Any updates on 9001 code

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    Just wondering am I the only one who still has the 9001 code,what’s going on seems no one is talking about it anymore needing updates.

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    @King: I have never filed using Turbo Tax, I always just use FreeTaxUSA. So it has nothing to do with that. Wish that were the reason so I wouldn’t have to go through this absolute BS, again this year.

    Gina is right, you are at the mercy of the IRS, they do what they want when they want. That said, the main commonality seems to be dependent related issues for those who are put through the longer nightmare. I don’t know anything for sure, but reasonably confident those that have this who do NOT have issues with dependents are the ones likely to get their refunds 6 weeks after verifying ID and info. Unfortunately, I am just as confident I won’t see a cent until May or June.

    What angers me is I’m honest, my ex causes this crap and you’d think that continues pattern would result in punishing him, not the innocent party. But, it’s the IRS, so they don’t give a [email protected] about that apparently. Still hopING to be wrong this year, but don’t think I will be. :(

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    Everyone read what Blue wrote below. This person is 100% correct. I had this code last year. I filed on 1/26 last year, received a letter about verification needed from the IRS in April (yes, April!!!), and didn’t end up getting my refund until late June. It totally sucked and unfortunately, you are at the mercy of the IRS and there isn’t anything that can be done to make it any faster.

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    There seems to be a commonality of all people filed through Turbo Tax and verified their identity using drivers license.

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    @chrissy thank you

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    Same boat guys ! Filed in 1/26 was accepted that night & had 1 bar up until yesterday. Received the same scary code and all bars are gone.

    Read so many different post’s about reasons and it boiled down to 1. Delay , 2. Review 3. If theft or 4. Glitch

    I hope it nothing and I hope to hear from all of you in the morning with good news or an update plz .

    Pass on a note to the IRS when you call and tell them to hurry the f up

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    I efile with tax act on 1/19, was accepted on 1/21. It sat in being processed until 1/27. On 1/28 the top status bar vanished and I got this code. I always file early and never had an issue. No changes this year either. I’m hoping it will update soon, my tranny died. I researched and found some ended up under review, some needed I’d verification and some still have not gotten there refund from last year. I am a worried mess, I need my car for my disabled son.:(

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    I too woke up with this yesterday morning. We filed with TT on 1/21 accepted same day. Had one bar up until yesterday. Have filed the same every year and even entered pin and dl info upon filing

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    I have this same issue currently. Be prepared to wait. I am not sure if I had the 9001 reference on WMR last year or not, I didn’t bother looking much as I knew I would likely have an issue due to my ex illegally claiming our son every year, last year he was allowed to claim him (court order; we had it set up for alternating years). However, he is not allowed to claim HOH/EIC, EVER, as he has every other weekend visitation and it is illegal for him to claim that, regardless of any court orders or anything else, even if I wanted him to (I do not, just stressing my point) he can’t, period.

    At any rate, I am allowed to file HOH/EIC for the years he can claim for child credit or what not with me changing return those years to list our son as a qualifying dependent. Prior to last year, my return is pretty much identical every year. I believe last year that change triggered a flag. (I also think his dad may have tried claiming HOH/EIC, but I don’t know for sure, I do known he is not supposed to be able to file anything in regard to our son without a form 8332 with my signature giving him permission to do so, which he did not have, although I offered several times).

    Long story a little shorter (this post is crazy looong, sorry about that), I had to ID verify via phone, as a lot of others also had to do, and upon doing so I should have received my refund in 6 weeks. It should be noted that I was accepted on 1/28, the IRS did not send ID Verify letter until March (I never had a clue whether anything was wrong as prior to receiving said letter nobody I spoke with at IRS mentioned a thing about it or any problems/issues at all) and did not receive my refund in 6 weeks, I did not receive my refund until the end of MAY. It was a nightmare, as I really needed the money to fix my car so I could continue to have any income from working.

    This year, I changed my return back to as it was the years prior to last year when ex was allowed to file for the credit, listing our son as a dependent and not just a “qualifying dependent.” Perhaps that flagged my return, perhaps my ex claimed our son illegally (it would not surprise me, as no laws apply to him in his eyes), maybe the issue from last year triggered something, who knows? I certainly do not.

    Point being, whatever the reason is doesn’t matter, a flag must have been triggered again for something, and I have no illusions that this year will be any different from the last. It is not a glitch that will clear up with an update, there is a slim chance it is nothing for some people, but majority of us will be waiting awhile before seeing our money. I assume a number of people will verify and get refund 6 weeks later, but I think a number of us will be waiting until May or so.

    I hope this is not the case, but after last year I have a hard time believing that. I know this info is a downer, but better to be prepared for it. I hope I will be proven wrong and I welcome any updates and will be following this thread. I pray what happened to me last year does not happen to any of you (or me) this year. But I have no hope that will be the case.

    Good luck to all of us!

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    Oh my god. Seriously?? Everyone could read what the fuck she was saying. I read through it just fine and got every piece of it. The fact that you have to attack someone because they don’t type as neatly and correctly as you do, is disturbing. It’s the internet. Not a college exam. If all of you are so concerned about grammar, why don’t you go to college and become teachers instead of berating someone on a fucking internet group. Jesus christ. Go do something with your lives.

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    I got the same thing on mine this morning still…I am really hoping it is just a system thing…I mean if I am being reviewed…nothing we can do about it and yes I get it when I call WMR hotline and/or check it online. It seems everyone has a different answer as to why it happens, but seems that many of us filed our taxes within the first week or so

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    @ilovemykids. Great attitude. I wish more people could act that way on this site!

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    Same message this morning. Bummer. But I’m do think it’s just a glitch. On Facebook I can see that happened to groups of people for the last 3 years and the majority got their refund in a week, people were told they were backed up when they called IRS. Hopefully tomorrow it will go away. Happy Sunday!

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    Same for me… hasn’t changed :(

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    No update from wmr but found this

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    Heh, it’s over 9000!

    Are you getting this when you check your refund on WMR?

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    @Johnny First of all I was txting fast trying to get my point across,you should really be ashamed of yourself for even coming at me like that when I’m just trying to get some help and information.For you to even do that you never knew what I was going through people like you should really think before you open your month to say something rude,so I’m just going to fight evil with kindness all ways the best way good day….

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    Your English (barely) is awful. How have you made it to this age?

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    I MY sister filed her taxes on the 28th and got accepted the 29th and she checked hers this morning and she didn’t receive the code so may ours gettin looked at.

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    I kno there something wrong with the irs system because I put in my ssn# and my filing status but a different amount number and it’s still saying the same thing so we shouldn’t worry at all guys.

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    Do anyone think since we have that 9001 reference code that the irs could possibly be looking at our return are you think we will be getting an update soon.

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    Sorry if some one thought that person was me that said use punctuation that was not me,I hate when ppl try to start stuff,but anyways it’s happening to me to hopefully it’s something wrong on their part.

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    I will update you all if anything changes! Have a good evening folks!

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    Yes, I will update if I have changes tomorrow. I feel a little better, I heard from a few people today that this happened to them last year and it was just a system overload and they got their returns between a week to 3 weeks later. Still stinks being accepted on 1/11 and being stuck with no DDD. Hopefully tomorrow will bring good news!!

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    Everyone please send updates tomorrow after WMR has updated. I’m wishing the best for all of us!!!

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    I also got the tax topic 152 with reference code 9001. When I call WMR & after putting in info it says they aren’t open to call back during normal business hours. I filed & was accepted on the 20th. Only had 1 bar until this morning & was only able to order account transcript as of yesterday morning but still can’t order my return transcript. Nothing has changed on my info this year same job from last year g I have no offsets. Am really hoping its just a glitch……

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    You need to use punctuation. Also, not one person on this forum can tell you what’s going on with your return. Call the IRS on Monday.

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    I had this code last year, turns out I was “under review.” I didn’t end up getting my refund until May. :(

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    Could it be something wrong with mines I got accepted on the 15th.But I have the same job and I filed my little sister for the past 2yrs and just now claiming my 2 boys this year could that be a problem even though I took care of them there whole life it’s just my cousin been carring them on there taxes since they were born but that couldn’t be a problem right I really just need help to see wats going on cause they are my kids.But I talked to the irs like a week in half ago and he said as long as i did my taxes first and it go through I should have a problem and to have proof of them being with me the whole year but if I was accepted then my two boys shouldn’t be the problem right is its just the irs system plz help.

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    Omg….thank you guys I thought I was the only one I thought I was going crazy.

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    I don’t know what the reason for this code is but I don’t think it has anything to do with having a baby. I had a baby in October and I do not have this code. Hope it doesn’t hold ya’ll up any longer than needed.

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    I hope it is just a glitch in the system and it fixes itself tonight, lol!

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    I have been researching this 9001 code and have come up with 3 different answers
    1. IRS overload and system error was the cause of this code in the past, maybe this time as well.
    2. IRS needs to verify our identity.
    3. Entered wrong Social Security number when trying to view WMR ( which I’m sure isn’t it.. ALL of us couldn’t have done this….)

    Guess we hope for an update that fixes it tonight or we spend hours on the phone holding Monday to speak to the IRS

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    I also have this code with tax topic 152. HAvent had any major changes since last year. Ive also been weekly for the past 3 years so idk if im still weekly. Oh and ordered acct trannys but return tranny not avail as of last night

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    I have this message too. Nothing in my life has changed in 3 years now.

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    I woke up this morning, filed 1/24; return accepted 1/24, didn’t receive a refund approval then woke up this morning and the bar had disappeared from WMR and received 9001 error code with 152 tax message. Have been searching tirelessly…nothing has changed from last except that i got a raise at work. I did find a post, i believe on this site from a year ago that an ET posted saying that any 9000 code is related to system updates, however, there are other posts i have found saying that it could be related to Identity theft. I am divorced and listed under my maiden name at my full time job and my married name still on my SS card…BUT i have had that same situation for the last 8 years and NEVER had an issue before

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    I got the mesaage as well. I do not have children or anything. No change from last year.

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    Well, i do not have a baby this year and i got the message..

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    Also received this message however I did move across state & havent filed in about 2 or 3 years and I’m claiming my kids which I haven’t done in a while but I have claimed them before. I think this may be an ID theft verification but I also verified my state drivers license info through turbo tax when I filed. If anyone has any changes . Please let us know,,, I guess we’ll all be calling Monday morning .

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    Has anyone besides Chrissy called the WMR phone number? Mine wouldn’t give me any info either, just a phone number and extension to call. Curious if everyone else’s does the same?

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    Eric Lewis

    I have this message as well, the lady from TT was not helpful. She told me to call IRS. I have had the same salary and deductions every year. I do not know why I have this code. I do not have children or anything.

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    I also got this message this am. So, it’s bittersweet that it’s not just me who is getting this nonsense. I’ve researched that it could possibly be a back load from the irs. They may need extra time to process returns. Especially with all the weather storms that has happened recently.

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    I’ve got this too!!! No babies though. Same Filing Status, job, and dependents for the last 4 years. Always use Turbotax. I don’t understand. Filed on 1/10/16 and was accepted 1/11/16. Usually get my refund in like 5 days#

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    Hopefully they are just verifying our little bundles of joy ♡ Much better than having to verify identity, which I heard takes months.

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    I also found this code this morning!
    I have no dependants, job is the same, address is the same, nothing has changed from last year or the year before.
    Filed and accepted the 22nd. I had a single bar since then until this morning.

    I even used my drivers information to verify my identity.. This code makes no sense in my case.
    The 152 refund code is still there as well.

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    Got this from IRS code manual

    9001 – Taxpayer accessed Refund Status using a secondary TIN. Refund Status could not be returned. Get a Primary TIN Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM.

    I never tried to check it under any other social, I called the IRS WMR phone number and it doesn’t give me ANY info, just tells me to call number with extension. Makes no sense.

    Sorry we all have to go through this. I have been patiently waiting but now I am worried and frantic.

    Never filing early again :(

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    I also got this and first year new baby

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    Got same code but still have tax topic 152.nothing has changed in my household for the past 3 years

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    Since most of you have new babies. Kids SS# and names are mistaken a lot and can cause errors like these as well…..Make sure your not mistaking a middle name for last name vice versa.

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    got this off TaxAct FB page….Hope it helps

    IRS 9001 Error Code – here is the best we can gather about this IRS code that comes up as a status when visiting the WMR site to check on your refund. If you are entering an SSN that is not the primary SSN filed for that return, you could receive that 9001 error message. Try again using the primary SSN for that return. Do understand that the IRS is desperately trying to process all website and phone requests right now, so your patience is very much appreciated.

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    I called Turbotax to inquire about the code. The guy sounded like he had no clue what he was talking about… however… he said that I may need to verify my identity. So ridiculous, I have had the same job, same bank account like I said only change was the addition of my baby. Used TT for the past 4 years. Never had any fraud…. I wonder what is going on.

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