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    Just wanted to create somewhere for those of us with 2/12 DD’s to be able to post if you get your refund early just to give hope to the rest of us. Thanks so much to those of you who come and update us with your progress. Hope to hear from you guys soon, (like midnight LOL).

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    I’m in B-more. EST. Did u check Sbbt?



    @cnizzle ohhhh just saw eST haha



    @cnizzle what time zone are you in? I’m in central time zone in Florida and my Wells Fargo account isn’t showing any deposits or even pending deposits :[



    Oh yeah, filed through TurboTax and paid for fees upfront as well. Hope all the fellow 2/12ers see their refunds really soon!



    ,and Sbbt sent mine yesterday morning



    Just received my refund. it’s 11:47 PM – West Coast – PST. Bank through Chase. Good luck everyone!



    Eh thanks, ugh come on already



    1/29 filed, 2/2 accepted, 2/12 ddd, Wells Fargo JUST deposited! EST try now rayray



    @rell nope!



    Any one get their deposits yet?



    @stacey…Central actually



    Filed through hr block. Ddd of 2/12, and I bank with Wells Fargo. Still no refund yet. I will post when I get it.



    Yay are u eastern time or Pacific



    Just got my refund

    Capital one 360

    Even though it is all going on back rent :(



    Mine was accepted feb4th with DDD of 2/12 and mine showed up on ny card at 10:30 tonight. I have a Skylight Financial paycard through work. Filed for free on freetaxusa



    Mrs Daley my refund was released a day early but I did the free military version of Turbo Tax so it went straight into my account. I didn’t have to deal with SBBT.



    I bank with usaa and have a dd 2/12/14. Checked sbbt this a.m and it said the fees were taken out and funds forwarded to my bank. It DID say it may take 1-2 days to go from there to the bank :( I called usaa and she didn’t see any pending deposits. I’m hoping it’ll be there tomorrow… I hope we all get our refunds tomorrow!

    **Usaa does release funds a day early on recurring deposits (payroll, military pay) tax refunds are a one-time deposit so they are only going to release them when they’re supposed to.

    More later…



    @Tam I got capital 360 too, keep us updated



    Oh thank you! @MrsMendez30 that gives me a little hope lol



    BTW my WMR status still has not moved to sent..



    UPDATE: Its a little late but…. My DD was 2/12 and received my refund on 2/11 at 7 am through USAA. Hope everyone else got theres too.



    UPDATE: Sorry Im so late posting this but….. My DD was 12 Feb.. I got my refund in my USAA acct on 11 Feb at 7am. Thank God the wait is over. I hope you all get yours soon!



    Yes but I have my banking app, I’m sure that would tell me just as fast and show the same thing as calling in wouldn’t it?
    @Bobbie glad I’m not the only one ugh this sucks

    I wanna be sick tomorrow tooo =( lol



    damn that sucks Bobbie



    Mine says approved only…..



    call your card if its there then it should reflect on there, to hell with checking online or calling the irs



    Ugh hopefully updating wmr is just one more thing the gvt is slacking on at this point and it really has sent already



    to* not on



    yep couldnt agree more, its just gonna get worse too unless the govt decides on do a complete 180 on all of its stands and viewpoints, ehh oh well it is what it is, maybe with this money i should move to canada LMAO



    @Nick, in that sense we are truly one screwed up country too bad ppl let it get to this



    i used the turbotax app and then called my card to see i never used the irs.gov so idk what it shows @stacy sorry



    So to the ppl that r getting their refund, is your status on wmr showing as refund sent? Mine is still saying approved only



    you aint lying our gvt sucks



    I will. A friend of mine has B of A and had ddd of 2/6 and didn’t get her deposit until early 2/7. I’m hoping that’s not the case for me.



    It is indeed but doesn’t surprise me that’s our gvt for u



    @Bobbie keep me posted



    i filed with turbotax on the 28th got approved on the 4th and got money tonight


    Danielle stuart

    The anticipation is freaking killing ugh


    Danielle stuart

    O ok



    Ugh sucks! @Nick funny that’s usually my excuse about this time of year hahaha


    Danielle stuart

    Nick who’d u file with



    forgot to mention im in ohio and have CSBank money hit about 15 minutes ago



    I’m in CA and have B of A. Waiting patiently……



    I also have a dddd of 02/12 /2014 I’ve checked since yesterday nothing as of yet .hopefully it’ll be there by midnight nothing pending as well.



    had a ddd date of 2/12 and have been calling all day to no avail ,however i just called my card and the funds were there which is weird cause its 1130 and my bank is closed and its not even after midnight for it to be seen on my account so not sure if the bank had an error earlier when i called but i can assure you this money wasnt in my account at 330pm when i got home from work but it is now ,time to go spend,think i feel a cold coming on might not be able to make it to work tomorrow lol



    Anyone in CA who banks with Bank of America??



    @saerbo is only 830 here so let us know ur status come midnight



    Hey big kc thats only if you use hr block bank, I called that is for customers of that bank only.



    My bank claims they only pull deposits at midnight and post them to accounts when they open in the morning. Republic bank took fees out and sent today before noon but they still dont see it pending in my bank account. Here’s to a long night.



    if you going through hr block heres how to check,call the hr block bank 1-888-687-4722 do option 3 then option 1 on your 1040a second page put your account number in,thenit will ask you to change your pin.do it then next options pick four,money has been in my account since yesterday so i will have it tomorrow,hope this helps!DD 2/12

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