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    Ok so here is my theory on why some of us 1/24ers have seen no update on WMR or with ordering transcripts. It seems most of us 1/24ers, with no DDD, are coming from the Memphis hub. I remember on the 24th that the EMS system went down for a couple of hours…I would be willing to bet this happened at the Memphis hub and it has effected the way we are updated in WMR and transcript systems. Furthermore, I believe that many of us actually do have a DDD, we just aren’t showing on WMR and won’t show on WMR. One reason why I believe I do have a DDD but am not showing up on WMR is because when the news started rolling in last night, people from the state I live in that were getting their refunds approved at the same time were also commenting how the state return finally got accepted. So, I went to check and see if mine was accepted and BAM it was all at the same time that theirs was. I believe NC does not accept state returns until the federal has approved. Now all of this is my theory so I am not going to say it is 100%…but it is what I currently believe as far as why many 1/24ers from the Memphis hub saw no update. Please comment and add your story so we can see if this pans out at all.

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    test run 55






    Post so I can see other posts



    I am just tried of stressing over this. I will pray and leave it in God’s hands. He knows what I need and what my family needs. Being in the 1/24 batch is just a “I’ll never file early again” lesson for me.









    I really do hope so.



    To all just read this on the main board <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    DesMinnesotaFebruary 6, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    Okay early filers.. I finally got through to someone from the IRS who has SOME info for us.
    Her name was Ms. Cromwell, and while crabby, she still provided a little assistance.
    I called and told her I’d received an offset code on WMR but when I called the offset line, it told me I didn’t have one.
    Please note, that was a small white lie, but I knew that she’d actually look up my account.
    I filed 1/28, accepted 1/29 and just one bar, TT152 and * by transcript with philly hub.
    She said I didn’t have an offset (which I knew). She also said a few interesting things. Some make sense, some don’t.
    She said that the test bunch was those who filed PRIOR to the last week in January. If you filed after the 24th, you aren’t part of the test group, but went into the random mix on the 31st.
    FOR THE TEST BUNCH-There were errors with this bunch and the approval. Many of the test had to be put back through because of errors in the system. Rest assured, it was a system flaw, not you being under review. This explains the “re-batching” we are hearing about.
    For those like myself who submitted but have no DDD or info besides a bar and tt152 on WMR, they just haven’t got to us yet. We aren’t under certain review, nor are we the test group. There’s really no explanation except that we haven’t been put through the approval system.
    Bottom line is, calling will do you no good if your in the same boat as me.
    We have no choice but to be patient.
    She did say that there is a chance of getting DD’s with DDD’s BUT there’s no really explanation for this either, so please don’t count on it.
    I just wanted to let all you one bar peeps know that everything is ok, we just are dealing with system delays.
    Hope this helps rest a few minds. I wish this wisdom could pay your bills too :-/



    trunks011: so we should see dd for 2/13 then according to irs ladies?



    so i was hearing all this talk about memphis hub i cant view my transcript on line but then it hit me i remember seening memphis tn on my transcript from last year so i went all the way back to 2009 realize that from ive been feeling all my return have been going to memphis tn so theres the story of my life im in the memphis club…igot accepted 1-26-14 also im florida i had owed the irs last year and they took there money so that puts me in the weekly batch?



    So I just called the hotline to get my transcript and it says it cannot find me for tax year 2013. Am I screwed? Will I not get a DDD this weekend??



    (Posted this earlier on main page)
    Just bugged 3 IRS laddies, I’m trying to get to the bottom of this but the issue always comes down to the “processing hub”… they ALL tell me that as long as the hub has it and is sitting on it they cannot pull my info up to discuss any issues they state that till its processes I’m kind of stuck, 1 of them did say that come next week there gonna be pulling out all of the early filers per an email that they had received today, she says a lot of the early fillers were calling in regards to this exact issue.

    Also in regards to there Online Transcripts, they cannot assist with that matter as all 3 of them say they all say its still in development and is really glitchy were 1 day it will let you in then it decides your credentials are wrong… I Know it worked for me the very first time i logged into it cause I was able to see all my past years on Return Transcripts2013* -> 2008 also all Acct Transcripts were there as well bolded blue.—Long story short The system cannot identify me anymore and ive been locking my self out now for the last 4days in a roll

    Want to speak to a live IRS Rep Here 800-829-1040 1-2-1-4-2-SS#-1-1-5-2



    she called back and fixed it and my kansas refund should be in my account tommorrow. :)



    I am at my wits end here! Been following this website since the day I got accepted, Jan 27th. That day was on WMR, got TT152 on Jan 29th. Not a single bit of movement since. (initially filed Jan 21st)

    I was able to check transcripts through Feb 2, (only having the * the whole time), and have not been able to even get into them since then. I get some error or another each time. When I was able to see them, the letter of non-filing came out of Memphis, of course.

    We are being evicted next weekend, and relied on having this money by the 13th. I’m just feeling pretty down about all of this, and hope we have SOME sort of movement by this weekend.



    Any updates??



    Filed 1/9
    Accepted per TT 1/24
    Called TT because when I logged in my acct was showing that I was accepted on 1/9. The lady I spoke with looked at my account and stated that the irs received my return on the 28th but did not accept it until the 30th so we may just have been pushed back and recycled for some reason like if there was a problem in memphis and philly,



    I filed on Jan. 3, 2014
    Accepted Per TT Jan. 24, 2014
    No DDD
    No Transcripts saying RT *2013 and N/A for AT


    bb 1/22

    Well nothing changed for me, I filed 1/22 and accepted 1/25 1 bar as well and haven’t called IRS yet… but I did pay off a tax debt last year so I wonder if I fit into that explanation.



    [email protected]: i am the same as Mtpockets Nothing new for me yet. Filed TT 1/25…accepted 1/28. Been one orange bar for 9 days ans transcript page still shows *2013 and N/A.



    sharonmarie82: i had same issue here had my daughter on 12/24/13 added her as well. still no updates but didnt fall in weekly update besides this either perhaps



    ok guys I was able to look at my account transcript and this time it was not empty…. my 846 refund date is the 24th but my cycle date is 201470603 meaning the year 2014 the 6th week of the month this week, the 3 day meaning wend. so my deposit date will be wend of next week.

    I also found out that the wmr will not update with ddd dates until the last dd so when the dd’s for the 6th came then wmr updated for the 10th after the 10th wmr will update for the 12th and so on and so forth…

    hope that helps!



    mtpockets…….acoording to all info I have taken in you are in a little better position then the 1/24 like me….my date is going to come out on Sun for a ddd Feb 13th….you should get your dd the tenth….especially if your transcripts can viewed (before then) and see the refund code on it..barring any other return issues….



    Nothing new for me yet. Filed TT 1/24…accepted 1/28. Been one orange bar for 9 days ans transcript page still shows *2012 and N/A. This is like being thrown into a black hole.



    i talked to kansas real nice lady she said my return was accepted and processed but and a check will be sent out in next few days. I said a check i request direct deposit. she pulled up looked at my return and saw that it did request that so she is now getting to the bottom of it and either way WILL call me back with an answer… if she does thats how customer service should be.









    Also think it will trigger Identify theft on you since the system will see an original then the new 1 in question



    You guys cannot refile, you will be rejected auto because of your ss# being in the system already



    Well, still no update on WMR, still no transcripts. I was concerned about state return and Fed return, so I called the State yesterday morning. Got a really nice lady that opened my return…turns out that when TT did the electronic transmission to the State(OK) my dependents ssn’s were not on it. The very nice lady helped me get this corrected and overnight my return was processed, but the refund has not been done yet. That will change, hoping for it today or tomorrow.

    Turns out that the IRS did send the validation code on Tuesday. So I know that my return at least is actually in process. I do owe taxes from an overpayment 2011 return so I know I am in the weekly batch. I am hoping for an update on Saturday since nothing happened last night.

    I did call the IRS yesterday trying to confirm that my dependents ssn’s were transmitted to the IRS unlike the State. I did have a guy who actually tried to bring up my return, however he could not see my return in the system, supposedly. A little worrisome, yes but I just have to have faith that I am in the weekly batch and will have an update on Sunday morning.



    @ reynolds I don’t know but I am starting to think the same thing about refiling



    Still waiting. Nothing for me. Accepted 1/24 and one bar only. Getting really mad. What would happen if I refuel?



    Bump to see page



    checked my status on WMR. refund is due for deposit by Monday, 2/10. I filed and was accepted on 1/31.

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 10, 2014.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 15, 2014, check with your bank to see if it has been received.



    @steph336 still no updates. I won’t freak out until sunday. LoL. I don’t fall into any of those categories, but I did have a baby at the end of December and I claimed him. Maybe that put me in the weekly cycle.



    Still nothing here



    Nope not me..



    Any new news?



    Nice update Stephs, kinda of contridics what I just asked lol



    Any updates???



    @Steph336; Sorry, I did see what you had down but I dont see none that apply to me. Its just that Im puzzled.



    mysterybytey:please read my previous post and see if this applies to you…



    I just signed into turbotax to see if anything had changed, it did. I filed on 1-7, accepted 1-24. turbotax says today I was accepted 1-7 now. still cannot get transcripts, 1 bar on wmr and blah, blah, blah. state still hasnt been processed and that was accepted 2 hrs after federal was and on the same day. Is there any realistic idea as to what is going on?



    Ok guys, I’m gonna try to explain the daily verses weekly cycle to the best of my ability.All of this comes directly from the IRS manual. Daily accounts post within 4 days, weekly accounts post within 7. Most taxpayers will fall into the daily “accelerated” processing. There are certain conditions that automatically put you into a weekly processing account. Some of these are: Use of an ITIN, collections activity in the past 3 years(this would be IRS owed back taxes not offsets like child support or student loans), having to go through the ID theft the previous year, refunds over $1,000,000, being a first time filer, or not filing within the past 10 years. If you are in a weekly account…your refund will “post” within a week of being accepted and your DDD will be scheduled for the following Thursday.

    Now, this part is how I believe we will see this play out for the early filers. All early filers are treated as though they were accepted 1/31. Therefore, if you were accepted 1/31, on a weekly account, and the IRS finds no other reason to hold your refund, then your refund will “post” to the master file on Friday, and you should be updated on WMR by Saturday night/Sunday morning for a DDD of 2/13.





    anything new??? been processing since the 27th and can not order transcripts :(



    @STEPH336. Can you fill us in on any new information? Can you order transcripts yet or anything?? I cant. :(



    I have heard the states are now waiting for the fed to either accept or approve before they release state returns…the question is whether this is done when you are accepted or approved……since your state is now scheduled to be sent….it means you were ether accepted or approved….or maybe simple the info matches on both…..



    Same here accepted 1/24 no movement can not order transcripts. Called and spoke to someone at irs and they were no help saying I was processing.



    @edithking2014..where did you hear that? So what does that mean?



    Wow got lucky again spoke to another lady from the IRS she stated My return was not Accepted on the 26th per TurboTax but actually the Jan 28th she also stated that there is 5 steps that a return goes through and mine was just in step 1….

    that number that i used was this theres a 2-4min wait FYI:


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