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    So I got a letter today but I was wondering why i didn’t get a code for a letter on my Transcripts, the letter was send out 2/19 .. two days before the update on Friday , can someone explain ?

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    I have 570 code and no code after that but the 570 code says processing date of March 2, 2020 ..anybody got an update from 570 code yet? And I cannot get in touch wi the IRS so I’m just going to wait till March 2nd and see if I get a ddd

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    IRS told me 570 is on my transcript because of employment verification so now if they can’t verify via phone they will send a letter to request the info through fax or mail.

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    I’m tellin u this year has been crazy for a lot of us waiting on our returns . Call them

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    570 means they are holding and generally does mean they are holding and reviewing them for some reason . If it’s been more than 21 days If u efile go ahead and call

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    It will have a code on it.

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    Do your transcripts show if you’ve been selected for review?

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    The TC570 code can mean multiple things, generally though, it is a hold for your refund date, which in essence means that your refund has been processed, but your refund is being held and should go out within the next couple processing batches. If there is no other code after the TC570, then it should be fine. Most people with the TC570 code, with a code after, have already been mailed out letters from the IRS as of February 20th or so.

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    Usually if all you have is a 570 code, it’s due to the Path.. which still makes no sense beings the release date has passed.

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    I have 3-9-2020 but no cycle code? any input?

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    I have 20200805 and 570 code I called today and was told it’s because of Eitc and ACTC I don’t know I also added cash income to my return from my own business I have a processing date of 3-9-2020 I hope all is well. I would like a clear explanation about tax code 570.

    So far I was told by my tax preparer to wait until Friday 🙄.

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    Filed 2/4/20. Same cycle code, and like several others, got 570 code. WMR updated to saying it was “still processing.” No further updates to my transcripts.

    As of this morning WMRbgoes to a secondary page that says I may have entered something incorrectly? Once I verify my info, it says it can’t give me a refund status until 24 hours after it has been accepted.

    Anyone else suddenly having this issue?

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    This is strange because I received my State refund within 10 days of filing. Maybe irs is just backed up? In any event – they need to give us our money already or give us reasoning as to why we have to wait so long…

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    150 Tax return filed
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding
    766 Credit to your account
    570 Additional account action pending

    04-15-2020 04-15-2020 03-09-2020

    I Spoke with tax advocate this morning.

    He suggests calling back if I don’t have a direct deposit date by Friday, 2/29.

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    Same Cycle code
    No codes
    Just waiting

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    Same here! I have two 570 codes and 971. Says the letter will be mailed on 03/09 so I’ve got a ways to go!

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    My cycle code is 20200805 with dates of 3-9-2020 and 4-15-2020. I also have a TC570. I called the IRS and was told not to call back until 45 days past 3-9-2020. I’m frustrated and somewhat worried.

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    Anyone have any luck? Same cycle code and same 570 code but no other codes after.

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    Recieved an email from informed delivery have a letter from the IRS in there 👎 so guess will find out why I received the 570 code. Will come back this afternoon after my mail comes and give an update

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    1/29: Return accepted by IRS
    2/21: Account transcript shows 570 code with 3-9-20
    2/24: No bars on WMR – Reads generic “We are still processing your return, a refund date will be provided when available” Tax topic 152

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    Any updates on anyone’s returns? WMR still says “still processing”
    My transcript still has code 570 with date 3/9/2020. I’m going to call IRS tomorrow and see what my code is for.

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    @JAKE I was looking at my previous return transcripts and all but 2018 have been processed with all the same codes. My DDD dates have been a week before the protected date. So my guess based on that hopefully we should get it March 4th ;)

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    @Heidi – Thank you :)

    Mine is same today for the 4th transcript. Waiting game on that one I suppose for some of us.

    We got our DDD though right !!

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    Sorry meant to type Mid March

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    I have the same cycle code and the last code is 570. If our return processed on Thursday 20th . We may have missed that batch getting sent out. Also 21 days from Feb 20th would be Saturday March 13th so we may get DD mid May

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    No the wage transcript is available but says no return on file but has a tracking # plus states all forms so I have no clue

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    Casey H

    Ok I have read through all the comments, we also have a cycle of 20200805 with a 570 code and date of 3/9/2020. Anyone have any new updates? This is so frustrating 😠

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    My Cycle Code is


    can anyone help?

    simply worried because my children’s father claimed them without permission, so i had to mail through the IRS. thank you everyone.

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    Same I have a 570 code seen so many answers to it but hoping it works its self out

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    @Heidi – you are able to view the transcript number 4 at the bottom right? is it completed?

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    Same cycle 20200805
    I am closer to my refund????

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    Also I’m not sure if this matters but all 4 of my transcripts are available to view

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    I have the same 570 code along with the 20200805 cycle code date 03/09/2020 filed 01/29 no other codes after 570. Seems like we’re all in the same situation. We all can’t have issues with our returns. Might just behind due to the holiday on Monday and all claiming these credits.

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    Did yours ever update this morning? I can not access my acct transcripts so I don’t know what my cycle code is but you filed and were accepted after me so I want to know of there is a problem. Mines has been on the same received and being processed since 2/13

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    Last year when I had a 971 with the date next to it, this means the irs will not send the letter out until that date. The 971 means there’s a letter of some sort but until that date you won’t know nothing about that letter. Good luck to you all, for me last year was a long process. I didn’t get my refund until the end of April.

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    I have the exact same as everyone else here!

    Filed and accepted 1/31
    No movement to anything except transcripts on 2/21 when it updated to the refund codes and code 570 with 3/9/20 date. I have already ID verified, prior to filing. Not sure what is going on!? Our info is the exact same that it has been for years, the only change is we had another baby.

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    I’m so confused with all of this. I have a 570 code with a date of 3/9 on mine. Does that mean we won’t get our refund until after 3/9? Do I need to call?

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    Same thing for me. Ugh.

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    Mine is the exact same

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    Cycle code 20200805 with 03/09/2020 date

    refund tool for me shows still processing nothing else, refund tool for husband shows tax topic 152.
    Anyone receive updates with a 03/09/2020 date and 570 code?

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    Cycle code 20200805, Woke up to a second bar approved message with a ddd of 02/26

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    Mine says still processing. Cycle code is required 20200805. I have a 570 code at the end of my transcript but no 971. Processing date says March 9, 2020. Does it mean there’s something wrong with my return? This is confusing and irritating.

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    570 in general is a refund hold. Usually there is a code under it that breaks down why it’s placed. We have 2 570 codes and 971 under it. We now sit and wait for a letter. Never have any luck getting a decent person at the irs and they leave us even more frustrated than before we called.

    We are also 20200805- as of date is 03/09

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    Mine is same but one code:

    150 CYCLE 20200805 DATE 03-09-2020
    * 806 *
    846 REFUND ISSUED 02-26-2020

    Filed/Accepted 2/7

    WMR still only says Refund Accepted.

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    150 CYCLE 20200805 DATE 03-09-2020
    846 REFUND ISSUED 02-26-2020

    Filed/Accepted 2/18

    WMR still only says Refund Accepted.

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    I also have 20200805 cycle code and a 570 code at the bottom. I’ve read so many different things it’s an audit, I’ll get a letter, it will fix itself, just still processing, PATH hold, they are verify your info, your info is wrong. So many different answers I don’t know what to believe.

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    See Transcripts
    Praying I wake up to a 846 in the morning.

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    Where are you guys seeing the codes? on wheres my refund link, on on your transcript?

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    Mine shows the same code 20200805 on transcript, I just checked and one bar only, still says processing, will this update for a ddd overnight?

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    My code says 20200805 but my last Cade is 570

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    @Justme Yup I checked again and 846 code for me with a DDD of 2/26!! Yaaay!!

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    150 CYCLE 20200805 DATE 03-09-2020
    806 W-2 OR 1099 DATE 04-15-2020
    846 REFUND ISSUED 02-26-2020

    filed/accepted 2/7/20

    No update on WMR – 1 bar still processing
    No update on TPG – no clue

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    Check them again, mine were incomplete when I checked at 5:30 am est. now they show 846 ddd 2/26

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    The cycle code just represents when your return was processed.

    2020- year (of course)
    08- the week of the year (starting from the first week in January)
    05- the day of week

    Cycle Code Ending in 01= Friday
    Cycle Code Ending in 02= Monday
    Cycle Code Ending in 03= Tuesday
    Cycle Code Ending in 04= Wednesday
    Cycle Code Ending in 05= Thursday

    So your return was processed on Thursday, February 20,2020

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    Same code
    Filed and accepted

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    Same code for me

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    @Beans when did you file?
    I filed 2/11/20 and was accepted that same day!
    Transcripts updated so it definitely means money is on the way. I do believe we are done with the prossesing and should receive an approved on WMR very soon!

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    YESSSSS!!! Thats all I have. Seen it yesterday evening. Was NOT there yesterday morning. ANY idea on what it means?

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