re moving but I don’t know how likely that will be since they told us this a.m. they didn’t see a pending deposit :-/ Keep us updated USSA-ers!



    Last year I was lucky enough to rec’v my refund 2 days b4 my DDD. So now I am going to quit checking, and watching comments just like I did last year and it will come early. Good luck to you all, I will be back when I get my DD.


    Matt Arnold

    I always hope, but it’s probably not going in until the night of the 11th .



    My ddd is the 12th I am having the fees taken out I filed with turbo tax. I have checked and SBBT has NOT received my refund yet, so I say I will get it tomorrow.. Congrats to all those that have already received theirs



    anybody have any luck yet? my cousin had a 2/12 DDD and just got hers, via emerald card (HRB)



    I have a DDD of 2/12 going directly into my credit union account, at 6am I got an email from my CU saying that they have a pending deposit. They never put money in my account early though, so they wont put it in my account until 7:30am wednesday, but I can tell its actually coming



    There was one night they gave out the DDD of 2/12.



    like i said, the only ppl who were 2/12 that already got a dd were approved on the 7th.. and yes they do approve on the weekends as i was saturday as were many many others : )



    You can call HRB 866-353-1266 to see if they see your refund received. I did this morning and they haven’t rec’d it yet



    What about the ppl who got approved 2/6 with a DDD of 2/12, they are also still waiting, so i dont think the approval date has anything to do with it, I think there is no rhyme or reason as to how the IRS sends out returns except they do it in batches. I believe some of will get today, tomorrow and on the 12th, hopefully everything will go smoothly and we wont have to wait longer that Wednesday.



    ^ They dont approved on the 8th, that was the weekend


    Tiger girl

    I filed HRB and have fees coming out. Can we check online somewhere to see if those have been paid yet?



    im sure not every1 did get it early, but all the 2/12 ppl i did c get it early were approved on the 7th..none approved on the 8th.



    Republic Bank has four “windows” or transmission times: 6:00 AM, Noon, 4:00 PM, and 7:30 PM. (Eastern Time)



    I’m a 2/12er getting my refund on my HRB emerald card. Last year got it 2 days earlier that the DDD, i called hrb bank today, not to see if they saw anything pending but because there online banking was not working but the rep was able to see that there nothing was pending to be released into my account at this time. If you are using the emerald card and having HRB fees taken out of your refund it will happen immediately and have your money at the speed of lighting after they have taken out their fees.



    @JG i was approved on the 6th with a 2/12



    I was approved on 2/6 with ddd 2/12



    I agree @JG.Wentworth



    I was approved on 2/7 but had my fees taken out my return so that may make a difference.



    Has anyone with Republic Bank with a DDD of 12 had any change so far today? I haven’t, maybe it will update later today. Republic bank is on the East Coast. so hoping it will happen before 5pm.



    I think the ppl with 2/12 that got theirs early, were the ones that got approved on friday 7th. i was approved 8th for 2/12 and nothin’ yet .



    I just read on another site that SBBT gets 2 batches a day from the IRS, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, (which is evening for us east coasters). I do not know how true that is, but it does make sense as some 2/12ers have seen their refunds on the SBBT site and some have not. I am one who has not.



    Just checked SBBT again and nothing yet. Hoping it updates tonight and we will have some info tomorrow to ease our anxiety. I bank with Suntrust, anyone else?



    HRB fees taken out then NFCU. Anyone else? I do not see a pending dep.



    Hello fellow 2/12ers, I too just checked the sbbt website and it states that the irs has not yet sent funds so im just anxiously waiting. In past years I have never received a dd early always on the exact date. So i’m not expecting anything until Wednesday morning but it would be nice to receive it before then. I’ll continue to check



    i wish we would know exactly when the irs will send out deposits to sbbt ( for those of us that it will go there first). i know last year i received dd two days earlier and that was going through sbbt. sbbt is showing they haven’t received it yet. i am not expecting anything until the morning, if then.



    prepaid cards like netspend do not hold like a B&M bank does….they like to collect interest as long as they can.



    I talked to my bank they have it….but will not post it until 2/12….



    I am a 2/12 as well and have seen nothing through SBBT or my USAA account. Like others have said, USAA deposits a day in advance so I’m hoping for a nice alert in the morning! I’ve seen so many negative comments about refunds that go through SBBT first and not showing up on the DDD, but hoping that has been fixed. Does anyone know someone who went through SBBT and received a successful deposit early or even the day of?



    @mommy your 2012 transcripts will show it



    Is there any way to check what my irs ddd was from last year so I can see.if I got.it earlier?



    I think banks release money early to people who have good history and some money already in the bank



    I checked last years return on sbbt site. Was deposited to them on the ddd, 2/12/13 sent to my bank 2/13/13 so I just can’t remember what my irs did was from last year. Not.sure if.I can check that but I do believe.it was Friday 2/15/13



    @sean usually it will show in your transactions



    Anyone know how to check pending deposits or reach WF to ask?

    I have a 2/12 DDD and havent received any notice yet

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