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    El Jae

    Anything for serve yet routing ending in 1889

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    Hey all. SBBT will deduct and release on 2/26

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    No Tigerlili no updates I guess. We suffer in silence. ☹️

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    Does anyone know if SBBT will get the $$ tonight or tomorrow? And what time? Do they release it once they get it?

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    Any updates on Chime (Bancorp) and when they start releasing? 2/27 DDD

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    Courtney Joy

    @tigerlili_1 any update on Bankcorp?

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    tigerlili_1 keep us serve card holders updated please! Tons of us waiting on a glimpse of hope for our money early like They usually do

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    Wondering if you might have info on Mountain America Credit Union. My refund was approved and I received a DDD of 2/27. I filed with Turbo Tax and fees deducted from return so return will be processed through SBTPG. Please advise

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    @tigerlili_1 this is my first year on this site so I’m hoping u might be able to help. I updated to a ddd of “by 2/27”. I used turbo tax with fees deducted from refund and deposited to my Walmart MoneyCard. Is there any chance I could receive funds early ?

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    Netspend (MetaBank) with fees taken out through Santa Barbara. Could I see a deposit for my DDD (2/27)?
    Sorry if this has been asked, I’m sure it has. For some reason I can’t view older comments without a pop-up coming up and forcing me to exit out of the tab.

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    unpatiently waiting

    Bancorp this morning, 40 minutes ago and 3 scheduled last one is for 1040 pm PST

    Does this apply to today as well?

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    I’m over this Issh

    Any updates on Global Cash Card?? It’s under Bancorp
    What is going on???? It’s going on day 2 I’ve been without food headache starting to settle in… Trying to hang in but this is ridiculous. Ddd of 2/27/19 filed through efile. Com

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    I have members first credit union, DDD 2/27 would it come early by chance?

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    El Jae

    Hey guys just wondering if u had anything from Amex routing 124071889

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    Are chime and Bancorp still having issues?

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    @tigerlili_1 Is U.S Bank part of one of the larger banks? If I have a DDD of 2/27 when should I expect it to hit my account?

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    If I understand right Netspend is part of Bancorp. Does that mean other Bancorp products might post? Or just a routing for Netspend?

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    Any updates on the JH Serve card? I think they go through Republic Bank first to have fees taken out.

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    NETSPEND MIIIIGHT Push post today, they received yesterday but had settle problems. As they resolve people could see deposits from Payroll and Treasury post.

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    I have Chime 2/27 DDD I wonder how early it will post. I seen people get theirs on the 15th for a DDD of 2/22.

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    Lauren Denae

    Hey, I’m new to this site/forum so please bare with me but I updated this am to DDD 2/27 and I use Western Union NetSpend Card. Have used them for 4 years now and have always been told that they do not hold/pend deposits of any kind, that they release deposits to me as soon as they receive them. So with that being said do you have any idea if they have received refunds from the IRS yet? I paid for my filing fees up-front also… Don’t know if that makes a difference. Thanks for your time 😊😘

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    unpatiently waiting

    Since Bancorp is backed up does that mean we have to wait even longer?

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    Thank you @tigerlili_1. Sorry you got called in on your day off. Hopefully you get tomorrow off

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    Do you know if Chime is having any issues? I’m not expecting to receive mine until Monday but just wanted to make sure no issues delaying it.

    #4298808 Reply


    There’s no ACH transfers today. But some banks like Meta had some trouble yesterday, so I have to thru reports etc to see if they are resolved. So I got called back in.

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    Have you seen anything for Chemical bank? Thank you so much for everything you do @tigerlili_1

    #4298570 Reply


    I believe Bancorp is still down. I use Varo routing 031101279 and my ddd was 2/22 and nothing still.

    #4298442 Reply


    Are you talking about 2/22 DDD or 2/27 DDD?

    #4298322 Reply


    Well @tigerlili is having a much deserved weekend at home with the family I think we’ll just have to check our accounts or come back at I think she said 4 am monday which I believe she is on pst

    #4298292 Reply


    Good Morning!! Any news on BanCorp? X

    #4298275 Reply


    Any update on NetSpend? My DDD is 2/27. Should night be seeing my money by Monday? Anyone heard anything at all

    #4298188 Reply


    These feeds aren’t posting correctly.

    I got WMR update for DDD on the 27 no republic update and have an offset smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

    #4297751 Reply


    Is Bancorp still down?

    #4296928 Reply


    I was wondering when I might possibly see my ddd I had 846 on my transcript yesterday morning Friday sometime Thursday night it was approved on the irs’s system it has to go to santa barbra tax products first because turbo tax is taking out their fees. How long do you think before that get it and then I see it on my rushcard wich they use metabank for proccessing all their deposits even though greendot bought them metabank still processes for them. My ddd on my transcript is 02/27/19. cycle 0405 which I have had the same cycle code for the last 3 years and I’m a weekly wmr still hasnt updated as of yet. Last year my ddd was 02/22/18 and I received it on 02/16/18 the year before ddd was 02/23/17 and I received it on 02/17/17 I noticed they were released and sent on Thursdays and in my account on fridays in 2018 and 2017. Any info would be very helpful and much appreciated but I never had turbo tax take out fees before this is the first year so I’m not sure if that delys it a day or two or if they immediately send it to your bank. Thank u

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    Mine still says processing. I filed and was accepted on feb 4th… been pricessing with no bars for 9 days now

    #4296733 Reply


    @tigerlili_1 You’re the best. God bless you.

    #4296698 Reply


    Are there any issues with Chime? I have a DDD 2/27, wondering when will it post?

    #4296676 Reply


    Still no updates on WMR “being processed since forever 😩

    #4296660 Reply


    I guess my question is has the IRS already sent the funds to SBTPG and SBBT and we are just waiting on them to release? For DDD of 2/26 and 2/27????

    #4296651 Reply


    Love u too get some rest! Thanks for everything

    #4296642 Reply


    I wanted to stay overnight, and Im approved for overtime… BUT.. I am so tired…and my hubby is only home until Monday and I won’t see him again for 60 days. I am going to go home, HOWEVER, I have a pager for work… I WILL check in and if info is needed I will do what I can. Im off tomorrow and Sunday, but will be back bu 4am Monday. I love you all.

    #4296629 Reply


    @bnlav they will start accpeting on 2/25

    #4296616 Reply


    @tigerlili_1 Will Citibank receive 2/25 or 2/27? Routing number 321171184

    #4296613 Reply


    Well here is hoping bancorp can be fixed tonight. Really hoping for refund in the am. @tigerlili_1 thank you for all the updates and all you do to help us here

    #4296605 Reply

    Jason brooks

    Is NetSpend (metabank) still having issues. Rtn# 073972181. Sorry if this has been answered I don’t understand any of this

    #4296603 Reply


    @impatientrunsinthefamily sbtpg will probably recieve toninght thru Monday to release refunds on the 26th they don’t release refunds early only paychecks and government like retirement and shit like that.

    #4296592 Reply


    @acossarai wondering the same

    #4296583 Reply


    Did I miss a SBBT or SBTPG update anyone see any movement from them? In regards to 2/26 or 2/27 DDD??

    #4296571 Reply


    Any for citibank DDD 2/27?

    #4296567 Reply


    @cmarq Yes PST, im sorry I should clarify,

    #4296560 Reply


    @tigerlili_1 okay and sorry if this was in the main forum but is the 10:40 PST last settle time still accurate with overnight processing as necessary or are they not posting/receiving/settling at all tonight due to the errors?

    #4296546 Reply


    Trilliagirls75 I have no ideavhow specific banks post. I see only what ACH sees. Im sorry,. Sometimes I can comment based on trends of how they report back or consumer report. thats all

    #4296538 Reply


    Ace flare by(netspend) metabank. When will they drop the dd? Code 846 already posted on transcripts.

    #4296536 Reply


    @Marquies all bancorp is affected

    #4296529 Reply


    Anyone know about wfsf bank. Routing number 031100924?

    #4296521 Reply


    What about wfsf bank. Routing 031100924?

    #4296520 Reply


    Anyone using Citibank?

    #4296517 Reply

    Jason brooks

    Has NetSpend (metabank) settled? And will they post funds over the weekend ddd 2/27

    #4296503 Reply


    Any news with netspend(bancorp) settling? Thanks Tigerlili

    #4296488 Reply


    Any news on BBVA Compass.

    #4296449 Reply


    Any new news with chime?

    #4296420 Reply


    Thank you in advance!

    Do you see anything for USAA routing# 314074269?

    #4296417 Reply


    @tigerlili_1: I just came on a tried to search through comments but was wondering if you had heard anything regarding the Serve Amex cards through Republic? Sorry if this has already been asked.

    #4296405 Reply

    Courtney Joy

    @tigerlil_1 will bankcorp post this weekend?

    #4296392 Reply


    Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You’ve been so helpful and beneficial for all of us.

    #4296382 Reply


    @tigerlili_1 Bancorp routing number 031101279 affected?

    #4296360 Reply


    @tiger lili 1-does the Bancorp issue affect chime deposits?

    #4296352 Reply

    Patiently waiting in PA

    My auto correct is not working at all 😂😂😂

    #4296351 Reply


    any updates on sbtpg sorry if someone asked already

    #4296347 Reply


    Any word on why netspend isnt posting?

    #4296346 Reply


    Oh no. Not Bancorp man. Not Bancorp

    #4296344 Reply

    lilred44 (15th)

    Any thing new on NetSpend?

    #4296342 Reply

    Patiently waiting in PA

    I knrw Bsncorp was quicker than this…thank you for keeping us informed.

    #4296340 Reply


    Cg, your refund will go through Republic, meta bank is just advance loans

    #4296334 Reply


    @tigerlili_1 is amex serve through republic and meta bank because jackson hewit web site has meta bank all over it

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