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    Just wanted to create somewhere for those of us with 2/12 DD’s to be able to post if you get your refund early just to give hope to the rest of us. Thanks so much to those of you who come and update us with your progress. Hope to hear from you guys soon, (like midnight LOL).

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    Its just ridiculous that I haven’t gotten the card as of today. Will my funds just be transfered over to the new card at the office? Can they actually do that for me?



    I got mine as of 3:45am. It’s still says approved with only 2 lines. If it was me, I would go to H&R block, ask for a replacement card, and tell them u are not coming back and will tell EVERYONE you know not to use them either! Make sure u are loud! I BET they AT LEAST give u a voucher for free filing next year, if u wanna go thru the same headache next year………



    I’m still waiting for my emerald card from hrblock. Have a did date of 2/12



    It posted 5 minutes ago. Good luck everyone.



    When I checked irs it was updating around 3 am. It only updates once a day so it may not show sent until tomorrow.



    IRS said it was suppose to be sent to my bank 2/12 but the tracker just shows approved?



    Woke up to an nice notification on my phone saying my federal deposited! Finally! Filed 1/27 accepted 1/29 refund approved 2/7 deposited 2/12. This has been so crazy. I’ve never waited this long after filing to get my refund! Hopefully next year will be better!



    But IRS.gov doesn’t show sent.



    @Stacy B of A got my return about 12:20 am. Hope you did too!



    I was approved on the 7th of Feb with a DDD of 2/12. Nothing as of 7:55 est. :[



    Mine was approved around the 7th of Feb , my DDD is for today the 12th and I still haven’t gotten as if 6:50 am. Anyone else having this problem



    I have the h and r block emerald card. Just checked and my funds are up there. Yay the wait is over



    I’m starting to get concerned. It was said to be sent.



    Still nothing for me. Getting highly stressed.


    melissa nieves

    Olivia how did u know the money was on ur emerald card do u get some type, of email or did u just call?


    melissa nieves

    Mikeroy me to I have the emerald card and nothing


    melissa nieves

    7am sorry


    melissa nieves

    Its almost 6am and nothin I live in boston filed with hrblock emerald card wth what time do refunds deposit my set dates today 2-12-14 ??



    Ddd 2/12 TD bank maine. Mine came between 4-6am



    Still nothing with h&r block emerald card.. Now I’m pissed!!!!



    I just received mine at 3:00am. I filed with hr block and used emerald card. I had a dd of 2/12. Good luck everyone! Happy spending!!



    I received my refund t 1:30 am I bank with chase good luck to all and see you next year.



    i got mine refund



    with suntrust at 3a est time



    i did


    Tina Martin

    Was u using h&r r or….



    So my ddd was 2/12 and sure enough its here, it was deposited at 1:00am. Good luck to everyone else.



    Has anybody gotten their refund that filed with h and r block using the emerald card?



    and IRS site info is way behind!



    I filed with Turbotax Military, no charges for filing. Seems like having fee’s deducted slows some things down :(



    just woke up to check and yup its there it hit account after midnight central time,thank god now i can sleep,maybe!!!dd 2/12



    Still haven’t received refund DDD of 2/12/14


    Tina Martin

    I filed on 1-27-2014 and accepted on 2-4-14 and approved on2-6-14 with ddd of 2-12-2014 ie-filed. With h&r block so I checked wmr around 1230am this morning and still isn’t saying sent I’m gonna check my bank hopefully it’s there today but as if yesterday no pending deposits and I bank with national city



    Anybody with a Suntrust account received thiers



    Oh and we efiled with HRBlock



    My husband has wells fargo. We e filed on 2-1. Got a DDD of 2-12. Its 1:08 am im in phoenix az and still no refund!! Checked the account via wells fargo app and it doesnt show any pending deposita.



    H & R is the most ridiculous tax company ever, I can’t believe I wasted so much money having then do what can do for free plus find deductions they refuse to even get into saves me about $250/yr



    H and r* anybody use h and r not getting there refund?



    I have Wells Fargo and still do not see my deposit that is scheduled for 2/12. I am in central time zone.



    I use h and e block and no refund as of 3am ddd 2/12



    And relax, I have heard of NO ONE who has gotten theirs either late or not at all! Good luck, it’ll be there today……



    Any 2/12ers with SunTrust see any deposits?



    Yaaaayyy I refreshed as u did @Joseph &mine was there too – Bank of America in CA



    If I can help out in any way it’s this……I am a bartender, do and have done my own taxes with TT for the last 10 years or so, I can get so much more from my deductions and my fees come out of my return, not that it ever even hurts, which goes through sbbt and then to my bank. Not only do I get my $ the same time as people who pay this “fast refund deposit” thing, but I can follow the path of my money as it leaves the government. Yes I am an impatient jerk but that’s just me! My return has NEVER come after my ddd. Hope this helps, good nite to all!



    Just wanted to let all 2/12 people got mine at 12am eastern time



    Holy crap, just refreshed my account and it was there. DD of 2/12, website still shows 2 bars. West Coast Bank of America!



    I bank with BOA, and still nothing. :(. BOA is always the last to deposit anyway so im not sweating it. Just hoping it’s today



    Hr block doesn’t go through sbbt



    It will NEVER show as a pending, they just straight deposit it.



    Still waiting -_-
    No signs of anything soon,
    West coast – bank of America

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