Code 1541 topic UPDATE as of 2/18/19

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    Marty B

    This topic is getting outta hand on the forum. Let’s ALL try to use this one and post our updates! I’ll be calling the IRS tomorrow morning. I’ve been stuck on 1541 delay since 2/9/18.

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    I was told yesterday that my wages were updated on 2/20, but I missed this weeks update. She told me that what I put on my tax return and what was reported matches…so there shouldn’t be any other issues. She said that the computer should see it when it is sent back through the whole process. She felt that I would at least update by next week and that if I don’t update by 3/4 to call back.

    Does anyone have a similar situation or know how long it takes to get approved once wages are reported and posted?

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    Well I check my husband’s SSA reported wages and they matched his w-2 so I have no idea what the hold up is.

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    My job finally added my wages from the last quarter yesterday afternoon. Hopefully I’ll update tonight…

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    @ joejoe
    Did you have eic or Actc?
    I’m just wondering, because I think they seem to be concerned with verifying wages for the people who claimed those credits. Any thoughts?

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    Before anyone ask, no they didnt change my income and I under guessed by 3100 meaning my return was about $130 lower then it would have been using my w2.

    The fact remains that they didnt hold my refund or verify my income in any way before refunding me

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    Ok I will post this so people can kinda know the deal.

    Married but we file separately.

    My wife claims our daughter every year.

    Both submitted our returns on Jan 13 accepted by turbo tax the 14th.

    She has the 1541 code on wmr and 570 code dated 02/25/19 on transcript.

    I got my refund issued to me on 02/06/19 with 0 credit and I literally guessed my income based on my paycheck and I was off by about $3100. So obviously this cant all be wage verification since they didnt verify mine.

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    Still no update. Theres another update tonight 9pm-12

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    Ugh still no update 😞

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    Joining the party, 1541 as of 2/9, filed with two dependents on 1/28 and accepted 1/28, – never received Path message, was at 1 bar until 2/9, flipped to 1541, faxed in 911 Form for tax advocate beginning of this week(due to hardship) was assigned tax advocate on Thursday; should hear back next week from him.

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    Thank you again for your input. It has helped me greatly! Sometimes people don’t respond when they know by their own account that something said is inaccurate but they SHOULD speak up because you never know who your story may help. I called for an advocate today and was told I would get a call early next week because my 21 days has passed and I have a hardship. They told me nothing about the 45 day wait/starting over period. So thank you again if I hadn’t read your comment I would be sitting around waiting. Also, if anyone wants to know I am in the state of Kentucky if you didn’t see it above. 😁

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    @ShawninFL – it is NOT a fact! I’m “in review” right now. I got an advocate yesterday, found what the issue was, I gave them what they needed, and I should have my refund in about 2 weeks.

    I was also “in review” last year and got an advocate, gave them what they needed, and had my refund in two weeks.

    There was no waiting until after the 45 days. The only requirement was that I had a hardship (which I do), and that 21 days had passed since I FILED.

    Don’t tell me that my experience isn’t true because I’m living it RIGHT NOW. Your bad experience by your own account, happened a few years ago. Mine was last year and this year. Clearly things have changed. Stop feeding people information you don’t have the current experience to know to be true.

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    I had 971 notice sent on my transcripts 2 days ago. As of today WMR still at Take Action 1541. This morning my transcripts updated to 846 Refund Issued 2/27/19!

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    @Britt I have seen others post that they have updated to that 971 code and if I can recall that is a notice sent but I have heard different stories as to what type of notice. Some are saying its a notice letting you know there is a delay and others are saying its a id verify. So I am somewhat lost

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    Filed 1.27
    Accepted 1.27
    Delay code 1541 2.16
    570 transcript code 2.16
    971 transcript code 2.22
    Anyone else have a 971 code .
    Wasn’t going to bother calling but I might have to now
    Have EIC and CTC

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    Anyone updating? Not wmr but on transcripts? I can’t see mine but hearing a lot of people with ddd of the 27th. Mine was holding for wage verification. My former job never sent me my w2 so I had to presume what the wages were….

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    Called to schedule appointment with advocate and rep pulled up my account she informed me it was originally the oath review and on the 14th it was selected for identification review. The code haven’t updated due to some back log. She also said just wait I may see an update tonight when it changes or if they need more correspondence they will send a letter and I will see 971 on transcript.
    Filed TT 1/15
    Accepted 1/15
    Cycle 20190605
    Process date 2/25
    Have 1541 on wmr and 570 on transcript
    Eitc and actc

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    I called a taxpayer advocate yesterday and I was finally able to to get some solid answers about what is going on with my return.

    It turns out my previous employer has not submitted their w2 to the irs so they are not able to verify my wages until they do. I have to wait for my advocate to call me on Monday to tell me what the next step is.

    I had previously been told by an irs rep that I was “randomly selected” for a 60 day review. They even said that there was nothing I needed to do on my end because there was nothing wrong with my return and to just wait.

    Filed 1/29
    1541 on wmr and 570 on transcript 2/16

    Has anyone ever had this issue before and would like to tell me more or less the time frame to resolve it?

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    @martyb I think your delay is going to be lifted once the second wave of acceptance get pushed. I’ll hang with you here until then man

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    @Jerry I like your theory and have heard that there were some glitches for us early filers. I filed 1/17 and accepted 1/22 sat at TT152 until 2/9 and than went to 1541 and code 570 on transcripts

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    Filed 1/23 via TT; accepted 1/24 – but not technically transmitted until 1/28. I may be wrong – but I have been lurking and reading both on here and on other forums about this topic. I went from one bar and TT152 to STILL PROCESSING and then to the dreaded 1541 on 2/11. I have been there ever since. Anyway – here is my theory. I see this code mostly in people who filed or were accepted on 1/23, 1/24, 1/25 and 1/28. I think that there was a glitch and it caused this “error” on all of our returns. While some may legitimately have an issue on their returns – I have been told by a good source that employers have until the end of February to have all of the pay information uploaded (and some even later – depending on type of pay). Anyway – I cannot believe that every since person who filed on those days has the same issues. My son filed with same credits a few days before me – and he has not received an update either. It cannot be a coincidence.

    I will be honest – I have been a bit worried, but then I remember that last year – it was at least 21 days for my refund as well. This year – with the tax changes, the shutdown, and the IRS being very under-staffed, I think we just happened to be in the “perfect storm” and they will go in and make a mass fix to the error. Maybe that is why they are telling everyone 2/27 – and so many people are seeing it on their transcripts. Again – this is just a theory – but I think that there was a glitch and that the timing for the massive glitch to be fixed. They may even have to do it in a couple of rounds – because I have seen some say 3/1 and others say 3/4 on their transcripts. I cannot see mine – I use a prepaid phone service – so I am just guessing, but it makes sense to me.

    Honestly – I have never seen IRS wait for wages to be “verified”. If you screw up, they just come after you later. LOL

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    @Tara I also went on and checked my social security and my wages are there as well. I did see someone post on one of these threads that the IRS will go in and change our wages to reflect the correct amount, but I am not 100% if that is correct. Others have posted that they were like us with code 570 but than updated to 571 and than a ddd. Hopefully the advocate will tell me how this is all going to play out. its just so darn frustrating

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    @confused, I did what Lindsay said below and checked my social security account. They do have my correct income reporting vs what I put on my tax return (that shows in my transcript) I think we flagged ourselves when we misreported our income and we are having to be manually reviewed.

    My guess is they will correct the income BUT I don’t know how long it will take. I plan on sending my 1040X today although I have very little faith they will get to it soon if they are still sifting through mail from last years taxes.

    Also, I think you were right to go ahead and call a tax advocate. At least they can step in and push the right buttons instead of us calling the hotline where they just give us canned scripts.

    I was really hopeful this morning but with only the as-of date updating, I dont feel that I will get my money back in February. :(

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    Has anyone checked SSA? Mine has and still shows $0 wages reported for 2018. I read 1 person had the same thing with 1541 but updated in SSA yesterday and got 846 today. Ive also seen MANY ppl with 1541 who were told wages need to be verfied. Now im hoping and praying that all it is, is that the SSA is behind and once they catch up a lot of us will be good. Let me know what your ssa account says. Im pretty sure my theory is accurate🤞🙏

    F/A 1/28. 1541 on 2/15. Can not access transcripts….yet. Im waiting to have them mailed and also get access to online transcripts

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    Has anyone checked SSA? Mine has and still shows $0 wages reported for 2018. I read 1 person had the same thing with 1541 but updated in SSA yesterday and got 846 today. Ive also seen MANY ppl with 1541 who were told wages need to be verfied. Now im hoping and praying that all it is, is that the SSA is behind and once they catch up a lot of us will be good. Let me know what your ssa account says. Im pretty sure my theory is accurate🤞🙏

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    @lostandmarried I am in the same boat as you. My date changed from 3/4/2019 to 3/11/2019 but still shows my processing date next to code 150 as 2/25/2019 along with code 570 showing 0.00 and 2/25/2019 as well. I am so clueless right now, when you think you have it figured out and than nope

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    Deep Elum Blues

    Well, I have been lurking in the shadows, reading and quietly nodding in agreement while checking my bank account for a deposit that had yet to come. I received the 1541 message on 2/9 and have been hoping that it would resolve on its own. I am weekly and unable to view transcripts so tonight is the night for any changes totaled effect on WMR. If I don’t see the update that I am hoping for, I will break down and call the IRS Monday morning. How many actually saw a positive update on your transcripts this morning?

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    Marty B

    @deepalms, no I sure don’t. :(

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    @lostandmarried, I saw that too but wasnt sure if it was something new or I had overlooked. Don’t know what it means but glad I wasnt the only one.

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    Lost and Married

    My as of date changed to 3/11 but processing date and date by 570 is still 2/25.. anyone know what that could mean?

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    I cannot check my transcripts so I’m really hoping for an update to WMR tonight..hope the rumors are true.

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    @martyb you still don’t have a DDD???

    #4293706 Reply

    Marty B

    Congratulations everyone with a DDD!!!! And those of us waiting, I’m praying for us all!!

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    Sorry typo

    Processing date not* changing.

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    Accidentally woke up early and decided to check…no f$#cking update!! My husband says to never “count on money we don’t already have” but dude for real this is bullshit. So freaking pissed!!!!!

    BTW- Filed 1/28, accepted same day

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    Just checked transcripts seeing it says processing date 2/25/2019. But nope nothing still have that darn code 570 and nothing after it no letters sent no nothing and my processing date still says 2/25/2019. Called for a tax advocate yesterday waiting on a call back once I have been assigned one. I honestly have no clue what the heck is going on and why is my processing date now changing

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    update i just got my 846 for 2 27 this morning still have 1541 on wmr as of now that should change tomorrow will keep u posted

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    You can get a Tax Advocate in review. But they can’t do anything till the 45 Day Review is up.
    And your 21 days RESTARTS on that 45 Day Review.

    That is FACT!!!!

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    Joshua Lewis

    I got the code and called . They said nothing was wrong and that my refund was on hold till March 1st because of the eitc credit . They are back logged. That’s my reason for me tho doesn’t mean it’s the same for you. So I would suggest calling and double checking

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    I called with the 1541 code. And she advised me I have a letter sent out. And to call back if I don’t receive it in 2 weeks? What could it be for?

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    Again that’s not true. I was under review last year AND this year and both times I asked for an Advocate once my 21 days were up after I filed and both times they helped me. Last year I got my refund about 2 weeks after I got my Advocate assigned to me. This year they said it should take about the same.

    Only thing that is slightly true is that once an ADVOCATE looks into your account, the regular IRS cannot touch it. That’s because the Advocate is essentially their Ethics committee and if it’s gone to an Advocate, the then Advocate handles it with a special team to get things cleared up. Also, yes the Advocates office is technically a part of the IRS, but they are a separate branch of it that answers to congress directly. They are not the regular IRS. The Advocates are there to not only help us, but to make sure the IRS stays in check and does what they are supposed to do.

    If you did have that experience a few years ago then you should file a complaint. However, I’m telling you as someone who used the local advocate not only last year, but this year as well, that you absolutely CAN get one if you are under review and that you SHOULD. If you don’t, the IRS will take it’s sweet ass time and who knows when you’ll see your money.

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    Hun dont let anyone scare you about your return because he doesnt know your exact tax situation.

    Btw in kentucky also

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    Oh my goodness Dru, Thank you for your input. I’m sorry but Shawn is freaking me out. I too was told I could get a tax advocate now especially because I have a legit hardship. I know every case is different but I was told since my 21 days is way up now I can ask for an advocate.

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    Ive been threw this one a few years ago.
    I to got panicked and went into the local office to see what was up.
    The IRS didn’t like it.
    Put me on a 45 Day Review and Made me ID Verify just cause they can!

    First thing you need too understand is, Tax Advocates are the IRS.
    When your under Review your Returns and Files are locked out.
    Even Advocates can’t get to them.

    That year i didn’t see my Refund till May!!!
    So be prepared and have a backup money source.
    You may need it!

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    That’s not true. I got an Advocate last year on a 45 day review and I got an Advocate this year as well. You just can’t ask for one until it’s been the 21 days since you filed. Not 21 days after the start your review, 21 days after you file.

    Also. don’t use the National Tax Advocate line. Call your local Tax Advocate office. They will help you.

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    Thanks ShawninFL,

    Wondering why I wouldn’t be allowed a tax advocate for 45 day review? Do you know why??

    #4292097 Reply


    There is nothing you can do.
    They put you under a 45 Day Review and reset your 21 days.

    Your 21 Days wont restart till after the 45.
    So most likely you will be sitting till May at least before you will see that refund.

    And you can’t get a Tax Advocate on a 45 Day Review, They won’t intake you.

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    Hey guys,

    I too am in the 1541 club! I have also gotten 3 different answers from the IRS in the last 3 days. I’m now being told as of today 2/21/19 that I am under review and not to try back until April 17th! Can you all believe that they think I can wait that long for taxes owed to me!? I have 3 kids. I work. I have never had any problems before. If I owed them for some reason you can damn sure bet they wouldn’t wait. They would probably garnish my wages or something. I am so frustrated like they rest of you because it just seems that there is way too many of us with this same code this year for the IRS to be giving us all these different answers. Please continue with any updates because it makes me feel a little better to see that I am not alone. I really wish there was something we could do to fight this government high jack of our money! I’m not trying to be mean but I know people that do not work and only get a return because of the child tax credits and have gotten their money or a DDD. Seems really outrageous! Any ideas from anyone for what to do at this point?

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    Rj is your wages updated on ssa because I was just told the same thing wages and I’m on hold for intake advocate just crazy this year

    #4291228 Reply


    Ok guys,

    If you got a 1541 or a 570 or both, GET A TAX ADVOCATE. also, DO NOT use the Tax Advocate national line. It’s crap. Call your LOCAL Tax Advocate. You can find the number to your local office HERE:

    They got back to me within 2 days and we already figured out what the issue is. I needed to have my wages verified and they are clearing it up now. In my case, my current employers W2 information hasn’t been entered into the Federal system yet (they had to mail it in, they are kinda in the stone age on that kinda stuff) so it was showing I overreported income and that’s why I had the 1541 and 570 codes. I faxed over what the advocate needed right away and they said my refund should be released in a week or two (everyone is behind due to the shutdown or it would have been sooner).

    AGAIN, I IMPLORE you. Get an Advocate! If you don’t, you’ll never find out what your issue is, and the IRS WILL take their sweet time in letting you know what it is and how to fix it.

    #4290818 Reply


    I Called the tax advocate line, and if you have questions and can state that you have a hardship, you should too. At least you won’t be in the dark about what’s going on.

    Spoke with the operator who gave me a PIN to speak with an intake representative. He also told me that my refund was on hold for wages. He asked me if I had a hardship, I said yes.

    I was transferred to the intake line and held the line for 2 hours. The intake lady I spoke with was very nice. She told me that my refund was on hold for wages. She compared what I reported against what my employers reported and said, “hm you’re off by $1.00, that’s crazy”; then upon further analysis she determined that my most recent employer did not report my wages until 2/19/18; so that is why I’m on hold. Some of my wages were unreported. She said that when they most recently reviewed my return again, the wages weren’t updated so it continued on hold and was assigned to an individual that will not begin reviewing it until who knows when. She said there is nothing wrong with your tax form and everything looks fine, it’s just a matter of when someone will look at it again.

    She assigned me an advocate.

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    Does anyone know about 401k Distributions?

    If I took out a distribution, and I paid 20% taxes at the time the funds were given to me, do I have to report that at end of the year? Also, would that be a reason for my 1541, 570, and 971 codes?

    #4289856 Reply



    1541 is a generic delay message. Not all that you hace found in a random non irs related website.

    Please keep your insights related to actual irs ref codes located on thier website. Fear mongering is not ok.

    #4289448 Reply


    Thank you for the insight….quick ? did you request to have it sent by mail or was it supposed to be DD and they changed it to check by mail?

    #4289182 Reply


    I did some sniffing around and came across this:

    1541 – Offset Overflow freeze set when offset storage within IDRS is not large enough to hold all generated transactions, or credit balance has been completely offset and two or more debit modules still exist

    Reference for full list:

    I claim EITC and ACTC – e-file with Turbo Tax along with IS form 8379. Acceptance date of 1/29 , one bar on WMR site 1/30 then went to Take Action! with the infamous “Reference 1541” on 2/7 (or 2/8..2/9? I honestly can’t quire remember what day I saw it exactly — too much has happened since lol!).

    This is my second year filing IS Form 8379. Last year, I filed by mail after offset had already occurred. It got my check in the mail about 11 weeks since they received my documents.

    I came across this other site while looking for answers:

    Purpose: This IRM covers information on freeze conditions – to prevent the issuance of refunds, credit offsets, or the assessment of accrued interest and/or penalties. This section covers the identification and resolution of freeze conditions.


    … which I sincerely hope the 1541 means that I will actually get check in the mail or direct deposit — I am not picky how it gets sent to me, ‘slong as it gets to me — sooner than later.

    This gives me hope, I hope it does you, too. I think the 1541, at least in my case, means that e-filing IS *with* my refund prevented it from going straight to offset and it only needs additional verification to release funds to me.

    I shall update for changes… All I know right now is this feels painful like labor pain and I just want to get it over with…………………………. PUSH, EVERYONE!!! PUUUUUSSSSHHHH!! xD


    Part 21. Customer Account Services
    Chapter 5. Account Resolution
    Section 6. Freeze Codes

    Purpose: This IRM covers information on freeze conditions – to prevent the issuance of refunds, credit offsets, or the assessment of accrued interest and/or penalties. This section covers the identification and resolution of freeze conditions.


    #4289192 Reply



    I am a 1541er been since I was accepted in Jan but today I got a letter… But not a normal IRS letter it just said my name and interest paid 2018 $20.32. And that is it. It came in an IRS envelope and had IRS heading but no other Info…. Any ideas??”

    I filed injured spouse form 8379 and got a letter like that about a week before I got my check in the mail last year. I filed it by mail after offset had already occurred.

    #4288653 Reply


    @ east Hartford I too have a
    570 code on my transcripts but no 971

    #4288438 Reply

    east hartford

    anyone has code 570 and 971 with the 1541 on their transcript?

    #4288387 Reply


    @Dru I called the national hotline…was on hold for about 15-20 mins

    @confused I can’t get them online but I did order last Wednesday…still waiting

    #4288321 Reply


    I have 1541 for wage verification. I don’t know what the other code is because I can’t get my trans but I got a tax advocate today. I know what the problem is. My last employer put my last 3-4 checks as 1099 but on my stubs he put non 1099. So in order to fix it I got the advocate. Waiting to be assigned one but should receive a call by Monday. I was told that it shouldn’t be complicated to fix and they may go after the employer since they think it’s strange he just all of a sudden started doing 1099 instead of running it through the payroll system. He did this because he couldn’t pay his own taxes. I’ll update as my stuff goes along.

    #4287690 Reply


    I am a 1541er been since I was accepted in Jan but today I got a letter… But not a normal IRS letter it just said my name and interest paid 2018 $20.32. And that is it. It came in an IRS envelope and had IRS heading but no other Info…. Any ideas??

    #4287428 Reply


    @Brittbratt just curious if you also had the 570 code on transcripts?

    #4287403 Reply


    @Brittbrat – Did you call your local Tax Advocate line, or the national line? My local office is only taking messages and they still have not called me back.

    #4287196 Reply


    @marty b : thanks….but it ain’t over til da fat lady sings lol…I’ve heard so much just hoping the tax advocate was correct in what he said…

    #4287169 Reply


    27th seems to be the day for most. I’m not stressing it anymore. Waiting one more week and it should be fine for me and most others

    #4287092 Reply

    Marty B

    Congratulations Brittbrat!!

    #4287049 Reply


    Get y’all a tax advocate…they will let u know what’s really going on…in my case the 1541 is because of eic/actc so am on hold until the 27th …he looked through my account and told me everything is processed and that I’m just waiting on funds to release….WE SHALL SEE…GOOD LUCK!

    #4286796 Reply


    I found this on IRS Updated regarding 971:

    It seems it will be a long time before we see our refunds IF you got this code. There is something called the Refund Interception Program and Questionable Refund Program which apparently we were selected for … (01-01-2019)
    Limitations on Refund Interceptions
    There are a number of conditions that may prevent refunds from being worked even when the interest-free period is open or the last day for input has not passed. These conditions can be checked at the same time as the received date review. Other limitations may not be found until further research is performed.
    ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡
    The Questionable Refund Program (QRP) is now under the program responsibility of the Return Integrity and Compliance Services (RICS) . RICS identifies individuals filing false returns claiming refundable credits, income and withholding as part of schemes. These programs are implemented at the beginning of every filing season. Research transactions codes to determine if credits should be released. Contact with RICS may be required. The following examples of QRP account identifiers:

    If the Account Identifier is:
    Then the description is:
    TC 971, Action Code (AC) 052
    Generated by QRP and causes returns to re-sequence 1–2 cycles
    TC 971, AC 053
    Generated by QRP and causes direct deposit to flip to paper

    Taxpayer modules that contain a TC 971 AC 052 should not be worked. This is a definer for modules selected under the IVO QRP. Displayed on CC TXMOD may be a control showing ACTIVITY (IN_VERIFY) and CATEGORY (NVFY).
    If a TC 971 AC 052 is present on the account prior to performing any account action, DO NOT WORK THIS TIN for the Refund Intercept Program.
    If you see this specific activity control prior to performing NOREF, continue normal processing to avoid the issuance of two refunds. RICS will not pursue this case any further once they have identified the manual refund (TC 840). If contacted by RICS, inform them the only way to get the money back is to contact the taxpayer.

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    east hartford

    same thing for me 971 this morning with 1541/570

    #4286064 Reply


    my transcripts updated to add latest code 971 – Notice Sent so I assume I will see what exactly my problem is in a few days. If they sent me a letter, does there mean that there is some action that I have to take?

    #4284988 Reply

    MISS Jae

    Lol @ cup runneth over!!

    #4284914 Reply

    Marty B

    My story has a grim and dim ending. But hopefully you all come out on top!

    #4284909 Reply



    Yeah that’s what I’ve been reading from a lot of people. Only solidifies me waiting until the 28th to contact them if I still have the 1541.

    #4284900 Reply

    Marty B

    @Max, good buddy. You deserve a break!

    #4284898 Reply

    Marty B

    @Marty loves lube, it’s ok to try to be me. You’ll never succeed, there’s only 1 Marty as awesome as I am.

    I’m so blessed to have wannabes. My cup runneth over!

    #4284775 Reply


    So called today and a nice lady looked into my 1541 delay and said it was due to Path because I have EIC and CTC. She said a lot of EIC received the message due to them not being able to complete within 21 days.

    She told me it looks good to be released the 27th.

    I filed and accepted 1/28. Had one bar until 15th when I got “still being processed”. Then the 16th had the dreaded 1541 and no bars.

    She put my mind at ease for now. Lol

    Filed w Turbotax…havent been able to access transcript as phone is prepaid.

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