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    Marty B

    This topic is getting outta hand on the forum. Let’s ALL try to use this one and post our updates! I’ll be calling the IRS tomorrow morning. I’ve been stuck on 1541 delay since 2/9/18.

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    Updated to received and processing ddd will be next so glad it’s over now I don’t mind waiting lol so long 1541 and never come back

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    Alot of transcripts just updated with ddd

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    Mine was updated this morning from the 1541 to they received my return and it is being processed.. going to call n find out what that means now that the 1541 is not there

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    Mine no longer says 1541. I’ve spoke to the IRS 2x whole stuck in 1541 hell for 5 weeks. Now what’s next? It just says received and processing.

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    My status is now saying we have received your refund and it is being processed. The 1541 code is no longer there . Does anyone know what this means?will I get a ddd soon?

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    Marty B

    She was reading a script.

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    Oh I forgot also after I mentioned the 1541 that’s when she read of the reasons for the error the cpo5 letter etc as if she was reading a script

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    1541 is in my way right now a code I never wanna see again been on 1541 since 2/15 filed Jan 28 tried to wait it out but I gave in and called lady I spoke with said I would receive a letter cpo5 letter 3/11 she also said to keep checking wmr for updates and ended saying I just need to give it more time so I’m like which one is it also I didn’t mention the 1541 until she asked me what my status was saying wanted to see if she was going to bring it up first with reasons but anyway I’m getting off this roller coaster best wishes to all if no update by March 4 I’m calling a tpa

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    I filed 1/26 1541 on 2/15 I was told EIC and CTC, I called 4 times different storylines each time! Said I was under review asked for TA on Thursday and she called today my employer never reported my wages so I have to fax my wages on a letter head from my job and date of employment! She gave them until 3/15 to do so! I hope this is helpful!

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    I finally went and got a taxpayer advocate today after the IRS told me I’m on a 45 day review starting March 4th after talking to them two other times and they said totally different things.
    Turns out I fat fingered and put down that I made 2k more on my W2 than I actually did. They said I would need to file an amended return, but turbo tax doesn’t have the form for it yet until 3/7.
    Don’t wait on the IRS, call an advocate and figure out what’s wrong. Bummer I’ll have about 8-9 weeks of a wait for them to process my amended return, but its better than 4 months or more.
    Filed and accepted 1/28, never updated to path, got Take action 1541 on WMR and code 570 on my tax transcript 2/16.
    Funny part is, the advocate said the mistake was in the IRS’ favor. Now they will owe me more in a refund because I made less than reported which means I paid even more tax than I should have. They would have saved money had they not caught it lol.

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    Filed my taxes on 1/24 and accepted on 1/25 ,same stupid code 1541 and called same 45 days bullshit,hope we all get the refund soon

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    I have a very similar experience with filing early 1/28 and getting accepted 1/29. I had the delay 1541 since 2/15. I have called and spoke to someone and have a very similar story. Nothing is needed, I was selected for review blah blah blah. Very frustrating experience overall. Still no date!!!! Never filing early again.

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    I called today and basically was told the same stuff with the 45 days, letter will he sent garbage. I came right out and asked of review was the same as proccessing and she said yes. And I asked, so basically this is because you guys are behind on proccessing? She said yes and because it’s past 21 days that’s why the code and letter.
    I asked if the refund could be deposited at any point and she said yes. So it’s a waiting game.

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    WMR updates at night typically during the times of 3:30am and 6am, sometimes it’s between midnight and 7am (or 6am)

    Check when you first wake up but you don’t have to check throughout the day (except Sunday-it updates all day that day I believe)

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    I received my state less than a week after I filed and that was 1/28/19.

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    Joshua Thomas

    So I got my state deposited on Feb 4th at 824pm. I filed and was excepted Jan 14th. However, I have the 1541 code for my federal. I called this morning. And was told that there doeant seem to be anything wrong that she could see. She did tell me they are really back logged and that the 1541 is a generic code. Just means its be delayed. So its the IRS’s go to code when they fall behind. Thats what i gathered from it. But you can get your state refund.

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    Let me ask you guys this… Have you received a date for your state return? I haven’t, and I was wondering if they go hand in hand.

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    i advise everyone to get a tax advocate as well. Never again will i file early. IRS is FOS!!! what a weird and disappointing year this has been.

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    Holly.. like evictions note from your home, apartment, car payment. I called one tuesday. they should be next week Tuesday.

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    I filed 1/27, accepted 1/28, 2/15 hit with delay 1541. After 4days of none stop trying to get thru Call lasted 1hr&1/2. Guy said nothing was wrong with my return and last year’s is fine. All I can do is wait from now till 4/18 then told to call again if I dont get it by then. No letters or anything from the irs. Hopefully something happens soon.

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    How do I get my transcripts? When I called they asked me to identify myself and then said it was on hold but not sure why. Said a letter will be sent out March 4 but I don’t need to take any action..It’s a tax path letter..and said it could take 45 days but could be deposited anytime before that..So keep checking..and I keep checking then I have exceeded my daily limit and try again tomorrow..

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    Had Take Action code since 02/18/2919 Code 1541. Called IRS ext 312 on 02/25/2019. I am under review since 02/23/2019. As of today 02/28/2019 no date, no letter. Will I get a letter or date or will my refund just be deposited. The IRS agent said she couldn’t see any issues jus randomly selected for review. Any suggestions. I don’t want to continue calling IRS.

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    Melissa Hamilton

    I have been stuck on this delay in processing my refund and this tax code 1541. What is going on?

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    Hey 1541’s,

    I have a question you guys may be able to help with. What do the tax advocates office consider a hardship to be? Like could anyone give me some examples?

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    It’s total garbage

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    No updates, still at 1541, still frustrated. Leaving to go on a cruise Sunday and was depending on this money for that (1st world problems right lol). Like you @confused, I will NEVER file early again.

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    Still 1541 no letter

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    Same. Delay with 1541 code still there. Checked bank, nothing. SMH it would have been nice to have gotten this before my son birthday, which is tomorrow. Shit sucks, was going to buy him a car for his 18th birthday. Plans destroyed. Thanks for nothing IRS!

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    1541 still

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    Still 1541 and no letter yet just want a ddd already

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    @Bea it’s hood to call if you need to get s tax advocate though.

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    @confused that’s great news! Sounds identical to me except I haven’t heard from my tax advocate yet. They told me 5 business days, I should have done it sooner but was hoping

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    Finally heard back from my advocate and he explained that he is either submitting or has submitted my amended return so my refund can be released. Explained just have to allow alittle time for the irs to scan in and add codes to release. He also explained my situation was my w2 my employer submitted did not match what I reported and that is why I got 1541/570. I never rcvd my w2 from that employer until last week way after I filed. I originally filed with my last paystub which showed more income than what was reported because I had Pre tax health insurance. I have learned my lesson and will never file early again and going fwd I will wait on my w2s. This has been the most stressful and weird tax season I have been through. Anyone that has 1541/570 I would really recommend getting a tax advocate

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    Update: (weekly)
    Still waiting at 1541
    My as of date changed from 2/18 to 3/11
    Last code on my transcripts is 570

    I’ll update if there are any other changes.

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    That is the only number for within U.S callers. In order to get through to a live person, you would press 1 for English, it’ll then ask you for the reason you’re calling or something, press 1 to check status of refund. Next it’ll ask for reason code, you’ll put 312 then you’ll be asked for your SSN, filing status and refund amount, after that they ask if you want to speak to a live rep, press 0. A lot of times they say they’re too busy and to call back. Just keep calling.

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    I filed on 1/22… approved 2 days later then accepted by IRS 1/28…I had a status of “accepted” then status bar disappeared and got the “Take Action” notice with the 1541 code… called and the girl I talked to, told me that I was affected by the PATH Act and because I claimed EITC that my refund was “in review”… When I asked about dates she told me that my status should change on the 27th and see my DDD posted on March 3rd…I have NEVER experienced this before and it’s quite frustrating! We all have the same code yet every single one of us have gotten told different answers and different time lines… HAS ANYONE RECEIVED EVEN A LETTER?

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    Same boat filed and accepted 28th had code 1541 since 15th and was told same thing about 45 day review and still no letter or ddd. Wtf is the problem someone please explain

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    Lisa Daerr

    I got 2 answers from 2 irs operaters that were the same. They both told me the delay was because of the EIC then there was a glitch to were some of the delays were put under reveiw. That if i didnt recieve my return by April 1st to call back. She said i should have it within 3 weeks though

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m in the same boat. Filed 01/29. Accepted 01/30. Ref code 1541 02/16. I’ve called twice, spoke with two different reps. The second rep didn’t process my information, but gave me a general explanation. So, I’m passing it to you guys… DO NOT KEEP CALLING!!!! If you do, you will further the process of receiving your refund due to possible fraud. Trust me, I know. But, it does makes sense.

    I was told there was nothing wrong with my return by the first rep. Since nothing has changed but a new address, everything else is the same. School, job, and 1 dependent. I am beyond frustrated. But when it’s out of your control, there is nothing you can do. But wait..

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    Just got off the phone with IRS, very pleasant man. Total phone call time was 48 minutes. He said I’ve been chosen for review (no sh*t), and then he looked into my return for about 6 minutes or so. Came back and said that he didn’t see anything significant and no letters have been sent out, so he doesn’t know why it’s in review. Told me that if I don’t get a letter or my refund by April 11 to call back. I am beyond frustrated, and I will never do an early return again.

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    This is the single most frustrating thing I’ve ever been through. Like I don’t get it. We are all under review and being told different things. Still not update then my transcript has post dated dates.

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    Keri Charles

    Filled taxes 1/29/2018 I now have code 1541. Very frustrating. I do know I have an off set maybe that is the reason I’m not sure.

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    @Meegan I have not been able to access my transcripts, I received the update on WMR

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    Ours updated on both at the same time.

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    Are those of you being approved who have had 1541 and 570 getting approval on WMR or on your transcripts? Where are they updating?

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    I filed on 1/28 accepted on 1/28, no path message on 2/16 i updated to 1541 delay, i called and was advised i had been selected for review and it would be 45 days from 3/4 and i would receive a letter in the mail, woke up this morning approved with date of 3/1/19

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    Lisa Daerr

    I got the 1541 Take action with no letter or any other codes whats that mean?

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    Still stuck on 1541 code with 570 on transcript. Spoke with IRS this morning. Said my return was placed on a review and the 45 day mark begins on March 4th. I asked if she knew why, she said no. She said if information is needed, I will receive a letter. If not, they will process the refund. So it’s truly a waiting game at this point. Sigh!

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    NO update yet

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    Cycle 0605
    570 2/25 then 3/11
    No update ughhhhh
    Where we really shuffled back into the deck ????!

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    Filed on 1/28/2019, accepted same day. Showed the path message til 2/9/2019, when it changed to 1541. No updates or movement since then. I have called 2x. Both times was told nothing is wrong, no review just a delay. My bff and my sister both filed and were accepted 2/28/2019 same day as me all of of used taxact have every year. They have both received their refunds as of yesterday. I am still sitting at 1541. No one at the IRS has any idea what is going on. So frustrating!!

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    I won’t talk political, but this delay has prompted a change of heart for my president and the “good” intentions. The tax overhaul has destroyed us when we need it most and the rich are sitting back laughing while not being taxed harder.

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    I am so discouraged at this point have had tt 1541 and 570 on transcripts since 2/9 called for a tax advocate last Thursda was told I qualified and one would call me back. Never heard anything back so I called to get a status and was given my advocates name, number and my case number. Now this is where it gets good the lady who answered the national line made me aware that my issue is my wages that I reported more than my w2 says I said oh Ok I am aware since last week I got that w2 after they had to re mail out. I questioned won’t the irs adjust it to reflect the info they have and she said No! I said what do you mean she explained I have worked here for 20 yrs and since your refund has already been processed than they can hold it until the issue is resolved I explained I did a amended return but haven’t sent it she said to hold o to it and don’t send it until I talk to my advocate. I am so lost and confused at this point. I said again my return has been processed she said yes but being held.. Idk what is going on at this point

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    Spoke to them today as well. 45 day review from 2-27. They said anytime between then and 4-15. Guess I’ll be voting when I can again.

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    Jodie you are correct unfortunately I got the same response as you!

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    Jodie B Clark

    So filed 1/28 excepted 1/28 had processing til 2/16 Went to 1541 today 2/25 Just got off phone irs being reviewed something about my wages and credits I filed they will review and I should have my refund by 4/25 what a fckn joke excuse my lang but omg I’m devastated I did nothing different this year than I do every other year except claim my federal student loans I had this year this is so heartbreaking but 1541ers this may be all our case and he did state could be any day after today but at the latest 4/25 basically he sounded like there in no hurry though

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    Filed 1/29
    Never Checked Status until 2/18 And have been on 1541 since
    I can’t get through to speak to anyone is there any other number besides 1800 829 0582?

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    1541. No change

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    Filed 1/28
    Had one bar for about a week. It then had the take action message with code 1541. Also had code 570 and 971 on my transcript. Called and said I would be getting a letter and it could take 45 days. Checked it this morning and now I have two bars again with a ddd of 2/28 and my transcript has the 846 code on it. Was extremely worried but the process moved quick so there is hope.

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    STILL at 1541, I filed on 1/28, and claimed both child credits. Waiting for a letter in the mail to view transcripts.

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    I apologize about my comment. This isn’t the place for it and I also have no right. You came here for guidance and I judged you. Goodluck, seriously. Shame on me.

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    The original MIAMYAMOE

    I’m with you guys still 1541 but what’s funny I only checked WMR once which was yesterday so I don’t know HOW long I’ve been sitting on this awful code…I’m just going from forum to forum from site to site trying to get some hope here

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    Why are some of y’all feeling the need to have input on this mother’s struggles? You don’t have to agree with her but they are her kids, every decision she makes effects her and her kids, not you. The more y’all talk about her and how she’s unfit the more we get off track in this thread about code 1541.

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    Actually you should give up all four quite frankly everything you stated is quite bulshit and you should be ashamed of yourself you’re the one that chose to have sex and get pregnant sounds me those kids are just a money game for you people like you make me sick

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    21 days starting from the 25th. That’s the new start date for 1541’s

    #4300316 Reply


    Yes Lauren exact same problem. All I know is they will begin to fix the issues with returns starting Tomorow and should have money within 3 weeks

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    Still stuck on Take Action with code 1541. Return accepted late January. I can’t get my transcripts because IRS keeps saying my account numbers don’t match their records. Anyone else with this problem?

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    So it’s only been like 9 days since they have started processing them like I said it starts on the 15th think of it as like you filed that day

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    If you claimed the eitc and the CTC they cant start processing it until the 15th. I’ve came to the conclusion the reason why most of got 1541 code on the 16th was really just a delay I mean they were shutdown for awhile and they are backed up. They have 21 days to process you refund FROM the 15th

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    it’s the fact I wanna give my child the best life. I have everything I need for him, it’s the fact that hed know nothing but struggles did I plan on being a single mom to four no. the dad decided after that he didn’t want this anymore and has disappeared, I did not say i was aborting said child. just that I would give him the chance to have a better life. adoption. doesn’t mean I do not love him. but being able to pay a years worth of rent and have money to take the six weeks off after. is a huge help. I support my three kids by myself without the help of their dad. I have been scrapping and saving to be able to get the things I have. do not judge someone for wanting their child to have they best life they can.

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    I am thoroughly disturbed that THIS temporary tax refund arrival is deciphering whether or not you can keep your new born baby!

    Your light bill or water bill I understand. A child’s life -NO!

    Even a large return wouldn’t pay for a new baby.
    That’s something you plan for oh 8 months ago.
    That pisses me off. Dont have kids if you’re really that hard up.

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    Look at it this way. Tax season opens for us tomorrow. Unfortunately it’s too late and I’m fucked on bills etc

    #4299985 Reply



    That sounds right. If they told everyone another 21 on the 25th more people would be upset over the 45 day speech

    #4299979 Reply


    Honestly makes sense, idk anymore though :(

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    I think I somewhat have this 45 day review BS figured out. Cause I filed and accepted 1/22 on 2/9 I went to tt 1541 with a 570 code. My 570 has a date of 2/25/2019 so I am thinking my return will be reprocessed like many others so than the within 21 days from 2/25..So seeing I’ve already went past 21 days and now having to add another 21 days from 2/25 pretty much is close to 45 days..just my speculation but I have a feeling they have to tell us 45 days cause they don’t want to say oh your 21 days start over from blah blah date..again just my speculation

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